Be Careful when Taking Topamax, Actos, Etc

Friday, April 22, 2011

When I have a headache, it is just so terrible that a simple paracetamol like Biogesic will no longer work for me. I think this is not just ordinary headache and it could be migraine. But I know I shouldn’t self-prescribe and I have to consult a doctor first before taking any medicine to be safe.

I was just checking some things in the Internet and my attention got caught when I read about a medicine to cure migraine, which they say can be dangerous to pregnant women as it can cause problems to the child like the cleft lip condition.

As I did further reading, I learned that there are other drugs too that can cause side effects like increasing the risk of bladder cancer, which is caused by Actos, a drug use to treat Type II diabetes.

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These types of cases involve complex proceedings so it is important that victims consult lawyers like Watts Guerra Craft LLP who has the knowledge and expertise to win the lawsuit.