Friday is Shopping Day

Friday, April 22, 2011

I get off from work early every Friday (one of the perks that I enjoy from my current company where I work with). So after office, I went straight to where else, 168 and Tutuban, my shopping haven.

I need to buy new blouses that I can wear for our upcoming vacation as all my shirts and blouses no longer fits me anymore. I first went to 168 as I saw a store when we last went there that sells cute pants and tees. I only check out 3 stores in 168 and I end up just buying two blouses from there and then I went to Tutuban after.

This is where I usually shop so I am quite familiar with the stores here so I was able to shop more comfortably here without the fear of getting lost. LOL. I went inside one store where I ended up buying more than 7 blouses from them.

I made a list and my wardrobe is almost complete. So this coming Friday, it will be my mom’s turn to shop for her clothes.