The Power of GPS

Saturday, June 7, 2008

When the technology of GPS and GIS is just new, my husband has been thinking of having it as a topic for his thesis when he was still taking up his masteral degree. Back then I can’t grasp the concept of GPS and GIS as there is really not much that I can read about it since the technology is really new. But now, GPS is very popular and a lot has been using it. Imagine it was even mentioned in the Disney movie Cars and the movie Over the Hedge which means that GPS is a very common technology. In fact GPS is the in thing right now and a lot of industries like service, delivery and trucking companies are utilizing this technology to improve their business.

I remember when I was watching CSI Miami, there was one case where the armored van of their federal reserve, carrying millions of dollars, has been high jacked and the armored van was nowhere to be found. Good thing that the armored van was equipped with a GPS Insight vehicle tracking system and so they were able to trace the location of the armored van by reviewing the recorded position of the vehicle at regular intervals that was sent to the central database of the Federal Reserve. So the CSI agents were able to locate the armored van with its driver.

I have a friend who is in the trucking industry and the tracking of his delivery truck is one of her number one problem. It has been the business of their family for years now and when she graduated from college, her dad gave her the business for her to manage. Their delivery trucks carry expensive items for shipping companies so it is very important that the items be delivered on time to the shipping companies so it will make it before the scheduled departure of the ship. So tracking the location of the vehicle is very important for the success of her tucking business. So I gave her the Blog for GPS vehicle tracking so she can review the technology of GPS and she might be able to use it for her business.

I think this will be one innovation that she can really implement for the improvement of her business. It is affordable and it will really give her tucking business a routing efficiency. And since it provides GPS Insight support wiki for customers, she won’t have a hard time getting technical support which is really necessary since time is an an essential factor for the success of her business.