Tips when Shopping Online and Use of Coupon Code

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Online shopping is on the rise today. This is not surprising since buying online is more practical than shopping with your own hands. It is irrefutable that you could find books or clothes online which you could not find in a local bookstore or a clothing boutique. It gets rid of the hassle of going outside just for the purpose of buying. Shopping online is perfect for those who have hectic schedules, and those who do not have plenty of time in their hands. Plus, there is a wide variety of online stores which you could buy from. With just a few clicks, you could buy anything you want—be it chic clothing, used books or even appliances. Online shopping undoubtedly makes shopping easier and more convenient.

Here are a few tips to make your shopping experience better and safer. Try consulting them before doing a few clicks on shopping websites online.

Be secure. The preferred method of payment online is plastic. Take in mind that your credit card number doesn’t change, and once your credit card information can be compromised once it falls in the wrong hands. Follow some safety measures and check if the website is secure or not (Rule of thumb: secure sites begin with https:// and have a tiny padlock icon in the address bar)

Read the thin print. Even though it might seem tedious to read the privacy policies, it would definitely make shopping safer. Check what information the seller would be gathering and how it would be used. Also, check out return, refund, and shipping and handling policies to make .

Trust your instincts. If you don’t feel comfortable in buying a certain item online, or if you feel pressured placing orders right away, maybe you should opt not to.

Use coupon codes. Before clicking the ‘add to cart’ button, you should consider looking for coupon codes so you could avail special discounts in what you’re buying. There is a great deal of coupon codes and discounts in thousands of online stores—from clothing stores like Gap and Old Navy to shoes to diet programs like Diet to Go and Bistro MD and even sporting goods. There are savings promo code for every store you could imagine.

Double check. Be a smart shopper; don’t forget to double check the prices. Sometimes there are other websites that are offering lower prices for that item, for the same condition. However, be suspicious of items that have prices that are way too low and may look too good to be true. You might be paying extra fees, so keep an eye on those.

Plan ahead. The only disadvantage of online shopping is waiting for your order to be shipped. The earlier you purchase, there is a better chance it will arrive on time. To cut down on shipping fees, consider ordering many items from a single retailer. This way, you will just be charged with one shipping fee.

Inspect the items. Once you’ve received them, check if they have any defects. Contact the seller as soon as possible, and ask for a repair or refund. You should not be expected to pay any return fee.

Keeping in mind these simple tips that are easy to do, you could save a lot and could make online shopping safer for you.

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