Weekend Snapshot # 10 - Happy Birthday Grandma!

Monday, June 30, 2008

It was my grandmother’s 83rd birthday yesterday. We had a small get together prepared for her and all of her kids, together with her grand children, are all there to celebrate with her.

My grandmother was the one who took care of all of us (her grand kids) so we are really close to her. So every time it is her birthday, all of us are busy preparing for her special day.

My aunt prepared and cooked Kare-Kare, steamed fish, buttered shrimp, and fruit salad. We ordered palabok and puto and we even have chocolate fountain (though we forgot to take a picture of the food. LOL). My grand mother was really happy because all of her love ones are there to celebrate with her.

So to my one and only grandma, Happy birthday and we love you very, very much!!


Raft3r said...

happy birthday ke lola
dami nyo siguro handa
baka dampa pa
miss ko na yon

wish me luck
exam ko na bukas d2

SandyCarlson said...

What a joyful time. God bless your grandmother.

ettey said...

WOW! happy birthday LOLA! ^_^

Reflexes said...

wow! happy birthday Grandma!

tigerfish said...

Look at the smiles in everyone's face. Happy Birthday to Grandma! :)

Vannie said...

WOW, 83?? MY GRANDMA is 81 this year & i'm happy she' still well to see her 1st great grand apo.hehe

happy bday to ur lola abie!

Lady in Red said...

Happy Birthday to Grandma! And many more to come... :)