Christmas Shopping

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gosh, Christmas is just a month away and I haven’t even started with my Christmas shopping yet. Looks like I will do another Christmas shopping rush (as always) again just like what I did in the previous years.

But at least I have an idea already on what to buy for each of my relatives and friends so that is one less thing to think about:

• For the kids in my family and hubby’s family, I am thinking to get them the Marine Adventure ticket in Ocean Park. This ticket gives them access to the Marine habitat, the Oceanarium, Jelly Fish museum and to watch the show of the sea lion. Bela had fun when we tried it during her birthday so I am sure my cousins and hubby’s nieces and nephews will enjoy this too.
• For my aunts, I saw this very useful speed safe knives which the can use to do all kinds of stuff.
• For Bela’s classmates, I plan to buy children’s books or the Barbie art activity kit that I saw from Toys R’ Us.
• For Bela, I want to get her the V-Tech Camera and for Jacobo, I want to get her an activity gym.
• For my mom and dad, I am thinking to give them an overnight stay at Sofitel.
• For my other relatives, I am still waiting for good deals from Cash Cash Pinoy or Ensogo like a massage service,

I hope I will be able to finish shopping for all my relatives and friends before Christmas.

The G bag Break In

As I published in my previous post, I received my first G bag a few days back which I bought from my friend, Faye. I find it too sparkly at first and it doesn’t match my personality so I put it back in its dust cover and did not use it right away.

We went to Ocean Park on Bela’s birthday last November 16 and I decided to give this G bag a try. And just like my Long Champ Statue of Liberty, I fell in love with it after using it. I love the size, the texture (the leather is so soft) and I love the fact that it has no zipper too like my Neverfull so I can easily get things inside the bag.

Now I am completely happy with my first G bag. In fact I have been using it when I go to work for a week now. Now if only I can have my second G bag (a Goyard), then my collection will be really complete.

Christmas is for Children

Monday, November 22, 2010

How many more days left before Christmas? Oh my gosh I lost count already but I know that I only have a few weeks left to do my Christmas shopping.

We have been very busy lately that we don’t have time to hit the mall to do our holiday shopping. And it is even more difficult if we have a toddler and a baby in tow. Sometimes I am tempted to just give my god children cash and they can just buy whatever they want but I have been a kid too and I know that Christmas is more special if I have some gifts to open on Christmas day.

Thankfully there is where I can shop for toys online. They have action figures, riding toys, dolls, stuffed toys, arts and crafts, games and puzzles and even electronic educational toys. At least I just can shop for everything that I need and everything will be delivered to me. I think they even have an option for gift wrapping so I don’t have to worry in finishing wrapping all the gifts before Christmas.

I believe Christmas is for children so I will really try to make a way to make their Christmas special.

Good News

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I woke up today and was greeted with good news. Wohoo!! I am so happy and thankful for this blessing. I was not really expecting this so all the more I got really excited when I received the good news.

Last time I received this kind of blessing, I got so excited that majority of it I used to for shopping. But then after all the blessings are gone, I realized that I should have spent it more wisely.

So this time, I promise to use this blessing for investment and buy gold bullion for the security of my family. I learned that gold is a very stable investment as its value does not depreciate over time so it is really the best way to preserve one’s wealth.

This time I will be wiser and I will definitely put this blessing to good use and I will not regret it as it is for the security of my family.

What to Wear?

Gosh, I only have less than two weeks left before the wedding of my friend and I still don’t fit in the old evening gowns that I have which I plan to wear for the wedding. Hubby was really trying to stop himself from laughing when I was trying out my gown yesterday as I really need the best diet pills before I will be able to fit in, in any of the gowns that I have.

If worse comes to worse and I will not loose weight in the coming days, then I will just have to buy from the ready made evening gowns in the mall. I was actually able to check out some gowns the other day and I found some great design that I can consider. I just hope that they are not that expensive as I don’t want to spend on something that I will only get to wear once or maximum twice.

Tory Burch Divine Sale

I got this in my mail today:

I really went crazy when I saw this as I have been waiting for their sale for days now as I am eyeing to buy a Jelly reva flats. So I quickly checked their site as soon as I read the email. Unfortunately the Jelly Reva flat is not included in their sale items. This is the only ballerina flat that is included on sale:

This is actually beyond my budget but I am thinking it through as I will really save big if I buy this style now. Hmm, what do you guys think? Should I grab the sale or not?

I checked it out from the site and they still have my size for the color that I want. But I will really think it over first as there are really a lot of expenses lined up especially with the coming Christmas season.

So Tired

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This is one crazy week for me as we have a very hectic schedule. It is Bela’s birthday last Tuesday and so we spent the whole day celebrating. We went to Ocean Park in the morning until after lunch as per Bela’s request where we visited the Marine Habitat, Oceanarium, Jelly Fish Museum and we even watched the Sea Lion show. Then after Ocean Park, we went straight to Hospicio de San Jose for Bela’s party there.

I thought that our day is over as I really have no energy left and all I wanted to do after that long day is to lie down in bed and sleep but I was surprised when hubby announced that we are going to Greenhills for dinner. Thankfully I was able to convince him to just go to Quezon Avenue instead as it is nearer compared to Greenhills.

When we reached home, I still have to work for a couple of hours before finally going to sleep.

With a schedule like this, I would really need daily multivitamin to keep me healthy and to keep my immune system high. And looks like I will need to take vitamins fast as I am starting to feel sick already. I think I caught the cold virus and I was already not feeling well when I arrived home today. And instead of resting, I still have to drag myself to go to SM as we need to buy Bela the shoes that she will be wearing for her party on Saturday. Unfortunately, I did not find anything nice in SM so this means we have to make another trip to Robinsons tomorrow.

I know one of these days, my body will just give up and I really have to slow down and give my body a break.

Annual Christmas Family Reunion

Our family always have our annual reunion which always happens during the Christmas season. For this year, my cousin and I have been assigned to organize the party and coordinate all the details with our relatives. So as early as now, my cousin and I have been brainstorming already about the party details. We both agreed that to make things a little different this year, we will have the party outdoors, by our pool area. The cold winter months can’t stop us from enjoying the outdoors, thanks to patio heaters. With this, we don’t need intricate decorations as we have nature as our background.

We find that the outdoors is really a great place for the party as we won’t be confined by the limited indoor space that we have, which is really important as our family is really growing. Then we have the big garden to conduct the games for the kids (and the kids at heart), the programs, and the different activities like the exchange gifts and the white elephant game. We can even setup the buffet by the garden too and the patio furniture can provide good seating for all our relatives.

I am so excited for this party and almost all the details have been finalized already like the caterer that we will be getting for the event, the list of kids who will perform during the program, and we even already picked our babies for the Kris kringle. Only small details are left to be decided upon like if we should remove the patio umbrella or not, and if we still need to hire a Dj or not for the party.

I am sure this party will be a blast again as always because my family really knows how to party and to have fun.

Fashionable Medical Scrubs

Monday, November 15, 2010

I love the color white as it goes well with any color or any type of clothing be it jeans, shorts, or skirts. But if I am working, I would rather prefer not to wear white as it is so plain and boring and at the same time it can easily get dirty. That is why I always wonder why is it that the medical field preferred the color white as the color for their nurses and dental uniforms.

That is why I know that those in the medical field are definitely happy with Blue Sky Scrubs. Blue Sky Scrubs is an online store that sells cheap uniform scrubs in different color and styles so those in the medical field will have lots of choices for their uniforms so they can still be fashionable and stylish even when at work. And what is nice about their scrubs is that it is all cotton scrubs so it is more comfortable to wear especially at work.

Check out the site of Blue Sky Scrubs now to check out their line of medical scrubs.

Something Silver

She is finally here, my first G:

(The picture really doesn’t give justice to the bag so I have to ask hubby to take a picture of it again). It arrived last week just in time for Bela’s party (of course I need a new bag for Bela’s birthday. LOL).

I got this bag from my friend Faye who sells bags like Coach, Kate Spade, Nine West, Gucci, etc. I check her Flickr site every once in a while to check for her new Kalakals as I was really waiting for her new Gucci bags for sale and I saw this. I was actually not set on buying it when I first saw it but then after reading the comments of my friends who actually saw this bag in person already and after seeing its original price from Blue Fly, I finally decided that this will be my first Gucci bag.

The first one was sold right away but I guess this bag is really meant for me as Faye has a second stock of this bag. So I immediately asked Faye to reserve it for me.

When I first saw it, I find it too sparkly for my taste but then when I first use it last Saturday, I started to fell in love with it and I am really glad I made a decision to get this bag. I hope this will not be my first and last Gucci bag.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yesterday, I attended the bridal shower of a good friend who will be getting married this coming December. She is keeping things in a low key so I would rather not post her name here but we are all excited for her and her fiancée as they have been going out for almost eight years already.

We had a bridal shower thrown for her yesterday at the Centerstage in Jupiter, Makati. Dale organized the event including inviting the guests for the shower and booking the venue. Liza on the other hand took care of the games and the prizes while Timmy bought the crown that the bride-to-be will wear during the shower and she also prepared the souvenirs. As for me, I just made sure that I got the lingerie gift that we will give her which she can wear during their honeymoon (wink).

It was a really fun shower which started with the really funny and crazy games. My favorite is the interview portion where the guests can ask whatever questions they want to ask the bride-to-be. The married girls also gave the bride-to-be tips on married life.

It was a really fin night and the bride-to-be was really thankful as she really had fun.

His Dream Car

If bags are for women, then definitely it is cars for men. So when hubby learned that Toyota is having a promo, he has been drooling over this:

A Toyota Fortuner. We actually need a bigger car as our family is getting bigger already. So I accompanied hubby when he asked for a quote from our car agents but I was surprised to see at the total cash out, all because of the expensive car insurance. And we have to renew our insurance every year as it is part of the requirement of the bank.

So I told hubby that I should look for cheap auto insurance quote first and we will decide from there. Which can take a lot of debating and thinking over first as we really have a lot expenses lined up. Plus hubby also wants to start with the renovation of our house.

Oh if only we have bottomless funds, then things like this won’t really be a problem.

Gold Obsession

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Aside from bags, making new investments is one of the things that I am deeply obsessed about nowadays. Times are though and I don’t even feel secure now with my job as I know anytime they can decide to cut down the employees because of the financial pressure that our company is experiencing. That is why now that I still have a regular income, I wanted to set aside a particular amount from my salary and invest it.

I discovered the site of United States Gold Bureau while I was doing my research and now I am considering investing in gold coin or gold bullion as I learned from their site that gold is a very good investment.

Even during the olden times, gold has hold great value that it is considered to be one of the best ways to preserve one’s wealth and power. And up to know, gold still holds that kind of value which only goes to show how stable and strong gold is.

I am now on the site of United States Gold Bureau and my next step is to contact their hard asset professionals so I can get started with my gold investment.

My New Baby: Long Champ Planetes in Raisin

Meet my new baby:


My new Long Champ Planetes in Raisin. I love anything that is purple and so when I saw this Planetes in the perfect shade of purple that I like, I really told myself that I should have one. I have no plans of buying one that soon as I still owe Faye and Glo two bags that I ordered from them so I told myself that I will get one when I am already finish paying for those two bags that I ordered.

But then the image of this bag kept following me even in my dreams and so when I can no longer tolerate the torture, I decided to order one for myself. I did not feel guilty at all after making my purchase. All I feel that time was pure bliss and excitement.

And it never failed me when I saw her in person yesterday. She was just so lovely. So lovely that I can’t even find the heart to subject it with all the mess in my bag that I returned it to its box after staring at it for a couple of hours (LOL) and decided that I will have to wait for the perfect occasion first to use this bag as she is just so special for me to use it for my everyday use.

Yeah, that is how in love and obsessed I am with this bag.

New Recruit in the LC Club

We have a new recruit in the Long Champ club, my cousin Tessa. When my sister and I were doing Long Champ bag shopping, I asked her if she wants to order too and since then she has been hooked and now she is drooling to have a Long Champ Planetes bag this Christmas as her gift for herself.

She was even at our house today to try on the different sizes of Long Champ bags and also to look at my Long Champ Planetes bag which I just received yesterday. She was so happy and excited and she can’t wait now to grab her own Long Champ bag. She said she wants to get a Planetes Raisin in large with long handle and a Medium Le Pliage.

I warned her though that once she owned one, she will surely be addicted and won’t stop in buying for more.

New Best Friend

They say diamond is a girl’s best friend. I totally agree but I must say that gold can be a girl’s best friend too.

A friend referred to me the site of United States Gold Bureau and since then I have been reading a lot of articles from their site about gold and gold investment. I really learned a lot about the ins and outs of gold investment that it convinced me to start with my initial gold investment and buy gold coin.

Gold is a very solid and strong investment as gold does not depreciate over time so it is a very good way to preserve one’s wealth. So this can mean that our future will be secured if we have gold as one of our investments.

I told hubby about my new learning and he totally agree with me. So now I am in the process of contacting the hard asset professionals of United States Gold Bureau so we can finally start with our initial gold investment.

New look?

I so love this look.

I can’t remember the last time I had a very short do. Since I can’t do any hair treatment as I am still breastfeeding and since my hair is so thick that I can’t have a short hair do unless I have hair treatment, so I have been sporting this long hair for years now.

And did you know that this major drop earring is a very in thing now. But it will really be gorgeous if I also have a very cool hair do like Ashlee Simpson. Oh well, I guess I just have to be green with envy for now with Ashlee’s look as she is carrying it really well.

LC by Jeremy Scott

I have been hearing about the Jeremy Scott Long Champ bag from a colleague over and over again and since I haven’t seen it yet, I can’t understand why she is so much obsessed with that bag.

But then I saw this as tweeted by my kumareng Peachy:

The Long Champ canvass bag designed by Jeremy Scott. Now I know where my colleague’s obsession is coming from.

On Buying Gold

2010 has been a very good year for our family financially and because of this I have been really doing some shopping and have been splurging a bit. But times are hard and my husband and I should really start investing for our family.

That is why after I learned about United States Gold Bureau from a friend, I got interested that I started reading articles about gold investment from their site. And after doing my readings it got me really convince that we should buy gold bullion.

Gold is a very solid and stable investment as it does depreciate over time. It is also universally accepted so we can easily convert it cash if ever we need for instant cash in the future. Its storage is not a problem too as it does not require much space for its safe keeping.

I am sure I will have as much happiness if I buy gold rather than purchasing another bag.

What's Inside the Box?

And because I need fillers (LOL), I will keep the suspense and will post this one first:

The UPS box which contains my new baby. I was so excited when I saw it but then I was so scared to open it as I don’t want to hurt my baby inside. LOL. Call me over acting but I have been waiting for her for a long time already so I really have to prepare for our first meeting. And she was shy too as the box is so properly sealed that I was really having a hard time opening it. I even asked hubby to open it for me. He was holding a knife when he approached me as he was planning to use the knife to open the box but then I stopped him as I am scared that it might accidentally hurt my baby inside. And I am glad that I did since the edge of my baby inside is touching the box so it might get scratched if hubby did use the knife to open it.

So watch out as I will post what’s inside this box in my next postings.

My Mom & Our Nanny

My mom is a little bit not happy with how my nanny is performing. You see, my mom lives just near our house so she is always at our house whenever my husband and I are in the office so she can oversee how our nanny takes care of our kids. So if it is first hand observation with regards to my nanny, my mom is really my best source.

But I told her that we really should not be picky with our nannies and we should really extend our patience. We are also considering installing security cameras, to give my mom and us too, peace of mind if there are times that my mom can’t come to our house to watch over the kids.

I guess looking for a good and reliable nanny is a problem that all parents will have to face. We really should learn to extend our patience and just trust that they will show true concern for our kids and pray hard that hopefully we will be able to find a good nanny for our kids.

Gold vs Bags

That’s it, I should really make a promise and sign a contract that I should stop shopping for bags as I think I have more than enough bags already and should start saving and invest on a more stable investment like gold.

My husband is just smiling every time I show him my new bag purchases but who knows maybe he is wishing that I used the money instead for investment. LOL. But I know my husband; he will just be happy and will support me with whatever that makes me happy.

So I should have the initiative instead and will start an initial investment for my family and I am actually considering to buy gold. Gold is a very stable investment as it does not depreciate over time so I know that this is a good way to preserve money or wealth.

At least if I start investing in gold, it will not just benefit me but my whole family as well.

Perfect Anniversary Gift

Monday, November 1, 2010

A couple friend will be celebrating their 10th year anniversary in just a few days. My husband and I just celebrated our fifth year anniversary and it was a big occasion for us so I am sure celebrating a 10th year anniversary is even bigger.

So as early as now, I am already looking for a nice 10th anniversary gifts that we can give to our friends. Just look at the choices that I am considering:

I fell in love right away when I saw the Anniversary Bear with JustAluminumRose from the site as the bear is just so cute and adorable that I am sure our friends will really like.

On the other hand, I find the JustAluminumRoses so romantic, elegant and unique too as it is made from aluminium in the inside which is really a perfect choice for 10th anniversary gifts.

At least I have a lot of options to choose from and all I have to do is decide for the perfect gift for our friends. Thanks to and their section for wedding anniversary gifts by year is such a brilliant idea as I was able to easily find the best anniversary gift for our friend.

Giddy Happy

My sister was so happy because after almost a month, her bag is finally here:

She got this from Bag Shop almost a month ago as her one and only Long Champ bag is almost worn out already. It is my pasalubong to her when my husband and I went to Europe last year and I told her that she should get another bag to use as the one that I give her is one of the limited edition series of Long Champ.

So finally she was able to save enough (plus the additional money that I gave her as my gift to her for helping my mom take care of Cobi), and so she ordered the red Le Pliage.

I love the color actually and I am thinking to get one for myself (maybe next year). She was so giddy happy upon receiving the bag that she has to go to SM that night to meet with her friends to flaunt her new bag. LOL

Land Issues

Yesterday my aunt who is a lawyer was at our house and I took it as an opportunity to discuss with her our problem with the property that we bought from a relative. There shouldn’t be any problem actually but I guess this relative of ours is going crazy already as she is claiming now that she still owns a part of the land that she sold us five years ago and in fact she already has a buyer.

I asked my aunt about it and she assured me that there is really nothing that I should worry about since the land title is under our name and all has been done legally. Good thing I used scanner software before to scan all our documents including all the deed of sale, the newspaper ad that we published as required by BPI before we can finally transfer the title to us and all other correspondences between us and the selling party so I have all the proof that the property belongs to us.

Well I guess that relative of ours needs to tighten the screw in her head a bit as she is already loosing it.