Purple: Anthology

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I saw this cute purple Anthology shoes from the Instagram account of my good friend Joy and I literally drool:

Well for one, I love anything purple so you can just imagine how much I admired the shoes after seeing the color alone. Then I have long been wanting to get a pair of Anthology shoes but I can’t seem to decide which to get (their shoes is kind of pricey that I think I can only afford one per year. LOL). So when I saw this purple shoe, I finally have decided which style to get for me.

A number of my friends already got this shoe and they are all raving about how comfy this shoe is. They say that it is even better than Tory Burch.

Hubby will be back from his remote assignment work in Baguio this coming Tuesday and hopefully we can have a chance to go to Glorietta on the weekend so I can finally own a pair of Anthology.