is on Sick Leave

Monday, August 29, 2011

It has been over a week that I was absent from work because of my sore eyes. The last time I was away from work was when I was on maternity leave. I am feeling a little uncomfortable about the situation. I don’t know, I am just afraid that they might take it against me because of my absence. Or maybe I am just being paranoid because my two supervisors assured me that it is perfectly okay to take a sick leave and I should go back when I am healthy enough to go back to work. I was even thinking of joining our online conference calls for our weekly meeting but my bosses told me that I should rest so I can heal fast and go back to work in no time.

Oh well, I know it is not my fault that I got sick and I am thankful that I have very understanding supervisors who fully understand and is supportive of my plight.