On Beauty Schools

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Have you heard about Regency Beauty Institute? Well if you are someone who wants to make a name in the fashion and beauty industry, then you should start learning about them and check out Charlotte beauty school, which is among the many branches of Regency Beauty Institute.

Regency Beauty Institute is the most extraordinary beauty schools in the United States. They solely took the first step with just 2 campuses in Minnesota and now they already have 80 campuses around 19 states. This just goes to show precisely how superior this school is. They continuously expand because their number of enrolees just keeps growing and growing. Their popularity can be attributed to the superior training that they give to their students. Their campuses mimic chic hair salons so their students are certain to receive the best practical exercise.

They even have an enrolment to recruitment program because immediately after their enrolees move on to their programs, they help their students seek job in fashion, runways, spas and cruise field.

So when you seriously prefer to create a title in the fashion and beauty industry, you will not go wrong if you enrol with Regency Beauty Institute

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