On Online University

Friday, June 24, 2011

I got a call from my friend the other week to ask me about online university. You see, her daughter graduated from high school and is now in college this school year. Her daughter was just so smart that a lot of institutions offered her scholarships. She is already enrolled to one of the biggest universities here as a scholar but since her schedule is not that loaded, she wishes to get more short courses and that is where she got the idea of enrolling to an online university.

The advantage is that she can enroll to a class without the need for her to go to an actual classroom so she can very well take as much class as she wants as she can study at her own convenient time anywhere she is. And I am sure since she can easily manage her time as she has excellent time management skills.

I am so proud of my friend’s daughter. My friend really did a good job in raising her kids well.