My Chritsmas Wish List

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Do you have your wish list for Christmas already? Well if you will ask me, this will be my list:

1. An LV Neverfull Damier bag which I can get at a much cheaper price in Singapore (Now I am really regretting why I did not buy this when we were in Paris. My good friend Jacqui just told me that the price of this bag in Greenbelt already increased by P4,000. If I bought it in Paris, I might have saved around P10,000 bucks.
2. A red Philip Stein Watch which is on 0% 6 months to pay promo (good deal, right?).
3. Coach Zoe Bag which I can easily order from Faye
4. A three day vacation in Shangri-La Mactan which we can take before December 15 so we can avail of their almost 50% promo rate.

Hubby are you reading this? LOL. Just kidding dad. I know that we have more important things to prioritize so I will really understand if I don’t get anything from this list. But if you want to take this list seriously, go ahead, the pleasure is all mine. LOL.

Excited, Anxious, Nervous

Next Thursday, hubby, Bela and I will be leaving for a 7 day adventure to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. This is the first time that we will be travelling as a family. Every time we go out of town or out of country, we always invite my parents or my sisters and cousins to join us. I guess Howell and I are still not that confident that we can take care of Bela on our own so we always want somebody who can help us.

But since this trip is just short noticed, my parents couldn’t join us this time. I was also convincing my sister but since it is less than a week already, prices of airfare is very expensive (doubled that we usually pay specially if it is a promo fare from Cebu Pacific). So looks like, it will just be the three of us.

I am excited, anxious, nervous (yes, I am really feeling nervous that I think I will need vitamins for hair because I am starting to have hair fall because of stress) all at the same time. I am excited as I am sure Bela will have fun in this trip and this is a perfect bonding time for us. Nervous and anxious because I am scared that I will not be capable of taking good care of Bela.

I told my mom that she should be online 24/7 or she should always make sure that’s he checks her cell phone all the time. LOL. Wish us luck guys and hopefully Howell and I will do good in taking care of Bela on this trip.

Exclusive to Members: Invitation to Nestlé Cooking Demo

Are you an SM Advantage Card Holder? Well if you are then you are one step away from being one of the lucky participants of Nestlé’s Cooking Demo. The Cooking Demo is on delicious Christmas treats that you can give as gifts this Holiday Season. Who knows, maybe you can use this to make treats and sell them for a possible business sideline this holiday season.

The Cooking Demo will be held on Saturday, November 14, 2009 from 9:00 AM – 12 noon to be held at Julius Maggi Kitchen located at G/F Nestlé Center, 31 Plaza Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati City (across Power Plant Mall).

There are only limited slots available, so if you want to save on Christmas gifts or learn something on how you can earn this Christmas season, call the SM Advantage Hotline at 833-8888.

Tood bad that it falls on the same day as Bela's birthday party. If not, I would have called the hottline rigt away and reserve my slot.

Food Trip Saturday

Yesterday was food trip day for us. We dine in at Shakeys after Bela’s checkup. I just ordered Bunch of Lunch but for some reason, they served us with the Super Platter Meal which consists of corn soup, 2 slices of pizza, spaghetti, chicken, mojos, salad and brownie. I was surprised when I saw what they served us and I was really sure that I just ordered the Bunch of Lunch but hubby didn’t want to argue anymore and told me to just eat what is served to us. I was still full but I was able to finish the salad, chicken, mojos and soup but I did not even touch my pizza.

For dinner, we treated Hubby’s family for dinner at Banana Leaf. We ordered Roti Canai, Roti Canai Supreme, 2 servings of Nasi Goreng Nenas, Tilapia in Assam Sambal Sauce, Stir Fried Clams, Chicken, Penang Char, Shrimp in Mango Sauce and bottomless ice tea.

I was so full after dinner. I think I will need fat burners to burn all the calories that I had for this day alone. And since it is a Sunday today, I am sure my grand mother will cook something special for lunch and dinner since all of us are present at home. This means more calorie intake for me. So wish me luck. LOL.

Picture Addict

I was just checking the size of the hard disk of our laptop and I realized that it only has 25 GB of space left. When we went on a three-week vacation in Europe, Howell was able to take around 10,000 pictures so you can just imagine how many gigabytes of space the pictures occupied. And we even copied the pictures from our laptop to our Logo flash drive as our backup.

And now that we will be travelling for a week, I don’t think the 25 GB of hard disk space of our laptop is enough for the pictures that Howell will be taking for this trip. My husband is really trigger happy when taking pictures and especially since Bela is travelling with us, I am sure Howell will take more pictures than when we went on a three-week vacation. So either I clean up the hard disk of my laptop or I buy a new external hard disk. Do you think the 320 GB is enough? LOL.
And I have upgraded my Flickr account to Pro which gives me unlimited upload of pictures. This is a really good online backup, I just so love Flickr. (How I wish my SmartBro connection is fast so i can upload more pictures). You can view our online album here.

Bela and her Rashes

We went to Bela’s pedia in St. Luke’s Medical Hospital this morning for a check up. She got rashes all over her face, arms, and body last weekend and this morning, rashes are coming out of her neck and face again.

Dr. Dimalanta recommended that we do an elimination diet this week. We should avoid dairy products like eggs, butter and cheese. We should also avoid citrus, chicken products and chocolates so we can observe which of these products is causing the rashes. She can eat beef, pork, vegetables and fruits and Dr. Dimalanta recommended increasing her water intake. He also recommends removing all the stuffed toys in Bela’s bed and having a total clean up of our room. This reminds me that we have to buy lamb motor for our defective vacuum cleaner so we can use it to clean our room. Bela also has to take 5 ml of Virlix once a day for 10 – 15 days.

After two weeks, we will go back to Dr. Dimalanta again for a follow up check up. Hope that Dr. Dimalanta will be able to find the source of Bela’s allergies.

Our VERY Tiring Saturday

We had a very tiring Saturday. We started our day early as we have to catch Bela’s Pedia from St Luke’s who holds clinic there from 9-11 AM. We did not wait that long as there are not much patients in queue so we finished around 11 AM. We decided to have lunch at Shakey’s which we saw when we picked up our car from the parking lot outside St. Luke’s.

After lunch, Bela is requesting that we go to a Butterfly Farm after she saw the Butterfly Farm website in Bulacan that Howell showed to her. Howell thought of just going to the Katipunan area where there are lots of trees for the hopes that they can see butterflies there. On our way to Katipunan, we saw the Manila Seedling Center and Howell decided to just go there so he can inquire also prices for the garden landscaping. I feel so sleepy and tired so I just stayed at the car and sleep while Howell and Bela checked out the different shops there offering landscaping services. Bela had fun going here as she saw plenty of koi fish on display in one of the shops.

It was almost 2 PM when we left the place and we just head to Bela’s school in QC. Bela fell asleep on our way there which is good so she was able to rest before her 3 PM class. Bela’s class finished on time and according to her teacher, she did well that day. She was well behaved, participated in all the activities, did the tracing of her name without any interruptions, and she scored a perfect score (15/15) in the sorting game that they did. Her teacher observed that she is really good in looking for details.

After her class, we received an SMS from Howell’s mom that they are on our way to our house. Hubby and I got a bit confused as we have no idea that they are coming. This is our last weekend before our trip and we still have a lot of things to do so I told hubby to just meet them in Robinsons.

I was not able to do grocery shopping also as Bela got really excited when she saw her cousins. Good thing, I was able to buy her birthday party clothes but I was not really able to check out all the stores. I just went in one of the stores and just bought two pairs.

It was already 9 PM when they decided to go home but Bela’s cousin wanted to go home with us to play. We reached home around 9:30 PM. I was so dead tired already but I still have visitors to entertain. Bela was sleepy too as we are out almost the whole day but she doesn’t want to go up since she still have playmates. It was almost 12 am when everything was back to peace and quiet again.

But I can't still call it a day as I still have a lot of tasks to finish……

Still on Causeway

Of all the clothes that I bought from causeway, this dress is the one that I don’t like the most. I really look fat wearing this and the sleeves are so fluffy that I feel like I have wings for flying. Well, it only means two things: either the blouse is really bad or I badly need weight loss pills so I won’t look fat. LOL.

I love shopping in the online store of Causeway as the price is really cheap, even comparable to the price of Tutuban. But like my other friends who ordered from causeway has pointed out, it is a hit and miss thing. Some items are really nice but there are some items that has really bad quality. Some of them doesn’t come close to how it looks from the pictures that it posted on their site. But so far, out of all the eigth items that I ordered, there are only two items that I really don’t like. (You can view some of the other items that I bought here.)

So if you will ask me if I will shop at Causeway again, I will still say yes. Why not, it is just like shopping in Tutuban minus all the sweat and the stress.

Enjoying my Saturday

I am here in Bela’s school waiting for her Saturday class to finish. Since I have one hour to spare, I was able to use this time to finish some of my online task. I was even able to do some readings about how agencies can help in claiming our social security disability benefits.

Now I am starting to enjoy my Saturdays. At least we can go out to the mall after her class and I can use this one hour to finis my errands. Though, there is no wifi connection in Bela’s school so I have to do my online tasks offline and will just upload it as soon as I reached home. But I observed, this is my most productive 1 hour ever. Since it is really quiet in the waiting area in Bela’s school, I can really concentrate and I can finish a lot of tasks. Now I am thinking to get a Smart Bro or Globe Broadband wireless Internet so I can go online while waiting. But I am thinking that this might just be an added expense and don’t you think I will really look like an Internet addict if I do that? We’ll see…..

My Causeway Loots

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I was looking for tuxedo vest for my cousin as he is the best man for the wedding of his best friend when I remembered that I haven’t posted here pictures taken by hubby when I had my pictorial wearing the items that I got from Causeway.

Just like the husbands of the other Causeway girls, Howell was confused at first as to why I need to have this pictorial. LOL. I did not bother explaining. You know men, sometimes they just don’t get how women thinks. LOL.

Well actually, the reason why we are posting pictures of us wearing the Causeway loots so the other Causeway girls will have an idea on how the actual dresses or blouses really look. The Causeway site is really deceiving as the clothes really look good on their models, but sometimes, there are items whose quality is not good and doesn’t even come close to what is shown on the web. So at least, we give each other idea on what to order next and on what not to order. LOL.

Here are some pictures:


My favorite among my purchases:
1. The purple blouse as it is really comfy and the quality is ok.
2. The black butterfly tattoo blouse as it goes well with shorts, pants or even slacks.
3. The white overall shorts. Though the cloth where it is made is really thin (you need to wear light colored undies), I like it because it is so comfortable. I will actually wear it for our trip to Singapore next week.

So girls, when will we place our next order? Causeways addicts. LOL. You can view more pictures here.

Mommy Moments - Tantrums, Tantrums

mommy moments

So, how do you handle tantrums?

My three year old daughter can be a handful at times especially when she has tantrums. I avoid scolding her every time she throws tantrums and will try to explain to her in a very diplomatic way that throwing tantrums won’t make her get what she wants. Sometimes it will work; sometimes she will just ignore me. LOL.

But if ever she becomes uncontrollable, I will just let her cry and will not pay attention to her tantrums. This is actually what her pedia suggested because he said that sometimes, kids are just like that, they want to catch our attention and one way of doing it is by throwing tantrums. And it usually works because my daughter will just get tired of crying and whining and will eventually say sorry to us and hug us for acting that way.
Join us here.

Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park and Aquaria KLCC

Orlando vacations would be the best vacation we can give Bela, but as for now, a trip to the Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park and Aquaria KLCC will suffice.

We really have no plans of going out of the country before the year ends as we are still recovering from the expenses that we incurred during our last trip. LOL. We are only planning of going out of town just to spend at least a three days vacation with Bela. But we are so thankful because God gave us another blessing and another opportunity to travel.

On Thursday, we will be taking Cebu Pacific flight 5J 803 at 8:30 PM for Singapore. We decided to leave on the evening of Thursday as Howell and I only have a limited number of leaves left so we have to maximize our time. At least we are already in Singapore Thursday evening (close to midnight) and we have two full days to spend in Singapore.

Bela is one excited and happy girl. She can still recall her last visit at the Zoo. She kept on recalling her encounter with Carlos the sea lion, the elephant show that we watched, her close encounter with the orangutans, the hippos, the kangaroos, the polar bear, etc. Singapore Zoo is really a heaven for Bela as she loves animals.

I also showed her the website of Jurong Bird Park and she jump in joy when she saw the penguins. She kept on asking when we are leaving. Howell and I are really looking forward to this trip as I know it will really be a fun trip for our family.

Habitat for Humanity

Have you heard of Habitat for Humanity? Habitat for Humanity is an international organization where they help low income families build a community by developing a housing partnership where those families in need of adequate shelter would work side by side with Habitat for Humanity volunteers to build simple but decent mobile homes.

Because of Habitat for Humanity’s project, more than 300,000 homes have been built all over the world with the help of Habitat for Humanity’s counterparts in different countries and these houses housed more than 1,500,000 people.

I once joined a Habitat for Humanity project. Our office coordinated with Habitat for Humanity Philippines so all the employees who volunteered can help build houses in the community that they are developing in Malabon. I was hesitant at first to join as I thought that it will be hard labor as we will be building houses. But despite the sweat and the scorching heat of the sun, it was really a good feeling as I worked with the future dwellers of the house. Can you imagine, I am no good when it comes to building anything but I was part of the group who attached the walls to the houses and I am so proud because we were able to finish a lot. We only spent half day there and we saw how thankful and grateful the people we have helped are. It is one of the great experiences that I will share with my daughter in the future.

Our Wish

Eight days and counting….I am delayed for eight days already. Oh I am really hoping that I will be in the exam table of my OB gyne soon for my check up. I know there is still a possibility that I am just delayed so I haven’t done any test yet as I don’t want to be disappointed. I really, really hope that we can give Bela a baby brother or a baby sister soon.

I can’t wait to read “What to Expect when you’re expecting” book.
I can’t wait to wear maternity clothes again.
I can’t wait to shop for baby stuff.
I can’t wait to hold in my arms our precious little baby.

I am really praying and hope you will pray for us also, that hopefully we will get the good news soon. I don’t want to make a test until after a month so I still have al least 15 days of waiting. Good thing we will be on vacation (and a little business trip) for a week so at least this will help me, take my mind off the test. Please pray for us guys….

Food 4 Thought Friday

What was your high and low of the week?
High – I was so happy because the email that I have been waiting for a week now, has finally arrived in my Inbox yesterday and I am so happy with the result. I am also happy as I received a lot of sideline work for this week. Hopefully this will let me save for shopping for our Singapore trip.
Low – My week did not end well at work.

What is something you used to do religiously that you no longer do?
Watch all CSI series. I used to follow all the CSI series (New York, Vegas, Miami) but I can’t watch it now as Bela (my 4 year old daughter) dominates the TV now. LOL

What is something you now do that you never in your wildest dreams thought you would be doing?
I never thought that I will go crazy with designer bags. LOL.

Midnight Snack
How much do you enjoy Halloween?
A lot because my daughter joins Halloween activities every year and she really enjoys it a lot. Of course, my daugther’s joy is my joy too.

Recipe of the Week (instead of your recipe for life, what is it just for this week?)
Don’t be so trustful. You will never know who is stabbing you at the back.
Join us here.

Bela's Halloween Party @ MSS

Last October 22, MSS had their Halloween Costume Party. We received a letter from Bela’s teachers and they said that this year, the costume party will just be a simple one as they asked parents to give donations to the victims of Typhoon Ondoy, instead of buying costumes for their kids. I initially planned to just ask Bela to wear her lion costume from last year since I know that she find her ballerina costume itchy. But when I asked her the night before the program, she said that she wants to wear her ballerina dress instead. So even though it is already 8 PM, we rushed to SM since I haven’t bought a shoe that will match her ballerina dress. I bought her wings, wand and tiara also since she said that she wants to be a fairy Ballerina. LOL.

I have no more leaves left so I was not able to go there to watch their program but thank you to hubby and my mom who took pictures and videos of the program. I saved the pictures to my flash drive so I can show it Bela’s God parents in the office to show them how cute their god child is. Here are some pictures:


This is the ballerina dress that she will be wearing for her party. Good thing she decided to wear this instead of her lion costume because even though we were asked to just recycle costumes for this party it is quite obvious that there are a lot of stage parents since almost all the kids are wearing really nice costumes which looks like it had been sewn by a professional costume maker. LOL. Bela’s dress was made by Prim. Though, I am really not that happy with how the dress turns out. I expect it to be sexy (base on the sketch that she showed me) and the skirt to be more flowing plus she said that the material that she will be using will not make Bela itch (I think the tulle inside the skirt is the itchy part). I also find the flower a little off and it really doesn’t look like the flower that is shown in the sketch that she emailed me. But then again, Bela still looks cute in it so the price that I paid for the dress is still all worth it. And at least Bela will be able to wear the dress twice.


Looks like I will be needing acne treatment because I am sure my pimples will start popping out again as this has been a very stressful week for me. It was really busy at work and I finished my day listing all the things that I need to accomplish before I leave for the conference and a little vacation next week. My schedule for next week is booked from 8-4:30 PM, as in, not even a slot for a health break.

Then I just learned that Bela will not have a class on November 16 as they moved their Family on November 14 after it has been cancelled because of Typhoon Ondoy. November 16 is Bela’s scheduled party at her school and I already booked the magician for that. Good thing I was able to read the memo, otherwise, I might not have a time to rebook my magician. I have to call my party planner first thing tomorrow morning and I am really hoping that Wacky (our magician) is still available any day for that week so Bela can celebrate her birthday in school.

Then I only have a few days left before we leave for Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. I still have to get a Travel Exception Certification at PTA for Bela then I still have to shop for the stuff that we will need for our trip. Good thing I have finished booking our flights and hotels already so at least that is two less things to think about.

Then there is Bela’s party. We will be back just a week before her party so we only have this time to distribute the invitations and finalize the other party details. Howell is still not finish with the invites and trap layout so I am sure there is no way we can distribute the invites before we leave next week.

Oh, stress, stress, stress…..

For Tomorrow

It will be a very busy day tomorrow for us. I scheduled Bela for a check up with her Pedia in St. Luke’s Medical Center (Dr. Dimalanta) because she had rashes all over her back, arms and face last Monday. When we went for check up with Dr. Dimalanta a few months ago, he mentioned that Bela might have skin asthma because of the rashes that he noticed in Bela’s arm folds so we decided to bring Bela back to him instead with her regular Pedia. And since we are already at St. Luke’s I might visit their insurance department to get my term life insurance quotes which I have been planning to renew for the longest time already.

Bela will also have her OT sessions at 3 PM in Quezon city and after her OT session, we are planning to drop by at Robinson’s Place to do our grocery for the things that we will need for our trip next week and if we still have the energy, we might check out the clothes shop there also for Bela’s birthday party clothes.

Just thinking about our itinerary makes me feel tired already. Hope we will have the energy to finish al our errands tomorrow.

DKNY watch: Delivered

Yehey, Faye sent this to me this morning:

My DKNY watch has already been delivered to the US address that I gave to Faye. It is possible that it will arrive in Manila next week. I am so excited. I have been planning to buy that watch ever since I saw it from Faye’s site a couple of months back. But back then, I can only afford to buy one item so I bought the Coach sling pack first as I will need it for my trip. So I was giddy happy when Faye told me that she still has it in stock and I immediately decided to buy it.

I really need a watch as my old Fossil watch already gave up on me and is already asking for a replacement. I am really not used to not wearing a watch but since I don’t have a budget to buy one (and I am also hoping that maybe I will be able to afford my dream watch before the end of 2009), months has passed already without me wearing a watch. But then I realized that there is no way I can afford my dream watch before 2009 says goodbye because I am eyeing on buying another item from my wish list for 2009 so I decided to just buy my second dream watch, which is the cute DKNY watch that I posted here.

I am excited. I am really hoping that it will arrive before Thursday so at least I can see it before I leave for six days.

Off to SG & KL

Thursday, October 22, 2009

We’re off to see the Merlion and the Petronas in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur next week. I was one of the lucky participants selected to be a part for this year’s ITP conference in Kuala Lumpur. Hubby and I really wanted to go on a vacation with Bela and we are planning to go to Cebu and avail of Shangri-La Mactan’s promo but then another blessing has been showered upon us and I was given the opportunity to travel. Of course, we can’t miss this perfect opportunity and even though we only have a week to prepare (since my attendance has been confirmed only last Monday), Howell and Bela still decided to tag along with me. And I really wanted them to go since I don’t want to be separated from them even for just four days and I specially don’t want to be all by myself in KL.

I did some quick research when I learned that I was one of those being considered to join the conference and I did not find anything really interesting for Bela in Kuala Lumpur and so we decided to drop by Singapore first.

Howell and I only have less than 3 days of vacation leave left and so we can only stay in Singapore for two days. So our IT:

• We will be leaving in the evening of October 29 at 8:30 PM. We will be in Singapore at 11:55 PM
• Day 2: We will visit Singapore Zoo and then drop by at the malls in Orchard road as I want to check one particular store there.
• Day 3: Jurong Bird Park and if we still have time, we might check out the Snow World.
• Day 4: Flight to KL
• Day 5 – 7: I will attend the conference and Howell and Bela might explore KL on their own. The Aquaria KLCC is just near our hotel I think, so they might visit that also. The conference organizers have planned group city tours (visit to the Petronas Towers, Chinatown, etc) and spouses and other members of the family are welcome to join so we might join this also.
• Day 8: Flight back to Manila

Our IT looks tiring huh? This reminds me that I have to look for Dansko shoes which is so comfortable which I will need for the long walks during this trip. Bela is so excited already. This will be our second time in Singapore. We were not able to ride the elephant when we went to Singapore Zoo the last time and we were not able to visit Jurong Bird Park so hopefully we can do it this time.

Bela's Party To Do List

I need to look for the best acne treatment as my acne and pimples are starting to pop out again. I am not really stress out (I think) and I almost always go to bead early so I don’t know why I am still getting pimples.

I am almost done with all the things that I need to prepare for Bela’s birthday so I don’t see any reason to be stress out. In fact, I am already finished with all my major tasks:

1. Finalize all details with my party planner. I am just waiting for Angelette’s text on when I can pick up the kiddie couches and we will just pick up the cakes maybe a day before the party.
2. I already talked to the balloon decorator that I got from Divi mall so they will be the one to inflate and decorate the venue with the balloons that I ordered from Brody’s online store.
3. I just need to talk to Jollibee party organizer to give them final instructions on the games, prizes, mascot appearances, etc.
4. I am already done shopping for the game prizes that I need for Bela’s two parties. I went crazy shopping for Little Einsteins toys online and other items from Divisoria that I did not realize that I have more than enough game prizes already.
5. I just need to order take out food from Jollibee for Bela’s school party.
6. I just need to book an outside party at Mcdo for Bela’s party at Hospicio De San Jose.

Items 5 and 6, I plan to do after we get back from our vacation / my conference. So, you see almost all the details have been finalized already and I don’t see any reason to panic. Hope these pimples will really go away soon.

just thinking out loud

This is the 800 ml of ice cream that hubby bought for me the other day. He said that we will be dropping by at Jollibee as he wants Chicken joy for dinner and so I asked him to buy me a chocolate sundae. He came home late that night since it is his bowling day so Jollibee is almost close. He said that the chocolate sundae is no longer available and so he decided to get me the Vanilla Almond ice cream of Selecta.

In just one sitting we were able to finish this 800 ml of ice cream. I think the next thing that I am going to ask hubby to look for is the the best weight loss pills as we will really need one if we continue eating like this.

I don’t know but for some reason, I really increased my appetite. Last weekend, we attended a party in Jollibee and I was able to finish the chicken, spaghetti, rice and sundae. Talk about pigging out. LOL. But you know, I would really be happy if I found out that I increased my appetite because I am pregnant. I am still waiting, wishing, hoping and praying….

My Recent Purchase

Sunday, October 18, 2009

As I posted here, I am choosing between the Coach Zoe Red wallet and the Coach Zoe medium bag. I really love those two pieces but then after I converted the price again to peso, I suddenly had second thoughts in buying it. I don’t know but maybe I am really just like that when it comes to buying stuffs for me. I have to make sure that I can justify my purchases (especially if it costs me a few thousand bucks). Or maybe it is because I don’t have that enough money for shopping so I really have to think twice so I can really be sure that I am getting what I really want and what I really need. Or maybe, I am just plain crazy. LOL.

So between the wallet and the bag, guess what I end up buying. This:

Hahaha. I figured I really need a watch and just the perfect timing because Faye still has on stock the DKNY watch that I like to buy from her a few months ago so I thought maybe this watch is really meant for me. LOL.

I already sent my down payment and I am excited since I might be receiving the watch in three weeks or less. Thanks again Faye and maybe someday, I will be able to afford the Coach Zoe wallet and bag. LOL. You can check out Faye's kalakals here.

We got Tickets: Disnet on Ice 2009

Before I look for the best acne treatments on the web, I like to make a post first about the show that I will be watching with Bela, Howell, Peachy, Joaqui, Jacqui and Sam on January 3, 2009.

When I was still young my parents would always take us to this Ice Skating show held in Araneta Coliseum during the Christmas season. It was still called Holiday on Ice then and I always enjoy the show and was always awe stricken by the gracefulness of the ice skaters. Then they brought Disney on Ice here in Manila. I still don’t have Bela then as I was still single and so I treated all my cousins to the show as my Christmas gift to them, and of course we all enjoyed the show.

I know that Bela loves Disney characters so much especially Mickey Mouse and his friends and so when I learned that they are having this show this Christmas season, I immediately called Ticketnet to reserve our tickets. (Last time they had a show here, the tickets are all sold out when we inquired so we were not able to watch the show). Of course I shared the news to Peachy since I know her son loves Mickey Mouse too. She also emailed all our MBAP friends if they want to watch the show with us so we can all watch the show together.

After exchanging emails and SMS messages, Peachy, Jacqui and I decided to watch the show together on January 3, 2010 at 6 PM. We got our tickets yesterday and I think we got the best seats:

Patron VIP
Row A
Seats 1 – 7

Bela has this weird fear of being in a big enclosed venue especially with the lights off. She developed this fear when we watched the Dora show at the Aliw Theater. We watched the Sesame Street and the Barney show too before the Dora Show and she was still fine then. I am now praying that she will not get scared and will enjoy the Disney on Ice show since I know that this is one of the best shows that she can ever watch since she loves ice skating and she loves all the Disney characters. Hopefully, she will feel comfortable watching the show especially since Joaqui and Sam is with us.

Special mention to Jody and Kelly for trying to help us get the Disney on Ice tickets when they are offering it only for BDO card holders. Thanks for all the help girls. We really appreciate it.

Online Christmas Shopping

It’s Christmas shopping time once again. I used to start with my Christmas shopping early, like as early as September so I don’t have to join those people doing Christmas shopping rush during the busy holiday season. But my husband and I got really busy these past few months with work and with school and with our obligations with Bela that we might do one big shopping for all our relatives and god children again this year (just like what happened last year).

But I am so thankful for online shopping because I can do some of my shopping as early as now. Last year I ordered online all our Christmas gifts for Bela. I bought the Dora Aqua Doodle mat, the Moon Sand Safari set, the Tickle me Elmo, and the Baby Alive doll. This year I am thinking of getting the Click Start from Leapfrog and some cartridges as our Christmas gift for Bela and maybe the Little Einsteins toy laptop or the Vtech Camera.

I am also happy since I can also purchase online my gift for my god child who lives in Los Angeles. But I have to verify first with my friend their new address because the last time we talk, she mentioned that she is looking at different Sacramento apartments since they are thinking of moving in Sacramento since his husband’s work has been relocated there.

That is why Christmas is really my favorite holiday season – it gives me all the right reason to shop. LOL.

Skin Allergies on Children

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My good friend’s son had an allergy attack last Monday and they have to rush him to the hospital for the redness and the swelling. She posted the picture of his son in Flickr and I really felt bad for the little kid.

Bela sometimes had rashes too in the folds of her arm and sometimes on her neck and back. It will just pop out when it’s too hot or too cold. I remember when we were in Hong Kong last November. The temperature was 15 degrees Celsius, and the entire time of our trip, she always has rashes in her face, lips, arms, neck or even her legs.

After I saw what happened with my good friend’ son, I got a bit alarmed and I wanted to bring Bela to a dermatologist too. I also have been doing some reading and I learned that using natural baby products such as the products of Burt’s Bees for babies is really highly recommended. Because it is 100% natural, it is really recommended for baby’s sensitive skin.

I will definitely check out Burt’s Bees products and try it out with Bela and I might seek consultation for a dermatologist also for her.

Coach is Love

Here I am drooling again on Faye’s kalakal page in Flickr. I really love this red Coach Leather wallet:

I love the color, I love the fact that it has a lot of space for my cards, plus it has a space in the middle for coins. I like this Coach Zoe brown bag too.

But since I am on a tight budget, I can only afford to buy one. The price difference between the bag and the wallet is not that big so I am thinking to get the bag instead. But just like what my Kumareng Peachy said, I still have two new bags so getting the wallet is a much better choice.

I have been saving up and I am thinking that this will be a nice gift for me for Christmas. I told hubby and of course, he said yes (that is what I love about my husband, he always supports my luho. LOL).

I told Faye that I will think it over and I hopefully I have a decision already by tom (Sorry sis ah, matagal talaga ako mag decide. LOL).

Geeky Me

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I was checking out my account in Facebook when I saw my picture back in my high school days when I was still wearing does geeky looking eyeglasses. I really look like a nerd and so when my cousins saw that picture, they can’t help buy tease me.

Teenagers nowadays who need to wear prescription eyeglasses are lucky since they can find fashionable and cheap eyeglasses from Zenni Optical. Zenni Optical have a wide collection of $ 8 Rx eyeglasses which are so fashionable that even cool teenagers will not feel shy and would still be confident in wearing it.

Here are a few of My favorite high fashion eyeglasses:

What I like about their prescription eyeglasses is that the quality doesn’t suffer even if it is very affordable. How You Can Start Spending Smart? Just check out the site of Zenni Optical for their affordable, durable and fashionable prescription eyeglasses.

2010 Travel Plans

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I know I don’t have any more vacation leaves left (I only have two more vacations leaves which I will be using for Bela’s school activity), but as I was surfing the net this morning, I stumbled upon the site of Karisma’s hotels and resorts.

Hubby and I really love the beach and if only budget will permit, we will definitely go on a romantic vacation riviera maya. All of their resorts guests will be assured of a very relaxing and stress-free vacation. Who wouldn’t be able to relax if you are staying in a resort amidst the topical forest, with white beach sands, a casita suite, an all inclusive gourmet package, and you can even enjoy a relaxing spa treatment. This is really a perfect vacation for me.

Hubby and I are really saving and we are eyeing early next year for this trip. Hopefully our budget will permit us to go on vacation as we are both so stress from work and we really need one nice and relaxing vacation.

Giddy Happy

Our loots are here. Our loots from Causeway that is. I posted here that I found a new online shopping site. Thanks to Caryl for introducing this online store to us. The price is really cheap. It is like an online Tutuban or 168 store. LOL.

Caryl said that it might arrive in Manila between October 14 – 16 so I am not expecting it until next week and I was really surprise when I read Litzie’s email that the loots are already here. I snagged the pictures from Litzie’s Flickr account:

Litzie will be sending it to us via Air21 so it will surely be in my doorstep next week. I think there are 6 items for me there, 5-6 items for my sister, 2 for my mom and 4 for my cousin. Is it obvious that my family went crazy shopping in Causeway.

Most of my online friends already ordered from this shop a few weeks ago and this is their second batch of orders. They said that some items are really good but there are some items that are really “chaka.” LOL. So I am hoping that all my items have good quality.

Hoping and Praying

A few years after I had Bela, most of my friends who gave birth the same time as me are all already excited and can’t wait to have their second baby. I was really feeling guilty, because at the time, I feel that I am not ready yet. I guess I was a bit traumatized with what we experienced with Bela. She was diagnosed to have a congenital heart disease which cause a great deal of pain and fear specially for a first time mom like me and maybe that is the reason why I feel that I am not ready yet.

But now, I can’t wait to have our second baby. Honestly, I never thought that the day will come that I will feel this way again because at first, I was already happy to have Bela and inside me I feel that Bela is enough and I don’t want to have another child. But things have change now and I am really praying that God will grant our wish and we will have another addition to our family. That would be a perfect Christmas gift for our family.

Of course, I know I don’t have to worry on how I can loose weight as I can depend on hcg injections austin for that. LOL. And hopefully, with the experience we had in taking care of Bela, we will be a much better parent for our second baby.

Oh I really can’t wait. Please pray for us that God will give us the best gift that we can ever receive before the year ends.

Perfect Investment

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Last week, the Philippines has been hit by a terrible natural calamity. Typhoon Ondoy has left a great deal of havoc – billions of pesos of damage to properties and agriculture, thousands of Filipinos has been left homeless and thousands died because of the typhoon.

My aunt and her family was one of the victims of Typhoon Ondoy. They were not able to save anything. All the material things like furniture, gadgets, etc has been wiped by the flood caused by the typhoon. Now they have to start from scratch again in rebuilding their homes and their lives again.

Though we are thankful that my aunt and her family are safe, this has also been a wake up call for me and my husband. We realized that we should be saving up for the future of our kids.

My friend was able to find a silver coin dealer and she started investing in silver bars and silver coins. She said that she highly recommends investing in rare silver coins and silver bars as it has a high resale value so we can easily sell it and convert it to cash if we want. Also, since rare silver coins and silver bars don’t depreciate in time, we can be assured that we can get a high premium over time. She also doesn’t have to worry on how to store it since silver bars and silver coins are compact so it is very convenient to store.

I got really convinced that this is a good investment option rather than stocking our money in bank so I have been checking the web to learn about bullion and the different bullion coins and I really learn a lot from my reading.

My friend highly recommends Monex as her silver coin dealer as their staffs are really professional and really knows the market so we can be assured that we will be getting the best the market offer. And Monex offers only nothing but 99.9% pure silver coins and silver bars which is the industry standard.

I am sure this will be a good investment plan for us and this will really help us save up for the rainy days.

SM Advantage Exclusive Offers

Do you have an SM Advantage Card? SM is offering a terrific promo exclusive to their members only.

SM Advantage card holder can enjoy early bird room rates promo from Pads & The Legend Palawan Hotels.

You can book a hotel at Pads for only P3,000 per person and only P4,000 per person at Legend Palawan Hotels (regular room rate is P8,999 per person).

Booking period is from October 30 – November 30, 2009 and room availability will be from December 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010. The package is inclusive of 3D 2N hotel accommodation base on twin sharing, and a day tour at Honda Bay or Underground river.

For inquiries and booking, you can call: 702-2700 to 04.

Rainbow After the Rain

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Have you seen pictures of the damages caused by Typhoon Ondoy? My heart was crushed upon seeing how many lives he has taken, how many properties destroyed, how many Filipinos he has left homeless.
Picture snagged from

Even if I don’t watch the TV and read the news, I can feel the hardships the victims are experiencing now because I have relatives, friends and colleagues who have been victims of Typhoon Ondoy. My aunt and her family lost all their properties because of the flood but we are very thankful that all of them are safe. I have colleagues who have to take a leave from work because their house was a total mess and they have to rebuild everything and clean their house so at least they have a place to sleep again. What made it worse was that the mud dried out already and it is very difficult for them to remove the mud inside the house. (If only they have pressure washers, then it would have been a lot easier.) And it has been raining continuously since Saturday so there is no sun to dry up all the things that has been exposed to rain and flood. I also have friends who have lost everything too and I can’t help but really feel affected and helpless because there is only so much that I can do and say to make them feel better again.

But I believe that there is always a reason for everything and now is not the time for Filipinos to loose hope. We just have to keep the faith and keep on praying and I really believe that there is always a rainbow after the rain.