More Gucci Bags For Sale

Friday, December 31, 2010

Before I start looking for ceiling lights, let me post this first for those who want to get their loves ones a post Christmas gift (hubby got me one already. Wink. LOL).

My friend Faye is selling these Gucci bags: Gucci Boston and Gucci Bardot.

My kumareng Peachy who owns a Gucci bag that has a crystal finish like this highly recommends this bag as it is very easy to maintain. And so even if I don’t have a budget for another bag purchase, I still decided to get this beauty (of course with hubby’s permission so he will shoulder part of the payment. LOL).

So if you still were not able to get a nice gift for your wife or mom, then contact Faye now as her supplies are running out already.

Faye will ship my bag early January and hopefully I can have it a few days after my birthday. That would be perfect birthday gift. I can’t wait.

My Little Fashionista

Just look at the coat that Bela is wearing:

I got this from Tarte Tatin. Actually she was the one who choose this. We were shopping for her Christmas clothes and as soon as she entered the store:

Bela: “Wow mom, a pink jacket. I don’t have a jacket like that. And it is pink and pink is my favorite color. Please, please mom let’s buy it.”

I did not want to get as I know she will not be able to use it that often so I told her that we will just go back for it. The next week, we went back to Greenbelt and as soon as she notices that we are in the same mall where Tarte Tatin is, she kept on convincing me to go to the store where she can get the jacket. And she really begged this time and will not go out of the store without it.

Now I have a fashionista girl in the making.

New Year's Eve Celebration

Happy New Year everyone. My family and I are here in Pansol, Laguna right now and we will welcome 2011 here. We don’t want to be in Manila as we know that it will be too noisy and polluted so we decided to book a private resort and we will be here from today until tomorrow afternoon. I booked a week before New Year’s Eve so we were lucky that we were still able to find a private resort where we can spend our New Year.

Just look at how nice the house is:

Hubby is so envious as it exactly looks like the house that he designed for our vacation house: the high glass window overlooking the swimming pool, the glass tiles, the gazebo, the garden with Bermuda grass.

But we have to postpone our plans first to start the renovation of our vacation house for a much bigger plan that we have for 2011. But soon, someday soon, hubby will have his dream vacation house.

New Project

The long weekend is over and I am already back to work today. It was a very busy weekend:

• My whole family went to mass together on Christmas Eve and we had our Noche Buena at my brother’s house after the mass.
• Then we had our annual family reunion on the 25th and then we also went to my in-laws’ house to celebrate Christmas with them.

But I had one day where I was able to relax and just stay in front of the TV and watch my favorite shows. One of the favorite shows that I was able to catch was the DIY series in the Lifestyle Channel where I discovered one project which I think I will enjoy and that is making jewelries made from lampwork beads. It is very easy to do and even for someone like me with little (or should I say no) creativity running in my blood, this will still be a very easy project to undertake.

I got really excited to start that I started searching for bead store online where I can order the supplies that I need and I am so happy to discover Beads and Findings online store. I ordered beads and clasps for jewelry so I can start with my new project right away.

Who knows, if I will be successful in making my first jewelry, I can even make this as my business.

Going to Europe?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Going on a Europe tour is really very expensive because:

1. It is really an expensive city so you should allot a big share of your budget for food, accommodation and even transportation.
2. Airfare from my part of the world to Europe is expensive too as it is thousand and thousand of miles from where I came from.

That is why when my husband and I went on a Europe tour last year, we are really tight on a budget as this is one of our trips where we only have less than one month to prepare and save. So when we were there, we are really very careful on how we spend and we were not able to try the nice vienna restaurants. And so that is one of our biggest regrets as food is definitely something that Europeans are famous for.

But I learned that Europe doesn’t have to be that expensive if only I have planned well for our trip. I found a website where I can get insider tips on the places that is worth seeing and doing like discovering Zurich art from

What I like about this site is that they suggest places and events that we can include in our itinerary to make the most out of our trip there. Like if we want to explore Valencia Fashion, they list down events like Fashion Week and stores where I can go shopping for international brands which are definitely cheaper compared to buying it outside Europe.

We have no plans right now in going back to Europe soon but at least now I know which site to look if I want to plan for our next Europe trip.

LC Bags for Sale

I have to let go of her:

In order to make way for this:
Yup, I know I said a million times that I am on a bag ban but I can’t help it and pass the opportunity of owning this beauty especially if the rate and the terms that Faye is offering is so irresistible. And so I have to make a compromise and I have to sell at least two of my bags so I can get half of what I owe Faye and hubby will take care of the other half as his Christmas (his 4th Christmas gift already) and birthday gift for me. (Thanks dad, mwah!!).

But I really, really swear that this will be my last major bag purchase as I know we are up for major expenses next year so I really have to save. So I guess my dream “B” and “G” bag will have to wait.

And by the way, I am selling another Long Champ Le Pliage bag. This is pre-loved but I only used it twice, maximum of 3 times so it is really in good condition:

Dimension (the size of this bag is limited edition. It is in between small and medium regular Le Pliage bag):

For Sale: Le Pliage Choco Brown
Zipper Length = 15”
Base = 9.5”
Height = 9.25”

Just PM me for details.

My Sweet Tooth

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I love chocolates. Even now that I am on a diet, I will never ever say no to chocolates. I remember when I was pregnant; my doctor has to monitor my sugar level because she was alarmed when I told her how many chocolates I can consume in one sitting. Thankfully, my sugar level is still within the normal range so I was still able to enjoy my favorite desserts up to the last term of my pregnancy.

That is why when I saw this chocolate gift ideas, it gave me an inspiration for my Christmas wish list as my friends and sister is asking me to make one anyways.

Just look at these:

Just imagining myself sitting in one corner and eating all of these chocolates makes me really smile. This is heaven for me. So if my Santa is listening, it is still not too late. You still have two days to go before Christmas so you still have time to order me any on of these delectable desserts.

Long Weekend

Hubby’s friends are going on an out of town trip to play paintball. I know hubby would love to join them so he can try using his new rifle scope, but being the dedicated father that he is, he preferred to stay with us during the long weekend and have some family bonding time.

Although we really have no plans yet for this weekend. All that is definite for now is that we will all hear mass together on the 24th as what we always do every year. Then we will have our family reunion on the 25th and then we will visit hubby’s family in the afternoon to celebrate Christmas with them too. We have a scheduled dinner with friends on the 26th and then it is a free day for us on the 27th.

I am sure we will come up with something to do on the weekend.

New Target

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

As I posted in my previous entry, I was a bit disappointed with one of my favorite online shopping site. Maybe this is a sign that I should stop buying bags and spend on more important things like buy gold bullion instead.

While passing time, I started reading on the site of United States Gold Bureau and that is when I got interested in gold investment. Who wouldn’t be? I learned that gold is a very good way to preserve one’s wealth as its value does not depreciate over time and it is not easily affected by factors like economy so it is really safe to assume that it is a very solid investment.

I think this is a good target for me for 2011. That instead on saving up to buy my dream bag, I can start saving so I can afford my very first gold bullion. At least it will not just benefit me but it will be for the future of my family.


I am so disappointed with I ordered two bags recently (not for me. It is for my sister and cousin) from them, one is the Bilberry Patches and the other one was a large Planetes Bag in Ebony.

We received the box last week and I was so surprised when I opened the box and it contains a black Planetes instead. I actually received an email from them a few days after I placed my order to inform me that one of my orders is out of stock but they already place the order to the manufacturer. When I checked their site now, they only have the Planetes in Black and the Ebony color is still out of stock. Now I am thinking that maybe, they still don’t have in stock the Ebony color so they just sent me the Black one instead without informing me.

I sent them an email and after two days I got a reply:
Thank you for contacting us.

We apologize for this error and it will be corrected ASAP. You received ebony instead of black because the wrong color was pulled not because it was out of stock. I am shipping the correct bag out to you today and including a return label to ship the wrong color bag to us. You should have the bag within the next 2-3 days. Again we apologize for this error and thank you for your patience.

I am not sure if the customer service representative just got confused but from the email, it looks as though she is still sending a Black Planetes as replacement. I replied to inform them that there is no need to send the replacement as the bag is already here in Manila so for sure it will cost me if I need to send the wrong bag back.

Oh well, I hope this get sorted out. I love shopping from them as their price is actually cheap but I just hope that such mistake will not happen again in the future.

House Project

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hubby was already ready to start the renovation of our vacation house. He actually was even canvassing for the cost of the construction of a pool so that Bela and her cousins can enjoy swimming every time we go home there during the weekends. But things have been put on hold all of a sudden as we saw an opportunity for us to finally own our dream house. We are still in the process of finalizing our loan application and after that I think it is all go already.

Since we need to save a lot for the payment of our dream house, hubby has to let go of his plan for a major renovation of our vacation house. But he did check on our house last weekend and he said that we can postpone the renovation and construction of the bedroom and the pool but we really have to proceed with the major repair of our bathroom.

Good thing there is betterbathrooms, an online site where we can buy bath tubs, shower enclosures, bathroom mirrors, etc at a very affordable price. Some of their items, like bathroom tiles and bathroom suite are on sale which means bigger savings for us.

Thanks to betterbathrooms, we can still go ahead and proceed with our bathroom renovation even if we have limited funds for this project.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Aside from the Christmas Cards that we will be giving to Bela and Cobi’s grand parents and aunts and uncles, I also did a little shopping for our gifts for them:

1. Old Navy shirts for Bela and Cobi’s grand father and uncles <-- But it hasn’t arrived yet. Hopefully we will receive the box next week just in time for our Christmas reunion on the 25th. 2. Havaianas and Body Shop items for Bela and Cobi’s aunts.
3. Remote control cars for Bela and Cobi’s younger uncles
4. Graphic tees for Bela and Cobi’s younger aunts
5. Mark and Spencer goodies for Bela and Cobi’s grand parents
6. Clothes for my mom and dad

I still have one person in my list that I haven’t bougth a gift. Hubby said he doesn’t have to work overtime tomorrow so hopefully we can drop by at the Big Outlet Sale to do last minute Christmas shopping.

For New Year

I have to make a research about colon cleanse but then I realized that it is just a few days away before December 31 and I haven’t plan yet on where to spend our New Year. New Year ’s Eve is one of the holidays that I actually don’t like as I find it too noisy and I am really scared of the fire crackers. So last year, we drove a few hours South and spend our New Year’s eve in Tagaytay.

But they want to spend it in another place this time and they actually prefer a resort with swimming pool so the kids can enjoy the pool while waiting for 12 midnight.

My friend referred to me a resort in Laguna (Private Oasis) which they already tried last year. The place looks nice and if we book it, we can have the place all to ourselves. Plus it is a hot spring resort so the kids can swim even with the cold December breeze.

I just hope that it is still available on the 31st.

Suite Stay for 2 with Spa Vouchers at Discovery Suites

I need a massage. I have been running here and there to do my Christmas shopping, attend to Bela’s activities in school, take care of Cobi, go to work, etc that I feel that I really need some reward like a spa package perhaps.

And so when I saw this exclusive deal from Dealgrocer, I am so tempted to avail it:

Suite Stay for 2 with Spa Vouchers at Discovery Suites for only P4,950 (valued at P8,362).

The inclusions for the voucher are:
• Overnight stay in a Junior Suite, double occupancy
• Studio-type accommodation with queen-sized beds, spacious toilet and bath. Equipped with cable television, a two-seater sofa and coffee table, a mini-bar, microwave oven, oven toaster and a coffee machine
• Includes breakfast buffet for two (2) and 2 Terra Wellness Spa vouchers worth Php 500 each
• Inclusive of all applicable taxes and charge

The voucher though is valid from December 19, 2010 to January 31, 2011 only but maybe this is perfect for my birthday celebration or our 6th wedding anniversary. It also can’t be use during the peak dates like Christmas and New Year Holidays.

Christmas Shopping: Almost Done

Monday, December 13, 2010

Last week, I really worked overtime just so I can finish all my pending work before Saturday as I want to free my Saturday so I can finally shop for everything that is on my shopping list.

And that is just what I did. We just dropped Bela off to her school as she has a practice from 1 PM to 7 PM and off we went to Robinson’s Place Ermita where we shopped till we dropped (literally).

Our first stop was at Guess store where I bought new clothes for Cobi to where on Christmas and New Year. Then we went to Toys R’ Us where I shopped for all our God children, cousins, nieces and nephews. Then my next stop is at Marks and Spencer where I bought gifts for my mommy friends in Bela’s school, Bela’s teachers and the couples in our family. Then we went to Bench where I bought gifts for hubby’s nieces and my cousin and yaya.

I was so happy after shopping from 1 PM – 11 PM because I only have one person left in my list after that day. Now all that is left for me to do is use one of those brother printers so I can print gift tags so I can start labelling the gifts and put it under our tree.

I can’t believe I will be able to complete all on my list in just one day. I guess it is a blessing that Bela had practice that day so I was able to shop and shop without having to worry about Bela.

I still have to go shopping this Saturday for myself and for Bela and then we are ready for Christmas!!


Friday, December 10, 2010

I would have wanted to buy pandora style bracelet as Bela’s gift for one of her favorite person but then I was in a hurry to shop for Christmas gifts and since Bela has to give her gift to that person next week, I just decided to buy this:

Bags are something any woman would love to have and so for sure, this person will be happy to receive Bela’s gift for her. I already wrapped the bag (well actually I did not wrap it as I just put it inside my old Long Champ bag envelope) and Bela is just so excited to hand out her gift.

Tomorrow, I will have six hours while I wait for Bela from her ballet class to do some shopping again. I have to finish at least half of my list as it is just two weeks away before Christmas. I actually have some idea already on what to buy so hopefully I will be able to do a lot of shopping tomorrow.

Today's Deal: 60% OFF! P990 for a Luxury Spa Experience from Le Spa at Sofitel Plaza Hotel!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

This will give you one more reason on why you should own one of those tablet computers. Thanks to my tablet PC, I was able to avail today’s cash cash pinoy deal. I was actually out when I learned of the promo but good thing I have my tablet PC with me and so I was able to go online, check the promo and purchase a voucher for a relaxing spa experience at Le Spa.

For today’s deal, Cash Cash Pinoy is offering 60% OFF to any of the seven exclusive spa treatments from Le Spa at Sofitel Plaza Hotel. For just P950 (from its original prize of P2500), I can choose from any of the following spa treatments:

• Filipino Pride
• Hilot Secret
• Pito Pito Balance
• Mango Delight
• Marrackech Sweetness
• Siam Energy
• Manila Spirit

I bought two vouchers, one for me and one for hubby and I am thinking of using it in our coming anniversary. If I have the budget, I might even book for an overnight stay as I have discount privileges at Sofitel.

I am excited already. This is the first time that I availed of Cash Cash Pinoy deal and I am sure that this will be one relaxing and fun experience for me and hubby.

She is Mine

I would really, really love to own a Mulberry Alexa in raisin, but with the expenses lined up for us, I don’t think I will have a budget for this beauty. But thanks to my online friends Jody, Jacqui and Joy who introduced me to:

The Charles & Keith version of Alexa. I saw the picture of Joy trying on the bag and just the perfect timing since I am bound to Rockwell that day. So when I saw the Charles & Keith store, I immediately went inside to check this bag and see it in person. I know the leather is not as soft as the Alexa, but this bag can make me happy for now. LOL.

So I went out of the store carrying a Charles & Keith paper bag with my new baby inside.

In fairness to the bag, it received a lot of comments from my officemates and they can’t even believe at first that it was just from Charles & Keith. So this made me even happier for my Alexa wannabe. Maybe after 20 years, I can get to own the original Mulberry Alexa.


I don’t know why for some reasons I can’t find the energy to shop for clothes for myself. Maybe it is because I got so disappointed when I last went shopping as the sales lady thought that I was pregnant. Yup, that is how big my tummy is. If I should have just listened to my friend and tried Lipofuze, then maybe I won’t be having problems like this.

Then on January, I will be attending a wedding and the gown that I have (and I don’t want to spend again just to get a new gown) is really not flattering as it emphasizes my big tummy. Thank goodness Jacqui introduce to me a new friend. Meet Spanx:

I already ordered one and I do hope that it will be really effective to hide those bulges so at least people will not think that I am still pregnant even only while I am wearing my Spanx.


Friday, December 3, 2010

Last December 1 was the official ending of the term of my mom as a Barangay Chairman. And although I know that she will miss her old job, I am sure her hands will still be full as she is now a full time grand mother to her three grand kids. That is why she will really need chondroitin and glucosamine to help her protect her joints as she does her job as a grandma.

She really hasn’t spoken about her true feelings yet now that she is no longer the chairman in our barangay because I know she feels kind of sad leaving her constituents. But I am sure she will get used to it and I am sure she will be very busy enjoying her time with her grand children that she will not have time left to think about the barangay.

So enjoy mom and we promise that now that you have all the time to relax, we will always take you with us to all our vacations and travel escapades so you don’t have to feel sad and there is nothing left for you to do but to relax and enjoy your retirement with us.

Sleepy Head

My bad, I slept early again last night instead of finishing my work. I know this is good as at least I will not need acsonix to treat my acne as I don’t get to sleep late now. But this is also bad as it is only in the wee hours of the night that I get to work on my sideline. So if I sleep early, it means that no work is ever being accomplished.

But I have been like this for the past weeks. As much as I try so hard to stay up late and work, my eyes are already closing and my mind already stopped working that even if I try to stay up late, no work is being done.

I just hope that I will get out of this sleepy state soon as I still have a lot of work that I really need to finish soon.

Another Alexa Wannabe

Another Alexa wannabe as posted by Jody:

Jacqui said that she saw this in Charles & Keith store. I was just at C&K store in SM San Lazaro last night and I did not notice the bag as my target yesterday was to find a shoe to wear for the wedding that I will be attending this Saturday. Maybe if I saw that yesterday, I would have been tempted to buy it as I am so in love with the Mulberry Alexa but I don’t have a budget right now for it.

I guess it is really true that there are a lot of bag manufacturers now that are making a replica of the Alexa bag which I really love as I am sure I won’t afford the Alexa bag (and probably even in the next 20 years) so I can settle for this Alexa wannabe like the Charles & Keith bag that Jacqui discovered.

House & Lot Shopping: Update

Thursday, December 2, 2010

As I posted in my previous entry, my husband and I are planning to purchase the house and lot that my husband’s officemate is selling. An update as of now is I finally found the courage and I already gave my husband my “yes.”

My husband will go to BPI later to file for our loan application so the bank can start with the assessment of the property. So our fate now lies on the hands of BPI if we will get approved or not. And we are now hoping that the other prospective buyer will not pay the seller in cash as we are aware that it may take weeks (or even months) for everything to be finalized with the bank.

If we get approved, then it will be the start for us to really change our lifestyle. It will be the start of a frugal life for us as the monthly amortization is quite high. That is why I am thinking to get another sideline, even if I will need the best treatment for acne as for sure I will always sleep late if I get another sideline as it is only at night when I can work with it as I have a full time job.

But we have done our calculations and if only we will learn how to live a simple life, then we think that our salary plus our earnings from both our sideline will be enough to pay the monthly amortization.

Wish us luck guys and hope that we will get good news soon.

Big Decision: Scared, Excited, Nervous, Happy

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Last weekend has been a crazy weekend for me and my husband. We learned from hubby’s officemate that they are selling their house and lot near our place and so we tried to pass by the area to take a look at the house and both are reaction were “Wow, let’s buy it.”

If only I am the lotto winner from last night’s draw, I will buy this house in a heartbeat.

If only it will just be hubby’s decision, he will buy the house right away. In fact he has been checking out on Matt Blatt furniture already that will fit the style of our future house. Well, that is just Howell. He never is afraid to take big leaps like this and is not scared to take a risk.

Well as for me, I really the love the house. Hubby’s officemate gave us a tour of the house last night and I can already imagine our family living there. I actually never had this feeling before as I am the type of person who is really scared to make big investment, but last night was different as I really wanted to have the house.

There is another person (who we think can pay in cash) who is also interested to buy the house of hubby’s officemate so hubby really wants me to make a decision soon. I am just praying that God will guide us in the right direction to arrive at a good decision.