My First G

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I have another bag coming:

My Guccissima Medium tote bag (love, love, love). I saw this from Faye’s Flickr account and I really fell in love with it. I was actually resisting in buying it at first but Faye really gave me a good deal, a good offer that is so really hard to resist. And when hubby saw how I love the bag, he even offered to buy it for me as his gift for me (no, this is not yet her Christmas gift. LOL. I have another bag in mind to ask hubby as his Christmas gift for me). So I gave in and got the bag from Faye. (I know I have to do better next time in resisting temptation as we still have a lot to buy for our house in Bulacan like modern furniture, appliances, bathroom fixtures and the like. But I have to have a G bag first before I learn how to resist temptation. LOL.)

This bag will be arriving here in Manila on November. Just perfect as my new bag for Christmas. I can already picture myself with this bag and I am sure this will be one of my favourite bags, my very first Gucci.

So now I am down to two bags on my wish list that I want to buy before the year ends. LOL. I hope I will find the budget (or the manager) so I can have all the bags that I want for 2010.

The LC Limited Edition Statue of Liberty

First was the Long Champ limited edition Eiffel Tower. And then next is the limited edition Long Champ Great Wall of China. And so my sister and I were just talking about it that maybe Long Champ will feature the Statue of Liberty next in their line of limited edition series. And just look at this:

Picture snagged from Glo’s Flickr account.

Presenting the Long Champ limited edition Statue of Liberty, exclusive to New York boutiques only. I already have the Eiffel tower and the Great Wall of China and so when I saw this bag, I told myself “I got to have that bag.” LOL. Thankfully we have a very resourceful friend who can get this bag for us and with my eyes close (since I am already running out of budget already), I sent Glo an email to give her my order.

Our bags will be arriving here in Manila on or before October 10. I am so excited already.

New Do

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had my much needed haircut a few weeks ago at Tony and Jackey in SM San Lazaro. I can’t remember my last “ME” time ever since I got pregnant so I really enjoyed a little pampering when I went to the salon a few weeks ago.

Now my next target pampering session is to get the best acne treatment as I really miss my pimple free skin. I had acne breakouts during my pregnancy and I can’t take any treatments that time since it might be bad for the baby. But now Cobi is out, I can’t wait to schedule my skin pampering as I know my skin badly needs some proper treatment.

But before I do that, let me post here first a picture of the new ME:


The hairstylist from Tony and Jackey did a layered style for my hair. I was really happy when I went out of the salon as I really look different (It is really true that hair can really make a lot of difference in how a person looks). I have to wake up early though every morning so I can iron my hair to achieve this look again and so far ever since I got a haircut I was only able to iron my hair once. LOL. So good luck to me and I hope that I can really maintain this hair style.

My Tony & Jackey Haircut

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If other people are constant visitors of as they need to find out how to bring back their thinning hair, my hair is the exact opposite because I have very think hair. I usually have hair rebond to make my hair manageable and straight but since I am still breastfeeding, I would rather not have any treatments yet.

But I am so tired of the hair that I have been sporting for almost a year now and so with my sister’s encouragement, I was finally able to convince myself to have a haircut that is a little different than the current hairstyle that I have. And so we went to Tony and Jackey in SM San Lazaro for my haircut.

I just told my Korean hairstylist Yuki, to do whatever she thinks is a good style for my thick hair and she really did good as I was really happy with my new hairstyle. But according to Yuki, I should always iron my hair everyday to straighten it; otherwise it will look like one thick bunch of unruly hair. So good luck to me as I don’t know if I will ever find the time everyday to iron my hair before going to work.

On Women, Accutane and Lawsuit

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Call us vain but I think it is every woman’s dream to have a soft and smooth skin. That is why if we have pimples, or acne or wrinkles, we try different treatments to cure the problem.

There is a medicine called Accutane which is use to cure severe acne when all other medicines and treatments have been tried and nothing works. This could have been a good thing as it can help women relieve themselves from acne if only it has no side effects. Unfortunately, studies have proven that Accutane has side effects and it can cause diseases such as Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and ulcerative colitis.

Fortunately, those who have used Accutane and have been infected by such disease can file for an Accutane Lawsuit with the help of the competent lawyers of O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath law firm. Filing for a product liability claim is a complex process but lawyers of O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath law firm have the experience and the knowledge to help their clients get a reasonable claim to shoulder any past and future medical expenses brought about by the disease.

TB Jelly Reva Desert Purple: On Sale

I woke up early today as I plan to finish some work before we hit the mall today but my plan suddenly changed after receiving an email from my good friend Joy, about the Tory Burch Jelly Reva sale. It is on 30% discount and from its original price of $125, it is now down to $63. Great price, right?

I got so excited that I checked the site immediately and got busy debating to myself if I should buy the shoes or not. Unfortunately, the Tory Burch site only accepts credit card with US address so I can’t use my local card for this purchase. We normally have a work around for this kind of situation as we can ask our friends in the US to purchase it for us and they will just ship it here in Manila via LBC and we will just pay them through PayPal but I guess it is really not meant to be as my PayPal account has zero balance. LOL. And besides, the only color that is on sale is the Desert Purple color and I prefer the black with gold metal logo so I can wear it even at work.

Oh well, I guess all I can do is wish that they will have another sale and hopefully I have credits in my PayPal account when they go on sale again.

On Skin Care

I am a very low maintenance person as I hate putting on make up. Before going to work, I just wash my face with Cetaphil and that’s it. That is why when I had problems with acne, the treatment that I am using is not effective because I was not able to religiously apply the cream that was prescribed to me. Maybe acne pills will work better for me as I just have to pop the pill in my mouth.

But I know I am not getting any younger and I have to learn how to take care of my skin to prevent wrinkles and other skin damage. I better get a crash course from my sister on how to take care of my skin, otherwise I might regret it in the future when I already look old and haggard with all the wrinkles in my face.

Gold Coin for his Collection

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My husband collects all sorts of things. If I collect bags, coins are one of hubby’s collections. So when he saw the gold coin from the site of United States Gold Bureau, he got interested right away that he immediately contacted their hard asset professionals to get more information.

What is nice about his new found item for his collection is that it can be a form of investment too. Gold has always been a very good and solid investment as its value appreciates in time. And since it will be a part of his collection, hubby does not need to worry about its storage too. This can be easily converted to cash too as gold is universally accepted.

I could not say no to hubby’s new discovery to add to his collection. Not only will he be happy as he has a new item to add to his collection, this is a good investment too that we can probably put to good use in the future.

To Cebu

I was able to book a round trip airfare for my whole family including my extended family for a short vacation in Cebu for our family’s vacation this coming summer. (That is why I really need to look for a safe fat burner so I can loose weight soon before that vacation). Since Cobi is just less than one year old by that time, hubby and I decided that we will not do any day trips during our vacation and we will just stay in the hotel the entire time. That is why I am looking at Shangri-La Mactan for our possible accommodation.

My kumareng Peachy and his family are coming with us for this trip too. We booked at the same time when Cebu Pacific released their promo. She and her family always stay in Shangri-La in Mactan every time they are in Cebu and she told me that they will have promos for their room rates. It even comes with free buffet breakfast for two so we are hoping that we can avail of that promo so we can all stay at Shangri-La. Peachy and her family just loves Shangri-La because it is very family friendly and there are a lot of activities that we can do in the resort that there is really no need for us to go out to look for other adventure.

This will be our first out of town trip after I give birth so I am really looking forward for this trip.

Another Bag

Because I am frustrated that I can’t buy the Long Champ Planetes Raisin bag , I just shopped for something else. LOL. I just bought the LeSportSac bag that Faye was selling so I have something to use as the diaper bag of Cobi and Bela.

The one that I am using now is so old and worn out already and is already asking for a replacement. I bought a new Carter’s diaper bag the week before I gave birth but I am not using it as it is too big and is perfect for overnight trips instead of day trips to the mall. And so when I saw the LeSportsac bag that Faye was selling, I immediately inquired if the bag is big enough for a diaper bag. The price was also a steal that I did not even think twice when I confirmed my order to Faye.

The item is already here in Manila and Faye’s friend will be shipping it to me next week so Bela and Cobi will have a new diaper bag that they can use.

Let's Invest

I am really glad that I have a sideline job that I can rely on to for our other household expenses. But I know that this kind of work is very seasonal and is not stable. But I am still very thankful that my sideline job is doing really well in the past months and so this made me realize that instead of just spending my extra earnings to non essential things like shopping, I should take this opportunity while business is doing good to make investments.

My friend started investing in gold coins and she gave me the site of United States Gold Bureau. From here I gathered a lot of great information about gold investment. I learned that gold is a very good investment as its value appreciates over time. Its storage won’t be a big problem also as it can be easily stored in a safety deposit box or in a local bank. Since it is also universally accepted, gold can be easily converted to cash.

I am really interested in investing on gold coins so I have to contact their experienced hard asset professionals so they can help me get started with my gold investment.

Three Months & Counting

I got a text from my mom the other day and she was so happy to tell me that it is only 10 AM and Cobi already consumed three bottles of my milk already. No wonder he is gaining 3-4 pounds every month.

I am so happy with this news but my challenge now is on how to produce more breast milk so I can express more milk for the increasing demands of Cobi. My doctor recommended herbal supplements that I can take to increase my milk supply and so far I think it is really working. My colleagues also suggested that I express milk at least every 2 to 3 hours while at work so my supply will not dwindle.

I never really thought at first that I can survive the challenges of breastfeeding Cobi but I am proud to say that it has been almost three months already since I breastfeed. I really hope that I can obtain my goal in breastfeeding him for a minimum of six months and if I can still can, maybe even until he is already 1 year old.

Wedding in December

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I will be attending a wedding in December and I am really worried if I will be able to loose weight in three months. My friends are all saying that I don’t look fat (that is why I love them and that is why they are my friends. LOL) and they told me that it looks like I am already back to my pre-pregnancy weight. But weighing scales don’t lie and I can still see my bulging tummy so it is really my confirmation that I really need to do abs workout to flatten my tummy and to start on a diet to loose weight.

I started to lessen my carbohydrates intake but I also need to do exercise. They also say that breastfeeding helps in loosing weight so I am really hoping that I will loose even just ten pounds before December. My friend who is getting married already asked me if I already have something to wear on her wedding and I told her that I have to loose weight first before I go to my couturier so I can wear something a little flattering on my friend’s special day.

Limited Edition Eiffel Tower: Black & Gold

Just look at the new limited edition Eiffel Tower bag of Long Champ:

I saw this from Glo when she posted it in her Flickr album and now I added it again to my wish list of Long Champ bag. I have the cream and the blue colored Eiffel Tower bag which I got when Howell and I went to Paris last year so one of my colleagues was saying that I have enough Eiffel tower bags already. But the gold print against a black background is really so nice that I told myself that I should have that Eiffel bag also to complete my Eiffel Tower collection.

Sadly, it is only available in Paris now so my friends who fell in love with the bag are now going crazy looking for a contact in Paris to buy us the bag. Jody has a friend who is in Paris right now and we are hoping that she will get extra bags that she can sell to us.

Oh my, I guessed I can really admit now that I am one LC bag addict.

Law School

I saw my cousin the other week and he was wearing a statement shirt which says “I am proud my mom is a lawyer.”

My aunt (my mom’s sister) is the only lawyer in our family. I witnessed how she worked hard to graduate from law school and how she struggled to study to prepare for her LSAT so I know her journey in becoming a lawyer is like passing to a hole of a needle.

Now her son is already in high school and is also thinking to follow her path and wants to become a lawyer too. That is why my aunt already checked out the website of Knewton where she will enroll her son to their lsat prep courses.

Knewton offers online classes where students can attend a live class guided by a master teacher who is one of the best in the field. They also have an online master teacher who is always ready to answer any questions from their students. Students are also given access to the test questions online so their students can review for the exam 24x7 even at the comforts of their own home. What is best about Knewton is that their price is very affordable and it gives their students unlimited access to the resources online to help them prepare for their LSATs.

My aunt is confident that with the help of Knewton, her son won’t have a hard time entering law school.

I Heart Great Wall of China

We want our dad to try to quit smoking so I need to look for an online site where I can purchase electronic cigarette so he can at least use a healthier alternative to smoking. But before I do that, let me just make this post as I can’t contain my excitement over this:


My new Long Champ bag, the limited Asian edition Great Wall of China. They say that this is the counterpart of the Limited Edition Eiffel Tower bag which is the first Long Champ bag that I owned.

We learned about this gorgeous bag from our bag guru, Kelly and when we saw the bag, all the Long Champ addicts in Twitter got really excited and we all want to have that bag. So I immediately sent an email to Caryl, who is our Long Champ bag supplier. She is currently here in Manila so she has to ask her friend to look for the price of the bag and if it is available in Long Champ stores in Hong Kong.

And I guess we are all lucky as the bag is available and so in no time, I think almost everybody in Twitter ordered this bag. LOL. Jody went to Hong Kong a week after Caryl got our bags and so she offered to meet Caryl’s friend the weekend she was there and she brought all our bags home. So last week, everybody was happy when we received our bags which Caryl shipped via LBC.

I am so in love with my new bag and this is the bag that I am using now for work. Now I really wished I should have ordered the brown color too…

Shopping vs Saving

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My sideline has been doing well the past months but I just realized that instead of putting my earnings to good use, I have spent most of it in shopping for clothes, toys and bags for me and my kids. This really made me think that if I just invested that money, then it would have more meaning as it will give more benefits for my family.

That is why I started reading the site of United States Gold Bureau so I can get information on how I can invest in gold coins as my starting gold investment. I learned from their site that Gold is a very good way to protect one’s wealth. It is because it doesn’t depreciate over time and is not even affected by the downfall of the economy just like what we are experiencing now so investing in gold is very safe as it pose very low risk.

After learning this, I vow that I will really save so I will be able to afford my first gold coin investment instead of just spending my money on shopping.

A sign?

We were at Rockwell yesterday and guess what I saw, my next dream bag, the Long Champ Planetes in purple.

I have been drooling for this bag ever since I found out that it is already available in Magnums online site. I am so tempted already to hit the checkout button and purchase the bag but I just purchased my last Long Champ bag just a couple of weeks ago so I know it is not right to get another bag right away.

But when I saw the Planetes in person yesterday, it made me love it even more. Can that be a sign already that I should get the bag already? LOL

New Love

My new love is here. It arrived the other day via LBC (thanks to Caryl and to Jody for bringing it from Hong Kong).

I haven’t taken a decent picture of it yet. I tried taking a picture of it using my camera phone but it doesn’t give justice to its beauty so I decided not to post it here yet. But I promised that I will post it soon as I am really excited to reveal my new love here.

Education is Important

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Education is really important and no matter who you are, whatever you do, you deserve to have a good education. The same is true for US Military personnel who are enlisted to serve their country. Serving their country, by performing their duties as a soldier, should not hinder them from getting a college degree. This is possible now through offers online military degrees to US Military personnel and their families. Online schools are so popular now and US military personnel can make use of this to obtain a degree. Even if they are in active duty, they can use their free time to study online and earn a degree to advance their career or prepare for their life after military. even offers educational benefits for being in military service so soldiers can get to study for free or at discounted price.

Everyone deserves the right for a good education and US military personnel can now exercise this right through

My Goal

I am very proud to say that I have been breastfeeding Cobi for more than two months now (though I think I might need orthopedic mattress because of my back pain as I rarely sleep lying down now because I feed Cobi almost every hour through the night). I am so happy with my accomplishment because I was not able to do this Bela. Now even if he has reflux, he constantly gains weight (like 4 kilos per month) so I am really happy because I believe that giving him breast milk really plays a big role for his good health.

I will be going back to work next week but I still plan to continue breastfeeding him. My target is a minimum of six months so I hope I will really find the time and energy to reach my goal. I am already armed with my gadgets like my electric breast pump (which is a gift from my Bebot/Twitter friends), my breast milk storage and Fridge to Go (which I got from Indigo Baby). These gadgets will allow me to express milk during my break time while in the office and store the milk so Cobi can consume it after.

Wish me luck guys and I hope I can really do this.

Tory Burch Jelly Reva

I have no plans in making another major shopping for me but then I totally forgot about this after seeing the message of Jacqui in Twitter about the Tory Burch Jelly Reva with metal logo. The price is really irresistible and if we order at the same time and our orders sum up to $300, we will get a 25% discount which is really a steal as there is really a big difference comparing to the price here in Manila.

Then when I checked my Inbox, I got messages already from my online friends who are interested to order too so we can get the 25% off. Even our good friend Faye offered to order it for us and she will ship to Manila. This promo is until September 6 only as this is for their Labor Day sale.

I will visit the Tory Burch store in Glorietta 5 tomorrow to try on the shoes to check my size and I will decide from there if I will order or not.

On Bags, Watches and Jewelries

Aside from bags, fine jewelries and watches is on top of my wish list for my collection. I started with bags and my husband kept on telling me that I have enough bags already. So this time, I am thinking of buying fine timepieces like IWC Watches from Lussori. Like bags, classic, elegant and fine watches are a good investment too especially those brands sold by Lussori as it is one of the world’s finest and rarest watch. I was telling hubby to convince him that like bags, fine timepieces are a good investment too as I can easily sold it and convert it to cash if I need to.

I checked the site of Lussori, which is the authorized purveyors of these fine timepieces and I can’t help but really wish that I own one of these rare and unique watch. They sell not only IWC watches but other brands as well like Chopard, Dior, Hermes, to name a few.

I really have to work hard so that I can own of these beautiful and elegant watch.


I am in panic right now as I just realized that I need new office wear since I can’t use my old one since they no longer fit me. I have been avoiding hitting the weighing scales as I am still in denial of my weight gain but after trying on my old clothes (it won’t even get pass through my legs), there is really no denying that I am still not back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

I will be coming back to work on Tuesday but I am not sure if I can do some shopping before Tuesday as our weekends are booked with a lot of activities we have lined up for the kids. I guess I have to dig to my cabinets to find the old clothes that I wore after giving birth during my first pregnancy. Or maybe it is better that I don’t shop for new clothes so I will be motivated to go on a diet to loose weight. is Having a Blog Contest

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My good friend Faye celebrated her birthday last August 8 (Happy Birthday sis). And to share her happiness for another year that has given to her by the Big Man up there, she wish to share her blessings and she is having a blog contest to give away some fabulous prizes to her readers:

Here are the three prizes that Faye is giving away (hubby wished that one of them was a box of his favorite Acid cigars. LOL):

1st price - Ladies Chronograph (bic face) watch
2nd price - Kate Spade kikay kit (orange)
3rd price - Kate Spade kikay kit (floral)

You can check her blog for the mechanics on how to join this contest. I am really wishing that I will win any one of her fabulous prizes.

Contest will end on September 8, 2010 and the lucky winner will be announced on her blog on September 18, 2010.