Posh Pocket Shoes

Friday, April 22, 2011

Last Saturday after Bela and Cobi’s swimming class, I was able to convince my husband to take us to Rockwell so we can catch the on-going bazaar there that weekend. My actual target store in that bazaar was Posh Pocket Shoes.

Ever since I saw their cute shoes in their Facebook page, I never stopped visiting their page regularly to take a glimpse of their collections. And since I will really need comfy shoes for our upcoming vacation, I decided to place my order with them by filling up their order form. After a week, I did not hear anything from them even after I texted the owner so I decided to just visit them during the bazaar as I can’t wait any longer to own my first pair of Posh Shoes.

I am glad that we went to the bazaar because at least I was able to try the shoes on for accurate size measurement. From their site, I am only a size 6 based on the length of my shoes in cm but the size that fits me comfortably is size 7.5.

I bought the Cali Slip on Leather in Brown and the Caddy flats in red.

My Posh Pocket Shoes

I can’t wait to break in my new Posh Pocket shoes.And by the way, thanks to my sponsor (dear husband) for buying me these cute shoes.