Friday, May 30, 2008

I’m pissed. This is really not a good day. But I don’t think my opinions matter. Nothing will change. He already made up his mind and I know they will not understand if he says no.

Imagine, he will be leaving June 6 for Majuro and he has to go to Bicol on the 5th. He said that it is an important occasion and he should really be there. But what I’m saying is can’t they understand his situation as he has a trip too which is official business. But I don’t think they will ever understand since he will not push it unless they say that it is okay when he talked to them. For sure if he will not show up, it will be a big issue that will be turn against me. I’m not trying to be selfish here. I just want them to understand too his situation (which I think is very, very impossible).

But like I said nothing matters now as my opinions will not matter. He is even willing to give up his official trip (which I think is very unprofessional if he does that since everything is already set for him – his hotel accommodation, his per diem, his airline reservation, etc) for this VERY important occasion. Oh well, so much for me and Bela.

Hang Over

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I still have a hang over from the Sex and the City movie….Oh I’m so in love and I really, really, really love the movie…

More stories (spoilers) tomorrow. I’m already sleepy and our bed is already calling me. So I will do my post about the SATC movie tomorrow.

And I will watch it again next week with hubby. Yup, that’s how much I love it.

Today is the day!!

It’s Sex and the City for me today. I didn’t know that the regular showing starting yesterday. I just got a text message from my cousin inviting me to watch the movie with her.

And since Howell will be attending a training later form 5:00 – 7:00 PM and I can’t wait for another day to watch my much awaited movie of the year, I will be watching this movie with my cousin Tessa even though Howell promised that he will treat me out for this movie.

Don’t worry Dad, I think I can watch this movie over and over again and so if you would still want to treat me out, we can still do it this weekend. LOL.

They say that the movie has good reviews so I’m really excited. I will the leave the office as soon as the clock hits 4:30 and will meet my cousin at Robinson’s Place Ermita at 6:00 P.M.

I can’t wait.

8 days with no yaya

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Today s the 8th day that our nanny is away. We we’re able to survive, thanks to my mom, who have helped us take care of Bela while yaya is still not here. The house was kind of a mess because of all our clutter but we manage to clean and tidy up once in a while.

My mom takes care of Bela during the day when Howell and I are both at work. Last weekend, I attend to all of Bela needs. I gave her a bath, change her nappy, clean her bottles, etc. Actually, I enjoyed it since I rarely gave her a bath specially if yaya is around and I think Bela is enjoying it too.

Last night she was making pooh-pooh and Howell was attending to her. Then she called me because she wanted me to attend to her. And she was a good girl during those times that I am the only one taking care of her. When it’s time for her to take a bath, I didn’t have a hard time taking her to the bathroom. When I told her that it’s time to take a bath, she will ask for my help to remove her clothes and then she will grab my hand and we will walk hand in hand to the bathroom for her bath. Then there are times that she will just watch her favorite DVD or play quietly with her toys. And she will just ask for her blanky and milk if she feels sleepy already or if she is hungry.

Today, my mom has some important appointments to attend to and so Howell has to take a leave (since I have to be at the office today since I have some pending job) to take care of Bela. I just gave them a call and the two are having a grand time at home (how I wish I was there also).

Yaya is supposed to arrive today. I already sent her an SMS message asking her what time she will arrive in Manila but she hasn’t reply yet. Could it be that she is no longer coming back? Just like what I said before, if she comes back then it’s ok. But if she plans not to come back, then its fine with me too as it may be a sign that we should really be looking for a new yaya for Bela.

Wordless Wednesday # 8 - View of Boracay Beach

Weekend Snapshot # 6 - The Philippine Eagle

Monday, May 26, 2008

This picture was taken at the Eagle Farm in Davao when my husband went there for a conference.

The Philippine Eagle is one of the rarest and powerful birds in the world and it is also the National Bird of the Philippines.

Unfortunately, because of deforestation, it is now classified as a Critically Endangered bird. Thanks to the Philippine Eagle Foundation of Davao City since they are doing some efforts for the protection and conservation of the Philippine Eagle. The Philippine Eagle Foundation has been breeding Philippine Eagles in captivity for over a decade now which helps in the conservations of this rare species.

You ca check out the website of Philippine Eagle Foundation for more information and on how you can help in the cause of the foundation.

Survey: Do you recommend getting an educational plan or insurance for your family?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

One of my co-parents at Toddlers Unlimited who works for an insurance company has sent me an educational plan and life insurance quotes that I can consider for Bela and my family.

As I was reviewing the proposal, it made me realize that these types of insurance are good as it offers accident and death benefits so my family is secured whatever happens to me or my husband.

But my husband and I have mixed thoughts on educational plans and life instance as we don’t find insurance companies here in the Philippines to be reliable. I remember just recently one of the insurance company declared that they are bankrupt and so their clients was not able to get anything for the educational plan of their kids. So when we heard about this, it really made us think twice on weather insurance and educational is good for us.

So I’m making a survey here. Did you get your kids an educational plan or did you just open a savings account for them (this is what we have right now for Bela)? Or did you get insurance for you and the rest of your family?

Feel free to leave your comments here. This will really help us decide if we really should get an educational plan for Bela or not.

Is migration for us?

A friend of mine who recently migrated asked me if we have plans of migrating or not. Actually, I have mixed thoughts about migration. Life here in the Philippines is getting difficult and difficult every minute. And with the corrupt ways of our politician, I’m already starting to loose hope if there is still a chance that our economy can still recover. Prices of everything are continuously increasing. I remember when we had our grocery last week, I was shocked by how much our grocery bill has leaped. Add to that the number of unemployed and poor families here in the Philippines.

We are lucky because we are one of those middle income families who can still survive the difficult life here in the Philippines. My husband and I are both lucky that we have a stable job that pays well. But if you will think of it, no matter how hard we work, we can never really buy a house and lot or a new car that easily.

On the other hand, I can say that most of my friends that migrated are doing well in the country of their choice. Yes, they really find it hard in the first five years of their migration since they have to adjust to the new culture and to the new environment but once they are all adjusted, it would be easy to look for a job, buy a house, and even send your kids to school since the government really gives support to its citizens. Just like my friend who just moved there a few months ago. After just a few months, they are now moving to their new Wilmington real estate.

My uncle advised us that if we have plans to migrate, we should do it now when we are still young. He told me this five years ago and up to now, we still haven’t decided yet if we should migrate or not. Or maybe, we are better off here in the Philippines and migration is really not for us and we just have to suck in whatever life Philippines has to offer us.

How about you, what are your thoughts on migration?

A day at Ace Water Spa

If you’ll notice I was not able to go online yesterday as I spend some bonding time with Bela and Howell here:

(I have no pictures to share as camera is not allowed inside so I just grabbed some pictures form the Ace Water Spa website).

This is where Bela is attending her swimming class and I have long wanting to join her class and then we’ll avail of the spa services after her class but we kept on postponing it. The first week, Howell has to work overtime and the second week; it was the first day of my monthly period.

And since we don’t have other activities lined up yesterday, we were finally able to push through with our plans. And this also serves two purposes as we were also able to have a massage. It is not the usual type of massage, but Howell and I enjoyed the hydro therapy massage that Ace Water Spa offers. On the other hand, we also enjoyed the lazy river with Bela.

Bela was one happy kid. We kept on teasing her and we were always asking her if we can go home already but she always gives a big “NO” answer. Her favorite is the Bubble Pool and she played with the bubbles while Howell and I had our hydrotherapy massage. It is really one perfect family activity.

Ace Spa is located at 399 Del Monte Avenue (near corner Banaue street) SFDM, Quezon City. You can contact them at 3678041, 3678062 or 4150164.

Visit to the Farm

My husband is planning to go to our farm next Saturday to check on our house. We haven’t been there in a while as we are always busy every weekend but he wants to check on it and give the care taker some instructions too, before he leaves for Majuro for three weeks.

When my uncle went there the last time, he said that the care taker already cleared the tall grasses in the garden area so Howell can now buy the teak outdoor furniture that he is planning to buy for the garden.

He has been planning to buy those furniture for the garden in a long time now. He already has a few choices in mind that he thinks would look good for the garden. Look at his choices:

What do you guys think? We will check next week and we will see what else we can buy to accessorize the garden.

He finally found his niche

One morning, my colleague was so happy as he received a good news from his son. You see, this is his son whom he was really worried about since he is the happy go luck guy when he was still in college. He even switched courses a couple of times as he really can’t decided what course he wants to take in college.

But after graduating, he got a retail job and since then, he has been doing really well. My colleague was so happy for his son, because finally he was able to find his niche. My colleague said that retail jobs are very competitive as it offers good salary with great benefits. His son was even asking him for suggestions on how he can invest the commission that he earned from his first year in the job.

My colleague was really one proud father. He was beaming with pride the whole day because of this great news and I was so happy for him.

CSI Vegas News

Friday, May 23, 2008

I was not able to watch the last two episodes of CSI. It totally slipped my mind. I even forgot to watch the re-runs. Oh well, I’ll just check the AXN website later or I’ll bug hubby to download me that episode that I miss.

Anyway, I just heard from E-news that Marg Helgenberger has signed another two years contract with CSI. And William Petersen has signed his contract too last month. So at least there are still familiar faces at CSI. It still saddens me up to now that Jorja Fox and Gary Dourdan have to leave the show.

So who’s going to replace Jorja Fox and Gary Dourdan? The new cast member of CSI Vegas would be Lauren Lee Smith. She previously worked on The L Word. (But honestly, I don’t have an idea about this show.) She will play the role of Bryce Adams. According to E! Online the charcter of Bryce is described as a “smart, flirtatious and witty nonconformist obsessed with the underbelly of society, who got into police work to rebel against her disapproving psychiatrist father.”

Looks like she has one interesting chracter. But Id o hope that she will be able to fill the hole that Jorja Fox (Sarah) And Gary Dourdan (Warrick) has left.

SG Trip: Things to bring

Ok so I’m back again to planning for our Singapore trip. (Well I better be since it is just more than a month away from now).

Every time we travel, I always have a check list of the things that I need to bring for the trip. Specially that we have a toddler in tow, it really pays to have a checklist so there is a much bigger chance that I won’t be forgetting anything.

As I was writing down the things that I have to shop for, I suddenly realize I don’t have comfortable walking shoes to wear for the trip. With our itinerary, we will be out almost the whole day and we will be doing a lot of walking (since we will be touring the Singapore Zoo and Sentosa) and we will try to do some mall hopping. So if I don’t want my feet to ache (which might ruin our itinerary) I better buy skate shoes that I can bring for our trip like the ones below:

This way, I will be more comfortable walking the streets of Singapore and hopefully even with just four days and three nights of stay there, we will be able to maximize it and we will be able to check all the famous tourist spots in Singapore because I don’t know if we will still have the chance (and the budget) to visit this country again.

Status: Online

After eight days of being offline, our Internet connection was restored last Thursday. Well, it’s about time that Destiny act on our problem.

Everyday we try to call them to follow up their action for our problem and their generic answer was: “An engineer will be coming over today to check the problem.” And for eight days, we have been receiving that answer from them and so it is only about time that an engineer would really come to the office to check on the problem.

And in just thirty minutes they were able to fix it. Imagine, if they only sent an engineer on the first day that we reported the problem, then our connection might have been restored right away.

In fairness since they restored the connection, the Internet is much faster. Not like before when I can’t even open Yahoo mail since it will always timed out. Let’s see how long will their service last before we have any problems again.

Just Enjoying Life

I was watching the Disney movie Cars with my daughter and it was the scene where Lightning McQueen was sent to court for ruining the town of Radiator Springs. The judge, Doc Hudson, asked Lightning McQueen where his lawyer was and Lightning McQueen answered: “I don’t know. Maybe he is in Tahiti since he has a timeshare there.”

Timeshare. It is really something that my husband and I are considering. I know financial wise that it is not a good property investment and its value will not appreciate in the long run. But don’t you think after all our hard work, we deserve to have some place where we can relax privately, with all the amenities that a first class holiday club has to offer.

My husband and I share the same principle in life that we should enjoy whatever we have earned and worked on. We work hard to earn money and we want to enjoy the money that we earn. We believe that life is short and we should really enjoy life to the fullest.

So we both have been considering getting a timeshare. We would love to have a place where we can just spend the weekend having fun and just simply relaxing. That would be a great way to reward ourselves after all the hard work that we have been doing for our family.

The future of Fokalente Photography

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I received two inquiries today for the photo and video service of my husband and cousin for June. Too bad my husband is away for three weeks in June so we are not accepting any bookings at the moment.

My husband does photography as his sideline. It just started as a hobby when he bought an SLR camera so he has something to use for our daughter. Then he started covering events of our friends and through word of mouth, his market spread and receive more inquiries and bookings. I can say that business is doing good as we have at least 2-3 bookings per month which I think is just good since this is just his sideline. But my husband and cousin is thinking of joining trade show exhibits to increase their market and promote the different services that they are offering. They can setup trade show booths and they can bring in sample albums and show sample videos of events that they have covered.

This will be the next big step for Fokalente Photography and my husband is so excited about this since no matter how tired he gets after covering an event, he is still very happy and contented since this is really his passion. So to my husband and cousin, I’m wishing you good luck and I know with your exceptional talents you two will make it big someday and Fokalente Photography will be a name to be recognized in the photo-video world.

Wordless Wednesday # 7 @ Bohol Beach Club

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Performance Appraisal is almost finish

I had a meeting with my boss this afternoon to discuss my appraisal. My boss gave me a score of 4 (which is the highest) for all the categories. I was happy with his evaluation. I have been worried about it for days now and so I’m glad that it is almost finally over.

He will be sending it to the division head for his inputs also and it will be sent back to me once they both finalize my ranking. Then I I just have to give my comments also for final filing with Personnel.

I had suggested a few trainings that we can attend to and certification exams that we can take in my appraisal report. I’d be more happy if I will be able to get at least one of those that I suggested this fiscal year.

ANTM Makeovers

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I was watching my DVDs of the America’s Next Top Model and it’s the episode where they will be given a make over. This is my favourite part for every season of the America’s Next Top Model as I’m excited and curious on how they can transform the girls.

One of the girls has a very long hair and Tyra want to cut it very, very short. She let the hairstylist do their thing on her hair but she wouldn’t stop crying. She was really bothered by this and she has been crying about it for days until she finally decided to quit the show because she really can’t perform well because she is really mad with how her hair turned out.

After she left the show, the first thing that she did when she arrived home was to go to a salon and had hair extensions and human hair wigs to satisfy her desire to get her long hair back.

I don’t know, but I think Tyra Banks and the other judges have a vast experience when it comes to the modelling world and when it comes to makeover like this, they really know what they are doing. So when they asked the contestants to cut their hair or wear a real hair wigs or dye their hair or wear wigs that is really opposite their style, then it only means that they think that that is the best look for the contestant.

Let’s take a look at some of the makeovers that they have done at ANTM:

They all look great after the makeover, right? But of course, to each her own. Maybe for that girl, her hair is her personality so when it was cut, she felt that she lost her identity. But she still has to remember that she joined the show and if she wants to win and make it big, she has to learn to let go of some things and to accept the opinion of the experts in the fashion world, which is the new world that she wants to penetrate.

No Nanny for Eight Days

Our nanny left this morning for Bicol to spend eight days of vacation there. It is their town fiesta so she requested that we allow her to go home since their family will also be having a reunion.

So we will be yaya less for eight days. Good thing that this week is Bela’s last week at Toddlers Unlimited for her summer class. But the problem is, my mom will be the one to take care of my daughter during the day as both Howell and I are working. (So good luck to my mom). Then I will take care of her when we arrived home from work.

So it will just be me and Bela for eighth days. I like that. It will be eight days of bonding time with my daughter.

And if you will ask me if I’m bothered on whether or not our yaya will really come back? Honestly, I don’t care if she comes back or not. Yes, I mentioned in my previous posts that we really need her and we don’t want to take the risk of hiring someone new to be the yaya of my daughter. But if she doesn’t come back, then maybe it is a sign that we really have to replace her. So let’s see what will happen after eight days. I’ll keep you guys posted.

For her new home

Next to shopping for bags or shoes or for my daughter’s clothes and toys, furniture shopping is my next favourite type of shopping.

My friend will soon be moving to her newly purchased condominium unit and so she is starting to buy furniture for it. And so when she invited me to go with her, I didn’t think twice and immediately join her in checking out the furniture shops.

She said that she wants a modern theme for her new home so she wants to look for bedroom furniture with a modern touch. She said that the bedroom is her top priority and she wants to allot a big budget for it because this is where she will spend her time relaxing or just chilling around. So she wants it really to have a great, relaxing and inviting ambiance.

And since she is single, she would love to host parties at her new pad so she is also looking for bar furniture. She found some great bar stools from Trica Furniture that will accentuate her Martini Bar and she is already keen in getting it.

Her condominium is still a work on progress but I can see that she is already picking up the phase in setting and dressing it up. She promised that once her new pad is already setup, she will invite us in for a house warming. I’m sure she is excited for this as this is the first time that she will be living on her own, in her very own dream pad.

It’s time no Juan Flies?

Monday, May 19, 2008

I can say I’m one of the avid patrons of Cebu Pacific. Who wouldn’t want to travel at a cheaper rate right? So when I found out that they are having a zero fare promo, I instantly booked an international flight with them.

Then I read a post in one of my yahoo groups about the bad service they had with Cebu Pacific. Some shared that their flights got delayed for more than six hours and there was even one who shared that their flight got delayed for days and so they vowed not to fly via Cebu Pacific since that incident.

As for me I’m lucky since I haven’t experienced the same thing with Cebu Pacific. Every time we travel, I always buy our tickets from them. We flew to Boracay, thrice in Bohol, and one time in Hong Kong and our flights only got delayed once for an hour (Tagbilaran to Manila).

Maybe that’s the price that we have to pay for getting cheap fares since we are only paying a fraction of the price of the other airlines so service will really suffer. We will be flying again to Singapore and Hong Kong via Cebu Pacific this coming July and November. I just hope that we won’t have the same bad experience as the other passenger of them had since we will be travelling with my mom and dad and my 2.5 year old daughter. I just wish that they have improved their service already and I will pray that we will have a safe and no fuss flight with them.

Do you want to play golf?

My aunt just purchased a ticket to a Golf Tournament to be held in Tagaytay. My aunt is no golfer but she purchased the ticket since it was offered to her by one of her clients. Of course she can’t say no to a client and so even though she knew that she won’ be able to use that ticket, she still purchased it to please her client.

She gave the ticket to us because we might know somebody who wants to play golf so someone can use the ticket rather than putting it to waste since it is not cheap. My husband would have wanted to play golf as that is one of his dream sports but he has no golf clubs. And isn’t it a golf club is one of the essential thing you need in order to play golf? :-)

So I might just offer it my boss instead. Are there any takers? Just leave me a comment here if any one is interested so I can give you the details.

Lifelock: Identity Protection

I was busy surfing the net last night and accidentally, I read an article through my friend’s blog about the very popular identity theft crime. The article talks about some stories of identity theft victims and as well as the disadvantages and the different harms that it bring to people.

I was really distracted by the article and I really can’t believe the catastrophe which indeed affects and ruins the lives and most especially, the personality of every individual who became a victim of the said crime. This can surely leave a negative impact to the victim’s image since their identity was being intruded by someone they don’t even know.

As what we can see, identity theft is one of the vast problems that should be given a lot more focus by the government. They should provide extra protection to avoid this kind of crime, and they should be the first one to guide every individual so they can be more prudent with their actions.

After reading the article, I realized that we, as individuals must also learn and manage to educate ourselves to be more aware with the crimes that may happen in our lives. We too, must take some preventions to protect our own identity and for us to avoid the invasion of our privacy.

As early as now, I even started searching for some certain options that can definitely help me to protect myself and I’m very lucky to discover the different benefits that life lock offers. I managed to review every detail and amazingly, I got the best assurance that I’ve always wanted.

To further understand the different advantages, I also happened to view some lifelock reviews by consumers which allowed me to deepen my knowledge about the facts that should be considered just like the lifelock promo code that we can actually avail.

Therefore, we should not take such things for granted. Let’s be ready for the possible things that may happen at any moment of our lives.

Weekend Snapshot # 5 - Happy Family

This picture was taken when we had our family vacation in Bohol.

Right after breakfast, we had a walk on the beach. Then my daughter asked all of us to sit down and she started identifying all of us. She started pointing to each one us and was saying “Mom”, “Lolo” (grandfather), “Lola” (Grandmother) and then she gave us all a big hug.

She was really having fun during our vacation and maybe that’s her way of saying thank you to us. She is really one sweet girl.

Banana Republic Wish List

Saturday, May 17, 2008

It’s Memorial Day sale at Banana Republic.

I was not supposed to do an online window shopping today but then I got this email from Banana Republic regarding their Memorial Day sale. They offer 30% discount to selected items up to May 26.

So I said, a few peak won’t hurt and so I tried to visit their site and found some great finds:

(Photo Credit: Banana Republic Website)
What I like about Banana Republic is that they are a little cheaper compared to other brands so they are a little within my budget. But of course, I can’t do any shopping now. I still have to save for our Singapore trip and Hong Kong trip. Maybe, I can just do my shopping there.

So I just thought of sharing here my wish list for this week.

New furniture?

I was watching the latest season of America’s Next Top Model and I can’t help but be awed by the beautiful home furniture that they have on the America’s Next Top Model home.

Right after we got married, we immediately moved in to our own home after our honeymoon. Since most of our savings were used for the wedding expenses, we don’t have enough money left to buy furniture for our new home.

But of course every new home should at least have the basic furniture in it like a sofa, a dining table and a bed. So we have no choice but to make do with the budget that we have. Of course, we really can’t buy those chic and fab modern furniture that I like since we only have a limited budget that time.

But if only I have the budget when we shopped for our furniture before, this would be my choices:

I was telling my husband that this would be my next project – to buy new furniture to replace our old and not so chic furniture to give our home a fresh, new and modern look.

Lifelock Protection

All of the employees received a warning email today from our Management head about a certain email from a credit card company asking users to email back their credit card number together with the three digit verification code found at the back of the card. Our management head informed all the employees that this is a fake email and we should not reply to that email.

I remember I received a similar email before. At first you won’t find the email suspicious since the email address of the sender clearly states email@creditcardcompany.com. But then I know that we shouldn’t just give our credit card number together with the three digit verification code specially through email. And so I called the credit card company and found out that that email is a hoax.

More and more of these types of emails are circulating on the net. I was reading the site of life lock and more and more consumers are being victims of identity thieves and hackers. That’s one disadvantage of technology. Because of the high tech world that we live in, a lot of high tech tools can be used by hackers in stealing someone else identity.

I was reading the lifelock reviews by consumers and all of them enrolled at lifelock so they can be protected from identity theft. I guess living in a modern world really has it pros and cons. But at least there are tools available to protect us from identity theft.

Son – one of the things you should not forget when traveling

Do you think there will be a chance that you will forget about your kid in an airport when traveling?

Well that’s what happened with the Parreno family. The family (composed of the father and the mother together with their 18 month old son and his grandparents) were traveling to Vancouver from the Philippines as immigrants. Arriving at the Vancouver airport after their long flight from the Philippines, they have to unpack their luggage since they are overweight for their domestic flight to Winnipeg via Air Canada. And since they only have 10 minutes left before boarding for their Winnipeg flight they might have been disoriented and they panicked for having to unpack and pack their stuffs.

The mother, together with the grandparents, head to the boarding gate ahead of the father thinking that she left her son with the father. The father too was thinking that his son was with her wife. And luck was really not on their side since they were seated far away from each other so they did not realize that they left their son at the airport. They only found out that they left their son when the flight crew notified them after airport officials found the little boy wandering in the airport.

Since the boy does not speak English, airport officials have to look for a Tagalog speaking crew to talk to the boy.

Good thing is that Air Canada flew the father back to Vancouver from Winnipeg to pick up his son.

That must be one horrifying experience. I guess moving to a new country is one stressful experience and the poor Parreno family have to deal with an additional stress with the lost of their son.

But the Parreno family was very thankful as Air Canada really took good care of their son in their absence.

This is something I would have to remember if ever we decide to migrate so I won’t loose my daughter at the airport if we were faced with a stressful situation also. :-)

Try Life Lock

Today’s generation is continuously improving and changing, as fast as what we can expect. It has indeed a great impact in our society, country and even in our everyday lives. However, such predicaments are bound to happen because of the negative effects of our new generation.

The abyss widespread of crimes is very visible nowadays. Majority of them are murder, kidnapping, rape and identity theft. As what we can see, many people are engaged in such crimes and sometimes, even our higher officials are using their power to participate in such crimes and eventually abuse the rights of the people.

Furthermore, some surveys show that this so called identity theft is the most common crime that may imminent and will surely ruin the lives of the victims. The thieves may intrude the person’s identity and revel with the benefits that they can get. This illicit action is definitely despised by people because of the possible horrendous effects that it brings.

Nevertheless, we do have our prerogative to protect our rights and personal identity to such crimes like identity theft. Definitely, we have to be prudent to lessen the number of victims produced by the said crime and likewise, we can consider other preventions like what life lock offers.

Moreover, we now have different options to choose from which can help us to access our rights as a person. Needless to say, they even offer certain discounts just like in the lifelock promo code which can further assure us for the protection that we always need.

Let’s not waste our time and let’s start taking actions to prevent identity theft as well as the other crimes. With the help of lifelock.com, we can deeply fathom our knowledge about this and eventually, this can surely provide us some benefits that we can use in the near future.

Hubby’s New Project

Yehey, finally Manila Water Works is now doing some water supply improvement in our area. The problem is right now, we need a motorized pump to supply water to our bathroom and faucet in the kitchen since the supply of water is very low. Without the motorized pump, it is difficult to get water continuously running in our faucet and in the bathroom. Because of this we can’t use our shower since it can’t sip any water from the main water supply.

But since last week, they have been doing some improvements so supply of water won’t be a problem anymore. This means that we won’t need to use our motorized pump to supply water to the faucet and our bathroom and we can now use our shower.

My husband is very excited since he has long been wanting to change our plumbing fixtures but always ends us being lazy to do it since we won’t be able to use it anyway since we have water supply problem in our area.

The engineers say that the water supply improvement project will be done before the month ends so my husband can start doing his project of installing a custom shower system and change our bathroom faucet before he leaves for Majuro come first week of June.

Eyeore Nappy Cake: Finished Product

I picked up our nappy cake order from Nice yesterday. We ordered a three layer Eyeore nappy cake. After meeting up with Nice and Debbie yesterday to pick it up, I went back to the office as I don’t want to bring it home anymore as I will just be commuting. Some of my colleagues was still in the office and all of them asked where did I buy the nappy cake as the nappy cake was really so cute.

Here is the three layer nappy cake that I ordered from Nice and Debbie.

We already gave the nappy cake to my colleague yesterday and he was really happy with our gift. He even said that he doesn’t want to disassemble it to get the contents of the cake since it was so cute to be disassembled. LOL.

Thanks again Nice and Debbie. As always, I’m one satisfied and happy customer again.

Beware of YM Hackers, Get lifelock protection

I received a weird instant message today from my friend asking me if I can supply her 50 pieces of P500 worth of call cards. Since I have a cell phone store, I initially thought that the person I’m talking to really knows me since he or she knows that we sell call cards on our cell phone store. But then I have this gut instinct that the person I’m talking to really sounds different from how I know my friend. And I get really suspicious when the person I’m talking to told me to send via email the code for the 50 pieces call cards since she really need it right away.

So I contacted my friend and as it turns out, her identity has been stolen and the person I’m talking to is impersonating her and is using her yahoo id to get money from all the people under my friends contact list.

I never thought that identity theft is also rampant here in the Philippines. I read from lifelock.com that Identity theft is one of the most rampant cases in the US and so people from the US are enrolling in lifelock to get help on prevention and protection from identify theft.

I have a friend from the US who just used a lifelock promotion code to enroll to their system and according to her this really gave her peace of mind knowing that she is protected from the threat of identity theft.

SATC Movie on May 30

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sex and the City movie is due to come out this May 30. I’m so excited already (*wink). I can’t wait to see Mr. Big , Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte again. There will be a preview of the movie this coming May 23 on HBO at 9:30 PM so watch out for it.

I’ve seen the trailer and the more I became excited. Carrie will be getting married to Mr. Big (finally). I think that is where the story will revolve. Charlotte’s daughter and Miranda’s son is so big already but the girls all still look and act the same. I can’t really wait to see them on big screen. So it’s a date for me and hubby. Yup, he promised to take me to the movies to watch my all time favourite TV series, Sex and the City.

And if you want to catch up and have a flashback of Sex and the City’s Season 6, you can catch them on HBO on Demand.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

I intend to work late again last night but I figure, I need to get some sleep. I have been always sleeping late these past few weeks (I sleep around 2-3 AM everyday) because I wanted to finish a lot of things but then I can already feel that my body is already giving up.

I was so sleepy already last night but I tried to fight it back by drinking a strong cup of coffee. I was able to control my sleepiness but I was just staring blankly at my laptop. Nothing is getting in to my brain. I feel that my brain is paralyzed and it doesn’t want to process anything. So I decided, there is nothing that I can do but to give up, sleep and just deal with everything the next day.

And that’s just what I did. I shut down my laptop and went to bed. And when I woke up this morning, I feel refreshed. I feel I have a brand new energy. Oh well, sleep deprivation is really not a good thing and sometimes, I really have to admit that I am only human, I get tired too and I need to take a rest and sleep. :-)

A woman that exudes confidence

My husband we’re doing our groceries last night when I chanced upon a former classmate from High School. I was not able to recognize her at first because she really changed a lot. She used to be the aloof and quiet type of student when we’re in high school. But now she exudes confidence and grace.

I was able to chat with her and while we were chatting she revealed to me how she transformed from the shy girl to the confident and successful career woman that she is now.

She said that she develop inferiority complex when we’re in high school because she has an acne problem and that made her loose her confidence because she can’t see herself as beautiful. So that is the first area that she worked on. She looked for the best acne treatment that she can find to cure her acne problem. And then she started working on how she dressed up. According to her, it really affects how she feels about herself. Then she finds time each day to list everything that she has to be grateful for. This gave her a happy and good disposition in life.

I’m glad that my friend was able to find ways on how she can transform herself and I’m so happy for what she has accomplished. I know ever since, that once she gets out of her shell, she can really make it big and be successful.

Hongkong for Bela’s 3rd birthday

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yes, I did it again. I was not able to control my urge to travel and so I availed of Cebu Pacific’s zero fare promo and booked our tickets to Hong Kong.

I was not in my room almost the whole afternoon since I attended a seminar on Conflict Resolution. We were allowed to have a break around 3:00 PM and so I decided to spend the break in my room. And that’s when I read my friend’s IM to me and informing me of Cebu Pacific’s Zero fare. So I quickly reacted to his news and I browse Cebu Pacific's website right then and there.

But we were only allowed for a fifteen minutes break and so by the time I reached Cebu Pacific’s website, I have to go back to the seminar. I excitedly gave my other friends the good news and they too got all excited.

So as soon as I arrived home, I quickly browse the Cebu Pacific site to check if there are still zero fares for my preferred dates and luck was on my side (or should I say it was really tempting me) as there are still available zero fare rates for my preferred date. And after consulting my husband and contacting my cousins and siblings, I booked our flight for Hong Kong on November 20-23.

This will be Bela’s 3rd birthday celebration. We are really planning to just have a vacation instead of throwing another party for Bela on her third birthday but we are choosing between Hongkong and Tokyo. We have miles to claim a free ticket to Tokyo but we figured, Tokyo is an expensive city and even though our airfare is free, going to Hongkong would be more affordable than going to Tokyo.

And so we are booked and my sister and cousins, Joseph and Tessa, are coming with us too. I’m sure this trip will be as fun as our last family vacation.

Party Planning: Baby Shower

I love parties and most of all I love preparing for one. It might be quite obvious from the number of parties that I planned and prepared for my family. And now that my best friend is pregnant, I thought of throwing a baby shower for her.

I remember when I was pregnant a couple of years ago, she organized a baby shower for me too. It was a surprise and they were really good in hiding it from me since I really have no idea that they were up to something up to the party day itself. So for the baby shower that I thought of planning for my best friend, I want it to be as fun and special as the baby shower that they threw for me.

First off, I have to find a venue for the party. I would just be inviting her close friends here in the office so I don’t need a big venue for the party. Maybe, we can do it in the club house of my friend’s condo. Then I have to order baby shower invitations to give out to the guests. I already found cute designs online and I just have to ask my other friends opinions before I finally order it. What do you think of my selections?

Then, we have to plan for the food too plus the party games.

Planning a party really keeps my adrenalin going. I still have a few months before the party and as early as now, you can really tell that I’m all excited for it.