Tagaytay Food Trip

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Last Sunday was Toddlers Unlimited Family Day Celebration at Tagaytay Highlands (I will make a separate post about that on Bela’s blog and I will post some pictures soon). The activity was scheduled from 9-12 and we have the option to dine with the group or leave before lunch if we opted to have lunch on our own.

We checked the menu for the food that they will be offering for our lunch and for the price of P300, we didn’t really find the menu very appetizing. And since Tagaytay is the best place for a food trip, we decided to just have our lunch outside Tagaytay Highlands.

Every time we are in Tagaytay, we always dine in at the same restaurants like Leslie’s, Josephine’s, Moon Garden, Bag of Beans and Gerry’s Grill and we never really tried other restaurants there. Hope there was a site where I can read reviews about the best restaurants in Tagaytay just like the site of Westword. The site has a section where they provide reviews and guides for Denver Restaurants. They even have a Critic’s pick where I can read reviews about the restaurants that the critics picked themselves. Plus the site is categorized by price range, by cuisine, by location and by restaurant features so I can easily check the restaurants that I like.

If there is a site like this for Tagaytay, I am sure we would be able to explore all the restaurants in Tagaytay and it would really be one nice food trip.


Proud Fil-Am said...

Have you ever tried eating at the Mendez Public Market's carinderia? :-) try it out, you might like it!

Another place I really love is the Abundant Place. If you want a very good hot cocoa and palitaw instead of a coffee and cake - then I recommend you check out this place. It is actually in Silang, Cavite - right in the place where the ornamental plants are being sold. It is easy to miss so don't blink.

It is a little place, no fancy waiters, no expensive furnitures but if you enjoy being a "bisita of the owners. Good place to go.