Weekend round Up

Friday, June 13, 2008

  • It’s Friday once again and Howell is down to two more weeks in Majuro and we will be able to see him again. (I can’t believe I survive a week without the drama because the last time he was away, I spent the first week feeling bad and almost to the verge of crying as I really miss him a lot)
  • Bela had her first day at school last Wednesday and she really had fun and was really glad that she is back to school. I will be dropping by her school tomorrow (as I get off from work at 1:30) so I will be able to see how she is doing at school.
  • It’s HIS second week of being out of my life (again I am not referring to Howell here) and I’m scared since I only have a week left and my office life will be hell again.
  • My sister celebrated her 19th birthday last Tuesday and my brother gave her a Mac Book (Sigh. Inggit ako).
  • I was able to find the time to go to a salon and have a hair rebond.
  • I did some online shopping again with Peachy (Gosh, I miss this).
Our bed is calling for me already so I am now signing off. Till tomorrow….