Hubby is Away

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

If hubby’s company is to give away trophies for the best employee, I am sure hubby will be the perfect candidate.

He is on his way now to Baguio as he was personally requested by their Public Affairs section to go with them and be the technical support staff for the event that hubby’s company will be hosting there starting tomorrow until next week. I know he can just ask his staff to go instead of him but being the responsible manager that he is, he wants to see for himself that everything will run smoothly for the technical side for this event.

So even though it breaks my heart that hubby will not be here with us for almost a week, I have no choice since duty calls. I will surely miss him. The kids for sure will miss him terribly.

But at least I can use this opportunity to just stay at home (since hubby is not here to drive us around), relax and spend some quality time with Bela and Cobi.