Thursday, July 21, 2011

As of 11:20 PM, looks like we are having second thoughts again on what car to buy. LOL. We already made up our mind and we are set on buying the Toyota Vios 1.3 E. I even gave our final decision to BPI this morning so they can process the papers for our auto loan. I even contacted our dealer and I told her that the purchase order will be release either Thursday or Friday.

But I spoke with my brother this evening and he knows about cars better than us since that is one of his sideline and he just has a natural love for cars. I told him that we will be getting the Vios 1.3E and he suggested that we look at Honda City also since the price is almost the same as Toyota Vios.

Honda City was really our first love when we did our car window shopping but since it is over our budget, we dropped it from our short list. But when I checked the Honda City website, I realized that the lowest model of Honda City is just a few thousands higher than the 1.3E of Vios.

We are so totally confuse. I am sure our Toyota dealer will hate us if I spilled to her the news that we will just buy Honda City after I bothered her a couple of times for all our questions about Vios. LOL.

I told hubby to decide for us because honestly, I really don’t know what to choose now. LOL.


jody said...

Whatever car you would buy, congrats!