Being a Mom

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I am really thankful that Bela is really doing ok now. She started going back to school actually and she got her appetite back so she is starting to gain weight again.

I was really heartbroken seeing Bela’s condition during those times when she was sick. My most frightening moment was when she was chilling one night and when her temperature reached 40 C already that we rushed her to the emergency room. I hate bringing her to emergency rooms (it is actually her first time there last week) as I know that they always makes routine checks like laboratory exams and I don’t want to see Bela cry once they do all those tests to her. But I guess, it is better because they were able to find out right away what is causing the fever.

When the nurse was getting blood samples from Bela, she did not resist but she was really in tears and she was just looking straight in my eyes and she was saying “Mom, mom” as if she wanted me to do something to help her. I cried with her during that time. I tried to control my tears to show her that she should be strong but I was in pain too seeing Bela that way.

But thankfully we survived that week and Bela is now doing well. Thank you also to JazzMedical because they made our life easier that week. We have less than 5 hours of sleep everyday but because their store is online, we just ordered our medical supplies from them and they just delivered it to our house, really convenient. Plus their prices are really so low and they accept different modes of payment so we just pay using our card or PayPal.

I pray that nothing like this will ever happen again to our dear Bela.

LC + Purple = Love

I told you this is really addicting:

I saw this in Caryl’s Flickr account and I nearly fainted after seeing it. LOL. Now I want the limited edition in purple. Caryl was so nice to offer to get it for us in Hong Kong and she will ship it in Manila. I think this design is only available in Hong Kong. I also asked her to check the Planetes design for me as I want that one also. (Addict!!).

I am just waiting for some good news at the end of the month and if everything goes well, I will have a budget to buy one of this Long Champ bags. I am so excited already. I long wanted a purple colored Long Champ bag and so when I saw this limited edition, I know that this is it – this is my purple bag. LOL. A few more days to wait and I will know my fate if I will be able to buy this bag this month or not.

To Do

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Things to do for tomorrow:

• Check for insurance online so I can finalize our car insurance renewal which is expiring soon.
• Call hubby’s doctor to check the result of his ultrasound
• Go to bank to pay for my credit card
• Go to bank to pay for our housing loan amortization
• Finish all my pending task

How I wish I can just stay at home and be with my daughter instead of having to think of all those things that I listed. But Bela is doing okay now, she has no fever since yesterday but she still has no appetite. She consumes only two to three bottles of milk and she doesn’t eat that much. But I am glad her fever is gone and she is active again. She is on her second day for her antibiotics and looks like it is really killing the virus that is causing the infection. She is actually going back to school tomorrow after being absent for three days.

Hope she will continue to be better.


Hubby saw this Bob Duallie stroller from and he can’t help but imagine using this for his twins.

It has been hubby’s dream to have twins for our kids. When we had our first child, the first thing that he asked the sonologist when we had our ultrasound was if we are going to have twins or not. He said that having twins would be so much fun since you have two bundles of joy right away. And he said that I will have more fun shopping, since I will be shopping for two cute kids (my husband knows me so much. LOL)

But I don’t think I will be able to give hubby his dream of having twins since we were told that it should be in the genes that run in the family and as far as we are aware, nobody from our family has twins. Unless, we have money for in vitro fertilization or for a work up, I don’t think we will be having twins any time soon. LOL.

Almost to the Finish Line

Saturday, April 24, 2010

@ 31 weeks now:

I haven’t visited my doctor yet so I am not sure how much weight I gained again after a month (but for sure I will need the best diet pills for women as soon as I give birth to help me get back to my pre-pregnancy weight fast).

My next check up will be on the first week of May and maybe after that I will have check up every two weeks already as I am already on my last trimester. I haven’t discussed my birthing plan also with my OB so maybe I can discuss it with her on my next visit. I delivered via CS with Bela and since it is almost five years ago already, I am hoping that I will have a normal delivery this time.

I actually feel very heavy already that it is difficult for me to walk, to stand up, to dress up etc. Almost everything is difficult for me as my tummy gets bigger and bigger every day.

But I am already feeling excited as I know that we only have to wait for a few more weeks and we can finally see our baby boy.

Not a B or a G but maybe an LC

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I want a B or a G but my money can’t even afford an LC. Some of you might not even understand what I just said but I am sure my online friends can definitely guess what I am talking about. LOL.

Addicting is how my kumareng Peachy puts it. But can you blame us? All of us have been working really hard and so we just deserve a price, right?

I have been drooling over the Long Champ Planetes but then I saw more items from Long Champ store and now I am torn.

Peachy showed me the two-tone customizable Le Pliage bag. Imagine you can choose the color that you like, the size, the length of the handle plus you can even personalize it with your own name or initials.

And I also love this:

Le Pliage Patches in white with long handle. It is something unique (like my Le Pliage Eiffel) and is something that you don’t normally see in Tutuban or Greenhills. LOL.

I am just waiting for a confirmation from someone and if all goes well, I might have a budget for one LC bag (crossing my fingers).

Overwhelmed but Thankful

I have been very busy lately that I always stay up late to finish all the things that I need to accomplish (that is why I have been doing some readings about supplements from to find the most effective supplement that will work best for me and hubby. We both live a very busy and hectic lifestyle that is why supplements can definitely give us added energy to survive. You can check out the site of to learn more). I am not complaining as I consider it as a blessingsbecause this means additional income for me and hubby which we really need since our family is already growing. I am still overwhelmed by the amount of work that I need to do but I manage to survive each week so I was able to prove that I can do it. I just need good time management and proper setting of priorities.

Bela is Sick

Can you recommend the best under eye cream for dark circles as I think I will need one? Bela has been sick since Tuesday night. Last night was her worse as her temperature reaches 39.4 already and she started chilling so Howell and I are awake almost the whole night monitoring her condition.

Her temperature went back to normal (at 36.5) around 6 AM and so Howell and I were able to go back to work but I was alarmed again when my mom told me that her temperature rises to 39 again this afternoon. My mom and dad brought her to her pediatrician and if she still has fever by Saturday, she has to have a CBC laboratory exam.

I hope and pray that Bela will get well soon. It is really difficult for a mom like me to see Bela this way. Hubby and I are really worried. Hopefully, it is just a simple fever and hope she gets well pretty soon.

Our Baby Boy's Name

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I have tons of work to finish but my mind is still blank and doesn’t seem to be working and so I just decided to surf the net for a break and I saw the picture of this cute little girl:

Who wouldn’t recognize the pretty daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? She just turned four this month (she is just a few months older than my first born) and I realized that time really flies fast. I can still remember those days when Katie and Tom became an item and now their eldest has just turn four.

Now I am pregnant with my second child and I am already on my 30th weeks. By this time my baby is about 15.7 inches long and weighs about 3 pounds and I can feel that I am already this close to the finish line.

I already started shopping for baby stuffs already and next week, I will do more shopping for the essentials like my baby’s feeding bottles, co-sleeper, and the like. We are actually almost complete with all the things that we need for our baby boy and the last thing on our checklist is decide on our baby boy’s name.

I have been checking celebrity baby names on the net for inspiration as I like those cute and unique names that the celebrities are giving their babies like the name of Suri or the names of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s kids like Maddox and Zahara. They really sound modern but I am not sure though if hubby will like this idea.

Bela’s name has a Spanish origin and so we are also thinking of adopting the same thing for our baby boy. We actually have a list already of the names we are considering and all we have to do is decide which one we like best. For now we will keep it a secret as we still have more than a month to think it over so just wait for the baby announcements card that we will be sending to find out the name that we will be giving our baby boy.

Career Move

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Regency Beauty Institute has been known as one of the fastest growing Cosmetology school in Colorado and in the country. They have good facilities that is like the upscale salons giving their students the best trainings.

That is why my friend is now making a big leap in her career and has decided to enroll in Regency Beauty Institute.

Regency Beauty Institute not only provides good training to their students, they even help students find jobs after graduating since they have placement connections to salons, cruise ships, and runaways.

My friend is already excited because fashion and beauty has always been her first love and she knows that this is one career that she will definitely excel and be happy with.

Good luck to you my friend and promise me that I will be your first customer.

My Lolo

Friday, April 16, 2010

We went to visit my grand father last Sunday in Bulacan. He has stage 4 cancer. He hasn’t eaten in days as he always throws up every time he tries to digest something in. His sister was really worried of his condition and so we decided to bring him back to the hospital even if my grand father is really against it.

It was really a depressing day for us especially after seeing my grand father’s condition. I should be reading about Mesothelioma treatment but it might even add to my depressions and so I just decided to have my therapy – by visiting my Café in Facebook.

It has been close for a while now as I really can’t find the time to play. I have been very busy offline and online that I rarely get the chance to visit my Café and cook a dish for my customers so I just decided to close it down for a while until everything is back to normal again at home and at work.

But I know this is just a temporary solution to my depression. I just hope and pray that my grand father will no longer experience pain and I pray that he will really get better.

Spa Service @ Makati Shangri-La

Saturday, April 10, 2010

“Step away from the city and find your inner self through the soothing calm of a massage. Immerse in solitude as a nurturing spa therapist revitalizes your body, mind and spirit. Escape into this urban sanctuary from 10 AM to 3 PM daily to enjoy 30% discount on all spa services.”

This is the ad posted in our room from the Health Club of Makati Shangri-La (I wonder if the Health Club have spa filters in their spa). It really sounds like it will be one relaxing and rejuvenating experience. If only I am not pregnant, I would have called the health club and schedule an appointment right away. I think the last time I got a spa pampering was already months ago when my sister and I tried the spa at Pearl Farm in Davao. I will surely take note of this so next time we are here at Shangri-La and I already gave birth, I will surely try the spa service from their Health Club.

Diaper Bag on Sale @ Baby Couture

We promised Bela that we will go to her favorite toy store in Megamall as soon as her dad arrives and so, Howell and I both took a leave from work last Wednesday to take Bela to Toy Kingdom in Megamall.

Bela was able to do some shopping but I did some shopping of my own too. Actually I have no plans to buy anything that day. But we went to the Baby Couture shop beside Toy Kingdom to check the Trunki luggage for Bela as she is requesting that we buy her, her own vacation bag. Then I saw this bag:

(Pardon the picture as I just use my cellphone camera to take the picture).

It is originally priced at P1600 but it is on sale at P500 only. Good deal isn’t it? So even if I have no plans to buy a new diaper bag, I can’t let this opportunity pass so I got one for myself. I like the bag because it is bigger compared to the two other diaper bags that I bought from them before so it gives me more room for Bela’s stuff and soon, for our baby boy’s stuff too. And it doesn’t look like a diaper bag at all so I can even use it for work.

When we were there, they still have a lot in stocks so for those who want to get this bag, just go to any of Baby Couture’s store to grab this offer.

Tragic News

Read from Twitter a tragic news about the death of Polish President and some other 95 officials from a plane crash. Aboard the Tupolev aircraft were the president, his wife, and other political and military officials like the army chief of staff, national bank president, and deputy foreign minister, among others. They were on their way to attend the 70th anniversary marking the 70th massacre in Katyn forest of thousands of Polish officers by Soviet secret police when the plane crashed. (Reports like this makes me really realized that Howell and I should be getting life insurance so we will be sure that our kids are covered no matter what happens to us.)

Report said that the crashed was caused by an accident and there was really no foul play (though I can’t help but think otherwise). I am sure the people in Poland are now mourning for the death of their president and their other officials. Truly it is a very sad day for the Polish.

Bad me

Friday, April 9, 2010

It has been almost a month already when hubby gave me a gift – a Canon 20D. But in that one month, I think I was only able to use it once or thrice. LOL. I tried taking pictures when there was a Senakulo in our place during the Holy Week but I was really having a hard time taking pictures as I can’t find the right settings so that the pictures won’t be dark or blur.

Well I am actually really not good when it comes to using DSLR and since hubby was away that time and he was not able to give me a crash course on how to use my new baby before he left I was not able to take good pictures. I haven’t even downloaded the pictures and they are still sitting in my SD card. LOL.

But since we will be going on an adventure tomorrow, I asked hubby to pack my camera too so I can use it to capture pictures for our weekend adventure and he can give me a photography 101 course at the same time.

I always love photography but I am not sure if I have the talent for it. LOL. I hope I will learn eventually because I know I have the best teacher, my husband.