Day 2/2: Blue Coral Resort

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My dad was already up by 4:30 AM. He went out to have breakfast (I don’t know what time it was as I am still too sleepy to wake up). By 8:00 AM we (my mom, me, hubby, Bela, my sister, my brother and his fiancée) are all up already and we went out for breakfast too. Bela wanted to go swimming as soon as she sees the pool and so she went swimming with her lolo since my dad already had breakfast. We joined them right after breakfast.
By 10:00 AM we moved to the beach. Bela was so brave and she is not scared of the waves that is hitting her. (I made a post about it here). It didn’t even bother her that she went under the water more than thrice and she will just smile as soon as she gets up. She didn’t even bother that the water is salty. All she knows is that she is having fun.

Bela saw a group of kids having their henna tattoo and she doesn’t want to take a bath without her tattoo and so we gave in and she was so behave and patient while her tattoo is being made.
Check out time is 1 PM, so by 11:30 AM, we already went to our room to get ready for check out. Bela fell asleep while we are getting ready and she stayed asleep even when it is already time for us to have lunch. Since Bela is still sleeping, we just brought food for my mom while she look after Bela (who is sleeping like a log inside our room). We had lunch, then went back to the beach as we want to have more henna tattoo. (My whole family got addicted with this henna tattoo that all of us had at least one tattoo before we left Blue Carol). It was already 2:30 PM and Bela is still sleeping. Blue Coral was so generous because they even told us that Bela can still stay in the room even if we checked out already until she wakes up.

We left the resort as soon as Bela wakes up. On our way home we decided to drop by at Paseo de Sta. Rosa for some quick shopping. I bought another swimsuit for me and Bela at 40% off which we can use for her swimming class. Howell was also able to buy a Jordan Air rubber shoes (I forgot the exact model) at a discounted price also. We had merienda at Shakey’s and then we went home after that.

More pictures here.

Bye and TY Toddlers Unlimited.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Last Friday was the first day that Bela did not fetch me from work. When she was still staying at Toddlers Unlimited, she will fetch me after her class at TU. What I love about this setup is that not only will I get a ride home, but as soon as I end my hectic day at work, I will be greeted by Bela’s smile as she excitedly waits for me to get off from work.

I also feel sad in leaving Toddlers Unlimited. Since Bela will be attending school 5x a week already this coming school year, we decided to look for a school that is near our place because we know how stressful the daily travel will be to and from Makati for Bela. When I attended Bela’s PTC last March 23, I was so emotional because I know how much Bela enjoyed her stay at TU. She loves her teachers and her classmates so much. I didn’t even think that she will finish the entire school year. We initially thought that she will get bored in the middle of the school year (just like when she was still at Gymboree and Little Gym), but to our surprise we didn’t see her get tired and bored in going to school the whole school year. So I was telling Bela’s teachers that distance is the only issue because we would still want Bela to stay with TU if it were close to our place. Even Bela’s teachers are already in the brink of crying and they can’t imagine that they will not have Bela this coming school year.

Bela will be attending summer class in the school that we are eyeing for her this school year and we will see after that if she is okay in moving to a new school. I promised Bela’s teachers that if we can’t find a good school for Bela, we will always go back to TU.

Time moves really fast especially when you’re having fun. I didn’t even realize that it’s been almost ten months already (or even more because Bela started attending TU since summer) and now it is time to say goodbye to TU.

I am so thankful for Bela’s teachers (Teacher Maica, Teacher Lei, and Teacher Angelica) and Yaya Yen because they really taught Bela a lot. My daughter is so smart and independent and I know all of this is because of her teachers’ love and care for her. I really owe them a lot and for that I am really thankful for them. Bela will not be who she is today if not because of them. Thank you very much and we will be forever grateful for the love, the care, the knowledge that you have given to Bela. We will be forever grateful.

Ok, enough of this. I might cry again and I might need an eye cream if I want to look good tomorrow. LOL

Boo for Boyet Fajardo

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Have you heard of the scene caused by this arrogant and not heard of Filipino fashion designer Angelino Boyet Fajardo at Duty Free Philippines.

Apparently, this fashion designer got so pissed when the cashier named Marvin Fernandez asked for an identification card when Mr. Fajardo used his unsigned credit card to purchase something. That is just a standard operating procedure for the security of the customers so I don’t see anything wrong with what the employee has done. But Fajardo reacted negatively to the cashier’s request and he started to cursed the employee and use hash words. He even threw his passport to the cashier (which is also unsigned so the cashier did not accept his passport for identification also). Then Fajardo warned the cashier and the manager that he can get them fired because he knows high ranking politicians. Fajardo gave the cashier two choices so he can forgive what the cashier did to him: that he will slap him on the face or if he will kneel down to Fajardos’s knees to apologize. Maybe the cashier doesn’t have disability insurance so the cashier chose to just kneel down to apologize.

All of this was caught on CCTV camera. The Duty Free Employee’s Union will not let this pass and they will file a case against this arrogant fashion designer. I totally agree with this move because I believe that no matter who you are or how rich you are, we have no right to treat other people that way, specially if Marvin Fernandez, the cashier, is just doing his job.

Let us teach this arrogant, no name fashion designer a lesson. Let us stop patronizing his RTW labels such as Substance in SM department stores, Boyet Fajardo and Initials in Landmark and Robinson's department stores. And maybe, this will teach him that in order to gain respect, he should learn to respect others first.

Day 1/2: Blue Coral Resort

Friday, March 27, 2009

Last March 21, we drove 4 hours south of Manila for an overnight accommodation at Blue Coral Resort to celebrate my dad’s birthday.

My dad said that we will leave around 4 AM to beat the Saturday traffic but since I worked until 10 PM the day before, I was still so sleepy that I failed to wake up early. By 5:30ish we are all set and we hit the road to Batangas.

We have been to San Juan Batangas before so my dad already knows the way and so by 8:00 AM we are already at Lipa city. We had breakfast at McDonalds before we hit the road again going to Laiya.

By 9:30 AM, we're already at Blue Coral Resort. Unlike La Luz, they don’t allow guests who are staying overnight to enter the resort before lunch since check in time is 3 PM. But I availed of their lunch buffet package for our first day (since the overnight package only includes PM Snacks and dinner for the first day and breakfast and lunch for the second day), they allowed us to enter the resort before lunch. Since the room assigned to us is already available, they allowed us for an early check in also.

As soon as Bela saw the pool, she immediately asked us to help her change to her swimsuit. And since it is really hot that day, we all dip in the pool with Bela when we got settled in the Nipa Hut while waiting for our room to be available.

After lunch, we transferred to the beach and Bela swam with her lolo and lola while we (me, my sister, my brother and his girlfriend) had our henna tattoo. We took a dip after our PM snacks and boy we just love it.

Since most of the guests who are staying overnight started to arrive already after lunch, the beach was kind of crowded already and so we moved to the pool. We had dinner around 7:30 PM and it really was hard to convince Bela to get out of the water. Maybe she just got so tired already after swimming for almost the whole day that is why she gave in when we asked her to eat dinner first before going back to the pool.

We initially wanted to avail of their massage service but it is only available until 8 PM and we are still having dinner by that time so after dinner, we just call it a day.

You can view more pictures here.

My Friday Afternoon

Every Friday I get off from the office at 1:30 PM. Ever since Bela started to attend school at Toddlers Unlimited, I will go to her school after work. But since Bela finished school last March 24, I don’t have anything to do after office. I have to wait until 4:00 PM because I don’t want to take the LRT on my way home (it is more stressful for me) and my FX ride starts at around 4:30 PM.

So what did I do to pass for time?

1. I finished my statistical report and record all the activities that I did for the whole week.
2. Since I just moved in to my new office, I decided to take this time to re-arrange my office furniture.
3. I went to the bank to make the last payment for our housing loan.
4. I went to Smart Communications to inquire for their latest retention program since I already finished my two years contract for my plan.

So there, by the time I am finish with all this, it is already 4:00 PM and I am just in time for the first trip going home.

Party Time

Party preparations have been a hot topic among my circle of online friends. Why you may ask. Well it is because six of our kids will be celebrating their birthday on November so we have to coordinate our party schedule so it will not overlap (Yes, that is how hectic our November will be. LOL). And would you believe it is only March and they are already having a hard time booking for a party venue.

That is why I told my colleague, whose daughter will be celebrating her first birthday on November too, to start planning for her daughter’s party. I forwarded her the links of Bela’s birthday party album and she got really interested with the Party Rentals that I got for Bela’s party.

I also gave her the contact numbers of my suppliers. I discovered this supplier since we always avail of their service every time we have Corporate Events and since then, I always get them every time I organized a party for my dear daughter. My favorite are their inflatable like the Water Slide Rentals and their Jurassic 6 in 1 which is really a sure hit to the kids.

I am excited already. I am sure all the parties that we will be attending this November will be super fun and I am sure Bela will really enjoy attending all the parties lined up for us.

Weekend Snapshot # 32 - Fun under the Sun

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Overnight Accommodation: $120
Overnight Meal Package: $30 per person
Gas going to San Juan, Batangas: $25
Other Activities while on the beach: $30
Two straight days spent with family on a beautiful resort and seeing how much your daughter is having fun: Priceless


Last Saturday, we head off to San Juan Batangas for an overnight accommodation at Blue Coral Beach Resort for my father’s birthday celebration. We all had fun and two days is still not enough to have one relaxing time with my family.

Hubby was only able to use one memory card (which is really a miracle) for this trip. But I am still so tired and so busy with work (plus the fact that I am still in vacation mode) that I haven’t selected and resized the pictures that I will upload yet. But I promise to post detailed stories and more pictures soon.

Meet my Holga

I need to look for outdoor furniture but I have to post about this one first. I am so ecstatic and happy because my new baby is here.

It was delivered last Friday by one of the staff of Hallie. I discovered this Lomo Camera Supplier when we went to the Rockwell Urban Bazaar two weeks ago. I got her contact number as I have no cash that time to buy the camera. She has a multiply site ( and I decided to buy from her instead of getting the camera in Quiapo so she can at least give me a brief orientation on how to use my lomo camera. So I was really disappointed when she said that she will just ask one of her staff to deliver the camera to me.

I was able to talk to my colleague’s husband (who is a lomo cam user) over the phone and he even emailed me tips about lomography before I finalized my order with Hallie. I asked him if the price that I got for the Multicolored Holga (P3700) is ok. He said that it is P200 more than his supplier but he said that it is already a good deal. But he suggested that I should not get the 35mm adapter as he have one and he rarely use it because he doesn’t like the output shots when he uses the 35 mm adapter. He promised to lend me his adapter so I can try it out before I decide if I will get one for myself or not. And besides, the price for the adapter from Hallie is double according to my colleague’s husband.

So last Saturday, I was able to bring my lomo camera when we went out of town. I bought 3 rolls of film (the 120mm film is a little expensive) so I only bought three and I was only able to use 2 rolls of film. (My colleague’s husband is correct when he said that with a 120mm Holga camera, you only get to shoot the shots that you really, really like so no trigger happy shooting compared to when you are using a digital camera).

I read from lomo forums that at first, you might be disappointed with the results of the first few rolls of film that you consume. I even read one lomo user where she only got all black pictures for her first roll when she had her film developed. There was one lomo user also when she only got one good shot from the first few rolls that she used.

I haven’t send mine for developing yet (I need to consume 3 more rolls so I can get the developing discounted at Digiprint). I am curious now as to how my pictures will turn out. I promise to post the pictures (successful or not), once I have it developed.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Basic Needs
Household Expenses
Housing Loan

That’s basically where all my money goes. It is very rarely that I will have money left for my savings account. That is why even if I have been working for more than ten years now, I haven’t made any big investments yet to help me save up for the rainy days.

Now that we are having an economic crisis, it made me realize that I should never be complacent because I am not sure if I will have this job forever. So I have started to do some readings and I discovered the site of Monex. After checking out their site, it convinced me to make an investment on precious metals or rare coins. These are tangible assets which appreciate in time.

I don’t have that much knowledge about precious metals and rare coins but I am sure that the knowledgeable and experienced staff of Monex will help me make a good investment portfolio.

It’s Cold

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Snagged from Yen.

1. What’s your favorite frozen heat-and-eat food?
+ Pasta.
2. How sensitive are you to cool temperatures?
+ Oh, I can’t even stand a 15 degrees temperature. I remember when I was in Canada, the temperature is 10 degrees and I am all geared up for winter. I can hear the locals laughing at me since it is just spring and I am all ready for winter already.
3. How many ice-cube trays are there in your freezer?
+ Two
4. What aspect of your life seems to be frozen in place?
+ Going out with my friends and hanging out with them until the wee hours of the morning. I don’t know but for some reasons, I will really beg off for a night out unless it is really a very special occasion. I would rather stay at home to be with hubby and my daughter.
5. What’s your favorite blanket like?
+ Soft.

On Branding and Search Engines

When you are looking for something, let’s say, a restaurant or an online store or a gadget shop, where do you usually search for information? I think majority will definitely answer, the Internet.

Companies have been using the world wide web to promote their products. More and more companies (and even small entrepreneurs) have seen the power of the Internet to market their products and get customers.

I for one always rely on search engine such as Google if ever I need something. Like when I was still planning for our weekend getaway, I found the resort where we will be going through search engines. But I admit, I only browse the first few pages of the search results. There are millions of sites on the cyberspace that a single search like “beach resorts” can give me hundreds and hundreds of results. That is why it is important to get a good positioning in the world wide web so your link will always be at the top of search engine results.

Companies who use the Internet to market their products must also remember that it is not only important that they establish their own website. Branding should also be at the top of their priority so their sites will get a good positioning in the cyberspace.

New Yaya is here

We have a new nanny. As I posted on my other blog, I am not even looking for one as we are happy with our current setup (we have a stay out nanny who helps my mom with Bela during the day, then it is me and Howell who takes care of Bela when we arrive from work). Honestly, although it is more tiring for us, I prefer this setup. At least we have more bonding time with Bela and I don’t have to be stress out in dealing with unreliable persons.

But since a nanny came knocking at our door (well actually, a friend recommended her to us), we decided to give her a try. Today is her second day and looks like she is okay. (Keeping my fingers crossed). I am just wishing that she is the angel that I requested from God. LOL.

Oh well, at least now we have an extra hand to help us with Bela. (Maybe now I will have time to finish all my pending tasks like look for safety equipment online).

I’d like to say thank you to my mom for always being there for us. She never complained even though we have no nanny for more than two weeks. She brings Bela to school every other day with my dad and there are even times when they are also the one who takes Bela to her balett class. Thank you so much mom. No wonder you are Bela’s favorite lola.

Weekend Snapshot # 31 - @ Fun Ranch

Monday, March 16, 2009

We were invited for a party again last Saturday. The party was held at the Big Red barn in Fun Ranch. So right after her ballet class at Halili, we immediately proceeded to Tiendesitas in Ortigas to attend the party.

The kids were asked to wear their ball gown but since we only got the invitation the night before the party, I have no choice but to look from Bela’s closet whatever gown that will still fit her.

I was already telling her what is in store for her at the party since my friend hired Wanlu and she also has Dog and Monkey show which I am sure Bela will enjoy. But unfortunately, as soon as we arrived at the party venue, Bela wouldn’t even want to go inside the restaurant. I am not sure what is causing her fear. So we had lunch instead at the Blue Whale Grill and Bela and Howell enjoyed the Bumper Boat ride beside the restaurant.

Urban Bazaar @ Rockwell Tent

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Last Saturday, I was at the office from 8:00 to 6:00 PM working overtime. Since I am in Makati anyways, I asked my dear husband if he can fetch me when I am off from work and we can head to Rockwell afterwards. I really wanted to check out the Urban Bazaar as I learned that my favorite online store, Katrice Wear will be joining the bazaar. I wanted to buy matching clothes again for me and Bela so we have something to wear for Bela’s Moving Up Day at school. And I am so happy as I was able to buy matching dresses for me and Bela.

Since I paid for the P100 entrance fee, my sister and I decided to check out the other stores joining the bazaar. I also don’t need to worry about Bela since she is busy with her daddy at National Bookstore, reading all the books that they can find there while waiting for me and my sister.

I was really surprise to discover that most of the participants in the bazaar have a website where they feature and sell all their products and I only knew about it when I went to the bazaar last Saturday. They have been using the Internet to market their products but since there are millions of sites on the cyberspace, it all boils down to the website’s positioning in the World Wide Web. That is why it is really important to get a Branding Agency who can help the company develop a search engine optimization strategy for their website and help the company attract more clients. How do they do this? The branding agency can help the company optimize the site and the result is the site can get better positioning in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and the like.

I am sure if the participants in the bazaar had their website optimized, they would have attracted more clients and there is really no need for them to join the bazaar as clients will be the one coming to them to seek for their product.

Get Protection

Friday, March 13, 2009

Everyday, hundreds of virus, spyware and malware are being discovered and if your computer or your network is not protected, then they can be an easy target for virus and malicious attacks.

I was reading an article on the net and malware authors have found a new method to try to get in your system. Since users are trained not to open email attachments that look suspicious, malware authors are finding alternative means on how to get in a secure system. And with the popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, Freindster, and the like, malware authors are now using these social networking sites to spread the worm on a safe network. Instead of sending the worm via email attachment, they are posting a fake youtube link in Facebook or other social networking sites, which when clicked will download the worm on the computer which will allow the attackers to control your PC remotely.

That is why it is really important to have a very secure system. Companies and businesses alike all have important information to protect that is why having tools like Managed File Transfer, secure Internet connection and PKI is of vital importance. Cleo Communications is one of the companies that can help protect your system and what is good about them is they are backed by a reliable team that provides exceptional technical support service.

Therefore, tools that can help businesses protect their network should always be the top priority of any company.

Paalam, Master Rapper

The reason why I am cramming on all the tasks that I need to do is because I can’t find the energy to write these past few days. I don’t know but for some reasons, instead on working on my tasks, I will go online not to blog, but to read the blog of Francis Magalona. Yes, I am so hooked with his blogs (both his personal blog and the blog that he created to document his battle for cancer). Every night, I will read posts on his site and be inspired with the story of his life. I am in deep awe as I can really see how well loved Francis is by his friends and family. You can really tell that he and Pia did a good job in raising their kids because I can really see how well the kids are handling this difficult time in their life. I even read a post made by Maxene on how their family depended on the power of prayers and on how they let God lead their destiny. I also read the post of Pia when hey found out that Francis has leukemia. All Francis was able to say was “Wohhh, I have leukemia.” while they cried together. I can feel the pain maybe because I am a wife and a mother too.

Last night, I only worked for an hour then I started reading again his blog. Then I searched for videos about Francis M in you tube. I felt so happy for him when I watched his last live performance in Eat Bulaga with Ely Buendia after being diagnosed with leukemia. You can really see how passionate he is to perform and how much he loves to perform.

I am really hooked. Even Howell is asking me why I kept on reading and reading his blog. Maybe I just find his story very inspiring. Maybe I just find him very brave to face his fate and how well he accepted that fate. Maybe I am just really affected. But just like what Howell said, at least now his pain is over……

Boo x 3

I am offline again the whole day. I was scheduled to work overtime but I can’t start to work not until 2:30 PM and since we are off already by 1:30 PM, this means that I have an hour to do some of my errands. I initially plan to look for wireless security systems on the net to check for reviews and recommendations but lo and behold, our DSL connection is down again.

We switched from Destiny Cable Internet to PLDT DSL because we thought their service is better but we were wrong. Our Internet connection is down every other day or if it were up, the connection is very slow that I can’t even open some of the websites. The only difference of PLDT with Destiny is that they respond to our calls or even SMS right away. Not like Destiny where it will take weeks before they can send an engineer over to check the problem. But just the same, I don’t think their technical support staff is knowledgeable because they always give me a generic answer every time I call them like “Try rebooting the modem ma’am” or “Or try rebooting the PC ma’am.”

I wanted to cut or Smart Bro connection at home to try DSL but good thing I was able to try it first before having my connection disconnected because PLDT DSL is worse than Smart Bro (but I think they have the same owner.). LOL.

Oh well maybe there is really no perfect Internet Service Provider. I guess if my internet connection is down, I just have to try to detach from my online world for a while.

For Daddy’s Birthday

Next weekend, we are heading to San Juan Batangas for an overnight stay at Blue Coral Beach Resort. This will be our gift to our father who will be celebrating his birthday on the 21st. He still doesn’t know about our plan and he thought that we will just have a small get together at home. We will just let him know maybe the night before we leave so at least he still have time to pack his things (or maybe my mom can do the packing for him so it will really be a surprise).

And since you can really feel that summer is here, a beach escapade is really a good idea. I am really looking forward to this out of town as I really needed a break also. Things are still a little busy in the office and I am still working overtime every so often that sometimes I don’t get to spend some time with my siblings and my parents.

The last time we went to Batangas, we stayed at La Luz Beach Resort. It is in the same stretch as Blue Coral Resort but they don’t have the amenities of Blue Coral like the swimming pool. But one thing that we enjoyed when we stayed at La Luz is their massage service. It is very affordable but it is the best massage that we ever had. Hope they have the same service at Blue Coral. I heard also that Blue Coral just finished constructing a new building so they have more rooms now. I wonder though if they have hot tubs complete with Hot Tub Accessories. Imagine, after enjoying the beach and the sun, we can have one relaxing hydrotherapy experience before going to bed and it is good for our health too.

I really can’t wait for next weekend.

Tayong 2

I am not really a Kapamilya fan. Actually I am a true blue Kapuso (GMA 7) viewer. But lately I have been really addicted with the Teleserye of channel 2. One of my favorites is the show, Tayong Dalawa.

The show is really start studded and mind you, almost all the casts are veterans and multi awarded actors and actresses. The story line is really good and it is really fast paced so you won’t get bored watching it everyday. Although I just hate the acting of Jake and Gerald (the two lead actors in the series) because it looks over acting (but maybe it is because they are both new in this field). This is the reason why I have to start late with my blogging because I have to finish the show first (which sometimes ends at 10 PM) before I can start working. Even Howell is hooked too with the story plot.

I also love I love Betty La Fea show. And I love it that they introduce the character of Aldo (Jerico Rosales) in the show. He is just so handsome. LOL. I even wish that Betty will end up with him instead of Armando (played by John Lloyd).

Ok enough of this. I am starting to sound “jologs” here and my best friend Dennis will really hate me if he finds out that I am watching Kapamilya shows. LOL (Peace dude).

By the way, have you seen her- Angel Locsin? Whatever happened to her career and I heard her last movie was a flop. LOL. (I just hate ungrateful people like her.)

Before B2

Aside from party planning, another thing that I enjoy the most planning is our out of town or out of the country vacations. Since we are planning for baby number 2 this year, I requested one last vacation from hubby before we start trying for baby number 2. I have a lot of places in mind that I like to visit.

My first choice is Bangkok as this is really a feasible plan for us since I can just wait for the next promo from Cebu Pacific so the airfare is really cheap (last time I checked when there was a promo, round trip airfare to Bangkok is just P5000). Then the accommodations and land arrangements for day tours are really affordable. Then I also want to go to Australia but the thing that I hate if we choose Australia is we have to apply for a tourist visa which is the last thing that I really wanted to do (I don’t know why, but getting a tourist visa is a very stressful task for me). Then we are also waiting for hubby’s training confirmation. He might have a training this coming June is Washington or in August in Germany.

The last option is definitely the best option for us since one, hubby’s airfare will be free since the company will shoulder his airfare since he will be going there for training. Second, I always wanted to take Bela to the US because I know there are a lot of places that we can go there that she will really love like the Disneyland and Universal Studios. Third, it will be a perfect opportunity to bring Bela with us so she can meet my best friend and her god mother in LA and hubby’s relatives in New York. Plus you know how much she loves animals so I am sure she will love to meet Alex, Gloria, Melman and Marty at the Central Park Zoo.

I am so excited already that as early as now I already did some research and I learned about New York Bus Charter which we can rent so we will have a ride to and from the airport and we can also rent them for city tours and our visit to the amusement parks so it will be very convenient for us since Bela is coming.

I hope we can get a confirmation if hubby’s training will push through or not so I can start finalizing our travel plans.

My Dream Business

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Howell has been addicted to the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He told me that it is really an inspiring book and it really opened his eyes on the importance of knowing how to properly manage our money.

He told me that it is not just important that you have a day job because no matter how we work hard, this will not make us rich. The book suggested that we should invest in real estate or start our own business because that is an asset which can produce additional income. So now, he is thinking of ways on how we can gain more assets.

Hearing my hubby talked about this has got me into thinking that I should start thinking of another business too. I love planning parties and if you will notice, most of the details for all our parties are just DIY stuffs. We do our own tarpaulin, invitations, signature frame and even souvenirs (we already produced personalize back packs, personalize tumblers, personalize caps and who knows what else we can think of for all the future parties that I will be planning for Bela and for all my future kids). And so I am thinking that this can be a good business for us. I have the creative minds of hubby and my uncle and I know where to source out the materials.

IMG_0455Howell - IMG_0083HHL_2937HHL_2016Howell - IMG_3018

I noticed that most business nowadays really rely on the power of the Internet to sell their stuff and so setting up a website to showcase our products should be my first step if I want to push through with this business. I know a site where I can easily create website using their drag and drop features, one click publishing and I can just use their templates to start up my own website.

Just thinking about the possibilities of starting my own business really get my juices going. I better start with the planning ASAP if I really want to turn this dream business into a reality.

Corregidor TBE

Friday, March 6, 2009

I made a post on my other blog about our company’s Corregidor adventure. Thanks to Corregidor, I was able to conquer my fear of enclosed area and my fear of the dark and I have pictures to prove it. LOL.

The first picture was when we went inside the Japanese tunnel. It is part of the activity and in order for us to get our next clue, all team members must go inside the Japanese tunnel. Of course, I don’t want my team to curse me (LOL) if ever we will not win because I don’t want to go inside the tunnel, so I did it with all my guts. And it was fun since there are 30 of us who went inside which really helped me forget about all my fears.The second picture was when we were inside Malinta Tunnel. This is part of the day tour package that we got. I don’t want to go inside this tunnel also but I don’t want to be named KJ by my colleagues so I joined them for this tour also. I was walking closely beside one of my colleagues as I don’t want to enter the small laterals alone. There was even a time during the tour that they asked us to turn off our flash light as they want us to experience how it is like for the soldiers during the war.

It was a very interesting and fun team building exercise.

My Dream Wedding

What is your dream wedding? If budget is not an issue, below will be my list

1. A very romantic beach wedding like a Boracay or Bohol wedding. Imagine promising forever to the man of your dreams with the beauty of nature as your background. Then we will have the wedding when it is almost time for the sun to set. That would really be very romantic.
2. Baguio wedding. I always love Baguio. The cold weather, the crisp smell of the pine trees, the beautiful architecture of the church and the establishments. We will have a church ceremony in one of the oldest churches in Baguio then it will be a garden reception with the pine trees as our background.
3. Tagaytay wedding. This is the closest out of town wedding venue that I can think of that has the same romantic feel as a beach or Baguio wedding. I will definitely choose Caleruega for our church ceremony then a garden ceremony also in any of the nice garden restaurants in Tagaytay.

Then of course, we will have gorgeous wedding flowers that will add to the ambiance of the wedding. It doesn’t have to be expensive since I know a supplier that sells wholesale flowers and they ship it overnight direct from the flower farms so flowers will looks fresh on the day of the wedding.

But even though I did not have a beach wedding or a Baguio wedding or a Tagaytay wedding, I was still able to get the wedding of my dreams because on our wedding day, the man of my dreams promised to love me forever in front of God and in front of all the important people in our lives.

Great News

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Guess who is going back to school?

This morning I received a great news. I have blog about it a few months back regarding a project that hubby and I are preparing. I did not give much details about it as we are not sure yet if we will be admitted or not.

This is actually hubby’s idea. I took Masteral Degree at PLM but I was not able to finish my thesis because I got married that time and then I immediately had Bela and so I never really had a chance to go back to school to finish my thesis when I stopped. So now I think I already reached my 5 years deadline to finish the masteral program and if I want to continue, I have to attend remedial classes. So the more I became lazy to finish the program.

And then hubby discovered UP’s Open University program. Their program is really interesting and hubby and I both got interested in trying out the program. Unfortunately, we learned about it two days before the deadline for the submission of requirements for admission and so we were cramming to finish all the requirements. Good thing hubby requested for our transcript of records a few months ago so we have a ready copy on hand.

We were able to finish all the requirements in one day, including a 500 word essay where you have to explain why we are interested in the program (this one I was able to finish with no sweat. Thanks to my blogging experience, I have no problems writing essays this long. LOL) and then we just mailed it via LBC.

They said that they will release the results by April so I was surprised when I saw their email to me this morning informing me that I have been accepted in their Masteral program. The next thing that I did is check if hubby got admitted too and I was so happy to find two Laguertas in the list.

We will not be studying to become immigration attorneys or to pursue a whole new different course than what we took up in college. (This is too complicated for us already). We will be enrolling in UP’s Master of Information Systems program. It has been a while since I last attended school but honestly I am excited. I know this will take much of our time but I am excited that I will be doing this together with Howell (I can just copy all his assignments and projects. LOL) and we can be group mates all the time.

Wish me luck guys. Hope I will be able to finish my Masteral Degree this time.

Weekend Snapshot # 30 - Bday & Christening

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I met up with the MBAP girls again today. It was Mateo’s Christening and Sophia’s 4th birthday celebration. The party was held at C3 Events Place in Greenhills and almost all the MBAPs together with our hubbies and kids were present to celebrate with Jane, Jon, Sophia and Mateo.

Bela was cranky as she got disoriented when we entered the party venue since she just woke up from her nap. She just wanted to stay outside and watch the party from there. I am so thankful for my loving husband who took care of my daughter while I was inside chatting with my MBAP sisters.

The party was really fun filled with lots of yummy food, good friends and great entertainment. The acrobats were a total hit and I really love the balloon decorations. I was able to make Bela go inside the party venue during the last part of the program and so she was able to take home a Nemo Bag (which she really, really love. She didn’t want to let go of it and she was the one who was pulling the bag on our way to our car. And when she got home, she wanted to put all her animal toys inside the bag) and an octopus balloon.

Of course, the two hours is still not enough for all stories that we want to share with each other. (Hopefully we will get to have more time for chika on our summer outing come May). But I am glad that I was able to meet up with my MBAP friends again.

Thanks again to Jane and Jon for inviting us to this very fun party. We really had fun and it was nice seeing all the MBAPs again. See you all soon.

Below are some pictures (Howell not able to take pictures since he was busy taking care of Bela.)

Global Economic Crisis

My friend who just moved in to Kansas a couple of months ago is now looking for a second job that will give him extra income since they can already feel the strong effects of the global crisis. She has been telling me every time we get to talk that it is difficult to just have one job in today’s time. She said that needs to have a back up plan because if she looses her job, it will not only affect her, but it will also be a big problem for her family.

She has been doing some readings and she learned that the wedding industry is one the top industries that are strong inspite of the economic recession. So she has been searching for cosmetology schools in kansas where she can get training to be in the wedding and fashion industry. Good thing she found a site where she can easily get information about the cosmetology schools that she is eyeing. She just did a search by state or zip code, and voila, she instantly got a list of all the schools that she wants.

The economic recession really has a lot of effects. We ca never be complacent even if we think our job is already stable. In times like this, it is better to be prepared for whatever effect this global crisis will bring to our lives.

Nappy Cake Again

I haven’t visited Nice’s blog in a while now since I rarely got the chance to blog hop. My sister in law just gave birth last month and since I really love Nice and Debbie’s Nappy Cake, I am planning to give my sister in law a nappy cake for the Christening of their second son.

So I checked out the site of Nice again for the recent nappy cakes that they have done and look at their recent creations:

I like the concept of the pink bunny cake so I might ask Nice and Debbie to do a male version of this Nappy Cake.

I am excited already. Nappy cake is a new concept for my sister in law so I am sure she will be surprise and she will really love our Christening gift for their son, Gabbe.

Yaya Less Again

I asked my yaya to leave today. She was referred to me by my friend since she is the sister of my friend’s nanny. I shouldered for her transportation expenses since she is coming from Mindanao and I have to give her a salary advance so she has some money to leave for her mother.

On her first day, when we arrived home, my mom was the one taking care of my daughter. When I asked my mom where our new nanny is, my mom told me that she went to her room around 6 PM and never went down again to take care of Bela. It was already 7:30 PM when we arrived home so I took the liberty of waking her up and I was so pissed when I saw her in deep slumber. I asked her why she is sleeping when Bela is wide awake. Her answer was she thought that it is ok since my mom is already taking care of Bela.

Then I noticed that she is not even doing any household chores because as soon as we leave in the morning for work, she will lie down in our bed and sleep again until Bela is awake (and Bela sleeps until 9 – 10 AM).

There are times that she will not go with my mom when Bela has a class just because she just doesn’t want to and she won’t even give any explanation to my mom or to us.

She never talks and when you talk to her she will answer us in a very disrespectful manner. I really wanted to let her go but I have to get back the money that I gave her for her transportation and her salary advance so I told Howell that I can stand her for at least a month just to get my money back.

After a month of being with us, I learned from her sister that she is suspecting that our nanny might be pregnant. This morning, she knows that we will be attending a party and I told her that she is coming with us but when it is time for us to leave; she said that she is not coming as she will take her day off. So right then and there, I told her to pack her things and leave and never to come back.

One thing that I learn from my friend, Ate Annie, is that I should never get attached with my nanny nor should be emotional since nannies really do come and go. And if the nanny is not helping us but instead is becoming the source of our stress, then there is no point in holding on to that nanny and that we should just let that nanny go. She said that there are a lot of people in the province who needs jobs and as long as I can afford to pay for the salary of a nanny, then there is no point to stress over it because I can easily get a nanny anytime I want.

Right now, we have our on-call nanny (lol) who will help us with Bela. She used to be our stay out nanny and I can easily call her every time we need an instant nanny so she will help us with Bela for now. Actually I am already thinking to just get her again to avoid the stress that yaya hunting is giving us. But we’ll see.

Another Wedding

I will be attending a wedding in just a few months. The dress code will be strictly formal. I have no problem with the dress that I will be wearing since I have a very reliable and very affordable couturier that I can turn to for my cocktail dress, Farley de Castro. I discovered him through waw and I asked him to do the gowns of my relatives during our wedding. Since then, I always ask him to do all my cocktail dresses. Imagine, for just P900 – P1200, I have a custom design cocktail dress.

So cocktail dresses for formal events are never a problem for me. My problem now is the perfect jewelry that will go well with my cocktail dress. I still haven’t decided yet on what design will I choose for my cocktail dress but I already found the perfect designer costume jewelry that I think will go well with whatever design I will choose for my cocktail dress.

What do you think of this?

And since I am really a bargain hunter, would you believe that this only cost less than $200 for the whole set. These are jewelries from Holsted Jewelers. Their jewelries are all exclusively designed and passed through rigid quality testing. So even if they are affordable, I am still sure that they are of high quality.

I am so excited. I just have to choose the perfect design for my cocktail dress and I am already all set for the wedding.