Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hubby is one happy camper as his iPhone got upgraded. He used to own an 8 GB 2G iPhone which formerly belongs to me which I handed down to him when I upgraded to a 3 GS phone.

He was actually really planning to upgrade to a much better phone and he is looking at blackberry phone but then his former officemate offered to sell him his iPhone 3GS and so hubby decided to go with Apple again. He was really excited that he dropped it off to our store last week to have it configured so he can use his Globe sim with it as it is initially locked with AT&T.

So now he is one happy camper as it is definitely faster when surfing the net which is one of the things that hubby loves to do with his iPhone to check on his favorite NBA team. Plus it is loaded now with games and application and since it is double the capacity than his old iPhone, he can definitely load all his FPJ movies in it.