Canada Bound

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I still have to make a formal post about the chronicles of our recent adventure which I will post on my other blog but just want to make snippet posts here so you guys are a little updated about our whereabouts.

We are currently in Canada now and we took a bus from New York going to Toronto. We actually just arrived in New York at 1 AM and we were fetched by hubby’s good friend from high school from the airport. We are very thankful for his gesture so we don’t have to get a cab to reach home as we know how tired the kids are from our west coast trip. He actually have rebound rhinitis which he got from using nasal spray (which I heard can cause prescription drug abuse addiction), but he still offered to wake up early to pick us up at the airport so we are very thankful.

We slept the whole day to recuperate as we will be leaving in the evening again for our Toronto leg.

So we really have an amazing race itinerary – tiring but very fun.