I Need Help

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I hit the weighing scale today because I thought that I will be happy with the result but I was surprised to find out that I am still 11 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight.

I thought that the work out that I have during this trip which includes carrying a 10 kilo baby while doing our walking tours, shopping for numerous hours in big outlet stores, piggy backing Bela, carrying shopping bags with stroller and more is enough work out for me already to help me loose weight but I was wrong. I guess I will really need myoripped if I really want to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight so I will be in great shape in time for Cobi’s party.

This reminds me, I have to do some shopping when we get back for our wardrobe that we will wear for his party. If I will attain my ideal weight then I can wear something sexy (LOL), if not I can just cover myself up to hide those ugly bulges.