Depuy Hip Recall News

Friday, October 29, 2010

I was searching for sales on the Internet but then my attention was caught when I read the news about Depuy hip recall.

DePuy Orthopedics, owned by Johnson & Johnson, recalled thousands and thousands of their hip replacement system last August 2010 after receiving complains from patients who received their hip replacement system. As a study found out, one out of eight of these hip replacement systems will fail and this is a big number. The effect is so bad because it cause severe pain, tissue damage, inflammation and sometimes requires a second surgery to correct the damage.

But victims should not just sit quietly in one corner and just accept their fate because there is something that they can do. Just like the Accutane lawsuit, attorneys from O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath law firm can help them go through the complex process of product liability claims to get a settlement from Johnson & Johnson that they deserve.

I hope the victims will finally get their justice soon.

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Grocery Time

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I was in a hurry to go out from work a while ago. I have plans to meet up with my sister as we both agreed to do our groceries together. So when the clock strike at 4:30, I immediately turned off my computer and went out because I know that there can be a traffic along my way and I don’t want to keep my sister waiting.

When I arrived at the mall, my sister was already there but she was just ahead of me for about 10 minutes. We went to the pharmacy first to buy vitamins for my kids and best supplements for weight loss for myself. Right after that, we went to the grocery right away because we noticed that there were so many people already.

We shopped for almost an hour and then we waited for our dad to fetch us. And while we are waiting, we both decided to buy a snack since we are both starving. We bought donuts and then treat ourselves with our coffee. After that, my dad arrived and he was just in time.

Searching for a Relaxing Spa

I am actually in search for the best spa that is somewhere near our place. We are planning to have a spa service since we were all stressed out because of the barangay election. I want to treat my sister and especially my mom for I know that they are both sad of what had happened.

My sister and my cousin told me that there are lots of Spa house around Quezon City but they are not sure of what’s the best among them. Actually, just last week, my sister told me that she found a promo code for a choice of body massage or mud scrub for Php500 at the spa house in Banawe. But then, I forgot about it and since it’s just a limited offer, I wasn’t able to avail it anymore.

So now, I’m still looking for a good deal and we are actually planning to do this, this coming weekend so if you cab refer one to me, just tell me and I would highly appreciate it.

Good Luck Mom

As what we can observe, internet has been a good source of advertising. Many companies nowadays are starting to put up their websites to further promote their business because they know that many people know how to access the internet.

This is the reason why I'm doing the same thing but not for me but rather for my mom. She will soon open up her own new biz and I'm thinking that I can make her a website where she can post her products so that many people will be able to see it. I'm also planning to try the website directory submission so that it will be easily be indexed and seen by internet users.

This will definitely help them to increase their market since there will be a wide range of target consumers for we all know that many people as of today are becoming dependent with the internet.

I'm really excited for my mom and we all hope that this new business will become successful.

Pizza and Beer Night

If there is one activity that our family enjoys doing together, then it will be eating. That is why we really enjoy backyard living as we always try to have a gathering for almost any occasion so we have a reason to party and enjoy good food together.

Just like recently, we celebrated the fourth month birthday of my son, Cobi. We had an Italian theme for this party as we had pizza, pasta and beer. We just ordered pizza from a nearby restaurant and have it delivered at our house and every one of my relatives came to celebrate with us. The pizza was so good (I am sure that it was cooked using those traditional pizza ovens) that the pizza box was emptied in just a couple of minutes only. Everybody had fun as we enjoyed the good pizza coupled with great laughs, fun conservation and great company that we promised to have this pizza and beer night every week in our backyard. My niece will be celebrating his birthday this coming October 31st so everybody agreed that it will be the perfect time for our next pizza and beer night.

Everybody is already looking forward to our weekly pizza and beer night. Even I and my husband is already excited about it since we love entertaining guest at our home. We are so excited that my husband and I are thinking if we should get our own outdoor pizza oven. It will be perfect for our backyard so the great chefs in the family can just prepare the pizza for us instead of ordering it from a restaurant. That would make our pizza and beer night even more special.

Nothing really beats spending time with family and friends and my husband and I are really glad that we get to host gatherings like this.

Happy Birthday Jego

On Sunday, my cousin will be celebrating his 10th birthday. Every year, we always have a small gathering in celebration of his birthday and for the halloween as well.

So for this year, we invited our relatives from the province since we haven't seen them for quite a long time now. We are planning to order pizza and pasta, crispy pata, barbecue, vegetable salad and of course, cake for the birthday boy. In addition, my sister and my cousin volunteered to make desserts for the whole family.

Well I guess I have to reserve that day to excuse myself in diet. LOL! Everyone is excited already as this can surely a blast to all of us.

Advance happy birthday to my cousin Jego. Hope you’ll have a good one and I wish you good health and success in your studies. Don’t forget to thank God for all your blessings. We love you!

Facts About Men

For most people, they think that girls are so vain and they don't have contentment in their lives especially when it comes to their physical appearance. In fact, this can sometimes be true since most girls will be willing to spend money for medical surgeries that will help them look better.

But what we don't realize is that men are sometimes tantamount to women. Like for instance, they spend couple of hours to work out in the gym, for them to have a firmer body. And likewise, some of them use male enhancement products and they even take diet pills to lose weight or even to help them build their muscles in an easier way .

So you see, it's not just us girls who do things for their body, enhance something in their physical appearance like they are aiming for perfection because in our generation today, men can be as vain as women.

Maybe some of you will realize that what I'm saying now is definitely a fact and which most men will deny because they don’t want to admit it to themselves and they certainly don’t want to have issues in their personalities.

Long & Tiring Day

Friday, October 22, 2010

I had cheeseburger, French fries, rice, chicken and Coke for my afternoon snack today (I really need the best diet pills to help me loose weight. LOL). I was so hungry because this has been one very long and tiring day.

I woke up around 5:00 AM and instead of going back to sleep, I decided to start working as I still have a lot of pending work to finish. I worked until 10 AM and then started preparing as we have to leave by 11 AM because Bela needs to be at school by 12 noon.

Howell went to work and so it was just me and Bela during the first part of the program. I have to take pictures, while I carry my bag, Bela’s diaper bag, the camera bag and Howell's DSLR. Thankfully Howell arrived a few minutes after the parade started and so he took over in taking the pictures.

By 2 PM, the program started (I have to make a separate post about that) and then after the program some of the parents who volunteered (which includes us), went down to St. Scholastica room as we need to decorate it for the exhibit tomorrow. We only have 2.5 hours to finish all the decorations so we were really hurrying up.

By the time we reached home, I feel so tired already that all I wanted to do is sleep….But there is now way I can afford to do that as I still have tons of work to finish.

My Dream

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I am always fascinated every time I see makeup artists and hair dresser showing their talent in making a great creation. Like when I was watching America’s Next Top Model, I am always in awe after seeing how the girls were transformed by the makeup artist.

That is why I got really interested when I learned about Hoover Alabama Cosmetology School located at Regency Beauty Institute Hoover 1775 Montgomery Highway S., Hoover, AL. 35244.

Regency Beauty Institute is one of the fastest growing beauty schools in the United States. From their humble beginnings of just two campuses in 2002, they now have 80 schools across 19 states. What made them one of the best beauty schools is that they have well-equipped campuses that looks like upscale salons so their students can get comprehensive and quality hands-on training.

I am sure that with Regency Beauty Institute, I can be like the artistic makeup artist in America’s Next Top Model and who knows one day, I can have a career in the fashion and beauty industry too.

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Meet Ms. Liberty

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

She is finally here, Ms Liberty.


It arrived at my kumareng Peachy’s house last Friday but since we are really busy, I was only able to pick it up last Sunday. We were so tired already after that long day but I couldn’t wait for another day to see Ms. Liberty in person so I asked hubby that we dropped by at Peachy’s house to get Liberty.

I opened the package as soon as I reached home. Funny because after seeing it for the first time, I just folded it back and returned it to its packaging and did not really feel excited in using it. Not unlike my other LCs where I used it the very next day as I am really excited to carry it and bring it with me to office.

It was only after three days that I took a look at it again and it is only now that I get to appreciate it. It might not be love at first sight but it is still love. LOL. Tomorrow, I will bring Ms. Liberty with me and I will proudly introduce her to my friends.

Bday Celebration

We just arrived from my sister in law’s birthday celebration and looks like I will need powerful fat burners to help me burn all those fats that I gained today.

We had spaghetti, chicken, cake and ice cream. I don’t need a calorie calculator to determine my calorie intake as I know that I had more than what I should be taking only for the day in order for me to loose weight. I did not plan to eat much but the pasta was really good and I was really hungry as I only ate sandwich for lunch so I had a second serving of pasta and for a moment, I totally forgot that I was on a diet.

I can just start with my diet again tomorrow. Or better yet, I can start by January already after the holiday season as I know that I can’t fool myself and I will be pigging out during the Holiday Season.

From Purple to Gold

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I was about to go to sleep but then I saw the plum Guccissima joy tote from my good friend Ems’ Flickr account and I told myself, this is the Gucci bag for me. So I contacted Faye and after thinking about it for a bit, I place my order for this Gucci bag. But my happiness was short lived when she told me the next day that it is already out of stock.

I was sad at first because I fell in love with this bag already and I am already imagining myself carrying this purple Guccissima tote. But then I realized that maybe it is a sign that I should just use my money wisely and use it for investment.

So I quickly browsed the site of United States Gold Bureau and I learned that gold is a very good investment as it does not depreciate in time as it is a good way to preserve one’s wealth. So I contacted the experienced hard asset professionals of United States Gold Bureau so they can help me in getting the best price for gold coin available in the market.

So even if I did not get to have my purple Gucci bag, at least I will have gold.

UN @ St. Scho

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bela will have a United Nations program in school next week and it will be a two day event. This is the first time that Prep students will be joining the United Nations program so the teachers and the students are excited and at the same time anxious as to how the event will go. So they are seeking the help of parents to make this event a success.

We attended the meeting yesterday so they can give us a briefing on the roles that Parent Volunteer will have to take for this event. There is really no big role for parents for the parade of students on Friday but there is much to be done for the Saturday Event.

For Saturday, they wish to have an exhibit wherein we need to decorate one room based on the theme assigned for our class. For St. Benedict class, our assigned theme is Europe and so we have to transform the room with decors and pieces that will make it look like we are in Europe.

All the parents shared their ideas yesterday and Howell volunteered to make the tarpaulins so we will have a nice backdrop. Howell woke up early today and I saw him conceptualizing the design already. He wishes to make a tarpaulin per city and he will also have trivia information for each country or city that he will highlight in the tarpaulin.

I am sure Bela will be really proud when he sees our work of art. Maybe Howell deserves a gift from Bela. If only he smokes, I can just buy him his favourite cigars as Bela’s token of appreciation for her dad. But I guess, a simple kiss and hug from Bela will surely take all of Howell’s tiredness away.

We have a big job to do on Friday. The parade starts at 12:20 and then they will have a program which will end at 3 PM. After that, we have to start decorating the room assigned to us for the Exhibit the next day.

I am excited too to work with the other mommies and daddies and hope we can pull this through and make this event a success.

The Eagle Has Landed

She is here, my Lady of Liberty is here. After her detour which I mentioned here, she arrived already yesterday and was received by my good friend Peachy. I am really excited to meet her in person. As per Peachy and Joy, she is really a real beauty.

When Peachy texted me last night to inform me that she already received our package, I wanted to go straight to their house to pick it up. But since it is Friday and it is payday and it drizzled a bit late in the afternoon, there was really heavy traffic on our way home. Hubby was already hungry and Bela is already sleepy so instead of picking Liberty, we just decided to go straight home.

We will be going out later and hopefully we won’t be going home that late so we can have the time to drop by at Peachy’s house to finally meet my Lady Liberty. Excited much!!

Being Productive

It is Saturday again and it will be one busy day for me as a mom. Every Saturday I have to take Bela to her ballet class which is a 1.5 hour class and wait for her until her class finishes. In the afternoon she also has swimming class at Colegio San Agustin which is a 1-hour class.

While waiting for Bela, I just chatted with the other mommies there who are also waiting for their kids or I will just take pictures of Bela. But I figured I would be able to make use of my time while waiting for Bela if I do other things than chat like:

• Read books and magazines. I have to buy new Amazon books so I will have something to read while waiting for Bela’s class to finish.
• Work. I can bring my laptop with me and try to write some articles so at least I will have some work done even if I am offline.
• Do my budget sheet. Lately I haven’t find the time to check my budget sheet of our monthly expenses, my credit card bills, and my earnings work sheet so if I have my laptop with me, at least I can work on my Excel files and have my budget sheet updated.

We will be off in a while for Bela’s swimming class so I better prepare my laptop so I can start doing something productive later while I wait for Bela’s swimming class to finish.

Giveaways for Bela's 5th Bday Party

Friday, October 15, 2010

Last Monday was a very productive day for me as I was able to go to 168 to buy the loots bags and game prizes for Bela’s birthday. Hubby was also on a holiday that day so he was able to accompany me to my trip to 168.

I initially wanted to have personalized bags for girls and personalized soccer balls for boys as the souvenir for Bela’s party but since I am working on a tight budget, I have to let go of that idea although I know it will surely be one cute and unique souvenir. So we went to 168 and search for a nice bag where we can put the party loots that are included with the party package that we got from the Creamery and I saw this bag:

Since we will be having a Princess Tea Party, this bag will be the perfect give away to Bela’s guests. I will just ask hubby to print a bag tag to personalize it a bit.

For the boys, I got this cute Ben10 backpack.

I am so happy because I am almost finish already with the preparation for Bela’s 5th birthday party.

My Planetes in Raisin

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I need to find a managed hosting service for the website that we will be building for our small business but I got distracted after I saw this:

Yahoo, this is my Planetes Raisin bag. I was actually worried yesterday when I checked the tracking because it was indicated in the tracking status that my package was not delivered because the recipient is on a holiday. I got worried if they will try to send it right away or I need to wait for a few more days before they resend my package again but I was happy to find out that they delivered it for the second time just the next day.

If it will be included in the shipment for this week, it will probably arrive in Manila next week. Finally, my Long Champ bag in Raisin. I actually have no plans to purchase a Planetes bag as I plan to wait until next month because I still have a lot of payables in my list. But I have been dreaming about it for two straight nights already and just the perfect timing since they extended their promo for a 20% off so I did not pass the chance and ordered my Planetes bag. And I am really happy with that decision.

I really can’t wait to get hold of her.

My Lady Liberty: Her Detour

Lady Liberty has made a detour. She was supposed to arrived at Peachy’s doorstep last Monday but when my good friend Peachy received the LBC box yesterday, she was not inside.

The other packages went to Jacqui and Joy and they received their boxes today. The three of them, Peachy, Jacqui and Joy, sorted out all the lady Liberty and her other companions and so they where able to locate all 28 of them.

My Lady Liberty was delivered to Joy instead of being shipped to Peachy’s address but according to Peachy, Joy will be shipping it out and we will probably receive it by Friday.

I am containing my excitement but I really can’t wait to see her in person. According to Joy, she is a real beauty. I am sure she is. I can’t wait to flaunt her and introduce her to my friends who has the same love for Lady Liberty.

To Baguio

These pictures were taken when we last went to Baguio for a vacation and that was two years ago already.

Hubby was actually asking me to plan for a short vacation there in our next long weekend and I already started to imagine the cool Baguio breeze, the relaxing pine beds at Camp John Hay, the hot chocolate drink at Tsokolate Batirol restaurant, the shopping spree at Baguio’s Ukay – Ukay, and I am sure the horse back riding which Bela will surely enjoy.

I better start checking the website of Camp John Hay to see if they are offering any promos in the coming months so I can book our hotel accommodation. I also have to plan for our itinerary and print maps as we always got lost navigating the complicated streets of Baguio when we last went there.

I am excited already. Ever since I got pregnant, we never got the chance to go out of town for a vacation so I am really looking forward to our first out of town trip with Cobi.

Our John Mayer Concert Experience

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quoting the words of my cousin Tessa:

Concert under the rain: CHECK!
Singing/Shouting NO SUCH THING with John Mayer: CHECK!
It may not have been the best concert, but it was quite an experience! :)

Watching the John Mayer concert last week was really such an experience for us. Imagine we have to buy rain coats to keep us dry as we watch him perform live because it was really raining hard on the night of his concert and it was held in an open venue.

But if you will ask me if I am willing to do that all over again, I will really say yes as it was a different kind of experience. We were really on a high as we shout and sing while he performs. The show was just less than two hours so he can’t really sing all his hit songs but some of the songs that he sang during the concert like Back to You, Your Body is a Wonderland, No Such Thing still kept playing on my head as I imagine him playing his guitar in front of me.

And since we enjoyed the concert, our next target now is to look for lady gaga concert tickets as she will be doing a Monster Ball Tour. She is really one of the most famous pop artists today and her moves will surely make us go crazy and will really encourage us to sing and dance as she performs. Now that will be one great experience again. If we had fun watching the John Mayer concert, I am sure watching Lady Gaga would be double the fun.

Time to Invest

Monday, October 4, 2010

I had enough bag shopping for this year already and so before the year ends, I plan to make some investments instead of spending all my earnings on bags and shoes.

I have been checking out the website of United States Gold Bureau as I am looking at doing some gold investment like buying gold bullion. Investing in gold is always a wise choice as gold does not depreciate over time. Its storage is also very easy as it can be easily stored in local banks or in a safety deposit box at home.

I know that I will get the same satisfaction as buying a bag if I make this move to invest in gold as I know that this will be a good investment for my family.

Arriving Soon

I am so happy when I checked my Inbox last Saturday when I saw the message of Glo asking for my home address as she is ready to ship my Long Champ limited edition Statue of Liberty in black and gold print.

I think she will be sending it via FedEx so it will arrive in manila in less than two weeks. Can’t wait to meet Liberty in person.

Cebu Pac Seat Sale Alert

Cebu Pacific seat sale starts now. My friends in Twitter are all talking about it. I am in Panic mode now as the travel dates fall on the month that we plan on going to Hong Kong so this is really the best time for me to book our tickets.

Should I book or not? Can we already bring Cobi for International flights?

Hmm…I need to make up my mind soon as seats run fast…

Business Minded Me

I was once asked by my friend before, "do you have bank savings?" and then of course I said yes. Ever since I started to have a job, I always see to it that I'll save my money for my own future and even now that I have my own family with two kids, I always make sure that I manage my budget so I'll be assured that I have financial security.

Now that I have enough savings, I think that this is the best time for me to invest into something useful and can be a great source of money especially when the time comes that I have to retire from my job. So I'm thinking that I can buy gold bullion or maybe I can run my own business. In this case, I'll be assured that I will still have a source of income even if I don't have a job. But then, I still have to review the things that will be involved in this specifically the benefits and disadvantages.

I just hope that I'll be able to be successful in this matter and I'm sure hubby will support me in whatever decision I will make.

I'm A Proud Sister

I am really happy for my sister. I know that she's still adjusting for the new path that she's taking since she just started with her first job as a quality assurance staff in a company.

Actually, she was even joking that she'll resign after 3 months because she doesn't want to work anymore, and instead she'll just put up her own business. But of course I know that she was just kidding and she knows that it's still early for her to be in the business world. But who knows? Maybe she'll succeed more in this field but it will still take a long time.

Well, I just wish her good luck in her career. I will always be here to support her.


I was looking for treatment for acne online last night as I really need to find a solution soon for my acne breakouts but I was sidetracked again from my initial goal when I received the SMS from my good friend Peachy informing me that last night was the last day for the 20% discount being offered at Magnums site.

I checked the site immediately, went to Long Champ Planetes section, and selected the Planetes large long handle in color raisin and save it on my shopping cart. Then I texted Peachy and my sister to ask them for their orders but then they both said that they will just wait for the next promo as there are a lot of expenses lined up for them for this month. I was really ready to buy the bag right then and there but after receiving the message from my sister and Peachy, it made me really think, and thank goodness, because it stopped me from making an impulsive purchase again.

Bela’s birthday is coming soon and I am sure I will need more budget for my Christmas shopping so I better stop my bag purchases for now and start saving first. Anyways, I am still waiting for the delivery of the two bags that I bought last month and I think that is enough bag purchase for me for this year. LOL.

Something For Mom

Saturday, October 2, 2010

My mom will soon end her term as Barangay Chairman this coming October since she already took 3 consecutive terms and as stated in the law, a 3 term Chairman are not allowed to run again and has to wait for another term to finish before they can qualify again.

And so, I thought of giving my mom a business so she still has something to do after her term and with this, she can also earn extra money. I asked my sister about it and she said that maybe we can franchise a food stall and my mom will be the one to manage it. I considered it a great idea since franchising a food stall doesn't need a large capital. And then I asked my brother then he suggested that he can help mom to have her own cell phone or laptop shop store but this one definitely needs a big amount of capital yet it will surely have a large profit as well.

I'm still not sure of what to choose between the two. But as of now, I'm also thinking of helping my mom to invest into bullion as this is what she wants to do even before. She thinks that this can be a good source of money because of its high value and it can be converted easily into cash whenever you need it as this is widely accepted.

I still have to discuss everything with my mom and perhaps I will ask the help of my brother and sister with this. I know she would really want to have her own business and earn extra income.