Post Father’s Day Celebration

Saturday, June 14, 2008

It is father’s day this coming Sunday and I’m a bit sad as Howell is not here to celebrate father’s day with us. Every father’s day we always have a simple celebration as a family. Either we will go out for dinner or just spend some binding time at the mall with our daughter.

But they say, better late than never. Howell has been working hard these past few months and he really deserves a break. And so I thought of giving him something where he can really have a good rest and relaxation. Perhaps, an overnight stay at a hotel with waterbed where he can just lie down the whole day and have his much needed rest?

Howell will be arriving on the evening of the 28th and so my plan is we will fetch him and from the airport, we will go straight and checked in to a nice hotel and we will spend the night there. I was checking Makati Shangri-La and Hotel Sofitel and I was wondering if they have waterbeds in their rooms.

I can’t remember the last time we ever stayed at a hotel and just have a relaxing time there. So I guess whether or not they have softside waterbeds or not, we will have one relaxing and fun time there so I’m really excited.