Sports Enthusiast

Friday, October 31, 2008

Hubby is into different kinds of sports. He plays bowling, basketball, paintball, volleyball and even badminton.

Every year, they have different sports tournament in the office and most of the time hubby will be one of the organizers. If you visit our house, you will see lots of uniforms, medals and trophies on display that hubby had collected from joining all the sports league in his office.

This month, they will be holding a football league and hubby is one of the organizers again. As early as now, hubby has been very busy looking for sponsors who will donate uniforms for each player of each team, football trophies, snacks for the sports committee and the like.

Sometimes he gets really busy doing all these things and I know being a part of the sports committees really takes a lot of his time but I know hubby is enjoying it as he is really one sports enthusiast.

Divi Trip

We attended my cousins 7th birthday today. The party was held at Mcdonalds Binondo and so after the party we all decided to go to 168 Mall since it is just near the party venue.

Since it is All Saint’s Day tomorrow, 168 Mall is not that crowded. Bela tagged along with us but even if we have a toddler in tow, we still were able to go around and check out the stores without difficulty.

I was able to buy three dresses, a bolero, Votive candle holders, and leggings. I was looking for the shop that Jody recommended where she was able to buy nice dresses and blouses but I got stuck in one of the stores where I got all my purchases.

I would still love to shop some more but we arrived there around 6 PM already and so some of the stores are already close. Maybe one of these weekends, I will ask hubby to accompany me there for more bargain shopping.

Rant – Bday Party Supplier

Monday, October 27, 2008

I am pissed with one of the suppliers that I am dealing with for Bela’s party. This is already my third time to plan for a birthday party for my daughter but it is only now that I experience this kind of treatment from a supplier – she is very unprofessional and very rude.

I wanted to pull out my order from her but I already paid 50% of the down payment already for my orders plus it is only 3 weeks before the party and I am not sure if another supplier will accept my order with just three weeks left. Grrr, if only I knew that I will be having trouble with her, I would have talked to a party planner instead of dealing with her directly. I thought that I would save more if I contact her directly but it turns out that the price that she gave me is way expensive that what she normally gives her other clients.

I will reveal the suppliers name soon. She might read this and she might screw up my orders more.

Weekend Snapshot # 20 - Shopping @ Divisoria

I had one productive day today. I went to Divisoria to buy additional prizes for Bela’s birthday party at Kidz Republic. I was checking the items that I ordered from Oriental Trading and I realized I don’t have that much items for the prizes. And since our next weekends are already booked and I may not have the time again on the following weeks to go to Divisoria, I decided to go this morning. I only allotted P1000 (approximately $ 21) as my budget but look at how many items I was able to buy with my budget.

That is why I love Divisoria. I know the toys that I bought is not that extraordinary but I know this will never fail to put a smile on the kids’ faces when they received it.

Saturday Social #29

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Today's Saturday Social Question:

Do you like to cook? What is your best dish?

My Answer:
Honestly, I am not a person that you can trust when it comes to cooking. I don’t know how to cook, I admit. LOL. But sometimes I still try my luck in the kitchen but that means I have to rely on my cookbook. I have to follow all the instructions stated in the cookbook, otherwise I will really screw up.

My best dish? Guess I don’t have that much choice here. The only thing that I can successfully cook is Tuna Pasta, a dish that my good friend Aubrey, taught me.

Saturday Social Rules:

* Post your answer to the Saturday Social question(s) in your blog. Be sure to put in a link to this entry and the blogger who tagged you too!
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Online again

Power is now restored. But while the power is out, I was able to make a draft for this post. So here it is now.

I initially planned to sleep late last night that I even asked for my nanny to prepare a strong cup of coffee for me. The coffee trick usually works for me but not last night. After finishing my big cup of coffee, my eyes still wouldn’t want to cooperate. And no matter how much I try to keep it open, nothing is coming out of my mind and so I decided to just shutdown my laptop and go to bed.

Today, I woke up early only to find out that I have no Internet connection. Darn. I called SmartBro and good thing it is not a base station problem (which is always the case every time my connection is down and it will take days before they can restore my connection). So hubby tried to troubleshoot the problem and reset our router. He was able to make it work and I was able to finish a lot of my tasks.

This would have been a perfect time to finish all my pending jobs since Bela is still sleeping and I had a good night sleep last night so I was in the mood to work, work, work.

But things aren’t really working on my favor as now, our power is down. So I am using my laptop in battery mode and I will just post this later.

Bday Wish 1: Accomplished

Yes, yes, yes. I am so happy. I really wanted to have an out of town vacation and because of Cebu Pacific’s promo, we will be able to have another vacation come January for my birthday celebration. You can read about the whole story here.

I am so excited already as I haven’t been to Pearl Farm and after talking to my friends who have been there, it made me really excited as I can already imagine the beautiful Pearl Farm resort. I even asked my brother who have just been there recently and he highly recommends it.

But then I realized that I don’t have a swimsuit that I can wear for this trip. Since I gained weight, the swimsuits that I have here doesn’t fit me anymore. :-) But I still have two months. Maybe I can start working out to get my old weight and figure (if I can really call it as a figure) back or I can just buy a new swimsuit with a much bigger size. I bet I might just end up choosing the latter option.

So many DVDs. So little time

Dr House
Greys Anatomy
Desperate Housewives
Gossip Girl

My cousin lends me some of her DVD collections yesterday. These are just some of my favorite TV series which I was not really able to watch since Bela is always in front of the TV. You see my daughter really loves to watch her DVDs or her favorite TV channel, Play House Disney. Even if she is busy doing something else, she would still want to hear the sound of her favorite show or movie in the background. So hubby and I don’t get to watch any of our favorite shows with Bela around. So the only chance that we get to watch our DVDs is when Bela is already asleep which is like any time between 11 PM – 1 AM.

So with the dozens of DVDs that my cousin lend us, I think I might be getting acne problems and eye bugs soon if I want to finish watching all of these DVDs.

Wordless Wednesday # 25 - Road Ahead

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The old and the new yaya

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I have a new yaya now. She arrived last Friday straight from Leyte. She is young and honestly when I saw her, I didn’t think that she will be able to handle the responsibility of taking care of Bela. But since the agency hasn’t provided us yet with a replacement, I have no choice and decided to give the new nanny a try.

She is in fact hardworking but the problem is you have to show and explain to her several times how we want it done. She would always say yes but in the end, she would still not be able to do it. I think the problem is she can’t understand Tagalog that well, thus the communication gap. Up to now, she still doesn’t know how to give Bela a bath. She is too scared to do it. So the only thing that she does at home now is clean the house and wash the dishes and Bela's bottles. She doesn’t know how to cook either so I end up cooking too.

Howell said that she will learn and I should just be patient in teaching her. But the problem is, I don’t have the patience to do it. Bad ko ba?. So I would really end up doing everything since I prefer to be happy with the result rather than be stressed out because she was not able to follow my instructions.

I received a text message from my former yaya yesterday and a call from the agency expressing her intention to go back to work for us again. I don’t want to take her back too as I am also not that happy with how she works. I guess I have to give our new nanny more time to adjust and to learn because right now, that is the best option we have so far.

Weekend Snapshot # 19 - MBAP Christmas cum Baby Shower Party

Monday, October 20, 2008

We attended another party last Sunday and this time it is the MBAP Christmas cum baby shower party. Almost all the MBAPs are present together with the hubbies and kids. Only Aggie (they have a family event) and Apols (she is in Singapore right now) were not able to attend the party but we hope to see both of them in our next EB.

The party was held at Jane’s residence in Laguna. The kids really had fun playing with Sophia’s toys and playing in the playground while all the mommies were chatting. The food was catered by CCME. We had fun games for the daddies and the preggy mommies and we have tons of prizes too.

My favourite is the white elephant game where I got a unique and nice picture frame. The kids had their exchange gift too and Bela was really happy with the new set of My Puppy in my pocket toys that she received from her Ate Sophia. (Thanks Ate Sophia.) She played with it until she fell asleep last night.

After eating and after the fun and games, the kids played again at Sophia’s playroom while the mommies chat some more and the daddies bonded too while having a glass of beer.

The party was really a riot. Everybody had fun and it was nice to meet up again with my fellow MBAPs. Thanks again to Jacqui and Jody for organizing the party. Hope after the three preggies give birth, we will be able to do something like this again.

I will post more pictures soon as I have to select from the dozens of pictures that my husband took.

Questions of the Week #35

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yen's QOTW

1. Do you have a broad sense of humor? I think so.
2. Is it possible to have a truth without an opinion? No.
3. What amount of money would you shave your head for charity? I don’t think I can do that. I can help the charity in other ways.
4. Do you find it easy to be totally honest with someone even though it might hurt their feelings? That is my problem, I hate to hurt others feelings so I find it hard to tell the truth to somebody specially if I know that it will hurt the feelings of that person.
5. When people you know are laughing to themselves while reading, do you ask them to share what is funny? Yes. LOL
6. What stresses you out the most? Financial problem, health issues of my family.
7. Could you go one full day without speaking? No, I love to talk so I don’t think I can survive a day without talking. I remember when I gave birth via CS delivery, I was asked not to talk by my doctor after the operation but it still did not stop me from talking.
8. Would you rather ask the question or answer it? Ask.
9. What is the one thing that always makes you smile? Bela and Hubby
10. Do you trust in love? Yes. I am in love.

They are moving

It is quite common in our office that a number of our colleagues will eventually say goodbye as they plan to move to Canada. Another of my colleague just recently said goodbye to us as she and her family decided to move to Vancouver.

It will be a new life for her and her family. They have to start from zero as they have to find a new home, find a new job and adjust to the new culture.

But I think they are ready as they have prepared themselves for this emotionally, physically and financially. In fact my friend has been talking to her fiend in Vancouver who has a Flight Attendant Career and had been convincing her to try a career as a flight attendant too. So my friend is now doing her research and she is now decided to attend a Flight Attendant School once they are settled in Vancouver.

To my friend, I wish you good luck and we will miss you.

Wordless Wednesday # 24 - The Color Red

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I’m pissed with my (former) nanny

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our nanny took a day off last Saturday. We even took her to the station where she can get a ride going to Baclaran. She was excited and happy as she will meet her boyfriend on her way to Baclaran. She asked me if she can get her salary for Oct 15 since she needs to pay somebody when she goes home. I already have a feeling that she is up to something (I don’t know why) but I still gave her an advance of her salary.

The rule in our house for our nanny is she can take a day off once a month and then she has to come back the next day after lunch. It was already 4 PM when I woke up from my nap Sunday and the nanny is still not home. I wanted to call her to ask her what time she will arrive but the hubby said that I should not worry and let our nanny enjoy her day off. 9 PM and still no nanny so I tried to contact her cell phone but it is off.

The next morning I received a text message from her (using a different number) that she needs to deal on some problems and she can’t come back to us. Her things are still with us so I’m suspecting that she eloped with her boyfriend.

I’m really pissed. Some people can really be irresponsible with their obligations and I hate it when I have to rely on irresponsible people like her. We have been very good to her and we know that we treated her well but in spite of that, she still managed to do that to us. I even told her that I won’t be deducting the P600 that she owes the agency since I pity her since she always have no money since she owes a lot of people so her last salary all just went to paying her outstanding debts.

I already called the agency and they got surprised too with what happened. But when I’m asking them for a replacement, they said that they have no available nanny at the moment. Good thing my mom is always there to rescue us in times like this but she is not feeling well too as she always have high blood pressure. My friend also promised to give me a nanny who will arrive this Thursday. Hopefully everything will turn out fine in the end.

My Future Ballerina?

Aren’t they so cute? This is one of the recitals of the students of Halili Cruz School of ballet. They have a course called Baby Ballet where they accept kids as young as 3 years old. And it looks like Bela is showing some interest in ballet since she loves to imitate Barbie and dance the ballet too every time she is watching her Barbie DVDs. So when she turned three this coming November, I plan to enroll her to the Baby Ballet class of Halili.

I can already imagine myself getting all excited to prepare for her recitals. I can already imagine her wearing her tutu and her ballet costume. I bet I will really go crazy preparing for it.

Sometimes I can’t help but think how time really flies. Now I am just busy preparing for her Halloween costume and then her ballet costume. So what’s next, formal dresses? Oh I don’t want to think about that for now. I just want to enjoy every bit of time that we have with our little princess.

On Viruses and Data Protection

Sunday, October 12, 2008

And so I thought only a hard disk failure can cause lost of data to my system. I was wrong.

My sister have a USB drive where she saved all the files that she uses at school. She connects it to the computer in their computer laboratory and to the internet shops where they sometimes do their projects. Since it is a small computer shop, their network system is not that secure. They don’t have data protection solutions in place and they don’t have reliable anti virus system to protect all their machines form thousands and thousands of potential viruses and threats. And so I suppose that is where my sister got the virus on her USB drive.

She used her USB drive on my laptop and as soon as she opened the files, the virus spread on my laptop too. Oh well, I guess virus protection and backup is really a necessary thing if you have a PC. Otherwise, you might just loose all your data in the end if you don’t get a data protection solution for your PC.

The Baby Shower

Friday, October 10, 2008

We had a surprise baby shower for our dear friend Dale last October 3 at my friend’s condo unit in Joya. She got really surprised as she really thought that it was the house blessing of our friend’s condo.

It was a simple but fun get together as we really can’t recall the last time we were able to go out as a group. Everybody was present including the husbands and the boyfriends plus yaya and Bela. The food was really delicious (they ordered from Amici plus the chicken from Rustan’s and the Brownie Ala Mode from May) and the games that they prepared were really fun. We even brought home some pasalubongs from our good friend Dennis who just arrived from his three-months training in Baltimore. And of course I have to note that we really love the Victoria’s Secret undies (specially Timmy) that she brought for us. And thanks also to Nice and Debbie for the very pretty nappy cakes that we ordered from them.
Here are a few pictures:

Another farewell

Yes, another one of my friend is leaving to work abroad. Sometimes I can’t help but feel sad since there are a few of us who are left here in Manilas as most of our friends all decided to go abroad to work. But of course, it will really be a better opportunity for them and I really can’t blame them if they will not let this opportunity pass specially if they have a hungry stomach to feed.

And so we bid farewell again to one of our friends as she is leaving with her husband for Illinois. My friend is just a stay at home mother and so they really find it to be a great blessing when her husband, who is a programmer, received a job offer in Illinois. Since their family is growing, they didn’t think twice and her husband accepted the job offer.

I know I will miss my friend so much but with technology nowadays, I know I will still be able to talk to her everyday. And she is excited as she learned from the net that there are a lot of beauty schools in illinois where she can study and perfect her passion for fashion. And these schools can even help her get a job so she can help her husband with their expenses.

So to my friend, good luck on your new adventure with your family at Illinois. We will really miss you.

Aggie Wants to Know! # 4

For this week’s AWTK:

Anyway, for this week, I want to SEE you. Post your most recent pictures. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look great. I want to see more than what is a normal avatar. Take note that it needs to be RECENT. Can you believe I can use an avatar dated 2 years ago? Time for things to change

Secondly, I want to KNOW you. Just YOU. Sans kids, the husband, just YOU. I have a lot of ME tags in my blog – you can use that. What do I want to read: You – Now. It can be as simple as “I love Coke.” or as complex as “I am the crossroads of my life.”

Here is mine:

I am Abie, or Joy or Abeng. My family and friends at home call me Joy. I am the eldest of three kids and I am the first apo and niece in the family. Maybe that is the reason why they say I was a spoiled brat when I was a kid. They even gave me a pet name of “toyo” because as the name implies, I always throw “toyo” (tantrums) when I did not get what I want. I am not one of the best students when I was in elementary. I even got failing marks as I was so lazy to study. But things turned 360 degrees when I entered High School as I became so obsessed with always getting a high mark and it continued until college.

I was able to get a job as soon as I graduated from college. I worked as a Network Engineer for Smart Communications for a year. Then I got hired as a Network Specialist at DLSU-CSB. During this time, my dad’s business went bankrupt and so being the eldest, I took the responsibility of helping my parents raise my siblings. Maybe, this is one of the ways I was able to outgrew my bratinela attitude. I think I became more responsible and I was able to help my parents as I sent my two siblings to school.

I am scared of almost anything – heights, insects, the future, ghosts. Name it and I bet I am scared of it. I love to travel. If I am rich, I would stop working and I will just travel to my hearts delight (just like what Becky Bloomwood did when she married Luke). My dream destination – Paris and Africa. I am a shopaholic but I can say that I know when to stop when I already reached my limit. I am talkative and I think I can easily make a conversation even to a stranger. LOL. I have lots of friends. I love blogging and online shopping. I love the color purple.

I got married at age 27 to Howell who is my schoolmate (but I had a few boyfriends and heartbreaks before I finally found my destiny). I got pregnant as soon as I got married. I now have a beautiful daughter (syempre love your own) who will be turning three this November.

I love my family, my husband and my daughter. I love my life and there is truly nothing more I could ever ask for.

Red Rose

I got this rose from Jesse. Thanks sis. Much appreciated.

The rules of the award are:
1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you've nominated.

Now, I want to share this to my fellow bloggers Em, Eds and Jan.

A Sad Story

I was just talking to my friend and she was crying on the phone as we speak as her brother had an accident while on board the ship where he is working. It is clearly the negligence of his brother’s employer that led to the accident.

My dad worked as seaman for more than twenty years. He is retired now but I remember similar stories that my dad used to tell us that happened to some of his co-maritime workers. I was lucky that my dad did not had any accidents while he is working but he told us that when an accident happened to one of his colleagues on board the ship, his colleague filed a maritime lawsuit against the shipping company. The lawyers provided by the law firm were able to help my dad’s co-maritime workers to file claims against the shipping company.

There are a number of laws that states that families of maritime workers are entitled for financial support especially if the accident happened while at work. I think filing a lawsuit against the shipping company is the best option that my friend’s family has to do.

Our Twitter Party Wish List

Monday, October 6, 2008

Looks like I am one of the last one to post our wish list. (Ewan ko ba, every year I always find it difficult to make a wish list for the exchange gifts)

Here is mine:

1. I want the hard bound book of Twilight. It is P700, I can pay na lang for the excess P200 during the party. LOL. (Yup I am so addicted to this book.)
2. Any of the tops from niu clothing

3. Team Edward Hoodies available at Karl Edwards Bazaar
4. Smallest hand bag from Baby Couture
5. Books (chic lic). I already have all the books of Sophie Kinsella, Stephenie Meyer and Babyville.
6. Bed Sheet (Queen Size)
7. Clothes Hamper
8. A very nice earrings and hand painted bangles

I think some of the items are below P500. If it is below, you can add nice earrings na lang. LOL.

For Bela:

1. Sleep wear (Like the one that alpha bought – gaya, gaya ako. Size 3T din) or any sleepwear.
2. DVD of Monsters Inc (if it is on sale)
3. Cars, the movie OST
4. Nice plastic container where she can put her small animal toys (like yung sa Orocan but with Disney designs)

For Christmas

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Last January, we had a vacation at Boracay and hubby got all excited upon seeing beautiful beach that he dives right in to the water without removing his wedding ring. It was only when we went back to our hotel that he realized that he lost his wedding ring.

Then a couple of months ago, we were dining out at one of our favorite restaurants when my cousin treated us for lunch after she got promoted. I was playing with my daughter while waiting for our food to be served and I didn’t realized that I dropped by earrings.

So for Christmas, I am thinking of jewelries as my gift for myself and hubby. I can buy a new wedding ring for him and a pair of earrings for me. I saw nice Garnet earrings which I really like and it is really perfect as it is my birthstone too.

I know my husband would be really thrilled as he really felt guilty for loosing his ring but he can’t find the extra budget buy a new ring. As for me, I can’t remember the last time I ever bought jewelry for myself so that would be a nice gift for me this Christmas.

Still bitten by the Edward fever

Are you addicted to Edward Cullen? Well if you are one of us who can’t seem to get over the character of Edward Cullen from the Twilight Saga book, then you will probably love this Tees:

My friend was wearing one of this when I saw her yesterday. She quickly called my attention when she saw me and she proudly model for me her “Team Edward” hoodie. She bought it at the Karl Edward’s Bazaar for P400.

I want to have one. If only hubby is not at work today, I might have dragged him at the Fort to get one of these T-shirts. Or better yet, since I don’t know what to put in my wish list for our Twitter Christmas party, I can add this one to my list. LOL. Paging Joy, I am sure you would love to have one of this as well.

Certified Edward Cullen Addict

Questions of the Week #33

I was just about to check the net and look for marketing jobs available for my cousin who just graduated when I remember that I am late again for “Yen’s Question of the Week” for this week. So here is my entry for this week:

Questions of the Week #33

1. Do you ever think about how your actions affect other people? Yes, I think and I worry about how my actions affect other people quite a lot.
2. How good is your “emotional intelligence”? I think I suck in this area. I am not good in managing my own emotions.
3. You are cordially invited to my Virtual Masquerade Ball. Who/What will you disguise yourself as? I will be the princess that Edward Cullen will be bringing to the ball. LOL.
4. How far apart are you from your closest sibling? Our just is just a couple of block from her.
5. Do you trust your feelings? Sometimes.
6. How much time do you spend with your family per week? I get to see them everyday.
7. What do you do if everything seems to be going wrong? I will pray and I will ask for HIS guidance and strength because I know that HE is the only one who can make things right.
8. How do you decide between “right” and “wrong”? I try to always choose what is right.
9. Is your personality more like that of your father or your mother? My father, I think.
10. Do you find blatant burping and farting offensive? Most of the time.

I have been invited: RCM Fellowship Night

I received an invitation from the Rotary Club of Manila North to attend their Fellowship Night tomorrow evening. Their organization launched a search for people who will respond to their need for community service and nation building.

Rotary Club of Manila is one of the Rotary Clubs of District 3810 of Rotary International – a worldwide service organization of business and professional individuals. It is an eleven year old civic organization established on January 22, 1997 that fully adheres to the international motto, Service above self.

I heard a lot of good projects that Rotary Club has undertaken in our area. Like they distributed textbooks to public schools in our areas, they sponsor livelihood projects, they conduct community projects like medical missions and feeding programs to name just a few. The Rotary Club has a good reputation as a civic organization and I’m interested to get to know more about their club tomorrow.

Boring Subject: Work

I’m so happy it is Saturday already. We arrived late last night after the baby shower that we attended so we woke up late too today (except for Howell who has to work overtime again). So instead of going to Shangri-La to accompany my grandmother for her check up, Bela and I decided to just stay at home since I still feel tired from our last night’s activity.

It was also a very busy week for me at work. I was on leave last Monday so I have to catch up with work. But I was happy since I was able to get information already about bpm which our Personnel and Property section is asking me to get for them. And I was also able to finish my statistics report, I was able to finally upgrade my PC (so I now have a much faster Core Duo PC) and I was able to finish the inventory of all the IT equipment. It was really a tiring week but I’m glad it’s already weekend and it is time for me to spend quality time with hubby and Bela.

I Love Betty La Fea

Friday, October 3, 2008

I am no teleserye fan. In fact, we hardly watch television at home since my daughter is a total TV addict (yah, I know this is bad) and she is always watching either one of her favorite DVDs or any show from Disney Channel. But if ever I will be watching a local channel, it will only be Channel 7 as I am a true “Kapuso” fan and I would not even dare check out the shows that are being aired at Channel 2.

But things totally change since I discovered Betty La Fea. I just love this show. It is so light and entertaining and I find Betty and Nicolas very funny. Even my husband loves it. And I love the chemistry of all the characters. They all blend well together thus producing one great show.

I am still a Kapuso but I am Betty La Fea’s number one fan. LOL. (My best friend who is one loyal Kapuso fan will kill me if he reads this. Peace Dude! Try watching the show, who knows you might like it also :-) )

Baby Shower

Surprise!! We will be throwing a surprise baby shower for our good friend Dale tomorrow. Everything is going out as planned and looks like she has no idea that the party tomorrow is for her and her baby daughter. We will do the shower at our friend’s new condo unit at Rockwell and we told her that is a house warming party.

* Food – The food has been ordered already and will be delivered at the condo unit around 5 PM. Food is courtesy of Timmy and Dennis as their treat to us for their recent promotion.
* Gift – We initially thought of buying baby stuff like baby bedding, feeding bottles, diaper bags, etc but we think that our friend is already complete with the baby stiff that she needs. So we decided to just give her nappy cakes.

.: The nappy cake that we ordered is something like this. :.

* Venue – Joya, Rockwell.
* Time – 5 PM
* Program – We have no program planned. It will just be the usual get together of our group.

I’ll post pictures after the party tomorrow.

Our Little Princess is Turning 3

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I can’t believe that my daughter will be turning three this coming November. How time really flies. I can still remember when I first held her in my arms, it was the most fulfilling feeling a mother could ever wish for.

Before she was just a helpless little girl who highly depends on us for all her needs. I remember those times when she was still a baby and she would sit still on her Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair and we would feed her with her favorite baby food. (We love this high chair since it is very sturdy which is perfect for my active daughter. And not like the other high chair which can only be use during the toddler years of the child, this high chair can be use by my daughter until she is an adult since it has an adjustable seat and footrest.) But as time goes by, she is starting to grow up to be an intelligent and independent little lady. Sometimes my husband and I would be amazed at how advance her thinking and her speech is. I know time will pass by just like that and before I know it, she is already a teenager. I don’t want to think of that thought for now as for us she is still our precious little princess.

Accidental Meeting and My Studies

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I bumped in to my former classmates from my masteral class and she gave me the good news that she just passed her comprehensive exam and thesis. Though I was really happy to see her again, our meeting made me realized that it has been three years since I decided to take a leave from my studies. I gave birth to my daughter when I decided to take a leave of absence and since then I never had a chance to continue and finish my masteral degree.

Having a full time job really eats up a lot of my time and add to that the fact that I have to take care of my husband and my daughter too. So sometimes, I really feel that there is now way for me to finish my masteral degree.

But then I did some reading and learned about university online. One of my friends is currently enrolled in this program and she assured me that the work load is not heavy even if she has a full time job since she can do everything online at her own convenient time.

I think this is really the best option for working professionals like me who also has a responsibility as a mother and wife. I will have to read some more and I feel like this will be the answer to help me finally finish my masteral degree.

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