Welcome to Manila

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One of my former colleagues paid us a visit last week at the office. He decided to migrate and live a new life in a country. He already received his citizenship status and so as soon as he received his permanent residency card, he booked a ticket so he can visit his family and friends here in Manila.

And as soon as he saw me, he excitedly told me about his new life, his new house and his new job. And being the typical Chris that I know, he describes to me all the details of his house, from the brand of his dish washer, to the type of shower head that he is using and even his Double glazed windows.

Since he knew that double glazed windows are not being used here in Manila, he eagerly described to me what it is. He said that since he own his own condominium unit and he lives in a country where winter is really bad, he made sure that he is ready when winter comes. So he contracted Double glazing company UK to double glaze his windows.

Double glazing is very common for countries where it is really cold since it helps in conserving energy while they stay warm. It does this by trapping air between two panes of glass thus reducing heat loss. He said that with double glazing, he was able to save a big amount from his electricity bill.

Our conversation ended with more stories about him. I know one full day is not enough for him to describe bit by bit about his new life in a new country. But I’m sure we will be able to catch up again soon as we will be treating him out for dinner before he leaves Manila again.