Wordless Wednesday # 28 - Relaxing at Disney Hotel

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Weekly Round Up #22

Week of November 17 – 23

It was a busy week at the office. We had an early Monday meeting since my boss needs to give us a briefing on the IT’s tasks for the office renovations that will be done until end of January.

Tuesday, I spent the whole day packing my things in boxes as I was advised by my boss to start packing as they don’t know when I need to move to my new office.

Wednesday, I had a really bad day. I arrived at the FX terminal only to find out that there is no FX to service passengers. Then Howell and I took a jeepney to go to another FX terminal but then we were greeted by heavy traffic due to construction being done on the roads. So we decided to take a cab so we can make an alternate route. There is still heavy traffic on the alternate route that we took and the cab driver said that he is running out of gas. So we have to take another cab again but bad luck was really on my side since our first cab driver dropped us off on a street where you can rarely see a cab pass by. So we grab the first cab that we saw even if it can only drop us until Pedro Gil since he has a schedules pickup at Ermita. I took another cab in front of the US Embassy to Makati and luckily I arrived at the office before 9 AM.

Thursday to Sunday was our trip to HK. I posted a sneak peak of some of the pictures taken during our trip here but I promise to post more detailed stories and pictures soon.

Weekend Snapshot # 23 - Sneak Peek at our HK Vacation

We’re back from our four day Hong Kong vacation. It was really tiring as we are running from one place to another from day 1. But all of us (me, my husband, my sister and my two cousins and including Bela) really did enjoy this trip. Since we are almost the same age, we agree on almost everything. But of course, since Bela is with us, Ocean Park and Disneyland tops our list of our itinerary and I am glad I didn’t have problems convincing my sister and my two cousins since they too want Bela to enjoy this trip.

I still have 8 GB of pictures to sort through so it may take time before I can upload it. But here is our itinerary:

Day 1:

Checked in at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel
Giant Buddha at Lantau Island
Ocean Park
Shopping at City Gate Outlet Store

Day 2:

Checked in at BP International

Day 3:

Macau – St. Paul Ruins, Macau Tower and Venetian Hotel

Day 4:

Avenue of the Stars

And boy, we really had enough time for shopping that I decided to just stay at Toys R’ Us with Howell and Bela while my cousins explore the malls at Causeway Bay in the afternoon of our last day since I already run our of budget for our shopping. Look at our loots:

I was able to buy lots of souvenirs and toys from Ocean Park, then more toys again and funny t shirts from Disneyland, then I was able to buy something for myself (wink, wink), then shoe shopping at Crocs, chocolate overload at Royce and lots, lots more.

I promise I will post our pictures soon. I just have to finish posting the pictures from Bela's 3rd birthday party then I will start with our HK vacation pictures.

The Suites at the Venetian Hotel

Even though we only had a day tour in Macau, we are all glad that we were able to visit and take a peak at the Venetian Hotel. The Venetian Hotel is one of the largest single structure hotel in Asia and the third in the world. It is a luxury hotel and casino resort that is owned by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. The hotel has 3000 suites with five different types of room accommodation namely the Royale, Bella, Rialto, Hospitality parlor and the Paiza suites.

We were not able to go check out the suites but I saw the pictures of the suites which my friend took when they stayed there and the suites have Moroccan furniture, Italian furnishings, marble flooring, and even a living room.

I bet it would have been nice to experience staying at Venetian Hotel and enjoy its Moroccan furniture and just have a luxurious vacation there. But for now, I am glad that we were able to explore the shops at the Grand Canal Shoppes and had a relaxing Gondola ride. Maybe next year, for our next vacation………..

Wordless Wednesday # 27 - Floating

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Questions of the Week #40

Join us here.

1. What measures have you taken to cut back expenses? I reduce my shopping for Bela’s clothes. I used to shop for her clothes almost every week and my credit cards bills always contain items for Bela. I also try to avoid malls as I will surely spend if I am out.
2. Have you ever bought a book and used the receipt as a bookmark? Yes, I did that before. LOL.
3. Can you recall any traumatic, embarrassing or troubling events as a child that you still remember vividly? If so, care to share? I had a lot of bloopers when I was a kid but I don’t think it is really traumatic, just embarrassing. One of them was when I pooped in my pants while we are out in the park. I don’t want to ruin the day and I don’t want to go home so I was denying to everyone that I have poo-poo in my pants. LOL.
4. What is the strangest question you have ever been asked at a job interview? How can I apply for a visa? (Since I work for an Embassy)
5. Does it make you uncomfortable if a woman is breastfeeding her baby in public? No.
6. Do you know anyone who has an unpredictable temper? Who? Yes. ME.
7. What did you have to learn “the hard way”? That you have to work hard to get what you want.
8. Have you ever been dishonest about the origin of a bruise? Yes, a lot of times.
9. Have you ever gotten any kind of envelope in the mail without the senders return address? Did you found out who it was from? No.
10. It’s our 40th QOTW. I am giving away something. Can you tell me why should I give it to you? It’s just a little something to spice up this little Meme! Oh, happy 40th QOTW.
– I am a little early for this week’s QOTW (You know I always end up being the last participant. ) LOL.

Online Christmas Shopping

I can’t believe that it is almost the end of November already. In just two weeks you can really, really feel the Christmas season and for sure malls will be packed with people finishing their Christmas gift lists.

I really wanted to start early with my Christmas shopping but I got really busy with the preparations for Bela’s birthday and then our Hong Kong trip and sometimes it is just really difficult to do shopping when you have a toddler in tow.

All our weekends for November is already full and so I think I won’t be able to start shopping until December. And most of the companies have already released their thirteen month pay to their employees so I am sure, by December malls will be packed already with shoppers rushing to finish their Christmas list.

So my option: I will just shop online. I found a lot of great online sites where I can shop for all my gifts so I don’t have to join the hundreds of shoppers in the malls during the busy holiday season. I found this great site that sells Sterling Silver Jewellery which is really a perfect gift for all my female relatives.

The site really caught my attention since I am really a fan of silver accessories. I am just looking at their Sterling Silver Bracelets and they have a wide range of designs and their styles are really unique. What I like about their products is that they are really of high quality since it is 92.5% silver. And since they specialize only in silver jewelry, you can really be sure that all their products passed high standards. All their products are really nice so it didn’t take long before I can find the perfect gift for all my aunts and females cousins. I was also looking at their Silver Bangles and I might order one for myself too.

Glasses for him

My brother is asking for a recommendation on where he can get affordable eyeglasses. I had my lasik surgery two years ago and so I haven’t been to optical shops recently and so I can’t give him any recommendations. Good thing while watching TV, we saw that Zenni Optical was on FOX news! He saw that Zenni Optical has a wide range of fashionable eyeglasses at very affordable price so he really won’t have a problem finding Great Eyeglasses For Less.

My brother immediately checked their online site and they offer all kinds of glasses like Variable Dimension Frames From Zenni, single vision lenses and even sunglasses. He really had a hard time deciding as all of the frames are really trendy and fashionable.

It was really the perfect timing that we saw Zenni on Fox. Now my brother can just order his eyeglasses from them as soon as he can choose the style that he wants.

Weekly Round Up # 21

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekly Round Up for the week of November 10-14.

Monday, nothing extra special really happened that day.

Tuesday, Howell dropped the layout for Bela’s tarpaulin at our supplier and good thing that we will be able to pick it up on Thursday just in time for Bela’s party at school.

Wednesday, I was finalizing all the details with my suppliers for Bela’s parties.

Thursday, yaya got sick and so my mom has to take care of Bela. We also dropped by Robinson’s places in Ermita to pick up my order of 20 caramel apple for Bela’s party at Toddlers Unlimited.

When we reached home I got busy preparing all the things that we need for Bela’s party at school. I was also informed by my cake supplier that she will just deliver the cake in Makati since she won’t be able to make it on Bela’s party at school so she has to deliver it the night before. Good thing my friend agreed to accept the deliveries at her condo in Makati and we will just pick it up from her condo the next day.

Friday, I was calling Mc Donald’s and Shakeys to double check my orders with them. My mom and dad picked up Howell from his office and they went to Rockwell to pick up the cake that my supplier delivered there the night before. I met with them at Toddlers Unlimited around 2 PM. By 2:45, we are finish putting up the tarp, setting up the cakes, balloons, souvenirs, and the food. Then it is party time by 3:00 PM (I haven’t posted my story about Bela’s party at school but I will try to post it soon).

Saturday was Bela’s party at Kidz Republic. I will make a separate post about this soon.

Sunday, we started the day early and went to hear mass at Sto. Niño church and we also went up the shrine of Sto. Niño before hearing mass. Then after lunch, we started preparing for Bela’s party at Hospicio de San Jose which is our yearly tradition. I posted stories and pictures of Bela’s party at Hospicio here.

No luggage. Just Backpack

Traveling for four days and three nights without a luggage? DO you think that is possible? We will be leaving for Hong Kong this coming Thursday to Sunday and Howell kept on reminding us to just use a backpack and not to bring any luggage.

I don’t know if I can ever do that as I am the type of traveler who always brings with me extra stuffs like extra shirts, extra pants, and extra shoes just to be sure that I am not really forgetting anything and I am ready whatever happens.

But I guess hubby has a point. We didn’t hire a van this time (not like when we went to Hong Kong last year) since there are only five of us for this trip so we will travel from airport to hotel via the MTR. Then we have a toddler with us which is already handful and add to that our hand carry for all the baby stuffs that we will be bringing for Bela. Then we will be moving to a city hotel on our second day so this means that we will be traveling again via MTR.

The last time we traveled, we have a big luggage and I already had a difficult time fitting all our things there so what more if I am only limited to a backpack. Wish me luck!!

Weekend Snapshot # 22 - Bela @ 3

Last Sunday, we celebrated Bela’s 3rd birthday with the kids at Hospicio de San Jose. We have been doing this for three years now as our way of passing forward the blessings that we have been continuously receiving.

It is truly a very heart warming experience on our part. Just seeing the smiles of all the kids and seeing how much they are enjoying our company is truly a gift and an experience no amount of money can ever repay.

I posted my story on how the party went and more pictures here. I also wish to thank all our dear family, friends and relatives who shared their time with us and for all their donations (I didn’t really asked from a lot of people but the donations that I was able to collect was overwhelming and the orphanage administrator was really thankful for all the help that we have shared with them.) I assure you your time and help was not wasted as the kids are really thankful for everything that we have done for them. Hope you can join us again next year.

Happy Birthday Bela!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Bela!!

Always remember that Mom and Dad loves you very, very much. You are our reason for living, our source of joy. Happy, happy Birthday our dear princess Bela.

Tired after two parties

Bela is the first grand child so you can just imagine how excited the aunts, uncles and grand parents are for her birthday. We already had two parties for her and all her grandparents are present during those two parties as they don’t want to miss another special event in their precious grand daughter’s life.

But you know they are really not that young anymore and so one of my aunts (Bela’s grand mother) who has scoliosis is already not feeling well last night. I can sense that she is already feeling the pain in her back as she is already wearing one of her cervical collars. She got this from Allegro Medical which is an online site where she buys all her medical supplies. It is very convenient for her since she does all her purchases on line so she doesn’t have to go to the store to buy what she needs. She even set an auto order policy so all her medicines are being delivered to her automatically. But you see, when she starts to wear her cervical collar, this is a signal to us that she is already not feeling well since she rarely wears her collar.

But last night she kept on saying that she is looking forward to Bela’s party today at the orphanage. I know how tired she is already but I know she will do everything all for the love of her grand daughter.

What’s for today?

Hope Bela will wake up a little early than usual so we can catch the children’s mass at Sto. Nino church. Today is her3rd birthday and after going to mass, we will be preparing to celebrate her last party for this year at Hospicio de San Jose.

This is the most important party of all the three parties that we have for her. Just like what hubby said, we are so blessed that God gave us a very loving, smart, beautiful and sweet daughter and Bela is so blessed too because she is so much full of love from all our friends and relatives and so today is really important for us since this is our thanksgiving for all the blessings that we are receiving.

I haven’t checked the pictures that hubby (we hired a photographer for Bela’s party yesterday but he arrived late and was not really taking pictures during the party so hubby decided to be the official photographer instead. LOL) took during the party so I might be able to post it sometime next week.

I am an early bird

It is only 5:45 Am and I am already wide awake. I slept around 11 PM last night after Bela’s party at Mall of Asia. I am so dead tired after partying for two days in a row now but I can’t manage to take a rest while our princess is still sleeping as I have a lot of pending tasks to finish. So here I am already in front of my computer.

Good morning Manila!!

On going back to school

Last April 2006, my brother and I decided to invest money and venture to a cellphone shop in Greenhills. We struggled during the first month as we are still learning the ropes of the business but we still manage to get a return on investment on the first month. The few months that followed was really a good month for our business as business started to pick up.

My father was the one who is managing our store since my brother and I are both working. But since business is really doing good, my brother made a big decision and resigned from his day job so he can work full time at our shop.

He is enjoying it as he has total control of his own time now and he is his own boss. Plus the fact that he is earning more now compared to his previous day job. But sometimes, he gets bored with his daily routine so he is thinking if he can take masteral courses part time.

So do you think it is possible that he can still take masteral degree even though he is very busy as a businessman? Of course he can. He can always take a degree online from online university like Capella University. In fact online classes are the best option for working adults like him. He can still manage our shop and he can take online courses at the same time.

I know he is really happy with his decision to quit his job but I think he will be more fulfilled if he can start to go back to studying again.

This blog post is based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com.

Bela @ 3 Teaser

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Party 1: Toddlers Unlimited

Party 1, done and two more parties to go. Howell downloaded all the pictures from today’s party but I haven’t find the time to sort and resize it. And besides I don’t have the energy left to do it tonight as I am so tired already from running around for the party preparations plus I also went to work today so I was really dead tired after the party. But Bela really had fun today, so no matter how tired we are after the party, just seeing how much happy Bela is make us really feel that all the preparations for this party is all worth it.

I promise to post more stories and pictures in the coming days (or even weeks. LOL). So do check out Bela’s blog for my pictures and stories.

For the meantime I will leave you with this picture.

We love to party!!

It will be a very busy weekend for us. We will be celebrating Bela’s 3rd birthday this weekend. Today, she had her party at Toddlers Unlimited and boy she did had fun. (She loves being the center of attention you know and we don’t know where she got that as Howell and I hate the lime light. LOL) So I was really happy that I made a decision to have a separate party for her at school since all her classmates and teachers are present today to celebrate with her which is one of the reasons why she really had fun.

Tomorrow will be her party for our friends and relatives at Kidz Republic in Mall of Asia. I promised hubby that I will not make a big fuss of this party so I really tried to keep it as simple as possible.

Then on Sunday will be our thanksgiving party at Hospicio de San Jose. Every year, we really try to celebrate her party at an orphanage as our thanksgiving for giving Bela good health. Most of you know that she had a congenital heart disease (she have a hole in her heart) when I gave birth to her and we were lucky since we got a confirmation from her cardiologist before she turned two that the hole is totally close. So we are really thankful since Bela is a proof that God really loves us. And as a sign of thanksgiving, we want to share the blessings that we constantly receive from Him with the kids at the orphanage.

So we will have three parties for her. Gosh, hope I won’t need diet pills after pigging out on all these parties.


Friday is always set as the “Lunch Get Together Day” at our section. Somebody will be assigned to bring food for the whole section and we will eat together and enjoy the food. Today, the food was courtesy of the birthday celebrant and the food was cooked by our master chef, Peewee. We had Kaldereta and Molo soup and Dimpsy’s creamy chocolate cake for dessert.

All of us were so full as the food was really good and so all of us didn’t mind if we ate more than one cups of rice each (LOL). Then after stuffing our stomach with rice and Kaldereta, we surely can’t resist the chocolate cake topped with caramel. It was so yummy.

Oh well, my office mates played badminton afterward so they surely burned all the calories that they gained after that sumptuous meal. As for me, I am so lazy to play badminton so I might just rely on Orovo diet pills to trim all my excess fat.

To buy or not to buy?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Choices:

We will be leaving for Hong Kong next week and my brother’s girlfriend asked me to buy her an LV bag. Which really got me into thinking, can I resist the urge to buy a bag for myself if I am already actually inside an LV store?

Hubby is convincing me to go and get one as we don’t know when our next trip to Hong Kong will be. And after talking to Jody (who is really convincing me to get one. LOL), I learned that prices of LV bags in Hong Kong are around P2500 cheaper compared here in Manila.

Hmm, but looking at the price of the bag in pesos makes me really think if it is really worth it…hehehe. But you know I haven’t bought anything major for myself and it will be a Christmas and birthday gift for me, maybe it is justifiable. hehehe..

Do I sound really confuse and defensive about this? We will see, I still have a week to think about it. You will know my decision when I get back from Hong Kong next week.

Weekly Round Up #20

Monday, November 10, 2008

Before I search for cheap auto insurance for my brother, let me post first my Weekly Round Up for the week of November 3-9.

Monday was just another busy day at the office.

Tuesday evening, I decided to start packing the loots for Bela’s loot bags as I thought it will just take a maximum of 1 hr for me to finish packing everything. But after I am through with the backpacks, I started sorting and labeling the prizes. By the time I am finish, it is already 2:30 AM.

Wednesday, we were able to drop by at Robinson’s Place to buy clothes for Bela that she will wear on her birthday. Good thing we didn’t have a hard time looking for her clothes as we found a nice skirt and blouse and a khaki overall from Gingersnaps that matches her Madagascar/Jungle Safari theme. I was also able to buy a blouse from Mango and a shirt for Howell.

Thursday, went to mass at St. Jude and went to my friend’s house in Sampaloc to give them their invites for Bela’s party.

Friday, I went to Toddlers Unlimited and I was able to talk to Teacher Maica for the details of Bela’s small party at school. Then I also went to Philippine Tourism Authority to get the Reduced Tax Exemption Certificate for Bela for our HK travel next week.

Saturday, we went to Greenhills and I was able to do some more shopping while waiting for Howell to pick us up. Then we went to Mc Donald’s El Pueblo to attend Sam’s 4th birthday party.

Sunday, we attended the 2nd birthday party of Bianca.

Wordless Wednesday # 26 - Still a kid at heart

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Weekly Round Up #19

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Weekly Round Up: Week of October 27 to November 2

Monday, I left the office at exactly 4:30 Pm since I wanted to go to Kidz Republic in Mall of Asia to finalize the contract for our November 15 party there. But hubby has to pick up the album for one of his clients so we have to postpone our trip to Kidz Republic. But it is good though since we were able to leave the file to our supplier for the extra invites that we need and the souvenir tags.

Tuesday, I planned again to go to Kidz Republic but it was raining and there is heavy traffic due to the Global Forum on Migration that is being held at PICC so we decided to postpone again our trip to MOA and just decided to pick up the invites and souvenir tags that we sent for printing yesterday.

Wednesday, finally we were able to go to Kidz Republic, finalize our contract and we were also able to place our order at McDonalds for the food for the kids.

Thursday, we just decided to go home early.

Friday, was the 7th birthday party of my cousin Jego. After the party, we went to 168 mall to do some shopping and pick up the backpacks and chairs that I ordered from Sheila for Bela’s school party. Read my suppliers ratings (aka rant) here.

Saturday, we went to Greenhills and we were able to buy shorts that we will be wearing for Bela’s party.

Sunday, we went to Eternal Gardens to offer flowers and prayers to our departed love ones.

Wise Investment

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Weekend Snapshot # 21 - Happy Birthday Jego

Monday, November 3, 2008

Last Friday was the 7t birthday of my cousin, Jego. The party was held at McDonalds Binondo. The theme of the part was Toy Story since it is the celebrant’s favorite movie.

I have work that day but good thing that I was off from work by 1:30 PM so I was able to make it just in time for the party. Almost all my relatives are present to celebrate with my cousin.

My cousin Tessa and I hired a magician for the party and for his rate, he is really good. His magic tricks are not simple and he even has illusions similar to the illusion of Arnold the magician and Wizzo. The kids enjoyed his show and even the adults enjoyed his magic tricks too. (Specially my dad). Actually, his magic tricks are even better than the magician (Bobi the Magician) that I hired for my daughter’s birthday party.

The party was really blast. Everybody enjoyed it even my daughter. Too bad she was already sleepy when it is time for the mascot appearance so she was not up to having a pictorial with Grimace and Ronald.

Supplier Rating: Sheila- 168 Bag Supplier

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I have posted my rants about the customer service of Sheila, the bag supplier from 168, here and here. I picked up my orders from her last Friday after my cousin’s birthday party and we were so disappointed with how our orders turned out.

I ordered 15 backpacks and 15 director’s chairs which will be our giveaways for Bela’s party at school. The quality of the backpack itself is just ok. It is similar to the quality of bags that you can buy in Divisoria so I can stand that. But the print out of the design (the tarpaulin part of the bag) of the backpack was very low quality that the you can no longer read the text for the details of the party (the date of Bela’s birthday). I can say the same thing for the chair. The print out is very dull to think that Howell used bright colors for the design.

When we checked out their samples, we already noticed that the print is a bit blur and fuzzy but we thought that it is because of the file that the client submitted to Sheila. That is why the file that we submitted to Sheila was of the highest resolution.

We know how printing business works because my uncle is in that line of business also so we know that they used the cheapest ink, the cheapest printer and the cheapest material for the tarpaulin. We have been making tarpaulin for all our events and for hubby’s clients as well. One of the biggest one that we did was 96 inches and the resolution is still great. The size of my backpack is only 8x8 inches and the director’s chair is 12.5 x 17.5 inches so we were really surprise to see how dull the print out is.

So if we will rate the service and the product of Sheila:

Customer Service: -5
Product: 2 for the effort since they were able to deliver on time
Price: 2 since their rate is really not cheap and it is even expensive compared to other suppliers. (She charged me P250 each for the chair and P85 for the backpack. Jelly Bellies’ price for the chair is only P225)

But I am happy that my transaction with Sheila is finally over and I don’t have to deal with her again. At least my stress for these party preparations is already over (Since she is the only supplier that is giving me so much stress.) What is important is my daughter who will be turning three in just a few weeks and she is really growing up to be a smart, sweet and pretty little girl.

So I guess I can now start doing other things like shopping for my Christmas list. I found this site where I can buy Movado watches on sale as our present for my dad. And Thanksgiving sale is just a few weeks away so I better work hard to earn money to prepare for that Thanksgiving sale.

Christmas Shopping in Multiply

Have you started on your Christmas shopping? If you will ask me, I haven’t started on my list yet. It is already November and before I know it, Christmas is already here. But we have been very busy lately that we can’t find the time to shop for our Christmas list. In fact all our weekends this November is already booked. Hubby has an event on all the first two weekend of November. Then it is Bela’s birthday on the third week and then our Hong Kong vacation on the fourth week. So it will be possible that we can start our Christmas shopping by the last week of November already and for sure the malls will be crowded by then.

My option: I can shop for my Christmas list online. I found a lot of multiply sellers where I can purchase my gifts for my cousins, god children (which I think is around 30) and my friends and colleagues. But I just notice that every time I checked on a multiply site, my laptop is very slow that it takes a while for all the images to load. I am not sure if I need to upgrade the memory of my laptop or if multiply site is really slow or maybe my laptop can’t cope up with my shopping addictions. LOL. What do you think?

Saturday 9: Being a Good Sport

Saturday, November 1, 2008

1. Were you raised around a lot of sports? No. My parents are both not into sports.

2. What is your favorite sport? Basketball. I don’t play basketball but I enjoyed it every time I am watching a basketball game.

3. When did you last play a sport? I can’t remember. Like what I said in number 1, I am really not into any sports.

4. When did you last attend a professional sporting event and what was it? If you can consider the bowling tournament that hubby joined as a professional sporting event, then it would be just a couple of months ago.

5. What was the last sport you watch on TV? I don’t watch sports that much.

6. If you have children, do they play the same sports that you did? If not, someday if you have kids, would you like them to? I would love my daughter to be sports minded like her father since it is really a good thing as it can help to keep her live a healthy lifestyle and be pre-occupied.

7. Do you think other people care too much about sports? Yes. Just like my husband. He is really into different kinds of sports.

8. Do you have the freedom to be as involved in either playing or watching as much sports as you’d like to? Yes but I am really not into sports.

9. Who is your favorite sports team? Hmm, this is really difficult. LOL. I can’t even recall a sports team.

Shoe Shopping for Me

I know, I know I should be doing a research for suppliers of CAT5e as I need to present a list of suppliers on our meeting this Monday but I have to check out Lacoste website first.

My brother bought my mom a new Lacoste shoes and my mom was teasing me as she knows that it is my type of shoes. I initially wanted the hard bound box set of the Twilight Saga as hubby’s Christmas gift for me but now I am having second thoughts. LOL.

My brother is a frequent shopper at Lacoste Mall of Asia so they already have a 15% discount there. He was even inviting us yesterday to join them as they are heading to Mall of Asia after my cousin’s party so I can buy my shoes with him to get the discount. I am so tempted to go with him but hubby is so tired already yesterday since he is the official photographer for my cousin’s birthday party.

Oh well my shoes can wait. And I realized since we will be going to Hong Kong in two weeks time, it might even be cheaper there so I can easily convince hubby to buy it for me. LOL.

I am the featured weekender

I am the featured weekender this week. I was checking my blog when I read Kathy’s message on my Cbox. I quickly checked the Weekend Snapshot site and there I saw a screen capture of my blog.

I have been joining the weekend Snapshot for months now and I was really happy and flattered after learning that my blog got featured this week. Actually, I posted my entry for this week’s Weekend Snapshot Sunday night but then I forgot to add my blogs on the site the next day. I only remembered about it after reading Kathy’s message and boy it was really a great surprise to see your blog being featured.

Thanks again to Weekend Snapshot and I truly appreciate it.

Christmas Shopping for hubby and Bela

I posted on Bela’s blog the toys that we ordered for her as our birthday present for her. Last week, almost of them have been delivered already and we have been hiding it from in our other room so Bela can’t see it as she will ask us to open it for sure once she sees the toys.

I must admit I am really shopaholic. LOL. Specially when it comes to shopping for my love ones. When hubby brought home the items that I ordered I really felt a different kind of excitement and happiness that I started to check the Amazon site again for more toys that I can buy and this time it will be our Christmas present for our dear Bela.

I saw a lot of nice toys and now I am torn and confused as to what I should buy her. I can’t afford all of these so I just have to choose:

Little Einsteins Classical Friends Singing Dolls
WowWee Alive Lion Cub Plush Robotic Toy in Tan
My Little Pony Ponyville Deluxe Playset
Baby Alive Learns to Potty
Can you blame me? The prices are really cheaper by a few hundred pesos as compared to buying it here so I am really saving a lot. LOL. And I am also planning to check Nautica watches for hubby too as I learned from Peachy that they are really cheap if I buy it online rather than buying it here but I have to check on hubby first as I am thinking that he will prefer toys too as my Christmas gift for him over the watch.

My Parents

I woke up early today and since I can’t go back to sleep, I decided to go online as I need to check for quotes for health insurance for my mom. I have long wanted to get her one since their health insurance plan was cut when my brother resigned from work. You see in my brother’s company, he can declare my parents as his dependents and they got covered under my brother’s health plan. But a year ago, my brother decided to resign from work to concentrate on our cell phone business and since then, my mom and dad don’t have an HMO to cover for their hospital needs.

I inquired before in my company but I can only declare my immediate family as my dependents under my health plan. I can get a health insurance plan for my parents under the same HMO that my company is using but I have to pay either quarterly or annually only which is a bit expensive for me as compared to just paying in monthly terms.

I know my mom hasn’t been feeling good these past few days due to high blood pressure and we sometimes have to drag her to the doctor for a checkup as she is always reluctant to have a check up since she is always thinking about the expenses.

health insurance for them would really be a wise investment so they don’t have to worry about the expenses if they feel that they need to go see their doctor.

Rant: Bday Party Supplier Part 2

I promised to reveal the suppliers name that I have been ranting about from my previous posts. She is the bag supplier from 168 and her name is Sheila. I ordered my director’s chair from her since I heard that her rates are cheaper compared to other suppliers. So I got her service even without canvassing from other suppliers.

I inquired to her via text only. Sometimes I will get a response but most of the time I have to call her if I didn’t get a reply after waiting for couple of hours to get an answer to my inquiry. It didn’t bother me at first since I thought that maybe she is busy so she can’t find time to answer my inquiry.

When we went to her shop at 168 to give the lay out, hubby and I got really pissed with how she dealt with us. We were trying to haggle to reduce the price that she gave us and Howell was even trying to make a joke but her answer is so cold and very sarcastic. I had a bad feeling already that I will really have a hard time dealing with her after the attitude that she showed us but we already gave her the CD for the layout and I was ashamed to cancel our orders so we just let it be.

After more than three weeks, I texted her to follow up my orders since I learned from Jacqui that she already got her orders and we submitted the CD layout at the same time but I did not received any reply from her. I tried calling her to asked her when can I get my order but the only answer that I got from her is ”Ewan ko po Ma’am.” I tried to ask her for an estimate date of delivery but she still answered “Ewan ko po Ma’am.” I don’t about you guys, but I haven’t dealt with a supplier before who answers my inquiry like this. I am just following up and if only she answered me in a nice way, I wouldn’t be pissed and I really wouldn’t mind since I still have three weeks before the event. But she is again sarcastic and unprofessional and I don’t know if she is really listening to what I was asking her as she is talking to one of her staff while she was pretending to be listening to me.

In fact I was so pissed that I even inquired from Jelly Bellies and I am willing to order the chair from them just so I don’t have to deal with Sheila. Too bad Jelly Bellies can’t accept my order since it is already less than three weeks before the event and I even found out that the rate that Sheila gave me is really expensive as compared to Jelly Bellies.

Lesson learned. I know I should have followed my instinct and I shouldn’t proceed with ordering from her since I already got pissed the first time I met her. I should be blamed also since it is I who made the decision to go ahead with my order even if I already have a bad feeling about her already. And I should have asked around first from other suppliers and compare prices and I should have done my research for feedbacks about her before I proceed with my orders.

Oh well. This is the last time that I will be ordering anything from Sheila.