Five Powerful Tips in Losing Weight

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Did you know that 97.1 million American adults are overweight? This means that approximately 1 in every 3 people needs to watch out for their diet.

Concerns on being overweight are not just about beauty and aesthetics as being obese and overweight pose some health risks too. Among these includes:

Heart disease and high blood pressure. One of the leading causes of death in the United States is heart disease brought about by being overweight.
Diabetes. Next to heart disease, diabetes is another common disease caused by being overweight and diabetes can bring a lot of other complications like stroke, early blindness, and kidney disease, among others.
Cancer. Some of us may not know about it, but being overweight can also lead to cancer. Common cancers caused by being overweight include cancer of the uterus, gallbladder, cervix, ovary, breast, and colon, rectum, and prostate cancer.

Losing weight can’t be done overnight and there is really no easy way to lose those excess pounds. But it has to start with a change in lifestyle and good eating habits. So here are a few suggestions on how one can start losing weight and start living a healthy life:

1. Avoid eating junk food. Junk foods are one of those pleasure foods that are so hard to resist. Imagine: burgers, pizza, chips, sodas, French fries. But you have to know how unhealthy these foods are and how much calories it contains. Avoiding junk foods is already one big step in losing weight.
2. Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. Water is good for the body as it help flush toxins and fat, thus promoting weight loss.
3. Exercise. 15 to 30 minutes of cardio work out or just brisk walking everyday is a big help in losing those excess fats and burning those calories.
4. Take small frequent meals. Some will try to starve themselves but will end up gaining more pounds in the long run after they rebounded and go back to their old eating pattern.

That is why it is suggested that when on a diet, try to take small, frequent meals as this will help you maintain a balanced calorie intake enough to last you throughout the day. By having a balanced food intake, it will be less likely that you will over eat when you feel hungry.

5. Doctors also suggest trying out diet meal programs like Medifast and Nutrisystem. What makes this diet program different from other weight loss program out in the market is that it is highly recommended by doctors. There are no pills to take, or exercise routine to accomplish. This diet program, which you can avail by using coupon codes, delivers door to door well proportioned meals that are high in fiber and low in fat so it is very easy to maintain and follow. They are even more affordable than eating out especially if you use coupon discount to avail this program. With savings promo code, you only have to pay $11 for 4 meals of effective diet program per day.

Losing weight is not just about feeling sexy and beautiful. It is also a sign that you love your self as you would want to watch for your health. By following some of these tips, you are already one step closer in achieving you goal of living a healthy life.

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