Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Do I look that thin again? (This picture was taken just last Saturday when we attended the birthday of David – son of hubby’s best friend).

I have been receiving comments again from my friends and colleagues that I look like I am harassed or I have been drinking diet pill. I am not doing any kind of diet. I eat whatever I like be it sweets or high in carbohydrates foods. Although there are days when I won’t be getting enough sleep since I have to sleep late because of the numerous tasks that I have to finish. Add to that my addiction with the Twilight saga book of Stephanie Meyer that I sometimes go to bend around 3 AM since I am that excited to finish the book.

But I guess I should start listening to their comments and I should start to live a healthy life again. Hubby even asked me to promise him that I will avoid this kind of habit if I am already pregnant (which I don’t think will be happening in the next one to two years. LOL).

Divi Trip

Monday, September 29, 2008

Although we had a busy day yesterday (as I posted here), I still manage to convince my husband to accompany me to Divisoria yesterday. I initially planned to go there last Friday but Bela has an activity at school that I have to attend.

I want to look for bags that we can use for Bela’s loot bags for her school party. I initially didn’t plan for a school party for her (like what I mentioned in my post here), but I suddenly had a change of mind. And since I know I will be really busy in the coming days, I wanted to finish all my to do’s for Bela’s party and so I have to drag my husband to Divisoria this morning to check some items that we can buy there for the party.

It was a productive day as we were able to visit the store of the director’s chair and bag supplier and we were able to check samples of their work. So next week, we will be dropping by again at their store to hand them the CD for the layout of the director’s chair and bag. I was also able to buy some Madagascar coloring book (this will be her theme) to add to the items that I bought from Oriental Trading for her loot bags. And I know Howell is happy too even if I had to drag him to accompany me since he was able to buy cheap picture frames and DVDs. He was even able to buy cheap toys and bag for Bela.

I love Trunki

I love Trunki. I saw this cute luggage for kids before when Peachy showed it to me. I wanted to buy one for Bela but she was still too young then that I don’t think she will be able to use it.

But yesterday while we were at the mall, there was a Trunki on display at the Baby Couture Shop in Glorietta and I asked Bela to try it. I showed her how to use it and instantly she enjoyed riding it. So now I’m thinking if I should buy one for her for our Hong Kong trip. At least instead of us carrying her, she can just ride her Trunki. Although it is really a bit expensive that’s why hubby said to think about it first. Hmm, what do you guys think?

His DSLR World

Ever since my husband discovered the wonderful world of DSLR cameras, he has been addicted with it. It just started as a hobby and when friends and colleagues started getting his photography service, he then got inspired to pursue his passion for photography. So from the simple kit lens that comes with his first SLR camera, he started to buy lens and accessories that will go with his first SLR.

Just a few months ago, he decided to upgrade his Canon 350D to a Canon 40D. He is happy with how his 40D performs and he even said that this will be his last camera, which I really doubt especially with the release of Nikon D90. They say that it is the first DSLR camera that can record high definition videos and has a brand new 12.3-megapixel image sensor.

I’m sure I just have to wait for a few months and my husband will surely decide to get hold of this Nikon beauty.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

My friend is having a hard time deciding on what area will she specialize in now that she is in the last year of her law course. She is thinking if she will specialize in criminal law or if she will be like the Fort Worth Personal Injury Attorney. She has been reading a lot of good feedbacks about the work that Fort Worth attorney does in helping accident victims file claims until their full recovery and she thought that this is an interesting area to work with. She learned that they offer the best client service to accident victims and they provide the best legal representation and being the people person that she is, she felt that she will really do a good job in this area.

Ever since we graduated from high school, she is already set in being a lawyer. And I know how much she has been working hard t fulfill her dream. So I know no matter what field she specializes in, she will really excel and I bet she will be one of the most successful lawyers we will have because I know how passionate she is with her dream.

Wordless Wednesday # 22 - What a way to relax!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Weekend Snapshot # 18 - Model

Monday, September 22, 2008

I was browsing for pictures that I can use as my entry for this week’s Weekend Snapshot and I saw these pictures of my daughter. This was taken during the birthday celebration of my aunt. She saw my cousin’s sunglasses and she wore it and she gamely gave her dad a pose. Do you think she will pass for a commercial model? :-)

Furniture Savvy

Despite the ongoing economic crisis that beset the business communities of even great nation far and wide, I’m so happy and considered myself fortunate to be link and work in a prestigious company that continuously reap a windfall profit and progress everyday. Its tradition and unflagging ardor for the veritable furniture that furnishes and decorates every office room, from the president, conference and down to the reception area and all corners the company occupies lives on. The continued flow of supply of the exquisite collection of this fine and elegant office furniture has become the bedfellow and status symbol of the company on one side. The furniture crafted from solid wood and manufactured with carved details that add to the rich design echoes the beauty presented in every piece. The superb quality of this furniture is a reminiscent of the products and trademark of the company on the other side.

Glancing about the glamorous style of chairs that blends well to the classic and luxurious outlook of every office desk and office tables is a visual delight and a certain seduction to everyone who do business with us. Every piece of furniture promises a touch combining comfort and convenience which likewise present the perfect backdrop for an idyllic environment to work. The ostentatious beauty exudes by the furniture that surrounds the workplace magically creates a luminous complexion among us to imbued with entrepreneurial spirit to work and do our part for the company’s growth and development. That’s why we are still here, strong and getting bigger!!!

Her love for books

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shapes and colors

These are just some of the first few things that my daughter learned from reading children's book. And now that she is turning three years old, books are still my companion in teaching her a lot of things.

I have a friend who taught me the importance of books to children. She sells children’s books and the reason why she does this (aside from the money that she is getting from her small business) is that it helped her kids develop their sense of love for books. Since she has a lot of books in their house, her kids learned to appreciate reading books at an early age. Now her kids are already in high school and they are both honor students and she believes that their love for reading had contributed to the success and achievement that they are getting now.

I am doing the same thing that my friend did to her kids. I started collecting books for my daughter even if I haven’t given birth to her. So even as a baby, I have been surrounding her with children’s books which I think played a big part in the development of her vocabulary.

And besides teaching your kids, reading a story together is one of the best bonding activity that we do as a family. Now I learned that you can also personalized books where you can include the name and even pictures of your kids. That would be really exciting for them seeing their own names and pictures in the story.

This is one of the gifts that we are planning to give her for her coming birthday. I am sure she will enjoy this book more especially if she founds out that she is the star in this book.

Bela is OK now

My daughter is better now. Just a week ago, she has fever due to coughs and colds. Her doctor gave her antibiotics and since she really resists every time we have to make her drink her medicine, medicine time is a really a struggle. As much as we don’t want to force her to drink her medicine, we have no choice because she needs it to get well.

So to make up for those times that Bela has to cry and resist when we force her to take her medication, we will be going out later to treat her. We really have no plans of going out today but since Howell has to look for outdoor lighting for our house in Bulacan, we might as well treat Bela for some day of fun.

Although we haven’t discuss yet where we will be going. Bela is saying she wants to go to Robinson’s Place since she wants to see the dinosaur exhibit again so maybe that’s where we will be going later.

Friday Fill-Ins # 1

1. There is no need for me to worry about the things that others are saying about my family as long as I know that my conscience is clear and I did nothing wrong.

2. Where in the heck did the character of Edward in the book Twilight came from. He is so perfect.

3. Moving on is something that I was able to do after my nanny left a couple of weeks ago.

4. Prospects for a career abroad is something that me and my husband are considering now.

5. Loyalty, Love and Honesty is really important in order to make a marriage work.

6. Simplicity and tranquility are what we need specially now that we live in a very complex world.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to finish a lot of things that I need to do online. For Saturday, continue reading New Moon and as for Sunday maybe just another quite day at home with my family.

More of this fill-ins here.

I have been bitten

Yes, I have been bitten by Edward, the male character from the famous book Twilight. And it is getting really so popular that they are turning it to a major motion picture.

I can’t wait. I have seen the preview of the movie in You Tube, and I fell in love with Edward allover again. LOL.

I swear if you read the book, you will definitely fall in love with his character. Who won’t? He is so good looking, he drives a Volvo (his whole family drives luxury vehicles since money is never a problem to them as they have a sister who can predict what will happen to the online trading business), he is your hero as he always saves your life and he is sweet and romantic in everything that he does.

I’m sure it will be a box office hit and the stars of the movie will definitely be big stars after this. If you haven’t read the book, go get your copy now before the release of the movie. I think the movie premiere will be on December 12, 2008.

Gadgets Wish List

When I was still single and I have my salary all to myself, I am always updated when it comes to gadgets. I always buy the latest cell phone and gadgets on the market. But priorities really do change once you start to have your own family.

I remember one of our officers asked for my help in configuring her iPod. She got shocked when I told her that I don’t know anything about iPod as I don’t own one. She initially thought that I was joking and she asked if I have been hibernating all this years. :-)

So I decided to make my gadgets wish list for Christmas (Take note that it is my “Wish List” which means that I am hoping that somebody will give this to me as a gift. :-)

1. PSP – I heard I can use it to watch Divx movies. This means I can just upload all the Divx movies that my husband downloaded and I can bring it with me everywhere I go.
2. Ipod – for our car and maybe this might serve as a tool for my hands on training so next time an officer asked for my help, I will know now what to do.
3. Flash Drive – I love carrying all my files with me wherever I go. I only have a 2GB flash drive so I’m hoping to get a newer flash drive with higher capacity.
4. Point and shoot camera – I need my own camera so I can start taking pictures on my own which I will be using for my Weekend Snapshots and Wordless Wednesday entries.


Darn. My sister has been teasing me since yesterday because of the small pimples that are popping out of my forehead. You see, I never have problems with pimples. I am a low maintenance type of person when it comes to facial care since I only use ordinary soap to wash my face and I rarely go to dermatologist for facial.

Not unlike my two siblings who regularly visit their dermatologist for their acne treatment. And I always tease them for this. So now that my sister is seeing some signs that I’m having pimple problems too, she is not letting it pass to get even with me for all the teasing that I have been doing to her. Talk about karma. LOL.

So now I learned my lesson. I should learn to keep my mouth shut and keep all the teasing to myself or I should start to sleep early again so my pimples will start to disappear. What do you guys think? :-)

The Crazy LV Game Final Report

Ok, so before I start my research about search engine marketing company, I just like to extend my congratulations to both Abbie & Lia :)

Wow, I won P35,00 cash price to buy my dream LV bag. My heart stopped when I read the name Abbie on Benz email. But my joy was only short lived as I just realized that the name is spelled with a double “b” which means that it is a different Abie who won. And I confirmed it when I read the whole email and it was Abbie Yabot who won the cash prize for an LV bag.

But that’s ok. I really have no luck when it comes to raffle like this so I know that I really have a slim chance of winning the price. LOL. But it was fun. At least it gave me hope even just for two weeks that there is a chance for me to have an LV bag this year. :-)

Congrats to Abbie and Lia for winning the raffle. I can’t wait for the pictures of the LV bag that both of you will be buying.

Christmas Shopping

Have you started your Christmas shopping already? As for me, I haven’t even started with my list. I’m so busy preparing for Bela’s birthday and our November vacation and I got busy with work that I can’t even find the time to sit down and start my Christmas list for this year.

Weird huh? I know shopping is really my favorite thing. That is one of the reasons why Christmas is my favorite holiday because it gives me the perfect reason to shop till I drop. I remember when I was still single, I start my Christmas shopping early so as to beat the Christmas rush. But things are really different, now that I always have a toddler in tow every time we are at the mall. It is difficult to do my shopping as I always have to run after her. Like last year, I maxed out my credit card limit as my husband and I did majority of our Christmas shopping in just one day so we charged quite a big amount on my card.

Hope this year will be a little different and we won’t be doing last minute shopping as it is really stressful.

On insurance, security and finances

Do you have a life insurance? One of my co-parent in Toddlers unlimited is offering me term life insurance for me and my husband and an educational plan for our daughter. I know most of my friends have made an investment for insurance and educational plan but I am still thinking twice if we should get one for us or not.

I know I can never go wrong if I get insurance as it will really keep my family protected and secured whatever happens to me and my husband. But with the recent financial losses that insurance companies and the banks like AIG are experiencing, it is making me doubt if it is really a safe investment.

One benefit we will get if we get insurance and educational plan is it will help me scrimp my credit card expenses as I know I have an obligation to pay every month. I guess I have to talk this through with my husband first before giving my decision to my co-parent.

No goodbyes. Just say see you soon.

My best friend is leaving. She has been calling me since Saturday but since Bela was sick, I was not able to talk to her. And just last Monday, I was able to chat with her and that’s when she told me that she is already leaving this coming October 8 to accept a job as a programmer in Singapore.

I am happy for her for I know they will be able to finally fulfill their dream of buying their own property like the Wilmington NC real estate. But at the same time I feel kind of sad as she is my only best friend here in Manila. We literally grew up together as we are classmates since Kinder. I remember we both hate working abroad and we both vowed that we will grow old here in the Philippines. But I guess people changes and it is really a big opportunity that she should not pass.

I know I will definitely miss her. Who knows maybe we will be together again if ever we finally decide to move in Singapore too.

To you my friend, good luck to your new adventures in Singapore and I will really miss you.

Congrats Bro!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I’m so proud of my brother. Ever since I knew, he will be a successful business man someday. He is an Electronics and Communications Engineering graduate. He initially started to work for a telecommunications company as an engineer and he moved to Accenture as a programmer and then to SPL company as a programmer too.

Although he has a challenging job that promises career growth, he is not happy and soon he got bored. He first asked for my advice if he will resign or not and he just plans to start his own business. But since I have a family, I told him that I can’t be at peace if I don’t have a stable job that will assure me that I have money every month to put food on our table. So I told him why not look for business jobs where he can practice his forte instead of resigning.

But he is really aggressive and he really feels that he will really be happy with his decision and he is willing to take the risk of starting his own business. And my brother really deserves a pat on his back because only after two years, his business is really doing well.

I guess, taking risk really pays off and he really made a good decision. Congrats bro.

New Nanny is Here

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our new nanny is here. Elma, from Ramirez Agency that was referred to my by Jody, met with me last Tuesday night to bring our new nanny. Her name is Jean, 33 years old and is a single mother.

I instantly like her. Not like the last nanny that I got where I almost don’t want to met up with her when I saw her. Do you know that feeling when you instantly don’t like the person? But this time, with Jean, it was a complete opposite I I like her and I easily felt comfortable with her.

It’s been four days and so far, so good. She is very well experienced when it comes to taking care of a toddler and she really knows her way when it comes to household chores as she does it very efficiently.

I hope she will be consistent and she will be efficient for the duration of her stay with us. I’m crossing my fingers as I really prayed hard to St. Jude to give us the best nanny for our daughter. I hope our prayer has already been answered. I will keep you posted.

Thanks again sis Jody for helping with my yaya hunt and for patiently asking all my questions about yaya agencies, etc More to come sis…LOL


“Buzz..Are you busy?”

This is the instant message that I receive from my sister a couple of weeks ago. She talked to me and asked me if I will be able to understand her if she decides to change her course.

She is currently taking up Computer Science now and she is already in her third year but she said that she is really having a difficult time with all her major subjects so she is thinking to shift courses.

We initially want her to take Nursing as we know how in demand that course is and it can help her easily get a high paying job abroad. But she said that she dislikes blood and she hates to memorize and study medical terms and conditions like Deep Vein Thrombosis, vertigo, etc. But I can’t blame her since I for one don’t like those terms either, that I always rely on the Epocrates medical database for simple medical terms since I really don’t have a slightest clue when it comes to medical terminology.

I told her that it is her who should decide what course she should take since she knows where she will be happy but I assured her that whatever her decision is, we will just be here to support her all the way.
This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.

His dream

His own photography studio.

That has long been my husband’s dream. In fact he can’t wait to have his own studio that he sometimes wants to work abroad to earn more and finally save up for the Photography business that he wants.

I really support my husband all the way with his passion for photography. The thought of him being away from us just so he can save up for the future business that he wants is a situation that I can’t imagine my family being in.

But you know, there are a lot of ways where he can get money for the business that he wants like Business Loans. I know that there are a lot of institutions where he can get a business loan fast since the processing is fast and easy and funding will be readily available.

And my husband was so open for this option as who wants to be far away from his family right?

Wordless Wednesday # 21 - Silhouette

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

coffee break ver. 1.34

Christmas is my favorite holiday. Christmas lights, Christmas carols, simbang gabi, puto bumbong, Christmas shopping (my favorite) -these are just some of the things that I like about Christmas.

I love this holiday as everybody is in festive mood. No matter how poor our country is, no matter how many trials we have gone through, you can feel that the Christmas spirit is there.

As for my family, we are always complete on Christmas day. We always have an annual reunion every 25th of December where we exchange gifts (which reminds me to start looking for body jewelry that I know my cousin wants for Christmas), pigged out on the entire delicious foods server on the table (I especially love the desserts), just hang around and have fun. I also love Christmas since it is the perfect time for me to thank God for all the blessings that we receive the whole year and a perfect timing to express that gratitude and share the love with all the members of my family.

This week’s accomplishment

Yes, I was able to cook something last night. (You can read the whole story here.) I know for some it is really not a big deal as it is really one simple recipe. But for someone like me who doesn’t even know how to tell if the meat is cook already or not, it is really an accomplishment. LOL.

My husband was really surprised when he learned that I was the one who cooked the pasta sauce. Even Bela can’t believe that I was cooking as she asked several times what I was doing. She even went to the kitchen to check if I was really cooking since she always associates cooking with our former nanny who does all the cooking for us. LOL.

I don’t know when is the next time that I will try to cook again but you will definitely read it here if that happens again as it is really one big accomplishment for me so I will definitely blog about it . (yeah, call me pathetic. LOL.)

To add to his collection

Monday, September 8, 2008

Did I mention that my husband is a collector of all sorts of things? He has a collection of NBA action figures, NFL action figures, Sports Illustrated magazines, old paper bills and coins, Fernando Poe Jr DVDs and CDs that our second room is now filled with cabinets containing all his collections. And did I say that he is addicted to online shopping that he finds most of his collections to order online.

So when he discovered the site of Collectibles Shopping Network and discovered the new dollar coins that they are offering, he got really excited that he has to wake me up in the middle of the night to ask for my permission if he can buy one. Of course I can’t say no. I’m thankful that he is just crazy for these kinds of stuff rather than spending his hard earned money on beers or boy’s night out.

New Yaya: Hello & Goodbye

We fetched our new yaya last Monday since Howell and I are both on a holiday. It’s been a week since she arrived and I’m really not happy with how she works.

When I saw her, I immediately have this gut feeling that I will not like her but of course I have to give her a try. She is the exact opposite of my former yaya as she is really quiet and shy which we liked. On her first day, we have to tell her everything that she has to do otherwise she will just sit quietly in one corner. We thought that maybe she is just really shy that is why she is not proactive and we have to tell her everything before she acts. But it’s been a week now and she is still like that. Then we notice that she is really not taking good care Bela. Bela is so active that you really should not take your eyes off her but my yaya is always staring blankly at Bela and even though Bela started to climb a chair or a post or runs away from her, she just stares at Bela and did not even move a single bit.

This is our first weekend with her and she sleeps on the coach even if Bela is still awake and would not even feel a little shy since we are there too and we are the ones taking care of Bela instead of her. We were out the whole day and we left her at home as I can’t stand to be with her but she was not able to do that much the whole day.

My husband and I decided that we have to let her go. We have been with her for just a week but she is giving us so much stress already. I asked Jody (Thanks so much sis) for the contact number of the agency where she got her yaya. I already contacted them this afternoon and hopefully I will get an update from them this week as we really wanted our new yaya to leave this week.

Crazy LV Raffle Game Mechanics

Due to a number of n@wies who has expressed their interest and love for LV bags, they decided to organize an LV raffle open to all n@wies (active and lurkers).

For those who would want to join, below are the mechanics sent by Benz on the NewlyWeds@Work Yahoo Group:

. Open to N@Wies only (newbie & lurkers are open to join).

2. Each slot is worth P1, 000 or $25 thru Paypal and each slot is equal to 2 stubs (meaning 2 stubs with your name will be in the fishbowl).

3. Each participant may purchase a maximum of 2 slots. (that means paying P2, 000/$50 and having 4 stubs of your name at the fishbowl).

4. Raffle will be done by raffling off each name and the last one left is the winner.

5. Payment deadline is Sept 18, 2008.

6. Payment method is thru GCash, BPI or Metrobank deposit of P1, 000 or Paypal deposit of $25. (detail of account given privately to participants; additional charges/cost of transfer will be shouldered by the sender).

7. EB venue, time & date will be determined by the availability of the participants and will be announced here as non participants & hubbies/kids of both participants and non-participants are invited to join the fun and witness the Draw. (we actually need a non participant with a high power
laptop wd wifi to be there and do a webcam thingy so the others who are interested may be able to watch it live online).

8. Winner need not be present to win the Cash Bag, we will send the money to the winner in case not present ASAP.

9. Overseas or out of town N@Wies may participate here.

10. Winnings can ONLY be used to purchase an LV item, we do not have preference what design you get, and not limited to the winning amount, you may buy a more expensive one using the winning money as part of the payment.

11. Purchasing should be done within 2 weeks upon receipt of the Prize (except for one who already indicated when she can purchase hers at the earliest time). Please take photos of the purchase and all other stuff for everyone to see where the money went :) Buy at the local LV store even if it cost a bit more as the prize came from a winning anyway just so we can
conclude the game already.

12. Participants names will only be revealed at the EB.

13. In excess of P35,000 the rest of the amount will be raffled off in P1000 or P500 refund raffle draws, this will be facilitated as soon as possible; charges incurred thru bank transfer or Paypal transaction will be participant's cost.

14. In case Cash Bag reaches P70,000 then we will have two winners of P35,000 each. Excess of P70,000 there will be refund raffle.

I might join the raffle as I am really crazy for LV bags (but I still don’t own one as I still can’t afford to buy one or shall I say I still feel guilty to spend that money just for a bag. LOL). Hopefully I find the time to deposit my payment before the deadline.

No Cebu vacation this year

Remember my last post about my wish to have another out of town vacation (at Shangri-La Mactan in Cebu) again this coming October? I would love to just laze around for three days under the sun with my Beach Umbrella and just enjoy the company of my husband and daughter.

Well, my husband and I talked about it and it looks like we have to postpone it early next year as we have no budget for another domestic travel this year. Hubby would have wanted to give in to my request but after doing much thinking (and computation) I was the one who change my mind since I finally realized that we still have a lot of upcoming expenses - Bela’s third birthday party, our Hong Kong vacation this November and repairs for our car.

So hopefully come January (which is hubby and my birth month) we can push through with our Cebu vacation.

Questions of the Week #30

1. When did you last wonder if you are in the right path of your life? I am so happy with my life right now that I can’t remember the last time I ever wonder if I have chosen the right path.
2. Share or admit the most selfish thing you do on a regular basis. Shop, shop, shop for my dear Bela
3. Name three people throughout your life that helped to complete you as a person. Howell, Bela, Mom
4. It says that when a person die your spirit could protect anyone in the world, who would you pick? My whole family – hubby, Bela, mom, dad, siblings, all my aunts and uncles, grand mother and grand father, and cousins – and my friends
5. What makes you feel dirty? Physically, I mean. Sweat
6. Do you ever find it hard not to smile at a time when you don’t want to? Yes
7. What do you do to stay physically fit? Run after my two year old daughter. LOL
8. What do you do if you suspect you have a symptom of a serious illness? Go see a doctor right away.
9. What do you do when you have nothing better to do? Sleep
10. Do you laugh when you see a stranger trip and fall in public? No, I believe in karma so I don’t want other to laugh at me if the same thing happens to me.

Have Fun and Enjoy! I said it already but will say it again.. Don’t forget to comment to the person above you or to other participants. It’s just a nice gesture when you’re participating !

So I’m done with my Question of the week. got to sign off now to research about search engine ranking.

Travel Tips

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I can’t believe August just passed by and it is now September. This means that in juts a few months we will be packing our bags and will go to another out of country vacation. For me and my husband, this will be our third time to travel to Hong Kong and it will be the second time for Bela. We were there last year with my entire family which includes all my cousins and all my aunts and uncles. Since we are traveling in a big group the last time we were in Hong Kong, we are a little scrimp on the budget and we decided to stay in one of the Hong Kong hostels. We are a little not satisfied with the hostel where we stayed and I vowed not to stay in a hostel specially if we are traveling with a toddler.

So for our travel this year, I really made a good research on what is the best but still affordable hotel to stay. The problem with me is I want a clean and nice hotel but I don’t want to spend that much either on hotel accommodations.

Here are just a few tips that I learned every time I booked a hotel for all our domestic and international destinations.

1. Always make a research. I always checked hotel reservations sites like, and other hotel reservations sites to check their rates so I can make a comparison on which hotel offers the cheapest rates.
2. Always book ahead of time. Rates tend go higher as it nears your booking date so I always make sure that I book at least two months in advance. In fact for our November trip, I already made a booking by looking for Hong Kong hotels from so I was able to compare rates of the different hotels I‘m interested in by visiting just one site.
3. Some hotels offer a pre-pay option where you can pay in advance instead of paying upon checkout. Select the pre-pay option if you have the budget to pay for the hotel in advance even if it is still two to three months advance than your travel date since this option is a few thousands cheaper than the post pay option.
4. Ask around and don’t just rely on the description and pictures presented on the websites just to be sure that you are getting first hand information.

Well I guess that’s just some of the tips that I can share here. I booked BP International for two nights and Disney’s Hollywood Hotel for our first night. Hope I made the right choice.


Friday, September 5, 2008

“It’s Friday, field trip day!”

Yes, this is my last song syndrome. This is the song that Alex the lion was singing in the movie Madagascar. But, I’m happy and thankful that it is already Friday. I really had one busy week. Things are a little crazy in the office with the renovations and the deployment of new PCs plus all the reports and statistics that I have to submit to my boss. So I’m really thankful that the week is really over.

Sometimes, I get really so tired and stressed out from work that I sometimes wish that I can just be a stay at home mom or just have sales jobs where I have total control of my time. But I am thankful that I have a good boss and a great colleague who always helps me deal with stress and with all my problems in the office.

But I am not complaining though. My job gives me the pay check to pay for our bills and our little luxury in life and I'm really thankful for that.

So TGIF everyone! I have one busy weekend ahead of me but I am so looking forward to spend another weekend with my precious family.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

I am so happy for my friend as she got promoted for the second time this year. I know she worked hard for it and she truly deserves it. I was just chatting with her and she got really excited as she really needs this promotion so she can finally afford the homes for sale in hilton head that she is eyeing to buy.

She and her family had a vacation there last year and they really had a great time. The island is really for family as it offers a lot of activities for the kids like dolphin show, tennis, and kayaking while the adults enjoyed the island. They really fell in love with the place that my friend and her husband inquired right then and there if there is hilton head real estate for sale.

My friend told me that real estate hilton head would be a really good investment for them and at least they would have a place to go if her family just wants to relax and have fun.

Still in vacation mode

I’m still in vacation mode and I think I’m really hooked to traveling that I am planning another out of town vacation.

I want to go to Cebu and stay at Shangri-La Mactan where we can just laze around the whole day and enjoy the beach. I checked out Cebu Pacific and looks like it is really tempting me as they have zero fares again for domestic travel. But like what I said to Peachy, I am planning our vacation already but I am still not sure if we still have the budget for it. LOL.

I made a budget sheet that I will present to my hubby later. LOL. Todo lakwatsa na talaga ito pag nagkataon. LOL.

And guess what, I am already thinking of Plan B just in case hubby says no to my plan or if ever I finally admit that there is no way we will have a budget for a Cebu trip. LOL.

I want to try the Boutique in Tagaytay.

Talked about one real travel addict (in short lakwatsera.) LOL.

The Little Black Dress test.

I was tagged by Ems.

What Your Little Black Dress Says About You

You are elegant, classy, and sophisticated.

You know how to turn heads when you enter a room... and then keep people interested with your witty banter.

Your style is classic, tailored, and flawless. You don't fall for silly fashion trends.

If you were a shoe, you would be: Classic black pumps

Feel free to snag it girls.

Preview of our Baguio vacation

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hello everybody. We just got back from our short Baguio getaway and I still have hang over from my four days off from work. I have a lot of stories and pictures to share about our trip but I have to hold it off for now as I haven’t sorted out the hundreds of pictures that my husband took.

We are lucky as the weather cooperated and it was all sunny during our three days stay there. There was even a report from PAGASA that a typhoon will be arriving Thursday night up North so we are really thankful that we had a good weather while we are there.

I plan to make a three part entry about our recent Baguio vacation – scenic spots we visited in Baguio, our food trip in Baguio, and great shopping finds in Baguio. Hopefully I can start with it soon. But for now, I will leave you with these pictures:

.: Taken at PMA on our second day. Bela loves wearing this hat bought by her dad from one of the stores at PMA and she kept on saying that she is Jessie from the movie Toy Story :.

.: @ Wright Park. Bela's second day to go horse back riding :.

.: @ the Mansion on our first day at Baguio :.

.: @ Mines View Park :.

Wordless Wednesday # 20 - Hiyaa!!

Weekend Snapshot # 16 - Long Drive to Baguio

Monday, September 1, 2008

Last Friday, we hit the road at 5 Am to start our long drive to Baguio. Baguio is around 5-6 hours drive from Manila. We are using the new car of my brother and we have to “break in” the machine, so we are running at 80 km/hr only instead of the usual 120 km/hr speed of my dad when he is driving.

We passed by the new expressway called the SCTEX which is really a faster route in going to Baguio. On our way there, there are a lot of good views and below are some of the snapshots that my husband was able to take.