New Adventure

Monday, May 31, 2010

My friend just move to Maryland with her family and since they just moved in, she hasn’t found a job yet. So she was really happy when I gave her the site of Maryland Cosmetology School.

Maryland Cosmetology School is one of the branches of Regency Beauty Institute which now have 30 campuses across nine states. What is good about the beauty schools of Regency Beauty Institute is that their campuses mirror high end salons giving their students the best hands on experience. They even have good connections so they can help their students after graduating from any of their beauty courses to get a job either in a salon, cruise ship and runway industry.

My friend got really excited and she checked out the site of Regency Beauty Institute right away and so I am wishing her good luck and hope she finds her passion in this new career.

Yaya Diaries: My New Nanny

Sunday, May 30, 2010

It has only been a month since our new nanny started with us but she requested to take more than a week off as she needs to go home to his province in Isabela as his uncle passed away. I informed the agency where I got her about this and the owner said that I should not give her, her salary. But of course I can't do that as I know she really needs the money if ever it is true that she is going home in Isabela.

She promised to be back on the 3rd or 4th of June and I hope that she will be true to her promise. Otherwise I might need wrinkle cream because it will surely be one stressful situation for me. Firstly, I am due to give birth in just a few weeks time and so we really need the extra hand in the house. Second is that Bela will be going to big school already starting June 15 so she really needs her nanny to assist her (but I will take a two to three days off from work so I will be with Bela on her first week at school). And thirdly, there have been some changes in the setup with my family that we will really need a house help to survive.

I am just giving her the benefit of the doubt and will just trust her that she is really coming back either Thursday or Friday this week. I am really crossing my fingers as I don’t want to go through the yaya hinting stage again.

Auspicious Dates in 2010 for Giving Birth

I was looking for fat burner pills as I will surely need one after giving birth so I can go back to my pre-pregnancy weight fast but then my attention was caught by this table that I saw on the net:

This table lists Auspicious dates in 2010 for giving birth. Since my OB told me that I might deliver via Caesarian section again since my pregnancy now is bigger than my first, my friends are all saying that I should choose a date which is lucky based on the Chinese’s lunar calendar.

So I started my search and these are the dates which falls on the last week of June which they say is lucky for giving birth:

• June 23, 2010
• June 24, 2010
• June 26, 2010
• June 27, 2010
• June 29, 2010
• June 30, 2010

I will discuss with my OB about my preferred date for delivery if ever she will really suggest that I deliver via CS and I will really choose any one of these dates as the birthday of my baby boy.

Almost There

I am now 145 pounds and I am already on my 36th weeks. Just a few more weeks to go and I am due to give birth already. I wonder how many pounds will I be once I reached my full term. But I guess it is quite obvious that I will really need the best fat burning pills to help me loose weight as soon as I give birth.

My doctor is away when I had my check up last Saturday and it is just her reliever who checked me up. I will be coming back for another checkup before June 12 as I was advised that I need to at least visit my OB at least every two weeks since I am already passed by 35th week.

My expected due date is July 2 but I don’t think I will last until July 2. My guess is that I might give birth either 3rd week or last week of June (at least that is what I prefer). LOL.

I am so excited already because we only need to wait for a couple more days and we will be able to see our baby boy.

Happy & Thankful

I am so happy for my earnings this month. It is really true when they say “When it rains, it pours.” God has been really good because I really need to earn extra to add for Bela’s tuition, buy more essentials for Baby Boy, and save up so I can enroll Bela for another 8 sessions with Aqualogic. And I was able to save up for it and even earned extra that I was able to buy a gift for myself (a new Long Champ bag. LOL).

It has been a busy and crazy month that sometimes I can’t imagine how I was able to finish my long lists of to dos but like what they always say, if there is a will there is a way. This month has really tested my time management skills because there are times that I was not able to work too during the day on weekends so I have to find the extra energy to stay a little late at night to finish my work.

Hope that things will be like this during the coming months so I can save some more for a major project that I am planning. I am really hoping, praying and keeping my fingers crossed ….


Every time we go out, we usually tag along with us my mom and my dad. We only have a small car now so it just enough for us – me, Howell, Bela, my mom, my dad, and Bela. But now that I am about to give birth soon and we are planning to get a second nanny for our second baby, I don’t think our Vios will be enough for our growing family.

Howell even teased me that I should check rv for sale since we like to go out of town so it will be the most comfortable vehicle for us but I don’t think we can afford an RV. Hubby is thinking now to buy a much bigger car but I am having second thoughts about this as I want to prioritize the renovation of our house or purchasing a house in the city that is near Bela’s school.

I guess it all boils down to our priorities. Hubby and I really have to sit down and discuss about this and do some computations too before making any decisions. With the coming of the second baby, I am sure that we need additional budget to provide for the needs of our kids so we can’t make any impulsive decisions especially for big purchases such as buying a new car.

Legal Representation

Friday, May 28, 2010

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LC Addict

Another one to add to my Long Champ bags collection:

My gosh, Long Champ bags are so addicting. Now I want the red, pink, purple, ivory, etc, etc. We got an alert from Caryl that the Long Champ bags are on sale and she offered to buy it for us again (Thank you so much Caryl).

She visited the store and took pictures to show it to us. So yesterday, our Tweets in twitter are all about the Long Champ bags. I am torn at first between color purple and choco brown Le Pliage. Purple is my favorite color while the choco brown on the other hand can easily be paired with any color so I can use it whatever color of dress I am wearing. But the last one that I purchased is already light purple and according to Kathy and Howell and I have been associated so much with the color purple so I should better try another color for my bag.

And so I confirmed right away to Caryl that I will be ordering the choco brown. The next day Caryl, went to the shop early to get all our orders. I am so excited. In just a few weeks I will be receiving my new LC bag to add to my LC collection. Next color, red or pink. LOL.

Love for Traveling

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

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If there is something that hubby and I love to do together, it is traveling. We haven’t travel in a while because I am pregnant but we sure hope we can go back to traveling after I give birth. We love to travel as we love to learn about different cultures and meet different people. I used to do our itinerary every time we travel but now that we have a toddler and a baby in tow next time we go on a vacation, we will definitely need the service of Collette Vacations to book a package tour for us so we don’t have to worry about anything. Hubby wants to go on an australia tours. Hope we can have a budget for it. :-)

Friends of Water

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Being a mom, I have always been overprotective of my daughter and I always want to make sure that she is always safe and healthy. That is why my husband and will really do everything to protect her, especially her health. With all the pollution and contaminants, we can never be sure how clean is the water coming from our faucet. That is why we really want to invest on a water filter pitcher so we will be sure that the water we drink at home is safe and clean. Better be safe than sorry.


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A Beach House?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

As I mentioned in my previous post, our housing loan will be finish in just a few months. (What a relief). We have been paying for the monthly amortization of that loan for almost five years now and time really flies and we got really surprised when we realized that we only have four months left, and our balance to the bank will be fully paid.

And since hubby wants another financial challenge (LOL), he is thinking of acquiring another property. He believes that real estate is a good investment that is why instead of investing in a business; he would rather save up to buy another property.

He saw the Tamarindo Real Estate located in Costa Rica and he can’t help but drool as he always wanted to have a beach house. Tamarindo Real Estate is one of the most popular real estate markets and hundreds of condo and home developers are starting to build properties here because of its popularity. The location, being a former secret paradise, is what contributes to its popularity and since the locals adhere to the conservation standards, the island maintains its beauty.

This is It

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I am so excited for August because it is the last month where we have to pay our amortization for our housing loan. But hubby is even more excited than I am as he wants to push through with the renovation that he is planning for our house.

Our house is a bungalow style but hubby wants to construct a second floor where he wants to move the bedrooms so that all that is left for the first floor is a big living room, the kitchen and the dining area.

If I were to ask, I just want to renovate the kitchen and the restroom and leave the house as it is as it will not be our permanent home but just a weekend house since it is a long drive from the city where our kids will be studying. But looks like hubby is really set on his plans and so all that I can do is look for fire insurance quotes before the construction begins so at least I know that our investment will be covered whatever happens. I can’t do anything anyways because when it comes to decisions such as this, hubby is the boss.

I know this has always been his dream. He is so excited already and he is already looking forward to spending our weekends there. He actually started to move some of our stuffs from our house in the city to our house in Bulacan. I think there is really no way I can make hubby change his mind.....

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@ 33 Weeks

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I had my check up again yesterday with my OB and I am already 142 pounds (I would really need to take something after I give birth to help in burning belly fat). I asked my OB if my pregnancy this time is bigger compared to my first and she confirmed that indeed, I am much bigger this time.

I delivered via Caesarian section delivery when I had Bela and so I also asked my OB if it is possible for me to deliver via normal this time. She said that since I am bigger now and I already delivered via CS before, there is a big chance that I might have CS delivery again. But we still have to see if I am already near my full term.

I was complaining to her about pain below my tummy and my back and I told her that I was worried that I might pop anytime soon but she assured me that everything looks okay and I will reach my full term (I am already on my 33rd weeks).

One more month to go…..

My First Purple LC Bag

Last month was a good month for me as I received a lot of extra work so I decided that I deserve a price. Peachy told me about the Limited Edition Long Champ bag that she will ask Caryl to buy for her and when I saw the purple Long Champ bag from Caryl’s Flickr account, I fell in love with it right away (Purple is my favorite color you know).

And so that weekend, after I confirmed that I have extra money on my budget to buy for my Long Champ bag, I sent a Flickr mail to Caryl and ordered the bag. Caryl shipped it to us via LBC. We should have received it within three days but I think there has been a problem with Customs even if Caryl declared that the package contains bags when she shipped it.

After almost three weeks of waiting, I received a text message from Peachy yesterday: “She’s here!!” We are out yesterday but I made sure that we dropped by Peachy’s house to pick up my bag before going home.

bela 041bela 042bela 045
We had a very long and tiring day but I still manage to ask hubby to take a picture of my bag and even upload it to Flickr. LOL. Tomorrow, I will give this bag a break in. I am so excited. LOL

Who would have thought ...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

When I was in high school and elementary, I hate writing essays. If I have an assignment that will require me to write an essay, I will delay and delay it that I would sometimes even end up not doing it because that is how much I hate writing.

But who would have thought that I will love writing (or should I say blogging in my case) eventually. Maybe I can attribute it to my one a day vitamin as it is giving me the vitamins that I need to bring out my creative juices when writing an article or blog post.

I mostly write about parenthood, shopping, my being a mom and wife to Bela and Howell, party preparations, and the like. Maybe I just enjoyed writing about these things that is why I never run out of topics to blog about.

But I am really glad that I discovered the world of blogging as it brought out my writing skills that I never thought I had when I was still studying. LOL. And through blogging, I was able to keep an online diary of our life, something that my kids and future grand kids can read and maybe be proud of.

Shopping Talk

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I need new clothes again as most of the maternity clothes that I bought no longer fits me anymore. Guess my pregnancy this time is really bigger as compared to when I had Bela.

I don’t want to buy expensive maternity clothes anymore as I am already on my last trimester and I only have one month left before I give birth so I am planning to just buy clothes from Tutuban. But how I wish they have credit card processing so I don’t have to wait for payday before I can go shopping. I always rely on my credit card for my shopping as I don’t have extra budget for it on the current payday. But I guess I have to wait until the end of the week and will just have to make do with what I have in my cabinet. LOL.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

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My New Baby

Is coming home soon....

We are expecting our package from Caryl this week. (Thanks again sis for doing this for us. We owe you big time.)

Since I was able to meet my quota for last month and even earned a little extra cash for savings, I decided to reward myself for all my hard work and decided to order the Limited Edition Le Pliage in Purple. Caryl’s offer is so irresistible and since four of us will be ordering, we can divide the shipping cost to all four us making it cheaper.

I am excited to see it in person. Purple is my favorite color and it is really hard for me to say no if it is my favorite color. And besides this bad is way cheaper than the other bag that I was drooling for. LOL.

But you know as I told Caryl, Long Champ bags are really addicting. Now I want a Planetes in Purple too so I better find my angel so she can stop me from making another purchase. LOL.


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An Investment

Saturday, May 1, 2010

It will just be a few more days before our bonus will get released. I initially planned to use my bonus to pay in full Bela’s tuition but since they only give 2% discount if I will pay in full, I’d rather use the money for something else.

An investment perhaps? I was actually thinking to buy gold coins from my bonus as a form of investment. A friend who is into gold investment has been encouraging me to try out this investment as it is the most safe investment nowadays. And with the value of the dollar at its lowest, she kept on saying that now is the best time to invest.

She gave me the site of United States Gold Bureau and I read a lot of information about gold investments. Gold is really the best choice since it is widely accepted that I can convert it to cash anytime I want. It doesn’t depreciate in time also so I need not worry even if the economy is bad.

I will talk to hubby about this and once decided, United States Gold Bureau can arrange for a delivery of my gold coins or they can arrange for a safe storage at an independent bank.



Looks like I am in a roller coaster of emotions this week. I did not end my week right. I don’t know why I should be thankful that I found out about it so at least I can prepare for it or would it had been better if I did not know anything about it all and will just deal with it when I am already face in that situation. Wahhh…I think I. gonna go crazy. I really need to go to church tomorrow as it is my only sanctuary where I can have peace of mind.

Our IT for Tomorrow

Before I look for rv repair, let me list here first our itinerary for tomorrow.

Looks like it will be a very busy day for us (good luck to me as I am really not feeling well these past few days):

• Howell and I will go to Binondo early morning to buy our talisman bracelets. Something is really bothering me so I need lucky charms to drive away negative vibes.
• Then we will attend Bela’s drum lessons.
• A quick trip to the mall as per Bela’s request and I need to buy a gift too for the birthday party that we will be attending on Sunday.
• We will hear anticipated mass at St Jude at 6 PM. We haven’t got the chance to attend the novena mass at St Jude every Thursday so Howell suggested that we attend mass there tomorrow.
• Then it is time for me to work, work, work again. My work is piling up but I can’t say no to extra blessings so I just have to bear with this and I know in time I will get my reward.