Cabazon and Camarillo Outlet stores : California

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thanks to my good friend Jacq and Fran, we were able to visit this:

Cabazon and Camarillo Outlet stores in California. It is close to one hour drive from Los Angeles and my friend Jacq who is from Los Angeles drove us to the house of Fran who lives close to the Outlet store. We haven’t seen each other since they left the Philippines and so Jacq finds it as the perfect opportunity for a reunion. We went to their house first where we had lunch and then we went to the Outlet stores and it is humungous. I actually did not know where to start. Good thing I know exactly what to shop and that is stuff for my kids so we went straight to Ralph Lauren where I went crazy shopping for t-shirts and polos for Cobi then we went to Nike where I bought rubber shoes for Cobi and Howell, to Converse for rubber shoes again for Cobi and Bela, Stride Rite for shoes for Cobi, and to Tommy Hilfiger for shirts for Cobi and Bela.

Then we all got tired from too much shopping. We haven’t even covered one fourth of the outlet store but we decided to call it a day as I don’t think my credit card can take so much beating in one day. LOL.