New Baby – Canon 20D

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Howell went home Thursday night so happy. He excitedly showed me his new toy – a Canon 20D.

It is a pre-loved camera of his former colleague. His officemate offered it to him months ago but hubby don’t have extra budget that time and so he did not grab his officemate’s offer. But it is really a blessing in disguise since this time around, he got the camera at a very irresistible offer. Since his officemate will be leaving for good for the US the next day, the price that he offered to Howell was really a steal. The Canon 20D even comes with a 75-300 MM zoom lens with Image Stabilizer and a 28 - 135 MM Macro lens with image stabilizer also. So it is like he bought the zoom lens at almost 50% off and he got the 20D and the macro lens for free.

Hubby said that it will be my camera so Bela and I have something to use if he is using his camera. Wish me luck though if I will be able to figure out how to use a DSLR. Now I am thinking to enroll at the Photography classes being offered at Intramuros. Excited much!!

For Our Kids

Friday, February 26, 2010

How many kids would you like to have? When I had Bela, I thought that I will be happy and contended with just one kid. Don’t get me wrong, Bela is our source of joy and she completes us but as I watch her grow, I now realized what the older people are saying is true, that time really flies fast, and before we know it our kids are grown up already and will have a life of their own. And when that time comes, we will wish that we should have as many kids as we can have.

But time is really different now. It is expensive to raise a child as what I always say. LOL. Of course, we want to give them the best of everything so we really wanted to make sure that we can provide for their needs as well as some of their wants.

Now that we are having our second child, Howell and I have been working doubly hard so we can provide for our kids’ needs. Howell has been accepting photo coverage and is starting to setup his online toy store to add to our funds. I on the other hand have been looking for franchise affiliate program like the program that Franchise Gator is offering. Since I maintained a website, I might be able to use it to get incentives every time I generate a lead just by advertising on my site.

We all want to give the best for our children and Howell and I are really praying hard that we will be a good parent to Bela and to our second baby.

Congratulations to Me!!

I can’t believe it when I received my credit card bills for this month. I keep a record of my credit card spending but still I will always be surprised at how big amount I have accumulated with my shopping. I guess I love the sound that the Symbol LS2208 barcode scanner makes every time the sales agent scans my items after I am finish with my shopping (I read from reviews that the Symbol barcode scanner is really durable, reliable and affordable that is why more retails shops are using this scanner).

But I made a promise that I will really try to save up for 2010 especially we have a lot of expenses line up for this year. I am aware that my credit card expenses take a big chunk of my salary so I said that I should really try to lessen my shopping so I can save.

And I really need to congratulate myself because for two straight months already, I was able to save big after I cut my shopping expenses. Way to go!!

I hope that I will be able to continue doing this so I can really meet my financial goal for 2010.


Last night, Howell mentioned that there is a possibility that he will go on temporary duty again in Majuro, Marshall Islands for one to two months and he might leave either on the 9th or 12th of March.

I felt sad because one month is such a long time for me to be away from hubby especially now that I am pregnant. Also, I felt sad because he will miss Bela’s Moving Up Day program because it will be on the 14th of March and Bela will surely look for him.

On the other hand, it is also a blessing for Howell so I really have to be happy about this news. First reason is that this temporary assignment will be a good addition to his resume. Second, he will earn miles to cover for one airline ticket to the US for our planned US trip so we can finally visit our friends in San Diego. (They have been inviting us for the longest time now as they are excited to show us their San Diego real estate. This is their first investment as a couple and they are really proud for this real estate investment, which they we're able to find with the help of Access San Diego site, because they have been working really hard to buy the house of their dreams.) Third reason is that Howell will be able to save his per diem and according to him, it might even be enough to cover for the budget that we need for the Christening of our baby or we might be able to put it in our travel funds.

I guess the pros outweigh the cons, huh? Still I can’t help but feel sad about the news. Howell has been away many times already because of work and every time, I really find it hard to bear. But I am glad I have Bela and the baby inside me to entertain me while their dad is away.

Food + Friends = Fun

I have a long list of get together dinner line up starting tomorrow. I am already on my fifth month of pregnancy and I already gained 15 pounds but I think for next week alone, I will really need weight loss supplements as soon as I give birth to help me get back to my pregnancy weight. My appetite has really increased especially when I entered the second trimester so I am really scared that I will really have to work harder this time to help me loose weight.

So back to my list of get together, I will be meeting with my high school friends tomorrow for our barkada’s anniversary. We initially planned to have an out of town get together so we can bond the whole day and catch up with each other’s lives but we can’t seem to get a consensus on the best date where majority of us is available so we just decided to meet tomorrow before we finally say goodbye to February, which is our anniversary month.

Then on Thursday, I will have dinner with my friends from work as well as with two of our friends who now works at a different company. It will be a joint birthday celebration for me and Liza and we will treat our friends for dinner at our group’s favorite restaurant.

Hubby will be meeting also with his elementary friends on Thursday so I will meet up with them after my dinner with my friends.

Just thinking about it makes me feel so full already. For sure, it will be one fun get together so I am really looking forward to it.

A Visit

My friend from Canada paid me a visit last week. Too bad her schedule was really full that we we’re only able to chat for a bit. We initially planned to go out for lunch on her last day here in Manila but I guess she was really busy because she was only here for two weeks.

She wanted to stay longer but since it is the end of fiscal year for her company, she can’t take long leaves as they are really up to the neck when it comes to work load. She also wish to have a lasik surgery because she learned from the medical travel guide that lasik is really cheap here in the Philippines but unfortunately, she did not have time for this also. She could have save more if she had her operation done here and she need not worry since lasik clinics here have good reputation and are really using top of the line equipments to make sure that their patients are safe.

As a proof, I am a testimony of that since I had my lasik surgery already at American Eye Center. I even learned that they have patients who came all the way from Guam and Hawaii to have this surgery done here as it is really way cheaper.

But my friend promised that she will be back soon and hopefully next time we will have more time to go out and catch up with old times. I might be even able to accompany her at American Eye to have help lasik surgery done.

For our Dream House

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Every time we travel, both Bela and I are really particular with the bathrooms. I hate hotels with dirty bathrooms so I would really prefer to pay a little extra just to get the luxury of having a clean bathroom.

Just like when we stayed at Hong Kong Disneyland Hollywood hotel. One of the reasons why we enjoyed our stay is because of the beautiful hotel and their nice, clean bathroom. That is why I really told Howell that he better make sure that one part of the house that he should invest on when we finally proceed with our house renovation is the bathroom.

I checked out the site of and I really found a lot of great BathroomSuite that I think will really go well with the style and theme that we are thinking for our house. What I like about BetterBathrooms is that they offer a lot of items in their stock on clearance so it will really be a big savings for us. Plus most of their items are on stock so I will be guaranteed that my orders will be delivered right away. They even have an option for next day delivery so we will be assured that there will be no delays when the construction of our house begins.

Hope we can finally push through with our house renovation project as I can’t wait to live in our dream house.

MBAPs Summer Outing 2010

I can already feel the summer heat and because of that we have been talking in Twitter and we already asked our organizer, Jacqui, to plan for the MBAPs summer getaway.

Jacqui is a bit busy because of work and their upcoming trip to Japan so I helped her scout for possible resorts where we can go. We wanted to stay overnight so kids can really enjoy the beach, the mommies can make plenty of chika and the daddies will at least be able to rest after driving and after taking care of the kids. LOL.

I already have some information with me that I will email to all the MBAPs so we can discuss and finalize the date and the venue for our summer outing. I am excited already. I am sure Bela will have fun enjoying the beach with her friends. So to the MBAPs, watch out for my email and do reply right away so we can finalize our bookings with our resort of choice.

Busy Busy Weekend

Monday, February 22, 2010

We had a very busy weekend. Last Friday, I met up with my Twitter friends for our grand EB. We enjoyed the party so much that we end up going home late and it was almost midnight when we reached home.

The next day, we have to wake up early because it is Bela’s field trip and we have to be at her school by 7 AM as the bus will depart promptly. It was a very long day as we went to the Doll Joy Museum in Pasig, Ocean Park in Manila and to end the day, we had a very relaxing yacht ride along Manila Bay.

We were fetched by my brother at school then we went home to freshen up and then hit the road again to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday in Tandang Sora Quezon City. We had dinner at my in-laws house and we stayed until 10:30 PM so we arrived home late again Saturday night.

The next day, I received an email about amazing deals of the day but I still feel so tired and sleepy so I decided to go offline that day and guess what I did? I just slept almost the whole day. I just went out of bed to eat lunch and went back to sleeping again. LOL. I already had headache from too much sleeping when I wore up around 4:30 PM and so I decided to take bath so we can attend the 5 PM mass instead of the 7 PM mass that we usually attend to.

After hearing mass, hubby was craving for Kenny Rogers chicken so we went to SM for dinner and some shopping.

And before I knew it, weekend is already over….

Twitter Friends Grand EB

Last Friday, I was able to spend some great time with my Twitter friends when I met up with them at Astoria Plaza for our grand EB. I was already off from work at 1:30 but Howell said that I can just wait for him so he can Bela can come to the EB.

We left the house around 6 PM already and we reached Astoria at around 7:30 PM. Almost everybody was there and I already miss a lot so I made chika right away as soon as I arrive. (Howell and Bela went to the other room to join the other kids while the daddies take care of them. Next time I will buy Howell Men’s mbt shoes so he will really feel comfortable running after Bela. LOL).

Howell had dinner while he joined the daddies while I ate my dinner while I was chatting with my friends. It was a real riot and fun party and it was really nice to be able to meet some of them personally because some of the attendees I only met in Twitter.

Hope that we can do this again guys. Thanks again to Trin and Glo and have a safe trip back home, Glo.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am already close to my 22nd week of pregnancy and I am feeling heavier and heavier everyday. If you go outside, you can already feel that summer is just around the corner so I am really dreaming for a family vacation and go on a beach escapade but I guess I have to wait until I give birth before I can plan for any travels.

I was checking the site of Azul Beach Resort in Bahia Pentempich beach in Puerto Moreles and I can’t help but imagine my family having a relaxing vacation there. This resort is really family-friendly as they offer extra amenities like crib, strollers, refrigerators for milk and medicines so parents don’t have to think about this stuff that babies and toddlers need. They even have different activities that both kids and adults will enjoy.

Every time we go on a vacation, I really want a quiet resort where we can really relax and just enjoy nature and this is really possible with Azul Beach Resort since they only have 98 rooms so the resort is really not crowded. Plus factor would be the beautiful view of the garden or the ocean that they offer for all their rooms.

I am sure we will be planning for a beach escapade as soon as I give birth so Bela and our second child can enjoy the beach and the sand and have a relaxing and fun family bonding.

Crocs Sale Alert

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crocs online outlet store is having a 50% off sale plus free shipping on all orders:

• Women’s Gretel is now at $24.99 from 49.99
• Wolly Mammoth is now at $27.99 from $59.99
• Girl’s Nadia at $29.99 from $34.99
• Men’s Ambler at $39.99 from $59.99

They even added new items to their collection. The one that I particularly like is the new Keeley:

I found this one cute for boys too:

I am not sure of Bela’s size for this model so we have to drop by the local Crocs store first to let her try the new Keeley before I order it online. The prize is way much cheaper at the outlet store compared to the local stores here in Manila. I need to buy new shoes for Bela as her old Crocs (which she has been using for years now. LOL) is already too small for her (finally!!).

Busy Weekend Ahead

I was so busy reading the site of because I am already on the look out for the best diet pills that I forgot that it will be a very busy weekend for us.

On Friday, I will be meeting up with my Twitter friends for the get together hosted by Trin who came all the way from the US for a vacation here in Manila and to meet with us. Glo, who also came from the US, is joining the party as well. I was supposed to attend the party on the 20th instead of the one on Friday, but Bela has an activity in school and it is mother-in-law’s birthday on the 20th so I decided that I should be there on the 19th. And as Joy puts it, is the grandest of all EBs so I better not be absent on the 19th.

On Saturday, it is Bela’s Field trip and the call time is at 7 AM (I wonder if we can make it at Bela’s school by 7 AM. LOL). They will be visiting the Doll Joy Museum, Ocean Park and then they will have a yacht ride. Then after the field trip, we will go to mother-in-law’s house for her birthday dinner.

On Sunday, hubby wants to go to Tagaytay but let’s see if we still have energy left for an out of town trip on Sunday.

Update: Nanny Woes

Monday, February 15, 2010

A few weeks ago was the death anniversary of my dear aunt who died of Mesothelioma cancer. Al of us miss her terribly but we know that she is already happy in her place right now because she is already together with her Creator.

So instead of being sentimental here in my post, let me just post my update about my nanny woes.

Yesterday I asked my mom to talked to my nanny to tell her that it is already her last day because she is really driving me crazy already. Last Saturday, she went to bed at 7 PM even if she is not yet finish with Bela. Then Sunday, we woke up around 9 AM and when we went down, she hasn’t even taken a bath yet or she hasn’t even washed Bela’s bottles. She was not able to go to church with us (but I really plan to leave her anyways), because she is still not ready to go. We we’re out for more than an hour and when we came back, that is the only time that she took a bath and wash Bela’s bottles. We had lunch and as soon as she is finish with her lunch, she asked permission if she can go to her sister’s house. She was out for more than thirty minutes and when she arrived I asked her to prepare for Bela’s milk. She gave Bela her milk and then went up to her room and when I checked on her at around 2:00 PM, she was sleeping soundly.

I did not wake her up as I want to test if she will really not feel ashamed of how is she is doing her job, but lo and behold, she went down at around 5 PM which means she took a nap for a good three hours. I talked to her and asked her if she is really like that with her former employer and she told me that at her former employer, she always takes a siesta. I was surprised with her answer and pointed out that her work is to take care of Bela and how can she sleep when Bela is still wide awake. It is good that Howell and I are at home. If she can sleep even if her employer is around then I can just imagine how she will take care of Bela if nobody is watching her. I even told her that she doesn’t even show respect and have the courtesy to at least inform me that she is going up for her siesta. She will just magically disappear and before I know it, she is already sleeping like a log in her room.

This is her usual routine in the four days that she has been with us. I did not hire somebody so I will watch her as she sleeps while either me, Howell or my mom does her job. So we just let her go.

As of now, we still don’t have a nanny. I guess it is less stressful and more peaceful this way. My mom is still not complaining yet (because she has to take care of Bela while Howell and I are in the office) so I will just let it be for the meantime. I am tired of looking for somebody who will really love their job and will show real care for my daughter. Though I still am praying that God will send us our angel and our nanny woes will finally be over.

LV's Artsy Monogram

I am a Damier girl. I always like the style of the Louis Vuitton Damier as compared to Louis Vuitton’s monogram style. But after Jacqui showed us the new Artsy Monogram from LV, I am now a converted monogram lover. LOL.

And then Louis Vuitton reinvented the Monogram:

Posted by Picasa
- supreme suppleness
- body friendly lines
- elaborated craftsmanship
- unique hand braided handle
- outstanding functionalities
- rich details

My friends said that the price is from $2000 - $2500. My eyes grew big with disbelief because there is no way I can afford a $2000 bag. Especially with the expenses lined up for us this year (I am due to give birth mid of 2010 and I would rather spend $2000 on more important things like buying vitamins and human growth hormone supplement for my parents. LOL)

But this Artsy Monogram from LV is a real beauty. How I wish I was the winner of the jackpot price from Mega Lotto last time and I would have bought each of my friends this new Artsy Monogram bag from LV.

What Valentine's Day Gift Should You Get?

You Should Get An Adopted Animal

You have a big heart, and your perfect Valentine's Day gift gives back.

Whether you get a real adopted pet or sponsor an animal somewhere, knowing you've made a difference makes your heart soar.

You believe that love is about giving and sharing - not about what you get in return.

You are a truly genuine person, and anyone would be extremely lucky to be loved by you.

I am not sure if I should believe the result of this quiz because I really don’t feel excited over the idea of getting a pet. LOL. But I love the part where it says that I believe that love is about giving and sharing and that I am a truly genuine person, and anyone would be extremely lucky to be loved by you. Howell, are you reading this? I told you, you are lucky to be loved by me. LOL (Oh walang kokontra ha. LOL).


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just look at my face. I can’t even stare at the mirror as I hate it every time I see the pimples all over my face.


I was taking birth control pills before and it really helped improve my skin because my pimples all disappeared but as soon as I stop taking it, my acne worsens. I also read that my acne will really worsen at this stage as part of the changes that I am going through now that I am already on my second trimester. I can’t take acne medications either as it is not recommended for pregnant women but I will surely look for the best acne treatment as soon as I give birth to help me with my acne problems.

But pimples and acne should be the last thing on my mind right now because in just a few months we will be seeing our second baby (and we will be having our 3D/4D ultrasound next month). I can’t wait for that day to come….

New Items from Faye - Gucci Bags

I need to look for home insurance for our property in Bulacan because it will be expiring soon so I went online to check for home insurance quotes. But then I got distracted after I read the twit of Joy that Faye has Gucci bags on sale so instead of continuing my search for home insurance, I quickly opened Faye’s flickr account to check out her new kalakals.

She posted a Gucci wallet this morning and she said that there is still more to come so when I saw her twit with the link to her Flickr account, I knew that it is Gucci. And I really went crazy when I saw these two bags - a Britt yellow Guccissima hobo and the Purple Guccissima Charmy:

I was like “Wahhhh!!” Another drooling moment for me. These are pre-ordered items and we have until Sunday to place our order. But I don’t think I will have this bag anytime soon no matter how much I want it. LOL. We have a lot of expenses lined up for this year and up to 2012 so all I can do right now is stare at the picture and imagine that the bag that I am using right now is my new Gucci Charmy or Hobo bag. LOL.

Yaya Diary for the Nth Time

Please recommend the best wrinkle cream as I will really need it because I will surely get old because of the stress that I am getting now.

I have a new yaya. Should be good news, right? She has been with us since February 11 and in the three days that she is with us, all she did was sleep, sleep and sleep. Just like today, we went to Bela’s class in Yamaha and left the house around 1:30 PM. She did not do anything the whole morning – she did not even wash Bela’s dirty bottles and she woke up late already. All she did was give Bela a bath. After Bela’s class, we drop by at Robinson’s for a few hours. On our way to Yamaha and Robinson’s, she was sleeping the whole time. We did not really stay that long in Rob place and I don’t think she got really tired of taking care of Bela while we are at Rob place as Howell and I helped her watch after Bela. We arrived at home around 6 PM. Bela played outside for a while and played with her cousin and then we went home at around 7 PM. She went up to her room as soon as we arrived and when we are calling her as it is time for her to eat, we discovered that she is already sleeping. Howell kept knocking at her door to wake her up but she is not responding. Hubby said that we just let her sleep as she might be tired already and I was like, “What??!!! How can she be tired?”

Then she woke up around 9 PM because Bela went to her room and she had dinner. Now, it is already 11 PM and she is still wide awake as she is watching PBB with me. How cool is that?

Looks like I really have no luck when it comes to yaya. Tomorrow I will talk to her, give her salary for three days and I will ask her to leave.

Thursday Thunks

1. You walk into a room, someone turns and looks at you and laughs. What do you do?
:: I am not really good in handling situations such as this so I might just walk out of the room.

2. You find an egg, take it home and keep it warm. It hatches. What type of dinosaur is it? Do you keep it and name?
:: T-Rex because that is my daughter’s favorite. I will keep it as Bela’s pet and let my daughter name it. LOL.

3. Which superhero would you want to be related to and why?
:: Superman I guess because he is the best among all the superheroes. LOL.

4. A drunken sailor comes up to you on the pier...he begins harassing you in a most repulsive way....what'll be your defense?
:: I’ll hit him, shout for help and run.

5. Entering a CLASS A piano bar, you're encouraged to sing atop the grand grab the microphone and sing.....
:: Oh my I am not sure if I can sing at all.

6. If you were a character in a Dr. Seuss book/movie, who would you be and why?
:: The cat because he is so cute and funny

7. If you have just been called to be a substitute in the Winter Olympics for your country (apparently everyone else was busy), what sport(s) will you compete in?
:: Skiing event. (I really don’t have an idea on the games being played at the Winter Olympics as I really don’t watch it because there is no winter in my side of the world. LOL.)

8. Did the audience from the piano bar in question #5 applaud when you were done with your song?
:: Of course lol!

Mommy Thoughts

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Last Saturday morning, as soon Bela opened her eyes, she put on a beautiful smile on her face as soon as she saw me and said “Good morning mom!” How I wish everyday will be like this. But sadly, since both hubby and I are working, most of the time we already left for work when Bela wakes up. So it is only during weekends where she gets to wake up with us still beside her. If only we can afford to be a single-income family….

But I was talking to my colleague who is a mom like me, and we both agree that as much as we want to stay at home and be with our kids, we can’t do that as we have to work to earn money for the future of our kids. Of course we want to give nothing but the best for our kids – we want to send them to good schools, provide for their needs and maybe some wants (like an Orlando vacation. LOL), support for their passions, etc and so we have no choice but to leave our kids at home and be at the office 5 days a week to work.

My hubby’s dream is that someday he will afford to buy 10 apartments so we can both resign from work and the rent that we will get from those 10 apartments is what we will use to provide for our daily needs. How I wish I will be the winner for the $130 million jackpot of Lotto so there is nothing to worry about and I can live a very comfortable life while I enjoy the company of my family and watch my kids grow.

Weekend Wrap Up

It is now 11:45 PM and I am still awake. I am already feeling so sleepy but looks like I will be up until the wee hours of the morning (so I better start reading about eye cream reviews as I will definitely need the best eye cream for my eye bags) so I can finish the things that I need to do online.

I planned to finish all of it during the weekend but I went to my OB yesterday for my check up and I also brought Bela to her pediatrician for her booster shot. I thought that I can work as soon as I get home but instead, we went to my mother’s house and I slept there until 7 PM while Bela is busy playing with her lolo.

Then today, we have to leave early to attend the birthday party of Bela’s cousin, Gab, at Active Fun. We went home late already as we went around the Block and SM Annex after the party.

I was so dead tired already when we reached home and instead of working, I managed to take a nap. We went to hear the 7 PM mass and before I knew it, it was already 10 PM and I realized that tomorrow is Monday already so I have no choice but to stay up late tonight to finish all my work. So wish me luck!!

My Financial Goal for 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I have been checking the Flickr account of Faye for some of her Coach bags on sale and I was about to buy another bag but good thing my angel reminded me that it is more important to focus on my financial goal for this year, and that is to start to save more.

Our family is growing and I am about to give birth in just four months time and so it is really important that we should be prepared emotionally and financially for the coming of the new baby. That is why on my spare time, I have been doing some research for investment options and that is when I landed on the site of United States Gold Bureau.

The site of United States Gold Bureau provides a lot of information about gold investment and why it is a wise way to invest our hard earned money. After reading all this information, it made me realize that it is really time to buy gold bullion.

Gold is indeed a very good investment since it is widely accepted so we can easily convert it to cash. It even offers flexible investment options since investors can choose to invest between coins and gold bullion and gold appreciates in time.

I am 100% confident that gold is the best way to go and with the help of United States Gold Bureau, I am sure we will find the best gold investment option.