Pink for Me

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We visited a lot of Outlet stores but I did not buy anything for myself as I am hoping that I will get a good deal in Balenciaga and Gucci store in Woodbury. But I am out of luck as I did not find anything nice in both stores. The bags available in Gucci have canvass material and I am looking for bags that has the same material as my crystal tote so I went out empty handed when I left Gucci store. Balenciaga store don’t offer that much and the bags on sale are outdated already.

But of course I have to buy something for myself as a souvenir from this trip and so I got this:

Pink kung pink

a Michael Kors watch. My cousin asked me to get her an Armani watch that she saw online so after finding the watch for my cousin, I started my own search too for a watch that I can buy for myself and I am so lucky to have found this watch and you will not believe how much I only paid for it. A very good deal.