Senti: Bela’s First Day High

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I haven’t blogged about Bela’s first day in school but I just wish to post here some of her pictures taken by her dad on her first day high.

bela 003bela 043bela 016
I can’t help but be sentimental because I now realize that my baby girl is really an ate already. (This reminds me that Howell and I should start saving or try some investments like investing in gold coins to save for the future of our kids). She did not have any problems going to big school. She was in fact excited on her first day, mingled right away with her new friends and teacher and I even saw her participating in all the activities.

Time really flies so fast. I can’t believe that four years just passed by like that. I can still remember when I first held her in my arms and now she is so independent already.

But no matter how old she will be, our princess Bela will always be a baby in my eyes.

Baptism Preparations

While I am on maternity leave, I am already preparing for the Christening of our baby boy as we wanted to have it before I go back to work. Our target date is August 22, 2010.

We initially wanted to have it in a clubhouse and just hire a caterer but we decided not to have a big celebration for the baptism and just save the money for the first birthday party of Jacobo. Now we are considering the same restaurant where we held Bela’s baptism reception.

I was also checking disability insurance on the net when I discovered the site of Frupcakes. Their cakes are really cute and unique, not to mention affordable too, and base on reviews it is also so yummy. I checked their gallery and I am considering the following designs for Jacobo’s baptism cake:

I like this design as the main top cake:

Then I will be ordering mini cupcakes with letters to spell Jacobo’s name and I plan to order 50 pieces of this mini cupcakes with cute fondant figurines and 100 pieces of plain mini cupcakes.

I already sent an inquiry via their website, email and text but I haven’t received any reply from them. Hopefully they will reply soon so I can pay the down payment to reserve a slot as I noticed that their schedules gets fully booked easily.


I was surprised to find an email sitting on my Inbox last week inviting me to go through their employment screening as they are currently recruiting for Support Engineer position.

To be considered for the job opening, I need to accept the job interview offer and take series of exams to gauge my knowledge. They will even compensate me already just by taking the online exams.

I would have wanted to try and apply for the job opening but I don’t think I have the time right now. My hands are full taking care of Jacobo and Bela and I have to be with hubby’s side too now that he is in deep pain with the loss of her mom.

This would have been a good opportunity to try out work at home IT jobs but I am sure there will be more opportunities like this to come in its perfect time.

On BFeeding

I am so happy right now because I was successful in trying to breastfeed my baby boy. When I got pregnant, I promised that I will really try harder this time in breastfeeding my baby. I did not try hard enough with Bela and just resorted to formula feeding when my milk supply was low. But this time, I am really glad and thankful that I have enough supply to feed my baby boy.

As I was telling my good friend Mai, it is a very challenging task for me especially during the first few days as I was really having a hard time moving because of my operation but I am glad that I really tried it because there is a different kind of feeling that I am experiencing now after I was able to successfully breastfeed my baby boy.

My target is to at least be able to breastfeed him until he is six months old. Hope I will be able to keep it up even if I will be going back to work after two months. I am thankful because hubby is really supportive.

Wish me luck guys and hopefully I will really be successful in breastfeeding my Jacobo.

We Will Miss You MAMA

I was up until 2 AM this morning reading about Mesothelioma and cancer when just after two hours we got a call from hubby’s sister to inform hubby that mama is gone.

It was just three weeks ago when we learned that Mama has stage 4 cancer. Hubby was really in tears after hearing the sad news. It was a total shock to us especially to Howell. It is the first time that I saw Howell break down like that. I don’t know how to comfort him to ease away his pain as I know no matter what I do, it will be a difficult stage for hubby. I just prayed hard that God will give hubby and his family strength to accept God’s will and to carry on during this difficult stage in their life.

We will miss you mama and I know that even though you won’t be here with us physically, you will always be there to guide us and look after us especially your grand children whom you love so much. May you rest in peace Mama.

Car Accident

A few days before I gave birth, we got hit by a small van which caused a dent and a big scratch on the right side of the passenger seat of our car. The owner of the van has no insurance so there is no way for them to cover the damage for the repair.

So hubby brought our car to Toyota Manila Bay today while he was waiting for Bela’s school dismissal so we will have an idea how much we need to prepare for the repair. Hubby was intently watching the receipt printer as it printed the total cost and he was surprised when he saw that we only need to pay P2,900. The total price estimate to repair everything is around P30,000 but since we have comprehensive insurance, the insurance will cover most of the expenses.

Thank goodness really for our insurance because if not, there is no way we can afford right now P30,000 just for the repair of the car. The only problem now is that it will take them one to two weeks to finish all the repairs so it means that we won’t have a car to take Bela to school everyday. I guess Bela has to take a cab or the LRT in going to and from school for the next one to two weeks. LOL.

Gold vs Bags

Now that our family is growing, I guess it is already the end for my bag shopping and start investing in more things that matter like securing the future of our kids. One of the option that hubby and I thought of is investing in gold.

We can’t afford to buy gold bar for now but we were really glad when we discovered that we can buy gold coins from United States Gold Bureau. Although gold coins are much cheaper compared to gold bar, it still has the same property as gold bar which is that its value will not depreciate and is universally accepted so we can easily convert it to cash. Gold coins are very easy to store and handle also as we can keep it in a safe or vault at home or we can arrange for a safe keeping in banks.

I guess I can give up my bag addiction for this kind of investment as I know that investing in gold is one way to secure the future of my family.

Monogram Delightful.

Something delightful is coming to town this June 2010. Introducing, Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Delightful.

Like its sister bag, Neverfull, it has a similar unstructured body. Some of the design features of this bag are:

• Natural cowhide leather handle and trimmings
• Golden brass hardware
• Snap hook closure
• 2 exterior and 1 interior zipped pocket
• D-ring to hang keys and pouches
• Striped textile lining inspired by vintage Louis Vuitton trunks

The only difference of the Monogram Delightful GM with the PM and MM style is that it has two zipped pockets which can be found on the exterior of the GM.

I am not really a Monogram fan but just like my admiration for the LV's Artsy Monogram, I am really loving this LV Monogram Delightful. The price is also good as it is only a little higher than the Speedy and the Neverfull. Now if only I have the budget for this bag….LOL.

Picture snagged from


Monday, June 28, 2010

I will be visiting my OB this coming July 1 for my check up after my Caesarian delivery and I am sure that I will really resort to Lipovox after my check up as I will be faced with the reality of how much weight I need to loose to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight. LOL.

I am planning to have Jacobo’s Christening by August and I don’t think I will be able to loose weight that fast especially my eating pattern is still the same as when I was still pregnant. I don’t want to go on a diet as I am breastfeeding so I will be sure that my baby gets all the nutrients that he needs from my milk. I can’t do exercise either because my wounds from the operation has to heal first.

Oh well, I guess there is no way for me to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight before Jacobo’s christening.

Be a CNA

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Being a nursing assistant is one of the jobs that have good pay that is why more and more individuals want to get cna training to become a certified nursing assistant. To become a certified nursing assistant, candidates must first get state cna training programs so you can get all the basics and advance training to prepare you to become a very effective nursing assistant. Thank goodness for CNA Board since they provide information on schools that provide CNA training programs as well as possible work places were cna board passers can apply after passing the state CNA exam.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to be a certified nursing assistant, checked out the site of CNA Board now so you can get started on landing a dream job in the nursing field.

New Car?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Because of the vehicular accident that we had just this afternoon as I posted on my previous post, hubby is now thinking to sell our car and get a new car. He thinks that we have no luck with this car as this is not the first time that we had an accident using this car. This is the worst though as the right door on the passenger side has a big scratch and a big dent.

If it will be hubby’s choice, I am sure he will prefer to buy a Dodge. I saw him checking the site of CarID and he has been checking out dodge accessories and he is really happy with the wide range of products available in CarID for Dodge. From spoilers, dash kits, even floor mats can be easily bought from CarID for whatever Dodge model you are looking for.

But we will see. We still don’t know how much our expenses will be with the coming of Baby Jacobo so I want to make sure that we are really ready financially before we decide to buy a new car.


We had a very stressful week last week (maybe that is the reason why I had bleeding yesterday) and so I was really glad to welcome a new week as I am really hoping that this will be a good week for us.

I went to see my doctor this morning because I had bloody show yesterday and I thought that I will give birth today. But my doctor confirmed that my cervix is still close and she just advised me to take it easy and rest.

Hubby picked me up at the hospital as we will bring Bela to school. I haven’t eaten my lunch yet and so after dropping Bela to school, we went to Harrison Plaza for lunch and then I heard a big BANG and I just realized that the passenger side of our car got hit by a delivery van.

I had no energy left to react. I just sat quietly inside the car and I told Howell that we should just wait for the Traffic Bureau for the police report. I guess I just went numb. I had too much stress already to handle. I just hope that all of this will be finish. I can’t wait to see my baby Jacobo as I know that he and Bela is the only person who can make all my worries and problems go away.

Wise Move

My friend is into gold investments and when she learned that I am on the look out for investment options, she gave me the website of United States Gold Bureau so I can look at the option to buy gold eagle coins.

I learned after checking out their website that gold eagle coins is the world's leading gold bullion investment coins so this should be a very good starting gold investment for me. Aside from the fact that it is cheaper as compared to buying gold bars, it is the only bullion coins guaranteed by the United States Government in terms of its weight, content and purity so my investment will be secured if I decide to invest on gold eagle coins.

Gold has always been and will always be a very good investment because it doesn’t depreciate in time, is tangible and can easily be converted to cash so I am sure that this is really a wise move for me financially.

Roger Dubuis Replica Watches

Fifteen years ago Carlos Dias had sowed seeds for this company in 1995 and watered it with his passion and dedication. Time was benevolent and his efforts metamorphosed into a brand which has united people world over with traits of style and precision. This watch has touched many genre and class of people with its exclusive yet endearing designs and catchy colors and started a trend of wearing watch as style accessory.

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Meralco Bill

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh my gosh, I just opened our electricity bill and I can’t believe that it increase again. Every month it is increasing and it is almost double than our normal electricity consumption. But at least it is starting to rain already which is a sign that summer is almost finish so at least I can hope that our electricity bill will start to drop starting this month. Otherwise, we might have to start to sell things like sell textbooks so we can pay for our electricity bill. LOL.

The past months, I have read a lot of complains in Twitter and in Facebook about this sudden increase in the consumer’s Meralco bill. So I guess it is not just us who are affected by this increase. Maybe it is just too hot during the past months that every household is really turning up the power of their electric fan and air conditioning unit. But hopefully, with the rainy days coming, our bill will start to go down again.

June 24 or June 26

As I posted here, I might have a scheduled CS delivery so we are looking at the Chinese Auspicious date to give birth for 2010. I consulted my Chinese friend and she said that I should look at the Exception column too where the Chinese animal signs are listed. She said that I should check our Chinese animal signs and we should avoid the dates where our animal signs are listed under exception.

So after checking, we are down to these dates:

June 24
June 26

I asked hubby to choose and he selected June 24 because it is the feast day of St. John the Baptist. I have a checkup on Saturday and I will discuss my birthing plan with my OB. If she confirms that I will deliver via CS, then it means that I only have less than a week to go and we will finally see our baby boy.

To Cebu in 2011

I was looking for life insurance policy on the net but instead I spend my two hours checking out Cebu Pacific website after reading the alert in Twitter by my friend Kathy about Cebu Pacific’s piso fare promo.

Since I got pregnant, I just ignore all the Cebu Pacific promo since I know there is no way for me to travel with my condition especially I had a difficult pregnancy during the first trimester. So when I checked the site and learned that the travel period is from January to March 2011, I did not think twice in booking since I know that it is a perfect time for us to travel because baby boy is already more than six months old by that time.

I was surprised when I tried booking for 5 adults and 1 child as the price is only P1500++. I thought I only selected a reservation for only 1 adult as I can’t believe at how cheap the airfare was. But then I look again and it is really true, the airfare is really that cheap. So I called my siblings and asked them if they wanted to join us as I am booking a ticket too for my mom and dad. And so they all said yes without even thinking when I told them how cheap the ticket was. I sent an SMS too to my aunt and she said yes too so I booked a ticket for them also from this promo.

As early as now I am excited already as I long wanted to try Shangri-La Mactan. And this will really be a fun trip as my family is joining us and even my kumareng Peachy and her family too so I am sure Bela will have fun enjoying the beach with her friend Joaqui and Dom.

Cebu Pacific really rocks!!

Online Advertising

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Username for comment: Abie

In this age where Internet is one of the main sources of information, businesses should really consider online advertising to drive traffic to their company’s site and attract customers. A survey conducted by reveled that only 15% of the businesses uses agency to help them with their advertising and the rest just do their advertising on their own. But online advertising is a complicated task and so companies should really rely on agencies that will help them find the most effective keywords to use for their PPC campaigns that will drive traffic to the company’s site, maximize their online advertising budget and attract customers.

Hot Air Balloon?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Username for comment: Abie

Every time hubby and I visit a new place, we always want to try out something new and adventurous. That is why when I heard about the Sedona hot air balloon package being offered by, I got really interested as it will surely be a once in a lifetime experience especially if shared with a love one. I will definitely include this in my itinerary if ever we plan to visit the Sedona area.

MBAP's Meet Up

It has been a while since I last met up with my MBAP friends. We initially planned for a summer outing but since we can’t find a date where everybody is available, we were not able to push through with our summer plans.

And so Jacqui organized for a get together for the June celebrants in MBAP and our (me and Joy) baby shower this coming Sunday at Conti’s Greenbelt. Almost everybody will be present I think and even the husbands and the kids are joining. Our reservation is from 3-5 PM and I am sure we will be extending or we might move to another venue as two hours is not enough to make up for all those months that we were not able to see each other. I am sure each of us have a lot of stories to share.

I am sure this get together will really be a blast and I really can’t wait to see the girls again.

His Big Day

I met up with my college friends yesterday as it is the first birthday party of the daughter of my best friend. They are actually based now in Singapore but they held the party here so they can celebrate with their friends and relatives here in Manila.

We haven’t seen each other for a long while now and so you can just imagine all of us catching up with each other’s lives while our kids were busy enjoying the party. One of the great news that was revealed yesterday was the upcoming wedding of our lone bachelor in our group come 2011. We are all excited for him as he is the only single guy left in our group and at his age, it is just the perfect time for him to get married. LOL.

We can’t wait to see all our guys in tuxedos while we girls will be on our best dresses. And of course all our kids will be the flower girl or the ring and bible bearer so all the more we are excited for this wedding.

Advance congrats to our friend and we all can’t wait for the big day to come.

SATC Movie Date that I Missed

My blogging friends had a date last Saturday to watch our much anticipated movie for 2010, Sex and the City part 2. I was not able to go as hubby is away for work so nobody will drive me to Glorietta to meet with the girls. (That is why sometimes, I really wish that he will push through with his plan to just have a home based business so he will just be always at home and will always be there for me and the kids to drive us around. LOL).

I really would have wanted to watch it with my girl friends as we can really relate with the story. I can scream and adore Aidan and Mr Big and drool over the bags and the shoes of the girls without worrying if my companion is getting bored with the movie or not. LOL.

I will be going out tomorrow and I am planning to watch this movie instead with hubby. He is a good movie date anyways as he will not show any signs of boredom even if the movie that we are watching is totally girlie. Hope I can still get a ticket for tomorrow.

I love Amazon

I was checking the multiply sellers for Avent products and I can’t believe that their price is almost the same as mall prices and doubled or sometimes tripled than the price if I buy it online.

Thank goodness I was able to buy baby boy’s Avent BPA free bottles from Amazon and just shipped it to us via shipping boxes of LBC because I was able to save more than P4,000 instead of buying it here.

Now I am looking at the Avent Combination Steamer and Blender which is priced around P10,000 from Baby and Company. I am sure it will just be half the price if I buy it online though I am not having any luck as that item is not available from Amazon. I will need this when baby boy is ready to eat solids already so hopefully in six months time, I will be able to get it from Amazon and just ship it via LBC again to Manila.

1st Baby Shower for Baby Boy

Tomorrow will be my first baby shower given to me by my friends here at work. It will be a baby shower dinner at CPK in Glorietta.

It was supposed to be a surprise. My good friend Dale asked for hubby’s number because she said that her husband needs to talk to Howell about cameras. Howell is not saying a word to me about their plan but then one of my friends can’t keep a secret and excitedly spilled the beans to me. LOL. Well actually he is just worried that I might not show up again because I recently did a rain check during his birthday dinner. So to be sure that I will be present for my baby shower, he told me their secret so I will not be absent.

I was actually craving for CPK’s pizza and pasta and so when my friend forwarded me their email discussion on where to eat, I requested CPK since they want pizza and pasta anyways. So see you all tomorrow guys.

Vacation Planning Mode

Because my sideline is doing good and I was already able to save up for the major expenses that we will have, I am now hoping that things will continue to be better so I can save up for our next family vacation.

I am due to give birth this month and I promised my daughter that we will go on vacation as soon as her baby brother is safe to travel already. Who knows if business is good I might be able to save up for Branson vacation package (as what they always say, if you dream, why not dream big. LOL).

I will only be on maternity leave for a minimum of two months so I am targeting to at least go even on a short vacation with hubby, baby boy and Bela before I go back to work. I am really praying that I will have the budget by then so we can push through with this vacation.

Etc, Etc

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I wonder how many pounds I have gained after only two weeks. I will know when I go back for another check up this coming Saturday.

I remember when I had Bela, it took me seven months before I was able to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I actually did not go on a diet as I got so used to my eating habits when I was still pregnant that it is hard for me to suppress my appetite. But I joined my colleagues every Friday in playing badminton (the badminton court where we played is just one of those metal buildings which they turned into a badminton court). I guess it really helped me loose weight from all the running that I have been doing while playing so I might go back to playing again after giving birth.

But my friends are saying that breastfeeding is the best way to loose weight and I promised this time that I will really try harder with breastfeeding, not like when I had Bela. At least by doing it, not only will I loose weight fast, but I am giving my baby boy the best and most nutritious milk he can ever have. LOL.

Bela & her Allergy

As I posted on Bela’s blog, we brought Bela to a doctor for a check up because he has been having rashes and allergy. It started two Fridays ago and we noticed that her cheeks are so red. We gave her some allergy relief medicine and then the rashes went away. But then the rashes are back the next day and it spread to her arms. The next day, it is even worse as she now have rashes on her back and big red spots on her legs.

Hubby and I panicked for a bit because we know that it can be dangerous if the rashes continuous to spread particularly to her lungs and she might have difficulty in breathing. We also got worried as the rashes also looks like they are measles so we really decided to bring her to the doctor to be sure.

Thank goodness it is really just an allergy and we were advised to give her anti-histamine for five straight days so we will be sure that the allergy won’t relapse. But we have to schedule an allergy test for Bela soon so we will know what food to avoid to prevent this things from happening again.

Blogging Mojo is Back

I’m on the roll today and I am glad my blogging mojo is back. I was so lazy last week that I will just make one or two posts and then I will go to sleep already. But since I was not feeling well yesterday, I decided to just chill for a bit and go to bed early and when I woke up this morning, I already feel rejuvenated. That is why I have been blogging since this morning. Now I realize, I am only human (and pregnant at that) and sometimes I still need to slow down for a bit to rest.

Now the next agenda on my list to relax is watch Sex and the City 2. We have a party to attend tomorrow so I am not sure if hubby and I can go on a movie date after. But hopefully, we will have our date next week. Anyways I will pop anytime now so I better make the most of the remaining days I have before I will be very busy taking care of Bela and our baby boy.

Someday Soon

“Mom, after a beach vacation, I want to have a vacation in the US.”

This is what Bela told me last week. LOL. As if it will be that easy to go to US. LOL. But hubby said that we may never know as he might have a training next year and he asked me to check for Orlando vacation packages so we will know how much we need to save so Bela, our baby boy and I can join him for this trip and we can go to Florida after.

I actually have enough miles already for a free round trip ticket to the US and if hubby will go on training, then his airfare will be free so we only have to save for Bela’s airfare. It is our dream that we will be able to bring our kids to the US as it will really be a different and fun experience for them. We hope that things will continue to be better at work so we can save up for this US vacation.

Shopping for Baby Boy

I can’t believe how expensive baby stuffs can be. I just bought a few things last week like beddings, bath tub and toiletries and I was surprised at how much my bill summed up. Thank goodness for credit card so at least I have a month before my due date to pay it up. Hubby was even asking “Is that our bill?” when we were paying already as he was shocked too as he knows that we just shopped for small items and we did not even did a rough estimate of the total before paying because we thought that we are still within our budget. We did not even buy the Lamaze mat and mobile for the play pen as hubby wants Bela to be with us when we buy it.

Oh well, at least we are almost complete already and almost everything has been crossed out from our Baby Checklist. And next time, we better do a total of the items before paying so we know if we are already over our budget or not. LOL.

Mariah's Pregnancy

I was supposed to check out but then I was distracted by the tweet that I received from my friend about Mariah’s pregnancy.

It is not confirmed yet but it has been known that Mariah Carey is undergoing fertility treatments as she and her husband Nick Cannon wanted to have a baby. The news about Mariah’s pregnancy first sparked when she pulled out of the film, “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf” because of medical reasons. There is even news now that Mariah is having twins.

But no word yet has been heard from Mariah and Nick confirming the news and even their publicist doesn’t want to comment on the issue. Well, if it is indeed true that 41 year old Mariah is pregnant then it is good news for the couple so a big congratulations for them.

Picture snagged from

@ 37 Weeks

I am now on my 37th week and am already on my full term. If I give birth now, my baby’s lungs are considered mature enough and will be able to adjust to the outside world. But I hope I won’t be giving birth anytime soon (at least not before June 8 as my doctor is still away). My baby now weighs 6 1/3 pounds and measures a bit over 19 inches, head to heel.

I will have another check up this coming Saturday and my doctor might order for an ultrasound to check for the weight of the baby and other signs that my OB should know before I give birth.

Looks like I will deliver via Caesarian section again as per my discussion with my OB during my last checkup. I actually wanted to deliver via normal delivery as I really want to experience the natural method of giving birth but if it poses a risk for me and my baby, CS is fine by me. At least I will have longer maternity leave (78 days I think) if I deliver via CS so longer time to spend with Bela and baby boy before I go back to work again.

Sickies in the House

Last week, everyday was sick at our house except for my husband, Bela and my sister. They are having loose bowel movement and are vomiting and we are all scared that we all might get dehydrated. (That is why it is really important to have first aid kit, medicines, and gadgets like pulse oximeter at home for emergency such as this).

Thank goodness all of us are well after a day or two. We just re-hydrated ourselves with Gatorade and just drink medicine and rest. They are suspecting that it has been caused by the noodles that all of us had eaten during the party of my aunt as all those who did not eat the noodles did not experience the same problem as ours.

We are all just glad that the kids in the house did not get affected and nothing serious really happened like food poisoning and nobody has to be brought to the hospital. Hope nothing like this will happen again to our family.

Hubby & Dad's Project

Do you know that one of the things why we no longer have that enough space in the house is because of toys, toys, and more toys. LOL. Bela has her own collection of toys. Most of them are in our living room so she can just pick whatever toys she is in the mood to play with that day. Her much bigger toys, like her bike, scooter, blackboard, tents, etc are in our second room. upstairs. Then hubby has his own collections too and most of them are still in boxes and are on display in our second room also.

But since we will be moving to our second room as it is much bigger than the room we are occupying now, we have to do some cleanup. Hubby started bringing some of his collectibles in our house in Bulacan and my dad already started bringing down Bela’s toys downstairs and I am just waiting for hubby and we will start to sort it – for storage at our house in Bulacan, for disposable and some we can give to our neighbors or maybe I can sell it online. LOL.

I am happy with the progress that hubby and my dad are doing with the cleanup and renovation of our second room and by the looks of it, it might be ready before I give birth.

Work, Work, Work

Ever since I got pregnant, I started working hard twice as much as what I’m doing before. There was a time that I even worked over time in the office so I can have an additional salary. Fortunately, for the past months, I received more blessings that I am really thankful for.

Actually, I spent lesser in shopping now and instead of buying bags to add in my collection, I planned to buy gold bullion for I know that I can keep it as an investment for our family, especially now that I’ll be having my second child. Though it’s a bit hard for me to resist shopping, I’m really trying my very best so I can save more money for our family’s needs.

I am really much thankful for all the blessings that God has continue to shower upon us. And with this, I am more willing to work harder and I’m doing this of course for my family.

SATC 2 in Japan

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sex and the City movie 2 is now showing in theaters but Sarah Jessica Parker is still promoting their movie as the movie debuted in Tokyo. Sarah Jessica Parker wowed Tokyo fans in the red carpet wearing a tiered, floral Vivienne Westwood gown, with a Raven Kauffman Couture belt, gold Alexander McQueen clutch, satin Charlotte Olympia pumps and a statement necklace featuring cascading diamonds.

Today is the first day of showing of the movie here in Manila. A friend has already seen it and she said that it is not as good as the first one. I read reviews and they are really saying that it is just a so-so movie. Hopefully I can watch it this coming weekend and then I will have a say on whether the second installment of the Sex and City movie is really worth the wait.

Photo snagged from

@ 36 weeks

I am now on my 36th week and if Baby Center website’s calculation is correct, I only have 28 days to go (yehey, less than a month).

According to the weekly email that I receive from Baby Center, now that my baby is taking up so much room, I may have trouble eating a normal-size meal and I might feel heartburn, indigestion, flatulence, and bloating. But I am always hungry that I will always end up eating more and will experience heartburn and bloating afterwards. (I just hope that my appetite will not be like this after I give birth, otherwise I might need Phentermine 37.5 to suppress my appetite).

Baby Center suggested that to prevent heartburn and bloating, I should eat smaller, more frequent meals so I always bring along food with me here in the office. My office mates are all so supportive of me that I also get my food supply from them.

But I know that I only have to wait for a few more weeks and I will less heartburn and have easier time breathing when my baby starts to "drop" down into my pelvis. I am excited not with the fact that I will feel much better when this happens, but I am excited because this means that in just a few days I will have a first sight of my baby boy.

Baby Boy Laguerta

Everybody is saying that I am really having a baby boy judging by the way I look. They say that I really look different now. Maybe my nose is swollen, I am really big that I will need the best weight loss pill to help me loose weight, I have swollen feet and I look harassed. LOL.

But I really love it every time I hear people say that as it really reminds me that I am having a baby boy. It is really a wish granted by God to us as we really prayed to have a baby boy for our second baby. Everybody is excited for the coming of our baby boy but most especially Howell as he will have someone to share his toys with. LOL.

I am almost to the finish line and I will give birth anytime soon so it is just a matter of days before we finally get to see and hug our prince.

Baptism Preparations

I got really pre-occupied with the preparation for the coming of our baby boy and the cleanup of our house that I already forgot to at least start again doing research for the Christening of our baby boy.

We would definitely have the christening ceremony in the same church where Bela was baptized in Archbishop’s Palace but now I am not sure if I will still pursue my initial plan to have it in a clubhouse and have the food catered. (I guess it depends on the budget that the manager will give me. LOL).

With Bela, the reception was held at Jade Palace, a Chinese restaurant in Pasig. We actually like their food and service plus their rate is really affordable so it can really be a good alternative than the clubhouse for a reception venue. We did not have a program for the reception except for the slideshow that we presented to the guest while they are eating and the picture taking per table as souvenir for the event.

I have to make calls soon to inquire so I can make a decision and book right away as you know how clubhouses can be so in demand. But I have to talk first to my manager to see how much budget I will work on. LOL.

The Beauty that is Bal

I saw my MBAP friend Kelly when we attended Aqualogic’s Graduation Day last Sunday at Colegio San Agustin as her son is also enrolled for their summer program and I fell in love with her Balenciaga bag. Drool, drool, drool. It is really nice in person and the leather looks really soft. No wonder most of my friends are now Bal converts. Who wouldn’t fall in love with these cute, funky and fashionable bags?

The color is what I like best as it is not boring compared to the brown color of LV. LOL. But I don’t think I will be able to afford a Balenciaga bag for now. With the coming of the baby and all, I am not sure if I will have a budget to splurge for my wants. LOL. Maybe, someday I will be able to get hold of at least one Balenciaga bag. I wonder when would that time is. LOL.

More Online Shopping Stores

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Getting Cozy

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Accident Lawyer

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