Saturday, March 27, 2010

I borrowed my sister’s mac book a few days ago as I have a lot of pending work to finish and boy was it very slow (hey sister, you need to buy your mac book mac memory). I know her laptop is just a few years old but when I checked, I noticed that my sister installed a lot of games on her laptop.

Well I can’t blame her because I am addicted to games too. I have Café world on Face Book, and I have installed a number of games too on my Iphone which kept me company during times when I have to wait for Bela during her class. In fact I have a list of Iphone games that I need to purchase from the Apps Store. I got this list from my friend who is addicted to Iphone games too and here are her recommendations:

• Cooking Dash
• Cooking Mama
• Are you alright?
• Amy Burger Shop
• Sprill
• Supermarket Management
• Sally’s Spa (I already have the Sally’s Salon and I love it).
• Turbo Subs
• Farm Frenzy
• Miriel
• Wedding Dash
• Beauty Resort
• Jane’s Hotel
• Jane’s Boutique
• Jojo’s Fashion Show
• Dream Day Wedding

That is one long list. I wonder how much each one cost.

Accessorize it

One of Howell’s dream cars is made my Ford. But I guess it will stay as a dream for now because instead of buying a second car for our use, we have to prioritize other things especially with the coming of the second baby. But I know someday soon, Howell will get to buy his dream car and he deserves it because he has been working real hard for us and he deserves to give himself a price.

If only I can afford it I would have bought his dream car for him as our (me, Bela and our baby boy) way of saying thank you for being the best father and husband anyone could ever ask for. He has always been the responsible dad to us and he has been working really hard to provide for the needs (and wants) of our family. I know no material things can ever repay whatever he has done for the three of us but if only I can afford it, I will not think twice and buy him his dream car as our gift for him.

But I know I cannot afford to buy his dream car. Maybe I will need to have three jobs and work double shifts before I can afford it but I already thought of something when Howell finally decides to buy another car for his use. I already asked my friend and he gave me the site of carID and this is where I will buy ford accessories for Howell’s Ford (because accessories are the only thing that I can afford). I checked their site and they have a wide range of collection from dash kits, to steering wheels, to grills, and spoilers. I am sure hubby will be one happy camper after I jazz up his car with accessories from carID.

Louis Vuitton’s Raindrop Besace

Friday, March 19, 2010

I am currently reading’s site as I was reading about hair loss vitamins because I will surely need one after I give birth as I suffered hair loss before when I had my first pregnancy. I heard from a friend that this site only recommends products that have been clinically tested to really work so they are a perfect source on where I can buy hair loss vitamins.

As I was reading their site, I got intrigued when a friend of mine showed me this:

Picture snagged from

This is Louis Vuitton’s Raindrop Besace, their version of a trash bag, which they released for their spring/summer 2010 collection. The bag is made of shiny leather that is waterproof with leather handle. And you will not believe at how much this bag cost. This bag has a price tag of $ 1,996. (Ridiculous).

Some think that this bag is the most fashionable bag for 2010, some think that this bag is just what it is, a trash bag. LOL. So how about you, what do you think of this bag?

My Accident

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Last Sunday, I had a terrible accident. I gave Bela a bath after swimming and we we’re already hurrying up as we are already late for her Moving Up Day ceremony. On my way out of the bathroom, I slipped. I landed on my right torso and but I was still thankful that I was able to use my arm for support and the fall wasn’t really that bad.

But I got really worried after what happened that I was crying non stop that night. Howell was trying to pacify me and he is really doing his best to convince me that I don’t have to worry but I can’t stop myself from worrying.

So to give me a peace of mind, we decided to have another ultrasound the next day. I tried calling Medical City, Chinese General, Baby Ultrasound (even if I am not happy with their service) to check if they have an available OB to do the congenital anomaly scan. The earliest date that the other hospitals can give me for the CAS was within 2-3 days so we got really lucky because we were able to schedule an appointment for a Congenital Anomaly Scan (CAS) at In My Womb in SM Mall of Asia at 4 PM that day. Otherwise, I would have spent more sleepless nights (and I would need to use herbal sleeping pills that I have been reading from website just to help me get a good night sleep until I have the CAS done).

Howell left work early so he can accompany me as he knows how worried I am and how much I really wanted to know the condition of our baby. I was really thankful after the ultrasound because the OB confirmed that the baby is doing okay and was not affected by the fall. I know I have nobody to blame but myself and I know that I should have been more careful. If anything bad happened to my baby, I don’t know if I will be able to forgive myself. Lesson learned. Now I know that I should really be extra-extra careful.

Hitting the Weighing Scale

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Last Tuesday, I visited my OB for a check up and I can’t believe that I have already gained 22 pounds since I became pregnant. I still have less than three more months to go before I give birth and from the looks of it, I will gain another 10 pounds.

I asked my OB if my weight is just okay and if I need to go on a diet already and she said that it is just okay. This is actually the thing that I want to hear because I really love eating and I don’t think I can go on a diet now. LOL. I just have to deal with loosing weight after giving birth and besides there are a lot of quick weight loss pills that I can rely on to help me get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I actually started reading the reviews about weight loss pills on so I already have an idea on what pill to use to help me loose weight.

My next check up will be on April 10 and I am already on my third trimester by then so I am sure that more pounds will be added again to my weight.

Flowers, to make them feel special

Friday, March 12, 2010

When I visited my colleague yesterday in her room, I saw a bouquet of flowers displayed on top of her table and that is when I learned that she is celebrating her birthday that day and the flowers were from her husband.

How sweet. Flowers are one of the things that I would like to receive as a gift from hubby. I remembered when he first sent me a bouquet of flowers and all my friends from work kept admiring how beautiful the arrangements are and they kept on mentioning how sweet and thoughtful hubby is for sending me a bouquet of flowers.

Then there was this one time when I surprised him and ordered flowers to be delivered in his office. I can’t think of anything else to give him on that special occasion and since men rarely receives flowers as gifts from their love ones, I decided to give him this unique gift. I personally selected the flowers that will be included in the flower arrangement and I am really glad when hubby called me after he received it because he truly appreciate it.

Indeed flowers can brighten someone else’s day and it will never fail to make someone feel loved and special.

It’s a boy!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We we’re finally able to confirm last Sunday that we are having a baby boy for our second child and Howell and I are both so happy about the news.

That is why on our way home, all we discussed about were the future of our kids. Howell said that he has been talking to some of his colleagues who are into gold investments and is also convincing him to buy gold coins as it is a very good way to invest our money.

Gold is a very tangible asset that even increases its value in time, is readily stored and since it is widely accepted, it is very easy to convert it to cash so it is really one stable and safe investment.

Hubby’s colleague gave him the site of US Gold Bureau and the site offered a lot of information that we need to help us decide with our first gold investment. They even have experienced staff who can help us get the best market value for gold, thus maximizing our investment.

Hubby and I feel so blessed and we will really do all that we can to give our kids a brighter future.

For Sunday

It will be Bela’s Moving Up Day Ceremony this coming Sunday and I just realized now that I don’t have anything to wear for the event. LOL. I got so pre-occupied thinking about Howell’s upcoming trip and we got so busy the past few weeks and it was also busy at work that I always end up going home late that I did not find the time to look for something that I can wear for Bela’s special day on Sunday.

So I checked out one of my favorite online shopping site, Katrice Wear and found these, layered sleeves chiffon dress (one of their new items for March) and striped ruffle dress with strong shoulders:

I saw Marissa (owner of Katrice Wear) wearing both dresses and she is pregnant like me so I assumed that this two dresses is something that I can wear now that I am already six months pregnant.

I will text her tomorrow to inquire if there is still a size available for me and if I will be able to receive it before Sunday. I am really hoping that my request will be possible and that they have this on stock so I don’t have to worry about the dress that I will be wearing for Bela’s special event on Sunday.

Our Precious

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Looking at her pictures makes me really feel so sentimental. Bela is our life, our source of joy and happiness. If it we’re only my wish, I will stay with her forever so I can take care of her.

But we never really can tell what the future holds. And now that we are having our second child, the more hubby and I are working hard so we can secure their future. One of the ways that hubby and I are doing to make sure that our children are covered no matter what happens to us is by getting a term life insurance at Wholesale Insurance. I already got an online quote from them and what I like about term life insurance is that it is cheaper and more affordable compared to other type of insurance plus it covers our children’s schooling, provide for our standard of living and can even provide protection for our business.

Of course all parents would want their kids’ future to be secured so getting insured are one of the things that stay on top of our priority list.

Busy Saturday

We really had a very long day yesterday. We went to my OB yesterday for my check up and then we went to Paranaque to attend the first birthday party of Thet and Dex’s first born, Daniel. Bela was supposed to have a drum lesson but Yamaha called and informed us that her teacher was absent so we went to the party right after my OB checkup.

It was a very fun party but too bad not all of my friends were able to make it. Only I, Lala, Joann and her family, Janelle and family were able to attend. Just look at our picture:

I so envy the soft and pimple free skin of my friends. Ever since I stopped using pills more than a year ago since we are already planning to have a baby, I already had problems with pimples and acne. Though I can’t take any acne medication right now because I am pregnant, I am already looking for acne solutions that I can try as soon as I give birth so I will finally get rid of all those pimples and acne. Good thing provides reviews on the different acne solutions so at least I can read feedbacks first and find the best acne solution that will work for me.

After the party, we even went to Lala’s house for more chit-chats and her mom prepared the most sumptuous meal ever that we all went home so full and a few pounds heavier. LOL. Janelle and Joanne’s son will be celebrating their 7th birthday this coming April so we will see each other again on those parties. I can't wait.

On my 6th Month

I had my OB check up yesterday and I can’t believe that I am already 128 pounds. When I had Bela, I reached 130 pounds when I am already on my full term. I checked my record and I am gaining 3 pounds every month so I might reach 140 pounds by the time I reach my full term if I don’t go on a diet.

Since I reached my second trimester, I started to eat sweets again and that is why my doctor ordered for FBS and OGCT laboratory exams to check my sugar level which I have to do next week.

I also read that I might have problems with skin pigmentation and hair loss so I will really need the best hair loss treatments. I am taking calcium supplements but I so hate drinking milk so I might experience hair loss and teeth loss after I give birth too so as early as now I am already reading reviews for the best hair loss treatments so I have ways to combat these problems.

But I am glad that I am feeling much better now – no need for me to take bed rest so I was able to go back to work. Though I find it hard to walk and to travel because I am heavy, but still I am happy since my doctor said that I and my baby are healthy.

We are already preparing to leave as we will have our much awaited 3d/4D ultrasound and hopefully within the day, we will soon find out if Bela will have a baby brother or baby sister.

Parent's Orientation @ STC

Friday, March 5, 2010

Howell and I attended the Parent’s Orientation at St. Theresa’s College last February 20, 2010. I was really paying attention to everything that was discussed and I even took down notes as I will really need this to help us decide which school to choose for Bela.

Posted by Picasa
During the orientation, they discussed about the school’s mission and vision, their curriculum, the school’s policies, and the like. I like their curriculum for Kinder because it is not that rigid as I imagined it to be. Since STC is a big school already, I thought that it will be really serious schooling so I was glad to hear that they will still use the thematic approach (and not the academic approach where they have subjects already) in Kinder. When they discussed the curriculum, it is actually like Bela’s curriculum in MSS so this makes me feel a little relieved because at least it will not be a drastic change for Bela, from MSS to big school, so it will not be a big adjustment for her.

But I noticed that STC is really strict and really very traditional. This made me feel scared because Bela is still very playful at age 4. LOL. Also, my husband and I noticed that they are more on academics. This is good in a way, but the school that we are looking for Bela is something that will train her to excel academically but will also teach her to be a well rounded individual and will also help her hone her other talents (which is one of the things that we like about St. Scholastica).

We are still waiting for our Parent’s Orientation at St. Scholastica so we can learn more about their curriculum, mission and vision, method of teaching and their overall program for their Jr. Prep and Sr. Prep. Then hopefully after that, we can finally decide which school we should send Bela this school year.

OB Checkup Tomorrow

I am so excited for my check up tomorrow. My OB said that we can have our congenital anomaly scan and our 3D/4D ultrasound by third week of March but since hubby will be leaving for Majuro next week and he will be there for almost a month, we will try to ask our OB if we can have the ultrasound instead tomorrow.

Of course one of the reasons why I am so excited is that we might know the gender of our baby tomorrow. Hubby and I can’t wait to know if we will be having a boy or a girl this time. Actually, I don’t mind having another Bela because at least Bela will have a baby sister that she can play with and share her passions with. But I know (even though hubby doesn’t admit it), that he is really hoping to have a baby boy this time so he will have a play mate too. LOL.

Hopefully my OB will give us a go signal since I am already on my 24th weeks already. I read that by this time, I can really feel the fetal movement (which I really enjoy feeling) and I might experience skin pigmentation changes on my face too so I am also looking for the best eye wrinkle cream that can help solve my wrinkle and skin problems (so I am reading reviews of different eye creams from to help me choose the best there is in the market).

I am so excited already that even though I am so dead tired after my long day at work, I am still wide awake and can’t go to sleep because I am so really looking forward for my tomorrow’s checkup. If ever we have news, I will definitely post it right away here in my blog so watch out for it.

Congrats Sis

I rarely see my sister these past few months. She will be graduating this month and because of that she is so busy finishing all the requirements for all their subjects to qualify for graduation. She is always at her group mate’s house which had been the home of their group for the past two semesters so they can work 24/7 to finish all their projects and thesis. Last thing I heard from her was they already received a passing mark for one of the projects that they have been busy with.

I can’t believe my younger sister will be graduating already. As far as I know, she is still the baby of our family (especially to my dad. She is one daddy’s girl, you know). But she is so eager to graduate from college and start to find a job. I am sure she is so eager to be a part of the world of the professionals so she can earn her own money and buy things that she really wants (she said that the first thing that she wants to buy is an LV bag. LOL) and help my parents too.

Good thing there is a site called where she can easily find jobs per city, state or area code. She can even post her resume that can be seen and viewed by companies looking for potential employees.

Congratulations in advance my dear sister and we are so proud of you!

Summer is Here!!

Beach….Ocean….Vacation….Since you can really feel that summer is already here, going to the beach has been one of our favorite topics in Twitter. You can really say that almost everybody wants to go to the beach because most of my friends are already having a hard time booking even just for an overnight stay in any of the beaches along Laiya.

As for me, I really miss the beach. It is one of my favorite places to go to relax and have fun. If only I am not pregnant and if budget is not an issue, I would have booked any of those Outer Banks vacation rentals so my family and I can go on a very relaxing vacation – imagine staying at a well furnished home with ocean view, kitchen, game room and a master suite. I can stay here forever. LOL.

But I guess we won’t be going to the beach anytime soon. I am already on my 6th month of pregnancy so there is no way I can go on long travel. But hubby already promised me that we will be going on a nice beach vacation just a few months from now and it is one of the things that I am looking forward to.