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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I am an avid customer of Cebu Pacific. I booked almost all my airline ticket through them specially if they are offering great airline discounts. That’s what I like about Cebu Pacific. They release a lot of promos within the year where they give great discounts for airline tickets and so they always get a lot of bookings for consumers who wants to travel on a budget. So as per my opinion, they are now the number one airline carrier in the Philippines.

Philippine Airlines has been in the airline business longer than Cebu Pacific and their service is really good compared to Cebu Pacific. But since their airfare is sometimes twice or thrice expensive as what Cebu Pacific offers, I often end up purchasing my tickets from Cebu Pacific.

But if given a choice and if they have almost the same rate, I would still prefer to fly via Philippine Airlines. So when I learned that PAL launched a low cost sector to compete with Cebu Pacific, the PAL Express, I was one of the happy traveler who got excited of the good news.

That’s what I like about competitions. Imagine, PAL was force to put up their low budget sector just to compete with Cebu Pacific's offers. So more budget airlines means more cheap airfare which means more travel for us.

So to my fellow travel addicts, here is to more travel for us in the coming years!


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