Live Writer–My New Blogging Tool

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I need to work on the article that I need to finish today which is about maritime injury but before I start with my research, I just want to rave here first about my new discovery which can be a big help for my blogging, Windows Live Writer.
I heard about it from my online friends before but I thought it is for Word Press blogs only. Good thing somebody shared her experience with Live Writer for her Blogger hosted blogs and so I decided to download and try it on yesterday.
Why didn’t I discover this cool piece of software before? It is like working in a MS Word document. I can add as many blogs as I like even from different platforms and different accounts. I just have to toggle between blogs and the theme and format of blog reflects on the blank page where I can directly write my posts. Uploading pictures and videos is also a breeze as there is a wizard that I can use to easily upload multimedia files. Even editing the pictures like resizing it, putting borders and even watermark is very easy too as there is a tool available in Live Writer to do those.
Now it will be easier for me to update my multiple blogs.


Raft3r said...

that is amazing