Vacation is over

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I can’t believe that vacation is already over and my cousins and my daughter will now be back to school. Just this morning, I attended the parent’s orientation at my daughter’s school with my husband. They gave us a briefing about some of the school’s policy as well as a presentation and a simulated class so we, parents, can better understand the method that they are using at school compared to the traditional schools. We were also able to meet our daughter’s teachers and some of our co-parents.

My daughter’s first day of class will not be until next week but there are some schools who started their class already last week. My cousin already attended her first day last Monday. At first I thought it is just an orientation kind of thing but I saw my cousin is already doing a research work about George Lindemann Jr for her assignment in her first week at school. So vacation is really over and it is now time for real serious school work.

Good thing they don’t give worksheets and assignments at my daughter’s school so I don’t have to deal with take home assignments for the mean time. But I better make myself ready for it as we plan to enroll her to big school already next year.