CRS Car allowance program

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My friend works for a company and they are looking at a management firm that can help them manage the reimbursement program for all their mobile employees.

You see, they don’t provide company owned vehicles to their mobile employees but instead they let their employees use their private vehicles for business use and just reimburse the cost to the company. But the reimbursement is giving them so many headaches as they have to have a dedicated staff to manage all reimbursements.

That is why they were so happy when they discovered the Car allowance program of Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc. (CRS). CRS will be the one managing all vehicle reimbursement of all the mobile employees of the company. They will even do the reimbursement on behalf of the company, so there is no work left for the company to reimburse all the expenses of their employees.

Even employees will like this service as each employee will be given their own reimbursement schedule which covers the entire component needed to compute their reimbursement rate. All their reimbursement requests can be easily checked also just by logging in to CRS’s website. They will also be given driver safety training by CRS which is an advantage again on both the company and the employee.

For more information, just check out the site of CRS.

Let us Pray for the Victims of Typhoon Ondoy

Monday, September 28, 2009

How is everybody after the typhoon? Hope everybody is safe.

We don’t have electricity since Saturday afternoon and power was only restored the next day so I was really not aware of the gravity of the situation until I heard from the news the number of damages and victims of the typhoon.

I am thankful since our family was not really affected that bad by the typhoon and we only have to replace some faucets and do some minor repairs in our house but then I learned from my mom that my aunt who lives in Rizal was so worried because she and her husband is stranded in Fairview and only her two kids are left at home. Good thing their neighbors took care of the two kids while they are gone since the flood is already chest deep in their area.

My aunt and her husband together with their other kid arrived home safely around 1 AM but their house was a total mess when they arrived. They were not even able to save anything. But they are so thankful that at least, their two kids are safe.

We are trying to contact them but all their phones are unreachable. I called MMDA already to check if roads are passable going to Rizal as my mom wants to go there to check their condition because the last time we received a text from my aunt was they don’t even have a place to sleep. Unfortunately, according to MMDA, roads are still not passable.

We are praying that my aunt and her family are doing ok. Please pray for my aunt’s family and for all the victims of typhoon Ondoy.

My New Favorite Online Shopping Site

Monday, September 21, 2009

One of the perks that I enjoy with blogging is I get to meet friends who share the same passion as I have. Just recently, I learned that my co-blogging mommies tried a new online shopping site – Causeway mall, in Hong Kong. As if online shopping site in the US is not enough for us LOL, so we are invading Hong Kong this time. Thanks to Caryl for making this possible and for organizing this for us. Ordering is a little complicated as we have to order minimum of 2 pieces per item so Caryl is summarizing all the orders for us so we will know which items is still below the minimum order so we can help each other with our orders (Thanks for doing this sis).

Look at some of my great finds:

I tell you, the price is so cheap it is like shopping in Tutuban or 168 less the sweat and the stress. LOL. So who can say No right? Caryl will place the order later so hopefully all our orders are still available. I am so excited already. Great shopping find talaga.

I am a Baby Fashionista Fan

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ever since I discovered Prim’s Baby Fashionista site, I have been waiting for an occasion where I will find a reason to have a dress made for Bela. I just so love her designs. It is so kikay and so fashionable, the perfect choice for the kind of clothes that I want for Bela.

I already asked Prim last year to do a sexy lion costume which Bela used for her Halloween program at school. This year, I asked Prim again to do a Ballerina costume for Bela’s birthday party. I can’t wait to see the final output as I am sure it will be one nice creation again by Prim.

And did you know that she already opened her Baby Fashionista store in Eastwood. I am so dying to go there to check out her collection but I haven’t find the time since they opened plus Eastwood is a few hours drive from our place so I have to do a lot of convincing first before hubby will drive us there.

Here are some of her new collections:

I love the petite pink skirt. I wish they come in adult sizes too (But I guess, I am too old for that cutie skirt and even so, I will really need to take zyatonix first before I dare wear that sexy skirt). And I was told by Prim that these skirts are sold out already. Yeah, her creations get sold out that fast (she just released this design last August 31, 2009) so if you want any item from her collection, better run to Eastwood now.

I need a purple dress for Bela for the MBAP Christmas party so I am thinking if this will look good on her.

I and my kumareng Peachy are already planning to visit Prim’s store one of this days. I can’t wait….

Food Talk

Thursday, September 17, 2009

As soon as we arrived in Manila after our three-week vacation, I asked my dad to bring us straight to Dampa as we really miss Filipino food.

Since then, Howell and I have been restaurant hoping as we really miss the taste of delectable Filipino food. I remember during the first few days when we arrived, we are still jet lag so we are still up until 2 or sometimes 3 AM as it is only 10 PM Europe time which is the earliest time we go to bed when we were still there. And we got really hungry that Howell has to go out and buy tapsilog to satisfy our hunger. (I guess both of us really need to take appetite suppressant because we have been eating like pigs since we arrive).

So far we have been to Dampa, Contis, Amici, Banana Leaf, Luk Yuen, and even our friendly neighborhood carinderia for our favorite tapsilog. If we continue eating like this, for sure we will gain back the weight that we loose after our “amazing race” tour in Europe.

Shopping for Bela's Bday

After Bela’s class last Monday, Howell decided to drop by at Dapitan Arcade. I don’t know why he suddenly wants to go there (I think he is looking for an antique box where he can put the coins that he collected during our trip) but I was really happy that we did.

I was able to buy this from Dapitan:

I saw this in one of the stores inside Dapitan Arcade and I find it so cute. These are pencils with animal toppers and the price was really a steal. They are selling it for P25 each but I was able to haggle and they gave it to me for P20 since I am getting 20 pieces. Though this is not in sync with the theme for Bela’s birthday, I figured this will be a nice consolation price during the parlor games for Bela’s party. I am sure the kids will love this.

And speaking of shopping for Bela’s party, I already ordered Little Einsteins party supplies from the The Toy Hunt. I love this shop as their prices are way cheaper compared to our favorite toy store, All Aboard Toys. I was only planning to buy a few items but hubby gave me a go signal to shop for whatever Little Einsteins items I want since he knows that it is expensive if we buy it here in Manila. So I end up buying – Little Einsteins party blow out, Little Einsteins yoyo, Little Einsteins kaleidoscope, Little Einsteins stickers, Little Einsteins party cone hat, and Little Einsteins coloring and activity book with crayons. I also bought Cars and Strawberry shortcake wrist watch. As of this writing, the items are already in transit to its destination and hopefully next week, our box is here.

Hotel Review: IB Hotel, Frankfurt, Germany

We stayed at IB Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany. Hubby booked this hotel as this was the hotel recommended by his training coordinator since it is just near the training center.

The hotel is far from downtown but it is just walking distance from the nearest tram station. What I like about the hotel is that is clean and well-maintained and I am really very particular about that. I did not see even one tiny spot of dirt in the bathroom. The size of the bathroom is okay too, base on European standards.

I also love their bed as it is so comfortable. I was really wondering if they use bed wedges because I slept the whole day on my second day and I did not even get up to eat lunch. (That’s how comfortable their bed is.)

The hotel also has Internet connection but it is not free and we have to pay Euro 5 for 2 hours I think. The room also comes with free buffet breakfast but I was not able to try it.

IB Hotel is a branch of Best Western hotel which I think is one of the popular hotel chains in Europe. I will recommend this hotel if you don’t mind commuting via tram everyday to go to downtown and other sight seeing spots in Frankfurt.

1st QTR PTC at MSS

We had our PTC with Bela’s Teacher last Monday and so far, Teacher Sarah said that Bela is really doing good. Academically, she is really doing well as she really participates in discussions, she follows their routine and is even more interested to do writing skills compared to when she started during summer class. Their only problem with Bela now is she gets to be scared of small things like drawing of faces during discussions and she doesn’t like it also when they turn off the light during their quiet time.

Teacher Sarah also showed us Bela’s artworks and worksheets for the first quarter and I was really impressed since they were able to teach Bela how to write her name. Well, not actually her full name but Bela can write her nickname now in each of her worksheets and art work.

Good thing we have a study table similar to their classroom desks at school so every time we practice writing at home, it helps that she is comfortable already as we have the same furniture at home like what they have in school.

I am so proud of Bela. At first I was really reluctant and I was really thinking if we did the right choice in moving her from TU to MSS but now I can say I am really happy with our decision. But I just learn that admission for Kinder in some schools is now open, so it means another dilemma to face for me. LOL.

Day 5: Prague, Aug 10, 2009

I realized when I was doing my post about our second day in Prague that I did not write down our expenses for that day. Well for one, we did not really spend much that day as we had breakfast at Joanne’s house and Joanne gave us again her extra tram and metro tickets. But I will try to post whatever I can remember:

• Lunch at Chinese Restaurant: I forgot how much the lunch cost us but if I remember correctly, it is roughly Euro 10 – 15 for two people already. When you’re in Europe, look for Chinese restaurants as they are cheaper compared to fast food stores and their servings are really big. Plus they serve rice too.
• Entrance to St. Vito’s Cathedral is free.

• Prague Castle
• St. Vito’s Cathedral
• Charles Bridge
• Jewish Community
• National Theater

You can view my full kwento of our second day in Prague here and you can view pictures here.

Traveling with Bela

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My daughter just loves animals. That is why for our next vacation, we are thinking of taking her to a place where she can really enjoy interacting with the farm animals.

I was doing a research on the places we can visit when I chance upon the website of Delta County Colorado Tourism. If we will be taking Bela on vacation with us, we want it to be a really unique experience for her, something that she will really remember until she grows up. I read from their site that the Delta Country has a lot of farms and ranches where bison, ostrich, poultry and elk are raised. When I saw this, I quickly remember the shows that my daughter always watches where they show a farm with these animals. I got really excited after reading this as I know my daughter will have a great time interacting with these animals.

But this is not the only thing we can do in Delta Country. We can also go fishing at Hotchkiss National Fish Hatchery which I am sure my daughter will really enjoy.

Just thinking about this trip makes me really excited already especially I know that my daughter will have a great time for the activities that I am thinking for her for this trip.

LoudLaunch - Compensating bloggers for their unbiased opinions, reviews, and analysis.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Throughout the years Cards-411 remain as the real stage for a dreamy emotional landscape of evocative Baby Birth Invitations design that has a nicely riveting picture of the baby celebrant plumbing the sensory depths of customer’s hearts evermore. Acquired an almost feverish alertness to the latest invitations baby birth phenomena, applying its empirical strategies and skills to arrange each invitations birth baby design a picturesque of beauty, ultimately resulting in glamorous and intellectual work of art that can be lauded by any connoisseurs, fine tune to create rapt attention to perks baby birth invitation statement clearly loud and extremely convincing!!

Check out their site at to check out their cool invite designs.

Facing my Fear

They are finally here. My credit card bills finally arrived last week. I have been dreading the day they will come, but there is really no escaping. I have been avoiding to check the running balance and my due but I figured, I will have to face it anyways no matter how I tried to avoid it. So first thing on my to-do list today was to sum up all the expenses that I incurred.

It was big compared to what I was expecting actually. I was actually in denial at first and I just kept on staring at my total. But after analyzing, I think we did good because we really did not over spend big time because most of the purchases are really necessary (like museum pass, hotel accommodation, etc). I think the only item that we splurge on was my water globe and ref magnet souvenirs and my Long Champ bags, hubby’s Ferrari die cast toy and coin collection and pasalubongs for Bela. So I guess that is justifiable right? LOL.

My officemate who have been to Europe also told me that I should just let go. We had fun anyways and it is worth every penny that we spend. So I guess we have to live a frugal life for a few months so we can pay for our credit card bills. LOL. Luckily we will be receiving our bonuses in just a few months and I have another option which is to defer half of my balance to 12 months (Citibank called me and they are offering me 0.79% interest only which is like P1000 only for 12 months. Not bad, eh?)

Sad News

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I did my pregnancy test today and I tested negative. I felt sad as I really thought that in less than nine months, we will be giving out Baby Shower Invitations to welcome our second baby. But hubby and I realized that there is always a reason for everything. We can always try again and maybe in the coming months, we will be giving out invitations baby shower.

We believe that God has a perfect plan for us and we will never loose hope that anytime soon, we will order baby shower invitation from I remember when I got the free baby shower invitations from Cards-411, I was really excited to give it out to our friends as the invitation was personalize and even has a picture of me carrying Bela inside my tummy.

We will never loose hope and we will continue to pray that soon, we will test positive.

Day 4: Prague / Aug 9, 2009

As I promised, I will post a summary here of our day to day expenses and itinerary during our recent trip to Europe. I will try to recall everything as I want this to be useful information for my friends who are planning to go on a Euro trip also.

You can read full details of our Day 4: Prague here.

Day 4:
This is one of our destination where we really save the most because (1) the city is cheap compared to other European countries because their currency is still not Euro (CZK which I think, CKZ 1 is only equivalent to P3). (2) Howell’s former colleague invited us to stay at their house so our accommodation is free and sometimes our meals too as we eat breakfast and dinner at her house.

• We mostly explore the city by foot so we rarely use metro and tram and Joanne even gave us her spare metro tickets. But you can buy metro ticket for CZK 18 which is good for 30 mins and this is what we always use. They also have day pass tickets but I forgot how much it is. Metros and bus don’t require the ticket to be swiped before you can get a ride. It is basically honesty system since tickets are checked very rarely but if you are caught without a ticket you will be asked to pay a fine of I think CZK 1000.
• Vintage Sight Seeing Tour: CZK 600 per person good for 1 hour
• Lunch: CZK 1000 (We ate in one of the restaurants located near the tourist spots so this price is a bit steep compared to other restaurants.)
• Hotel accommodation: free since we stayed at the house of Howell’s colleague
• Euro lines bus from Frankfurt to Prague: Euro 41 for two persons one way.
• Dissapearing Man
• St. Michael Church
• Old Town Square
• Charles Bridge
• Prague Castle
• Astronomical Clock
• Church of St. Nicholas
• Wenceslao Square
• National Museum

You can view our Day 1 in Prague pictures here.

Miami this time?

When we last went on vacation to the US, we were lucky to catch an NBA game: New York Knicks vs. New Jersey Nets. Hubby is one sports fan and every time we are out of the country, he really wants to watch any sports games.

His former colleague and friend are now in Miami and they have been inviting us over to stay with them. Hubby and I really want to go to the US for our next vacation so we are really excited for the invitation.

Howell was so excited that he already checked out the site of Miami Dolphins Tickets to check out ticket prices. He was really happy because he discovered that he not only can buy tickets from the site, but he can also check up-to-the-minute team information and news and he was able to share information too with other Miami Dolphins fans.

We are really hoping that our plan will push through so I better start saving and stay away first from online shopping.

I will Find Out Soon

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I had my last period exactly one month today. I haven’t done any tests yet but I am really hoping that I will soon be distributing baby invitations to all our friends and relatives for my baby shower.

My daughter will be turning four this coming November and so it is almost exactly four years since I last looked for baby invite for my baby at I remember when I had Bela, I ordered invitations baby from Birth-Cards and my friends and family really love it as they even personalize it base on my style and preference. They even give me free thank you cards which match the invite.

I will be doing a test in the coming days and I will keep my fingers cross and pray that we will be blessed with another bundle of joy in our family.

Day 1-3 Frankfurt: Aug 6-8, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Finally after more than two weeks, I am almost done uploading our pictures from our recent trip to Flickr. I am down to uploading our last day in Rome and our pictures in Paris. Hopefully I will be able to finish it this week.

I also made a post of our first three days. I decided to post all my travel kwentos in my other blog (Our Journey to Life) and then I will make a summary here of our itinerary and expenses. I know a lot of my friends are planning to go to Europe too so I will try to post as much information as I can remember so hopefully it can help you guys in planning your future Europe trip.

You can check the pictures here.

And for my first two posts: Day 1-2 in Germany and Day 3 in Germany.

Here is my summary (I will start with day 3 as I spend day 1 and 2 for my flight and in catching up with sleep because of jet lag).

Day 3:
• Day Pass ticket for the metro: Euro 5.8 per person. This gives you unlimited ride within 24 hours via tram, metro and bus.
• Lunch Cruise: Euro 7 per person
• Entrance to Historiches Museums: Euro 4. This does not include the temporary exhibitions.
• Starbucks Frapucinno: Euro 4 per cup
• Muffin from Starbuck: Euro 2 per piece
• Mini dolls from Russia that I bougth at the flea market: Euro 8
• Small bottle of coke: Euro 2.10 per bottle
• My snow globe: Euro 6
• Howell's ref magnet: Euro 2.8
• Sausage and coke: Euro 5 per person
• BK dinner: Euro 13 for two persons
• Hotel: free because we still stayed at Howell's hotel

• Romer Dom
• St Bartolome Church
• St. Bartolome Church ruins
• Eisernen Steges
• River Cruise
• St. Catherine Church
• Historiches Museum
• St. Leonard Church

Excited for Bela's Halloween Event in School

Next week, we will be visiting Bela’s school for the PTC and I am hoping that they will be giving us the Halloween Party Invitations for the Halloween Party that they are organizing for all students.

Bela had fun during the Halloween event at her previous school and so I am sure she is excited to get her Party Halloween Invitations too. I heard that they will be ordering the Invitations Halloween from Invitations-Shoppe so I am sure they will get the invites on time.

I checked out and they even have personalized Halloween Invitation so I am sure Bela will be so excited once she receives her invites.

Loving LC

I really wanted to buy my dream LV Neverfull bag in Paris as there is really a big difference in price compared if I will buy it in Hong Kong or Singapore. Hubby gave me money so I can buy my dream bag when I arrived in Germany. But due to my poor planning and budgeting for this trip, I was not able to add to our budget transpo allowance (metro and tram rides), museums passes, guided tours, etc, I end up spending the money that hubby gave me.

Before I left, Jody asked me if I can buy a Long Champ bag for her since Paris is the best place to get a Long Champ bag. We checked out the Long Champ store on our 3rd day in Paris and when I saw the bags and the price, I did not even think twice and got myself two bags. LOL.

I went back to the store on our last day since I wanted to exchange my Le Pliage brown bag to the Limited Edition in blue and I have to buy two more bags for Kelly, 1 more for Jody, and 1 more for my sister.

So when I left the store, this is what I got.
.: @ LC Flagship store in Paris :.

Thanks Jody for introducing me to the world of Long Champ. LOL. It is really not my type when I saw it on the website but now I am loving my LC bags to bits. LOL.

I Love Party Planning

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My friends told me that I can have a sideline as a party planner because they know how much I love party planning. In fact, for the Halloween party that I am organizing, I already started looking for a Halloween Invitation from that would be perfect for the theme that I am conceptualizing for my party.

I know that Invitations-Shoppe can personalize my Halloween Party Invitations so I know I will not have a problem with my Invitation Halloween. They can even ship it the same day I approve the design so I can get the Halloween Invitations in no time.

The hassle free service that I always get from Invitations-Shoppe makes me love party planning more.

Howell's Ferrari Encounter

Monday, September 7, 2009

On our bus ride from Vienna to Venice, Howell saw a Ferrari car in the parking lot when we had our stop over. Howell wanted to have a picture of it but then just as he was about to get his camera from the bus, the driver went inside the car and drove off.

So when he saw the Ferrari store in Venice, he went really crazy. Unfortunately, the store was close when we saw it as it was already 7:30 in the evening. So the next day, the first agenda on our list was to go back to the Ferrari store.

Howell was really in awe struck when he saw a real Ferrari car on display and he can’t stop taking pictures – from the wheels, to the rear spoiler, to the bumper as in every parts of that car, he has a picture.

I really saw how excited he was and so I told him that he should get something from the store. Of course, instead of a shirt or jacket as what I was suggesting to him, he got a Ferrari Die Cast Collectibles.

Halloween Party for our Next Family Get Together

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Because our last family get together was a huge success, my aunt asked me to organize a Halloween party as our get together this October. Party planning really keeps my adrenalin pumped, so I immediately checked out for Halloween Invitations.

I want a party invitations Halloween that is both appealing to the old and younger generation of our family. Good thing that Invitations-Shoppe do customize their Halloween invitation designs which I can proofread an hour after I submit my order.

I am sure my relatives will be ecstatic when they receive their spooky Halloween Invitations as all of us are always excited every time we have a family get together.

I want!! I Want

Before I left for our vacation, I ordered a Coach Sling pack from Faye so I have something to use during our trip. And it was so sulit because that is where I put our valuables like passports, moneys, credit cards, etc and the size of the bag is just right so I don’t have to ask hubby to carry it for me.

Here is a picture of me with my Coach Sling Pack that I got from Faye.

I told Faye that I really want to get another bag from her and so almost everyday I have been checking out her Photostream in Flickr. I just saw her latest bags on sale and I really, really like it.

Pictures snagged from Faye's Flickr Photo Stream

But just like when I ordered the sling pack, I am still having second thoughts because I still have a lot of payables in my credit card from our recent trip. Hay, if only I have all the money in the world I will get all the Coach bags that Faye is selling from her site. LOL.

I want to go shopping

Saturday, September 5, 2009

When my husband and I went on vacation last month, I was not able to do much shopping. I have several reasons:

1. The price is not cheap and is even cheaper if I buy it online.
2. We rarely go to shopping malls during our trip as we want to maximize our stay per city and we try to visit all the famous sight seeing tours that we can as possible.

Aside from the Long Champ bags that I bought, these are the only things that I shopped during our trip:

I collect water globes from the different cities that we visited. I started collecting water globes when I first went out of the country with Howell and since then, every time I visit a new country, I made sure that I am not going home without a water globe from that city or country.

These are my old water globes which I got from New York, Toronto and Las Vegas.

This maybe the reason why when I went back home, I was really looking forward to doing shopping like buying Ugg womens shoes, Coach bags from our favorite multiply seller Faye and Glo and hitting the malls to treat Bela to some toy shopping.

Unfortunately, my credit card is already max out so I am still waiting for my next cut off date before I can do more shopping. I am contented in checking the different online sites for now and stacking my shopping wish list in my shopping cart. I know it will patiently wait for me there until I am ready to do more purchases using my ever reliable credit card. LOL.

Halloween Party Planning

Halloween is one of the holidays that always come with a big celebration. That is why as early as now, I already received Party Halloween Invitations which reminds me that I have to start preparing for our Halloween Party also.

I checked out party invitations Halloween from where we ordered our scary invitations Halloween last year. I like their service since they work fast and they were able to email me the text for the invites for proofreading after just an hour. They even made a special design for our invitations Halloween which we really love.

I am sure we can never go wrong if we order our invitations from Holiday-Invitations again.

Missing my Holga

I miss my Lomo Camera. I haven’t used in a while now. I was supposed to bring it during our last vacation but Howell reminded me that I should pack light and therefore I should have to give up on some things. And I have no choice either as I only have two rolls of films left and I was not able to order from my supplier. My lomo cam uses a different film roll which I can’t buy from ordinary photo centers so I really have to order in advance. But since I was swamped with school work and office work before I left, I was not able to get new stocks of films. And we all know that two rolls of films will not be enough for a 20-day travel and I don’t want to buy there because the price might be double or even triple. (I actually saw a Lomo store in Vienna but I checked the price and it is more expensive compared to prices here in the Philippines).

Oh well, there is always a next time. I know I can enjoy it in our next travel.

Looking for Baby Invitations?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Are you planning for a baby shower and is looking for a shop on where you can order nice looking invitations baby shower? Then Cards-411 is the perfect shop for your.

You can order baby invitations from them which will be specially designed base on your design needs and they can even insert a picture or logo in the card. They can email the design to you and you can request for additional revisions with no extra cost.

Check out their site at to see their sample of baby shower invitations.

Long Champ Limited Edition Eiffel Tower Bag

I got a new bag (actually, bags). While I was planning our trip to Europe, I am so looking forward to going to Paris and purchase my LV Neverfull. Hubby gave me money so I can buy my dream bag as he knows that I am all out already since I have to pay for my airfare and I have to save for our pocket money for the trip. Sadly, I did not planned this trip really well as I was not able to research on the prices of metro pass, museum pass, guided tours, etc so I end up spending the money that hubby gave me for my bag.

Before we left for Europe, Jody asked me if I can buy her a Long Champ Le Pliage bag in Paris as it is the best place to get the bag as the price is really a steal. I have no plans of getting a Long Champ bag because I did not really like it when I checked it from the website. But I did not think that I will fall in love with it when I saw it in flesh when I went to the Long Champ Store in St Honore.

I got Jody her Limited Edition Eiffel Tower Long Champ bag in blue and cream and I ended up buying two limited edition bags too.

This is the Blue Limited Edition bag which I am using now for work. I also got the cream in long strap but I find it to big so I am saving it for our out of town trip. I am so happy that Jody asked me to buy a bag for her because if not, I will not be able to discover the limited edition bag of Long Champ and I will go home from our vacation empty handed. LOL.

Congrats Grace!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I am so thankful that I found my friend from LA whom I lost contact with in Facebook. I haven’t talked to her in a while so I was glad that we were able to catch up with each other's lives and I just found out that she is pregnant. I was so excited for her pregnancy that I told her that I will be ordering photo birth announcements cards from CardsShoppe since she is soon to give birth already.

Since this is their first child, I am sure she is excited to distribute baby announcements to introduce her baby to all her friends and relatives. I am sure she will like the baby announcement cards that I will get from because this is where I always order birth announcements that I give to my friends. I love their designs because it is specially designed based on my requirements.

Congrats again Grace and hope you have a safe pregnancy.