For Our New House

Thursday, May 5, 2011

We will finally be moving to our new house come June and we are all excited. My dad and hubby already stated packing our stuff so we will be ready for the big move when we arrive from our vacation.

But aside from the move, the furniture and the appliances that we will need for the new house, hubby and I are thinking to get a home automation from ADT Pulse.

What we like about ADT Pulse is that we can remotely monitor our house 24/7 wherever we are. Like if we are out of town or in the office, we can access our home security system by just using a web enabled phone or computer. We even have the ability to arm and disarm our home security system by using our phone.

But ADT Pulse is not just about home security as it comes with a total package. It has light and climate control for a fully automated house.