Their dreams are finally coming true

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Finally, after years and years of waiting, my friend and her husband in San Diego have finally received their residency status. This means they can now look for a much better job with a much higher salary which they can’t do before since the job being offered to them is limited since they don’t have a residency status.

My friend was really excited when she gave me the good news. She said that their plan to finally go home and have a vacation here in the Philippines will finally push through since they are only waiting for their green card to be released and she and her husband will be flying home here.

Another project that they will be able to push through is the repair of their house which really needs some plumbing repair and a lot of major repair and renovations.

They have been putting this project on hold since they don’t have a stable job yet and they don’t want to proceed with it unless they have a stable source on where to get the money that they will be spending for the landscape design, and for all the other repair and renovation expenses for their house. Right now my friend is busy looking for a good San Diego General Contractor that will be able to execute all their requirements.

I’m really happy for my friend. They have really sacrificed a lot when they moved to San Diego and I know what they have gone through was really hard. Finally, everything is turning up well for them.