Outlet Shopping

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One of the things that I am so excited about this US trip is our planned visit to outlet stores in Los Angeles and New York. I have been viewing the videos from the site of Premium Outlet store using VLC Media player and I got really excited as they have a lot of great brands (I just wish though that I have more shopping money. LOL).

Actually I am planning to buy stuff that I can sell here in Manila. It is actually the idea of my friend and so I told her that I will take lots of pictures of the items that I will see in the Outlet store, zip it using 7Zip so I can share it through XChat IRC so my friend can help me decide on the items that I will be buying for our small business.

My friend just watched the videos using Xvid Player from the Premium Outlet store website and she agreed that there are a lot of potential stores where we can shop.

So I told her to always keep her Fire Fox browser open so she can watch out for my online messages as I do my shopping for our small racket.