Crestor Victims

Friday, April 22, 2011

Have you heard of the medicine called Crestor? This medicine is used to treat high cholestrerol but be careful when taking this medicine as it has been proven to increse the risk of heart attacks and heart failures.

Just watch this video about Crestor lawsuit in You Tube and you will be alarmed of the side effects of this medicine. FDA has even ordered to pull this medicine from the market as it is not safe for use. I have been doing some research and there are victims of this medicine that filed Crestor lawsuit already as they believe that they can make the makers of Crestor pay for the personal injury that this medicine has caused them.

Thankfully, for the victims, they can rely on the services of O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath to help them with their personal injury case.

A personal injury case is a very complex process that is why it is very important to have a good lawyer with experience and expertise in personal injury to help them win the case.