We Will Get By

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Corelle plates
Home entertainment system
Electric Barbeque grill

These are just some of the nice to have items that we want for our new house. But since our budget is very limited (which I think will be the trend for the next three to five years), we have to set aside these nice to haves first and deal with the necessary like pendant lighting, a new living room set, double deck bed for the nannies, kitchen utensil, and more.

The list will go on and on I know because we don’t have that much things that we can bring from the old house. I just don’t know where else can we get the budget for this because our budget is just enough to pay for the monthly amortization plus the house hold expenses.

But I know we will be able to get by. With faith and hard work, I know we will.