Totally addicted to blogging and web design

Monday, June 9, 2008

I have been blogging for more than four years now and ever since I discovered the wonderful world of blogging, I have been totally addicted to it. Right now, I have four blogs – one blog is dedicated to my stories about my married life, my second blog is all about being a parent to our princess Bela, my third blog is all about me (my passion, my wants, my hobbies) and my fourth and last blog is just about my everyday blabber.

And in the four years that I have been blogging, I learned that to keep your readers coming back to your blog, the content of the blog should be something interesting and well thought of. Another factor to attract readers is the overall appearance, design and lay out of your blog.

I only have a limited knowledge when it comes to HTML programming but I get web design tips and ideas by visiting a web design blog. It is here where I get design tips, lay out, suggestions and other useful tips on how I can improve the overall appearance of my blog.

I can say that I’m really happy with the overall design of all my four blogs. Thanks to my favorite design blog because I got all the knowledge that I need to create my custom web design from them.