Colorize Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Monday, July 18, 2011

Alternative stones for engagement rings were abundant prior to De Beer’s standardizing the ideal of the princess diamond cut engagement ring. Prior to this trend, engagement rings could be emeralds, rubies, or even sapphires and no one gave a second thought about it. Now, the trend to add color to your diamond engagement ring is back, and it can be done both with and without diamonds.

Fancy Colored Diamonds

New discoveries of diamond minds have produced a market for colored diamonds that range from pink to blue. Some colors are more expensive than others. Yellow diamonds may actually be less costly than white diamonds, mostly due to the greater demand for white diamonds. Having a pink diamond set in an engagement ring became famous when Jennifer Lopez received one pink diamond engagement ring from Ben Affleck. Trends for colored diamonds come and go, but you can also include color in your diamond engagement ring by adding other precious stones.

Emeralds, Sapphires, and Rubies

To add color to a diamond engagement ring you can put in alternative stones like emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. You generally want to stick to precious stones in an engagement ring, even when they’re not diamonds. Pick a design that allows for smaller side stones so that you can add color discretely alongside a larger diamond. If you want to add the color to the band, you can add an eternity ring look to the bad with diamonds and some other precious stone. You can choose to add any design element you want to your engagement ring and in the quantity that you want, too. Check out different styles of band to see where you can add a little color. If you really want to be different, you can just drop the white diamond and make your engagement ring completely from a colored stone. It’s really up to each individual to decide how much or how little color they want in their engagement ring.