JLo on American Idol

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am not a Jennifer Lopez fan. I know she made a lot of movies and recorded a lot of hits but I was never really interested with her. (Maybe I am just bitter because physically, she is just so perfect. And I really feel jealous when she became the girl friend of Ben Affleck. LOL).

But after seeing her in American Idol, I really fell in love with her. For one, I love the new style and fashion that she brings to the show.

Every episode, I so eagerly wait on what she will wear, what lipstick she will put on, what will be her hairstyle, etc as she never fails to really look stunning and beautiful in every week.

Then I also saw the soft side of her and how I can genuinely see that she cares for the contestants and how sincere she is and she is really taking her role as a judge seriously as she really gives good comments to the contestants that can help the contestants grow as an artist, as the next American Idol.

I was finally able to watch the latest episode and the more I fell in love with her. Now I can’t wait to see her on the next episode.

Photo Credit: Fan Pop and NY Daily News