Busy, Busy, Busy

Sunday, May 31, 2009

It will be a very busy week for me and Howell. Just thinking about it makes me just want to lie down in bed and sleep especially now that we have a “bed” weather. But you know, times are tough and even though I have to do other important stuffs, I can’t just give up my sideline because the pay is good also so I have no choice but to drink one strong cup of coffee so I can survive the night. LOL.

So just to give you a run down, here is a list of the things that I need to do:
1. Review for my MCTS exam (I’ll post more about this later). Honestly, I don’t know where to start and I don’t know how I can finish my review in four days.
2. Finish my online tasks – inserting a smiley here. It’s been weeks since I received one so I am really happy that even though I will be really busy, this means that I have extra moolah to expect come payday.
3. Check out Moen faucet sale as I might find good deals on faucets so we can save big bucks for our planned house renovation.
4. Start with my online readings for IS 201 so I can share my thoughts on the topic posted in our discussion board.
5. I have to look for school shoes for Bela.
6. Prepare the requirements for Bela’s school (Immunization record, pictures for the ID and Birth Certificate).

See, I told you I will be busy…..

Our Sunday

Howell is working overtime today. He was supposed to be on duty from 10 AM to 4 PM only but there was a changed in schedule because the flight of their VIPs got delayed so he has to extend his shift.

We were supposed to go to church and then to SM to accompany my aunt because she needs to buy an air con for her room. We have been promising her that we will accompany her since last week but we always end up going home late from work during weekdays and then we have prior appointments on weekends. And know looks like it is impossible for Howell to arrive before the store closes so we have to postpone it again for next week.

Hopefully we can drop by SM Appliance Center this coming week. I also would like to look at tv stands for our TV in the living room. If you noticed from the previous pictures that I posted here that it is only an improvised TV stands. LOL. Howell was the one who build it with the help of our friend Jeff but it has no compartments for our other stuff like Bela’s DVD collections and her V-smile toy which just sits beside the TV and is accumulating dust. We better put this in our priority list this coming week since we don’t want to break our promise again to our aunt.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I am not sure if I post here already about our new car. Yup, we got it a month ago. We actually reached the first 1000 Km already and we already sent it back to Toyota for change oil.

We got the insurance for free as part of Toyota’s package so our insurance is covered for this year. But I heard that we have to send our car again for change oil when we reached 5000 Km and I think when we reached 10000 Km. The labor is free but we have to pay for the cost of the oil. When we had our change oil for the first 1000 Km, we have to shell out P4800 and they said that the price that we have to pay when we reached 5000 and 10000 is around P5000 – P7500 so as early as now we are already preparing for it and we have to set aside extra money for that so we won’t be caught off guard with unexpected car expenses.

Since we are talking about finances, as early as now, I am also looking at car insurance so I have an idea on how much we have to allot in our budget for this. Any leads for insurance? I am really being OC with this car finances since the last time we had a car, we are always unprepared with car expenses specially if it is unexpected like car repairs, LTO registration and the like. So you can call me overacting but I am making sure that we are ready financially this time.

Boo to SMART!! Hooray for Globe

I am not a happy customer of Smart Communications. For one, their customer service is really bad. Every time I go to Smart Tower in Ayala, it will take a minimum of one hour to wait before I can get a service. It is because the customer service agents are busy chatting, or they are pretending to be busy that they don’t want to accept clients or they will all go on breaks at the same time. I don’t know if it is a culture for customer care agents of Smart but it looks to me that they feel so powerful and they can treat their clients in a bad way simply because they believe that they don’t need to attract clients because they are the number one network and clients will just be crawling at their doorsteps.

I was at Smart Business Center one time and there was this guy who is asking for information from one of the agents on where he can buy a sim card. And the agents kept bombarding the guy with questions like “is it a postpaid or prepaid card” and it is very obvious that the guy doesn’t have a clue of what the agent is talking about. But what the agent did is she even made the guy feel stupid by answering the guy’s question in a very sarcastic way. And so what the guy did to stop the agent from making him feel stupid is he just walks out of the business center.

So I applied for a retention plan since it has been years since my contract with them expired already and I really need a new phone. But it’s been more than two months already and they keep on telling me that there is no available stock for the phone that I want. They gave me a number where I can make a follow up but every time I call that number, nobody is answering my call. At least 3 times, during the two months that I have been waiting, that they will send me an SMS to inform me that they still don’t have stocks for the unit that I want and when I replied to ask a question, I still did not get any reply.

So I tried to apply for a new plan subscription at Globe Telecom and voila, the next day I got my unit and the model that I got from Globe is far much better and much high end than what Smart is offering.

So I went to Smart Business Center yesterday to have my line with them disconnected. They are offering me a retention plan and I told them that I applied already months ago but up to know, I haven’t got my unit. And all of a sudden, they are telling me that I can get my unit anytime since they have it on stock if I sign up for their retention plan. That is complete BS.

We're having a party!!

We’re having a party and I am so excited. It is for the bridal shower of my good friend. Since she is coming from the US and we haven’t seen her in the longest time now and so we want this party to be really extra special.

We have been brainstorming already for party ideas for the bridal shower and here are our options:
1. We can have a spa party as our friend definitely needs some pampering specially she will be really busy during the last few days before her wedding. We know there are a lot of spa establishments that offer party package or they can even come to the party venue where they can give spa services to all party guests.
2. We are thinking of having a themed party where we will ask the guests to wear sexy adult costumes. That would be really fun as we are all excited as to what sexy costume we can come up with.
3. We can rent one room in any hotel and just stay there overnight, have a few drinks, give our bridal shower gifts to our friend and we can chat all we want until we all pass out from getting so drunk. LOL.

Oh well, it really depends on what the majority of the group wants but whatever they decide on, I am sure it will be super fun as long as all my friends will be present for the party.

Xmas Party Planning Na

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summer is almost over and the MBAPs had their summer outing last Saturday. So what’s next for us? Since we are all excited, we are already starting to plan for our Christmas Party. And do you know what our theme would be? We will be having a Hollywood Glam Party. Yup, we will all dress up- long gown and coat and tie, with paparazzi walls for our picture taking. LOL. That is why as early as now, we are already talking about it so we have at least six months to save up for it.

We initially plan to have the party in Jody and Dicky’s Dream House but since we are planning to really dress up for the party, we are now thinking of holding the party in a small restaurant or maybe if the budget permits, in a small function area of a hotel. But we still have to wait for all the MBAP members’ inputs if they are up to the idea or not.

But I am excited already. I already asked hubby if he is up to wearing coat and tie for the occasion and he is game for it and I am excited to look for a design for Bela and my gown. LOL.

I told hubby he better buy more compact flash card to prepare for our party as I am sure, knowing the MBAPs, all of us will love to have our pictures taken specially if we are all dress up for the occasion.

3rd & 4th: Holga GCFN

Got my third and fourth rolls of film delivered at my doorstep last Thursday. I sent my film for developing last Monday at Digi Print in SM San Lazaro and it was delivered at my house via LBC last Thursday.

I was excited to see how my pictures turned out since I was really happy with my first two rolls. But I was excited too since I wanted to know if I was able to capture pictures at all. I was already using my 10th slides (you can only take up to 12 pictures per film) when I noticed that I was taking a picture with the lens cover on. LOL. (blame it on anesthesia) so I am really curious if I have been taking pictures from the beginning with the cover on. LOL.

But I was glad that I only spoiled 2 slides. Here are two of my favorite pictures from my third roll:
This is supposed to be a double exposure (though I can’t see any difference from the same picture that I took without double exposure). You can do a double exposure by taking one picture and then not advancing to the next slide and use the same slide to take a second picture.

Some pictures from my fourth roll of film.
For my fourth roll, I forgot to check if my flash is on so some of the pictures are dark and I forgot to check the color splash of my flash since I did not notice that the color splash is halfway between the blue and white color splash.

Slowly I am learning….LOL..You can view more pictures here.

My Friend and Her Growing Business

Friday, May 22, 2009

I never would have thought that after 10 years of loosing contact with my friend from college, I would still be able to see her. So I was so happy and surprised last Saturday when my husband bumped into her and her family while we are having dinner. My husband excitedly called me from our table and I was so glad to finally see my friend again.

So much has happened already and she told me that she is very busy because they are expanding their business. I did not know that she is now a successful owner of a Call Center Company. What started as a small company made up of less than 10 employees is now growing and they will be hiring portland crating services since they will be moving offices because of the expansion.

I am so happy for my friend. She told me that she is excited for the expansion and that is why they hire a reliable shipping company so the move from their old office to their new office will be done as soon as possible. She have heard about plant relocation portland service of Portland Crafting service so she immediately hired them so their professional staff will be sure that the relocation plan will all be executed without problems so they can start accepting more clients as soon as their new office has been setup.

They have a lot of sensitive equipments like Servers, routers, printers that cost a lot of money and so she made sure that they get crating portland services to crate all of this equipment so all of them will shipped safely from their old location to their new office site. She said this really entails a lot of hard work and it is really stressful but she is glad that she got help in shipping crates portland and she is confident that in no time their new office will be up and running again.

Her Secret

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Have you tried investing in stock options? My friend has been convincing me to join her and invest in the stock market. I would have wanted the opportunity for investment as at least it is a much better way for me to spend my money rather than spending it all out for shopping. But the problem is, I don’t have the slightest clue on how the stock market works. And I assume that for sure, in order for me to gain profit, I should at least know which market will give me the best profit.

But my friend said that her knowledge of the stock market is just the same as what I know but still she managed to select the best stock option that will give her the highest return of her investment. Her secret is she has a powerful software called Power Options. This software does everything for her since it analyzes and compares all the stocks available in the market so she can easily select which market she wants to invest on base on her profit goals.

I am so glad that she shared with me her secret and I will definitely check out this software so in no time, I can join her in her stock market investments and probably earn extra money for more shopping . LOL.


Have you seen Angels and Demons? We were able to watch it last Friday. We went to UP and then I have to drop by at Robinsons to buy a gift at Toys R’ Us. Howell decided to check out what movies are lined up and when he saw that Angels and Demons is already showing, he bought the tickets right away. We were just in time since we arrived at the theater a few minutes before the movie starts.

I was not able to read the Angels and Demons book so I can’t really compare if the movie adaptation gave justice to the book but I like the movie. It was really interesting to see at how Science and religion sees things differently. Howell said that he likes the Da Vinci Code better than Angels and Demons.

Well as for me, I like both movies and I am just really glad that Howell and I were just able to go out and have a date. We haven’t done this in a long time now. LOL.

Looking Forward to...

We had a busy weekend. We spent the whole day Saturday in Tagaytay and our day was so hectic that Howell was so dead tired at the end of the day that we end up staying for the night in Tagaytay instead of heading back to Manila.

The next day, we just ate breakfast then we drive back to Manila as we have to drive to Mandaluyong to attend the Christening of my sister in law’s son. The reception was in Megamall and Megamall is one of the malls that I really hate (it is so big, yet still so crowded) so it was one stressful day for me.

When the weekend was over, we were so dead tired already that we wish that we can call in sick from work, but we can’t. It is already Wednesday, 2 AM and I am still up because I am still working.

I can’t wait for weekend to come.


Two of my colleagues will be availing of their early retirement soon. Both of them will be getting a good retirement package and so they are thinking of ways on where to invest their retirement money.

I had a chat with one of them and he told me about his plan to use the money that he will be getting to buy gold coins. He has been researching about precious metal investments for moths now and he is totally convinced that it is really a good investment.

I totally agree with him since precious metals are unique investments and is really a good way to preserve once assets. Another advantage of precious metals is that its value won’t depreciate so you can safely say that it is a low risk investment.

My colleague will be spending his last day in the office up to the end of this month and after that, he will be busy negotiating with Monex Deposit Company so their agents will help my colleague get the best precious metal investment the market has to offer.

Would you rather

Would you rather give up your favorite food for life or only eat that favorite food for the rest of your life?

I guess I would rather give up my favorite food for life rather than only eat that favorite food for the rest of my life. Because for sure, there will come a time that I will get sick and tired of that food that I may not find the appetite to even have a look at it, what more swallow it. And besides, there are a lot of sumptuous foods out there that can replace my favorite food that I will give up and I have a lot of other options to choose from which for me is much better rather than just having one option.

Orders Confirmed

I made a post here about the summer dress that I want to order from Katrice Wear. I was able to go out during my lunch break today to make a deposit at BPI Columns Branch as my payment for the summer dresses that I ordered for myself and for Bela. Marissa confirmed that my size is already available and they just have to make a new one for my daughter and she said that her target is to have it delivered to me by June 8.

I am excited already. I love the attention that my daughter and I are getting every time I hear complements of our matching dresses. LOL. We will be wearing it during Bela’s orientation at school so hopefully I will be able to receive the dresses just in time for the orientation. LOL.

To-Do List

At the top of my To-Do list for this year is to obtain at least another certification with Microsoft and finish my degree program. I am so happy because with my husband’s help, I was able to obtained my Microsoft Certification as a Technology Specialist for Windows Server 2003. I am so happy because this has been in my tasks list for years now and so I am happy that at least I was able to strike off one item on my To-Do list for this year.

My next priority now is to finish my Masteral Degree. I have been doing some research and finally I was able to find the answer that will help me accomplish my goal to finish my Masteral Degree, thanks to Capella University. Capella University is the number one provider for online education and I know this is my best option so I can continue with my studies and I don’t have to resign from work. They offer a Masteral Degree program which is what I am looking for and they even have IT related courses which I can take also once I am done with my Masteral Degree.

Hopefully, within the next 1.5 – 2 years, I will be able to strike off one item from my To-Do list again and I know it is really possible with the help of Capella University.

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Enjoying my Holga

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It has been almost a month since I bought my Holga Camera and thanks to my dear hubby because he was so nice to drop off my first two rolls of film to Digi Print a few weeks ago.

If you are into lomography, always send your films for developing at Digi Print since they offer great packages for Lomo enthusiast. My Holga camera uses a 120 mm film (which is a bit pricey compared to 35 mm) and since lomography is a hit and miss thing, it will be cost effective if you have your films printed to CD first so you can choose what pictures you want to be printed because for sure there will be slides in your film roll that you don’t want to print. Digi Print offers a print to CD option where you only have to pay P150 for the first film and then just add P30 for each additional film. And since they have a tie up with LBC, I don’t have to go back to their store (because the lead time for the processing of 120 mm film is 2-3 days) because the CD (or the prints) will be delivered right at my doorstep.

I posted a sample shot that I took using my Holga cam here. You can view more pictures here. And I already sent my 3rd and 4th roll for processing again and hopefully it will be in my mailbox tomorrow.

I Heart Green

What does the color green mean to you? A green traffic light means it is good to go. The color green is always being used by environmentalist for their Greener Earth campaign. But for some (like me), green symbolizes money.

Thanks to Peachy for giving me the heads up and I was able to catch a lot of green circles yesterday. LOL. I was all smiles every time I see a green circle flashing on my screen. I have never seen much green circle flashed right in front of my face for months now so I almost jump for joy yesterday. And it is really a very good timing as I am already running out of cash already and after our expensive weekend (LOL), I really have to be working hard to earn additional cash.

So hope we will be getting more green circles again in the coming days. To more moolah for us!!

My New Do

I rarely get the chance to get a time off to go to a salon for some pampering. So when I finally was able to find the time one Friday afternoon, I went to the salon for my much needed haircut and hair treatment.

My hair dresses has been my hair dresser for years now and so he is already used to my hair texture and he knows already what treatment I need and what cut will I have for my hair. And so after staying at the salon for more than three hours, this is the new me:

.: Pictures snagged from Kathy and Aggie (thanks sis) :.

I think he cut off around 8 inches from my hair but I love my new hair cut. And it is a good thing too since my hair dresser told me that he will be moving to the US since he decided to enroll at Regency Beauty Institute where he can get the best training on cosmetology. And what’s good in enrolling at Regency is that after their formal training, my hair dresser might not have a hard time looking for a new job since Regency Beauty Institute will even help them look for a job in the beauty industry.

At least I have a year before I need another hair cut again so I still have a year to look for a new hair dresser.

Weekend Snapshot # 36 - MBAP Summer Outing at Highlands

So Jacqui have been preparing for the MBAP Summer Outing for months now and last Saturday, we met up at Tagaytay Highlands for the MBAP Summer Getaway.

I was already up by 4:30 AM since we will be meeting Peachy and Thea’s family at SLEX. All of us arrived almost at the same time and we had our breakfast first at Jollibee at the Shell station in SLEX. Right after breakfast, we head straight to Tagaytay Highlands.

We first went to the Country Club House to pick up our guest cards then we head straight to the Animal Farm. Bela had the grandest time again (this is her second time here) and even though I still feel sleepy for waking up so early, it is all worth it after seeing the smile on Bela’s face while we are in the farm.

Families started to arrive one by one at the Animal farm after us. We saw Apple, Aggie, Kathy, Mich and Alpha’s family and we saw Joy’s family when we are going out of the farm. After the Animal farm, we all headed to the Sports Center for the scheduled basketball game of the daddies. While the daddies are busy playing ball, the mommies are busy making chika and entertaining the kids as they are starting to get bored already from waiting for the game to finish. The daddies were finished with their game around 11:30 so we all went to the Club House again for our lunch.
.: Snagged from Jody :.

We had a sumptuous buffet lunch and we are so full after eating. Then almost all the kids went swimming (except for the babies, Sandy and Joaqui) together with the daddies (thank you dad for swimming with Bela while I chat with the MBAP mommies). Bela felt sleepy (since she woke up early too and did not sleep on our way to Tagaytay) and so she went out of the pool and she immediately fell asleep as soon as she is out of the water.

When she woke up, she played with her Ate Sophia and Ate Sandy. Sophia wanted to go fishing and so we went fishing with them. I was really laughing because Sophia’s yaya was so good in catching a fish and so the dads were pressured to catch at least one for their kids.
.: Snagged from Jody :.

Some of the families like Apple and Mich tried the cable car ride too. Bela wanted to do that too after they are done fishing but Howell was too tired already. We went back to the Club House for our merienda and pictorial before going home.
Most of the families went home already after one tiring day. We too should be heading home to Manila but then hubby was too tired to drive home already so we just decided to join Joy, Kathy, Alpha, Aggie and Thea’s family for dinner at Max’s and then afterwards we went around to look for a place to stay. Good thing I remembered the names of the small hotels where my best friend usually stayed and so those are the hotels that we checked out. We found a vacancy at Windy Ridge Hotel and that is where we spend the night.

The next day, we have to leave early as we will be attending the Christening of my SIL’s son so we head back to Manila after breakfast.

It was a really fun weekend and I really enjoyed spending time not just with my family, but with my MBAP friends. Thanks again to Jacqui for organizing this for us. Hope to see you all again soon (sa June ba?)

You can view more pictures here or at my FB account.

Short Summer Dress from Katrice Wear

I met up with my MBAP friends last Saturday for the MBAP’s Summer Outing and I just fell in love with the matching short dress that Jane and Sophia is wearing.

.: Snagged from Joy's blog :.
.: The actual look of the dress. Snagged from Katrice Wear site :.

Jane ordered it from Katrice Wear. I am a fan too of the clothing line of Katrice Wear. I think Bela and I owns three matching outfit already from Katrice Wear. So I really wanted to order a pair for me and Bela with this design.

I contacted Marissa (owner of Katrice Wear) yesterday but since I haven’t gotten a reply from her (because I learn from her Multiply site that she just got back from vacation) and I can’t wait for another day to get a reply from her, I tried to look for her contact number and just sent an SMS message to her. She replied right away and she confirmed that she does not have the beige short summer dress (just what Jane and Sophia is wearing) but she still has the blue-green color in small (for me) and she still has the fabric to make a size 0 or 2 for Bela.

I confirmed to her Bela’s chest circumference so she can determine if Bela is a size 0 or 2 (I checked the items that we got from Katrice Wear for Bela and sometimes she is 0 and sometimes she is 2 so I just asked Marissa to decide the best size for Bela for the style that I like). I will make the deposit tomorrow so she can begin making Bela’s dress and she can deliver it to me via courier in three weeks. I am so excited…

Renewal Of Vows

Remember I made a post here a few months back when hubby proposed to me again. This coming January 2010 will be our fifth year anniversary as husband and wife and hubby wanted us to have a small celebration with our families and relatives. He said that he wanted us to have our renewal of vows.

I thought that it is just an idea and the thought of him proposing to me for the second time is already a big thing for me and so I never really thought that he is seriously considering the idea. But yesterday he mentioned it again and is asking me if I already inquired at the hotel that he suggested and have asked me to start making plans already like booking the photographer, looking for wedding favor ideas, conceptualizing the invitations, and the like. He even suggested that Bela will be the only member of our entourage and she will be our flower girl.

Oh well, I am really not sure if we can pull this off since we will be very busy this year (we will start to go to school again, then we want Baby # 2 this year also, plus I still want to have a party for Bela’s 4th birthday party and add to that we have a lot of expenses that we have to settle this year). But just like what I mentioned in my previous post, the thought of my husband asking me to marry him again is enough for me already and weather or not this renewal of vows will push through or not, I already feel that I am the happiest and the luckiest wife in the whole world. LOL.

Weekend Snapshot # 35 - Mom's day @ Tagaytay

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Belated Happy Mother’s day to all moms!! Yesterday we drive south of Manila to celebrate Mother’s day in Tagaytay. We really have no plans of going out of town but we did not plan for anything also for that day so we decided to just have lunch in Tagaytay.

We left Manila around 11:30 PM and we are lucky since there is no heavy traffic so we are already in Tagaytay by 1:30 PM. We went straight to Josephine’s restaurant as all of us wants to have rice for lunch but since it is Mother’s Day and we already arrived late, we have to wait for an hour (since there is a long queue) before we can have a table. So we decided to go to Cliff House instead to try Buon Giorno which was recommended by a friend. But luck was really not on our side as we have to wait again since all tables are occupied. We checked out the menu of Platito restaurant and since we are all hungry already, we decided to just have our lunch at Platito even if we are all craving for Buon Giorno’s famous Italian food (maybe next time).

After lunch, we just head straight to Bela’s favorite spot where she can do horse back riding. She just had a 30 minute ride and since we are all tired already and we still have to hear mass, we head back to Manila after that.

But we all had fun, specially me and my mom since it is our special day and we celebrated it together with our loved ones. Here are some pictures:

Wordless Wednesday # 29 - My first Shot using my Lomo Cam

Wednesday, May 6, 2009